Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deadliest Catch After The Catch 2012 Episode 1

The Captains are in Breckenridge Colorado. Boy do they look hot on horses and in cowboy hats. And no I am not talking about the outside temperature.

They meet at a place called the Whale's Tail. The band's name is Leftover Salmon. LOL

Captain's Sig, Keith and Andy are at the table with Mike Rowe. Captain Johnathan is MIA. Captain Andy says they found out he is not a cowboy. Captain Johnathan got on a bull named "Snowflake" he was bucked off and broke 4 ribs. All the Captains are laughing about it. Apparently Captain Keith also rode a bull and stayed on about 1/10th of a second longer than Johnathan. Mike Rowe says he is there so he wins.

Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 11 Recap

"No Exit"

This episode starts off with the ice trying to pin the Northwestern into the dock in St. Paul.

The Time Bandit is wrapping their gear with tarps and saran wrap to try and protect it from the ice. Captain Johnathan's back is still bothering him from when he was catching air on deck in last weeks episode so he has decided to stay in Dutch and see the Chiropractor. Captain Andy will have to weather the storm without Captain Johnathan.