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Deadliest Catch - Has Jake Anderson's Father Been Found ?

So I'm sitting here watching Deadliest Catch reruns and I started wondering if Jake Anderson's father was ever found. I set out on a mission to see what I could find.

This is what I found.

Jake's father went missing on January 6, 2010.

His name is Keith Anderson, 63 years old, he was a retired school teacher/high school counselor for 23 years at Anacortes, WA. High School where he lives.  He evidently had gotten addicted to Oxycontin when he was given it after surgery on his rotator cuff, and then again about six months later for broken ribs. (I don't know why they don't outlaw this drug, it seems to do more harm than good.) Anyway he went to meet a drug dealer to purchase some Oxy in Sultan or Arlington (I've seen both places named) and was never seen again. He also reportedly had high blood pressure which he left the medicine for at home, and he was suffering from depression. The depression certainly is understandable after losing his daughter Chelsea Dawn in 2009. My guess is the Oxy was adding to the depression problem not helping it.

The day Keith left home he had $500 dollars with him, and his wife found his cell phone in a mud puddle outside their home.

Keith's truck was found in Darrington about 11 miles up a logging road, with the transmission burnt up and the keys locked inside. The truck was high centered between two logs. Keith's brother Chris said you could see where someone had tried to get the truck out, where it dug in, but there were no signs of foul play. The keys found in the truck had a small trace of blood on them, but it was such a small amount, the police thought someone might have cut their finger. The amount was so small they couldn't even determine if it was Keith's blood or someone else's.

I went to mapquest to take a look at these areas. From his home in Anacortes to Sultan is an hour 23 minutes. From Sultan to Darrington is an hour 18 minutes. Pretty much Sultan and Darrington are in different directions. I mean it's not like his truck could have broke down in Darrington on his way to Sultan. Here is a link to the map of the area for those interested. Arlington is also shown on the map, between Sultan and Darrington.

It sounds like police talked to the dealer and he gave Keith the drugs and then dropped him off in a grocery store parking lot. Makes you wonder where Keith's truck was at this point? This sounds strange to me.

Reportedly the police questioned one guy for three days and then he was released. I couldn't find if the guy questioned was the drug dealer or someone else.

Keith's brother Chris reported to Aolnews that Keith would have never driven to this area (Darrington), and that he never took his pills until he got home, because he couldn't hardly walk after taking them.

One of Keith's acquaintances claims to have seen him in Sultan on the day he disappeared.

There was a celebration of life service at the High School on August 14, 2010.

As far as I can tell Keith still has not been found. The family has hired a private missing persons search/recovery company that is working with the police, one report said they had hired a medium. It sounds like they are doing everything they can think of to find him. Jake said he just wants to know what happened and said that his father would never quit looking for him.

We know from the show Jake has been helping support his family; mom, dad and four sisters. Jake has said he doesn't have any money for a reward, practically everything he brings home goes to them.

There was a Deadliest Catch Signing at the Market that brought in $5000 towards a reward. Jake, Nick Mavar, and Matt Bradley were there. Nice to see Matt show up, given he and Jake's differences on the show. I think I like Matt a little more now. Johnathan Hillstrand surprised Jake when he showed up, what a guy. I'm not surprised he showed up. I really like Johnathan, maybe I'll consider marrying him, since Anderson Cooper is off the market. hehe  For a video of the signing go to watch Johnathan threaten to eat a baby puppy. LOL I must say I was surprised Sig and Edgar weren't there. ?? There was a guy with long blond hair that might have been Sig with his hair grown out, but it was hard to tell in the video. Sig wasn't named in the sub text so I don't think it was him.

The family has set up a reward fund. If you are interested in donating you can go to any US Bank location or go The account is set up under the name "Keith Anderson." If the reward isn't claimed the money will go to a scholarship in his name.

Well it would be nice if Jake's dad would miraculously show up, but it isn't looking good at this point.

I sure hope Jake stays sober with all this going on. I was heart broke when he got his 6 month cupcake. Just because I never knew he had a problem.  I mean I was happy he had been clean for 6 months but still heart broke. I wish this family nothing but the best. I think they have been through enough. 

Oh, I just heard the new season of Deadliest Catch will start in April. Ughhh, why do we have to wait so long ??

UPDATE: June 30, 2012 Keith Anderson remains have been found. Story here. Hugs to the Anderson and Mavar family.

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  1. like your article

  2. Thank you for this. Was wondering about this for quite sometime... Hope they find him. My prayers go to Jake's family in hope for a safe return of Keith.

  3. May God be with them.

  4. great investigative reporting, answers the questions I had

  5. Thanks for hours grueling over the hot internet, great article!


  7. I dont think Jake Anderson has a substance abuse problem (Jake Harris does); the 6 month cupcake was for surviving fishing life for 6 months! Thats why they gave him stripes on his fishing gear in that episode; he got a stripe for each step of the training he has mastered! But, other than that great article! I wondered what happened with his dads case!

  8. Watch Season 6 Episode 13 "Cain and Abel" again, the cupcake was for being 6 months sober. :)

    Both Jake's and some of the other fisherman sadly have addiction problems.

    Jake Anderson has spoken openly about his addiction. In a recent article he said he has stayed clean for his mom and sisters. He has also tried to advise/help Jake Harris.

    Go Jake!

  9. Thanks for investigating this. Saves me the time and trouble of doing it. I hope and pray that Jake's family can find some answers and ultimately closure in all of this. The fact that Jake is having to take care of the family is maybe one of the reason's he's so ambitious about getting his captains certification. Good luck!
    Narcotic pain relievers are a real problem to overcome,especially Oxycontin. With the chronic lower back problems that I have I can say that pain medication is both a blessing and curse. If you take them and you like them, please be careful. If you take them and by chance don't like them, count your blessings and thank God. (I know several people who can't stand to take narcotic pain killers)
    Yeah, Jonathan Hillstrand seems to be a real good dude. He's the kind of guy you wish lived in your neighborhood.

  10. the reason the season started so late was Discovery was suing the Hillstrands since they didn't take an after show labled Hillstranded. They where helping the boys with Phil's affairs and asked for more time. Discovery was being a bit crappy and sued for 3 million dollars. So some of the other Captain's like Sig, Harris boys, the wizard weren't going to due the show. As you can see all made nice and the show is back on. no account but this is Tina from Maryland

  11. Be sure to click the Deadliest Catch link (Upper right hand corner under Favorite Topics) for more information on Jake's dad. There was an update on March 30, and there are little bits of information in some of the other articles. :)

  12. It is very hard to determine a deference between Addiction and Medication that is hard to kick. I have been in harsh Labor my entire life and in that I have had perscriptions my self. As for OxiCodone or Cottin, You can not take it longer than 4 or 5 days in a row without having Withdrawl, It is how you handle withdrawl that determines if you are an adict or not. Otherwise ANYONE Who takes the drug more than 3 days is an Addict. That is not the case. Bottom line is Taking Oxi for longer than 3 days will cause you to withdrawl when you stop taking it. It is how you handle the withdrawl that determines if you are addicted or not. If you work closely with your Doctor to ween down than you are in control of the Medication. If you are going against Doctors orders and purchasing it from the street than you are an addict.

    I am very Lucky in that I have always been very able to control my self in spite of addiction running in my family. I quit smoking after nearly 8 years at age 19, Now 36 I still do not smoke. It was hard to quit but I did it.

    I still take Medication but I stop from time to time to make sure I remain in control. I take deferent medications and I follow Doctors orders and work with My Doctor closely.

    Making Oxicodone Illegal will not do ANYTHING at all because if people want to get High they will simply go to the Streets. My Opinion is it is best to keep it Legal , Even if an Addict uses it, It is far better to have them going to a Doctor and being kept close attention rather than going to the streets and having no control over it nor professional advice.

    People who turn to quick to say something shoudl be Illegal Obviously Lack understaninding, It is Human nature to want to Outlaw ie FEAR anything they do not understand. Thus you get those who have NO Understanding stating that it shoudl be illegal. If I had a family member addicted to a drug I would rather them have a Doctor they can trust administer the drug than have them go to the streets and end up Missing Like Jake's father.

    I really wish people would work to UNDERSTAND rather than OUTLAW!!! This is the problem with USA today and the very reason we have more people in Jails/Prisons than ANY OTHER COUNTRY. Yet we are so Ignorant we still claim to be the one and only FREE country..

    So loong as One person believes it is there right to make the free will of another Illegal than this world will NEVER Be free. Freedom is the RIGHT To choose for your self.

    And I feel much better about Having a Doctor to help me with anything I decide to do. If I wanted something and Could not go to a trust worthy professional than I would go to the streets just like anyone else. Because I will live FREE Regardless of the LAWS Ignorant people write. Because I have a US Constitution that defines freedom. Does not make this country free as we have a LOT of laws that are UNConstitutional!!!

    Bottom line is, If you make drugs illegal than people Like Jake's father will go to the Dangerous streets and become Missing or OverDose or more Problems that Doctors can HELP Avoid. Im not saying that Doctors are perfect. As we all know many Perscriptions caused deaths. However FAR Less than the Streets cause.. Something to consider.

    1. Awesome reply! It is really nice to see Jake Anderson and his family's tragedy get some attention after completely ignoring it for so long. I really dislike the shoddy reporting at the top of this piece that alleges that a missing Marine Corps. Veteran was a drug addict buying street drugs and in some way was responsible for his own death with absolutely NO proof whatsoever. It is pathetic that the answer to everything in this country is to ban it. If anything makes news or causes a death in this country the kneejerk reaction is to ban it. Medicinal marijuana helps tens of thousand cancer patients keep weight on and keep them alive. Yet even Obama has caved in to big Pharma and gone completely against his word and crushed the legal networks that were set up in 14 states to decriminalize marijuana and help people clinging to life maintain an appetite and keep vital muscle on and give the body the protein needed to fight not only cancer but the chemo as well. Yet he has shown no effort or ability to stop the flood of illegal drugs and people into this country making Mexican drug cartels Billionaires and destroying 2 countries in the process. In regards to Oxycotin, it has already been changed so it can't be crushed and snorted or injected like before. Banning it is beyond stupidity. Florida and NJ and several other States finally developed a system that tracks every prescription and doctor and having just had major surgery, The system is highly effective. If you are having surgery these days you must have a plan for pain management or you will suffer greatly if you are in pain because the pill mill days are over. The real addiction that this country has is putting people in prison. It is easier to let somebody rot in jail then get them treatment at an early age before their life is ruined. It is quite astonishing to see the flood of Afghan Heroin coming into this country that kills over 100,000 people each year between the US and Europe but the Pols and press concentrate on prescription drugs.
      However Mr. Anderson died he can now be laid to rest knowing that he has one hell of a son that anyone would be proud of to call their own. My prayers go out to his family that hopefully they can find some comfort in the fact that now he can rest in peace and be remembered as a great father.

    2. The Anderson family has never hidden the fact that Keith was an addict and had went to buy drugs, it was reported in many places. And I in no way implied Keith was responsible for his own death. How could I imply that without knowing what happened. Just that he was missing. Also please read Cami Mavar Anderson's comment below.

    3. I'm with William - that was indeed an awesome reply, Anon.

      It is way past time for us to outgrow the urge to make illegal everything that we determine to be a danger because it affects a minority of people negatively.

      Cars kill. Trains kill. Airplanes kill. Bridges kill. Food kills. Dogs kill. Electricity kills. Oil kills. Atoms kill.

      Yet we learn to live with all of the above, one of those even earned the nickname ''man's best friend''.

      If you don't want to use any substance because it frightens you, then don't. If you do, then do so wisely...

      I have little doubt Mr. Keith Anderson could have been prescribed a slighter dosage of the drug; Mr. Anderson's body would have soon adapted; and he could have used the drug for the remainder of his life and had a terrific retirement. Or, opium (a natural plant, also with terrific qualities, that should be compared to the hemp plant) should simply be legalized across the board.

  13. Anonymous 05/30/11 The problem I see is even with the drugs being legal, not all doctors can be trusted. As you noted go to a trustworthy professional or a doctor you trust. It seems to me that some of them hand Oxy out like candy and either continue prescribing it when it's no longer needed or don't wean the patients off of it properly.

    I agree making it illegal will not help. I saw on the news the other day what is referred to as a pill mill. People were lined up outside the door of what looked like a clinic to just go in and be handed a prescription.

    It's all very sad. Someone needs to do something to put a stop to it. Too many good people are dying.

  14. Go Jake! I just watched the final episode and I am SO proud of you. You've got lots of people out here hoping for only the best. We're enjoying seeing you grow and become successful.
    See you next season

  15. Anonymous 07/26/11 11:30 PM

    That would be Captain Jake Anderson now. Doesn't that sound so official and cool. I'm so proud of him too. Like a proud momma. :)

  16. OMG I JUST WATCHED THE LAST EPISODE (R.I.P)Justin Tennison,This is the 1st i heard of him passing away. What a sin. My deepest condolences to his family, friends,& fellow fans.
    I think Jake made deck boss on the last episode. I'm so happy for him, Yes you can see crabbing is his passion as is making Sig proud of him. I think Sig is a great role model. I have to say (TDC)is my favorite Tuesday night show and i hate waiting for the next season to begin.Seems like it takes forever. Well i just want to say i wish all of the men a great break, and i hope with everything going on in the Harris family's lives they find a way to keep the Cornelia Marie together, Cpt Phil would want it that way. My heart breaks for those boys as I too just lost my dad last year I know all to well how hard that is for me as a private citizen.I do hope they are able to keep the dream alive.

  17. Jandra902 - Yes it looks like in addition to being a new Captain, it does look like Jake will be deck boss when Edgar isn't there.

    I hope the Harris boys keep everything going to. We will have to wait and see.

    Sorry you lost your dad too. Hugs.

  18. Thank you all for the positive thoughts and concern. Jake is doing great, and his dad, my brother, is very proud I know, even though the hardest part is Keith is not with us to share each day.
    What we, Keith's family, pray will come from all of this surreal situation is an awareness at how easily anyone can become dependent on ANY substance, especially those like oxycontin. Keith had his doctorate in psychology and education....He was amazing, loving, a servant and counselor; devoted husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin, friend. We all miss him now, each day, and hope we tell his story well so people don't forget that even a brilliant, intelligent mind can get lost in the numbing effects of a drug. He had tried so many things and could not get to the place long enough to stay off for a good/long period of time. We all talked about it realistically with Keith, and he was not hiding anything. The more we tried sometimes the more he felt he had failed us.
    I am so proud of the young man in his one and only son who has kicked his addictions so that his true, wonderful heart and mind shine through for so many people today.
    The family is well....we hold on tightly to each other and the people like you all who share their care and concern.
    We may never find out what exactly happened the evening Keith drove to Sultan....its just unbelievable sometimes, but it is a very possible reality.
    Thank you all again.
    Cami Anderson Mavar

    1. Katrina Johnson7/6/12, 10:56 PM

      My prayers to your whole family. I too understand addiction all too well, not drugs but drinking samething. After I almost died from 2 strokes at the age of 40, I threw down the can and haven't picked it back up, for 3 years now. Even if it was drug realated, doesn't make it a shame, or a crime. I am so glad that all of you can finally say good bye and see you later, I lost my father in Seattle when I was 19, but he wasn't shipped back to Illinois so his childern could say good bye. It's a very hard thing to deal with but he is in the hands of our LORD now, so that makes me more at ease. GOD BLESS You and Your Family, I am sure Jakes Father is very proud of him and looking down, and saying thats my boy.

  19. Hi Cami!

    I imagine where ever Keith is he is so so proud of Jake and what he has accomplished and is just beaming with pride. How could he not be?

    Not only for Jake to have gotten clean and sober in the environment he lives in, with so many people around him drinking and doing drugs, but to have gotten his Captain's License and to have taken Edgar’s spot this last season as well. We are so proud of him. Jake has many many fans.

    Keith sounds like he was a wonderful man from everything I have read about him.

    I honestly wish doctors would quit prescribing Oxycontin. People get addicted to it so quickly. It seems to me like they could prescribe something else to patients. I mean there were other drugs before Oxycontin. That just makes me crazy.

    You are right it can happen to anyone.

    There are thousands probably millions of people who think about Keith and your family. It is good to hear the family is well. Hopefully one day you will get some answers, just so you know what happened.

    Please pass along big hugs to the whole family. You've all had a rough couple of years.

    Thank you so much for sharing Nick and Jake with us. :)

  20. I am so proud of Jake as well!! He is by far my fav on TDC. It breaks my heart that such a sweet, hardworking, good hearted young man has had to deal with so much heart break and tragedy in such a short period of time. It's true that bad things always seem to happen to good people. I applaude how he has handled himself throughout all this. Granted he was an addict but he was smart enough to understand that it wasn't the lifestyle he wanted and knew he had people counting on him. It's so good to see how he's not selfcentered and gets on that boat and breaks his back to provide for his family. I can't help but cheer for him. I've cried with him as I watched him talk to his mother after his sister died and I've smiled and cheered for him when he accomplishes task after task showing his fellow crew that he can be trusted to run the boat one day which will put the crews lives in his hands. I love his eager to learn and how he's thinking about his future. I couldn't be more proud. God bless Jake and his family!! What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. It's hard enough to go through everything they have but it's even harder when you are going through it in the public eye. I'll be praying for the whole family. God bless!

  21. Please review the car wash fundraiser slides under the link,photos of Edgar are included in the slide deck, so it appears he did attend

  22. Anonymous 09/18/11 11:02 pm. You are right Edgar was at the car wash the weekend before. The car wash was Aug 1, the signing was Aug 7.

    When I said I was surprised Edgar and Sig weren't there. That in no way implied they weren't being supportive. I'm sure they help as often as they can, since they are all like one big family. :)

    I just noticed them missing in the photos.

  23. I'm glad someone took the time to update us on the situation with Jake's dad. The hardest part for his family has to be the not knowing. Like other unpleasant things in life, even bad news is sometimes better than the worry & uncertainty. Hopefully they'll learn what happened & at least have the small measure of comfort in "knowing". Even with the somewhat limited exposure we fans of TDC have of Jake it's easy to see he's an exceptional young man & has a good future ahead of him. He has his sights on what he wants in life & does what's needed to try to get it. I'm looking forward to the next TDC season & anxious to learn what has been happening in the lives of Jake & the Harris men.

  24. this was nice of you to do. i've been wondering myself about Jake's Dad. The blonde guy in the back? I don't know his name. but he was a friend of Capt. Phil Harris. he's on the dvd when phil was in the hospital and also i believe in a segment of after the catch.

  25. The blonde guy in the back? I'm not sure what you are referencing. Yes one of Capt Phil's friends was in the room with him and Todd the camera man.

  26. Last night while watching the rerun where Jake had to leave bc of his sister's death, I, too, wondered. "was his father ever found?". Thanks for answering the questions. How can your heart not ache for him and his family? I wonder if the loss of his sister was just too much for his dad and he just got lost. Figuratively speaking.Depression sucks and on top of that addiction- I can only imagine what that does to a person. Having a history of depression myself, I have thought about going into the woods where I could never be found. Sounds selfish, but you don't know depression if you think that.Depression is something that more ppl need to understand.Its not weakness, it is a disease. I wish the Anderson family love and hope that they will one day get closure. I love the show but you know it would be nice if the producers did a piece on addiction and depression- I am pretty sure that I heard it is huge (depression) in Alaska. People need to learn more, that they aren't alone and that it is a sign of strength to get professional help. I am sure that the show would help a lot of people if they dedicated an episode just toward these issues!

  27. Thank you soo much for taking the time to do this report.. I truely hope the family get the peace they need.

  28. So if you're not an investigative reporter, you should be! What an intelligent, copious report! I had also always wondered about Jake's pop... Ill def look into it a bit deeper.. Even though the report is so full of information, I almost have more questions now than I did before.

    I really hope police are doing EVERYTHING they can. Time is still of the essence.

    Mel, Los Angeles CA

  29. Yes Jake had an abuse problem, but with his uncles help and Edgar's they got him treatment right away, Jake Harria and him had a problem at same time only Jake Harris didn't get help until right beofre Capt Phyl passed away...a very very sad thing that had to happen at the time his dad needed him the most, Im hoping and praying the kids is still clean.....

  30. I noticed in an episode this season that Jake made a comment about his dad "looking down on him." Does that mean he's been found and his death confirmed? Or has he just moved on and is accepting the worst as reality?

    1. I have not seen anything that his dad was found and I've been watching for it. I think he as you said is accepting the worst as reality. :(

  31. very interesting, the entire compendium of comments. all topics, deadliest catch, jake & addictions, very interesting. i agree the originator of this should be an investigative reporter !!

  32. Keith Anderson's remains located
    By Art Shotwell
    June 29, 2012

    Remains of popular Anacortes High School counselor Keith Anderson, who has been missing for more than 2 years, have been discovered in the remote Sauk Prairie area nearly 20 miles outside of Darrington.

    Police Chief Bonnie Bowers said that last Saturday a hiker discovered a skull and jawbone within a mile of where Anderson's vehicle had been located shortly after he went missing. She said in addition to a skull and jawbone, a tibia was also located nearby, but she wasn't sure just how close.

    Anderson had a history of medical problems including depression and high blood pressure. He left his residence on January 6, 2010, with only a small amount of cash, no clothes or other personal items and was reportedly intending to meet an acquaintance in the Arlington area. He was last seen on January 7, 2010, in the Sulton area.

    He hadn't been heard from since then, but his truck was discovered on January 23 of that year stuck on a logging road. The area was extensively searched by law enforcement officers as well as search and rescue volunteers at the time.

    Then on Saturday, June 23 of this year, a hiker reported finding the remains about one mile from where the truck had been discovered. Sheriff's deputies used cadaver dogs to search the area and were able to recover enough remains for the King County Medical Examiner to make an identification.

    Anderson's family was notified last Tuesday and the police announcement was delayed while all family members were notified.

    1. Thank you for the info. I've updated the post with a link to the article. At least Jake and his family have some answers now.

  33. I am glad that Anderson's can now have some closure, I can only give my highest praise for Jake in what he has accomplished in such a short time.
    To all you bone heads that keep screaming about Outlaw this drug or that gun or what ever the Hell it may be. Understand this NO ONE sets out to become an addict. Most all that are addicts try constantly to get sober and it hard, harder than you can imagine. So if you have not been thought it you have no right to comment.
    I live in constant pain due to knee and back injuries if I was a dog, cat, horse or any other pet animal I would have been put down years ago. I take pills for pain they don't stop it they just make it bearable. I try not to take them and if I don't all I can do is crawl up cry
    Again I am glad that Jake and his family can now have some closure, I hope one day they find out what happened and those responsible are brought to justice

  34. TO me the word closure is overrated and cretinous when the blood found on the truck door well and column it indicative of homicide or foul play... having the remains recovered will close the door half-way and the notion of murder will plague the family now and after a cause of death is determined. My prayers to this tough young man and his family... The sea shall remain to be his outlet

    1. But then who was phone?


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