Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stupid People Doing Stupid Things !

I guess it's good I haven't gotten to know most of my neighbors, because they keep getting hauled away.

One of my neighbors, we'll call him Mr B is a very sweet 75 year old man. He starts his day off with a cup of coffee and the rest of the day he drinks beer, until the evening when he often switches to Vodka. Needless to say I try and chat with him in the mornings. Mr B usually spends his day making rounds to various neighbors to say hi and see if he can do anything to help them. He really is a sweetie with a heart of gold, even if he would probably bleed beer from all the drinking. My mom was here for Christmas one year and questioned how old Mr B was, when I told her she responded "the alcohol sure has preserved him well". Which was a good point since most alcoholics look way older than they are, and Mr. B looks younger than he is.