Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Life To Live Recap, Fri Sept 17, 2010

Today is Tea's memorial. Tea was an ABBA fan. It looks like the service is over.

Dani introduces Nate to Ross. Dani is trying to leave the memorial to go to school, Ross is stalling her.

Shaun tells Todd if Tea saw the way he was acting she would throw his butt out of here. Slaps him on the arm. LOL Todd looks like it hurt. 

Natalie and John are discussing the service. The DNA is in on Eli at Lanview PD. John's going to Tahiti to get another sample. Natalie tells him not to take any crap, she can get DNA from a burned body. Gives him a picture of the ultrasound to take with him. John gets a call from the Tahitian police that they have lost the body. Natalie so how do we prove that Eli is alive if we can't prove the burned body isn't him. John, This. He hands Natalie Eli's wedding ring. The bodies DNA would have to be on it.

Eli calls Greg and tells him hurry up and get back, he's bored being dead. Shaun walks up on Greg telling Eli he'll get there when he gets there. Greg says its a patient wanting a consult. Shaun, since when don't you want to give advice. So that's why you tore out of Tea's memorial and came here. Greg, you spying on me. Shaun, if I was I would have known you lied to Destiny a lot sooner. Greg, what are you talking about? Shaun, she said you were leaving town that you needed time to deal with Tea's death. Greg, I did, but I decided to come back for the memorial. I thought it would help me out. Shaun, it doesn't look like it. Is there something you want to tell me? Shaun is grilling Eli. Shaun says he hasn't been right since he showed up at the hospice with Todd and Dani. Shaun talks about how Greg made A's in school and became a doctor. Says his business is trouble, he knows how to keep people out of it, knows how to help them once their in it, and he knows how to smell it twenty feet away. Greg, so you think you can smell it? Shaun, all over you. Give it to me. I can help you. Greg, says no. Shaun pulls files out of Greg's bag. Why do you have Tea's file with you? Greg said he's making sure he didn't miss anything. Greg tells Shaun to stay out of it for his own good and Destiny's. Well that pretty much tells him somethings up. Shaun, Someone is threatening our sister that's why you want me to back off? Greg, I didn't say that. Shaun, which is why I'm not doing it. Greg, you don't have a choice, you stay on this your risk putting all three of us in danger. Greg, just look after Destiny and let me look after my business. Shaun, you sure you want to handle this? Greg, I have too and I can. I just need you to trust me. Shaun, you need me I'm there.

James goes by the school to see Ford, to see if he's still teaching, since him and Langston got back together. Ford says he's serious about Langston. James, It's hard to change. Ford, not if your sorry about what you did. Says Langston took a leap of faith.

Eli calls Ross. Eli assures him the document is air tight. Says he is always happy to help his brother, I'm doing this for me as much as I am for you. Ross looked a little puzzled by that comment. Blair walks up and gives him crap about being on the phone.

Todd comes up and tells Ross pick a number for however much it will cost for him to walk away from Dani.  Ross, are you really trying to buy Dani from me? Todd, no I'm asking how much it would cost to buy you. Ross, so you actually think I'd rather have money than my daughter? Todd, Isn't that where your going to tell me that you love her more than I do? Ross, You don't know the first thing about love. Todd, just take the money. Ross, go to hell. Todd, take the money or your a dead man again. Ross, this is your plan B? You threaten me, I give you my daughter.  Todd, No I'm not threatening you. Ross, what are you going to do kill me? Todd pulls a gun, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Ross, you must of figured out the answer to the question, how your going to be a father to Dani from prison. Todd, that's not going to happen, while you were watching pay-per-view at The Palace, on my dime.  I spoke to some people who work for me who will dispose of your body. I have a guy who will have your name on his passport and a bunch of witness that willl see me leave this memorial before you. Ross, its taking you a long time to pulll that trigger, whats it going to be money or a bullet? Ross, your one hell of a negotiator. Todd, does that mean your going to give up Dani? Ross, your going to have to shoot me. Blair walks in. Tells him not to kill someone that Dani loves. Todd, Dani won't know what happened. She'll just think the silver surfer disappeared again. Blair, Don't make her lose someone else, after she lost Tea, and Eli. Tells him Tea is watching him. Todd puts the gun down, Ross leaves. Todd, damn you are you happy now? Blair, no I really wish you had shot him. Todd, then why'd you tell me not to do it? LOL Blair cause I promised Tea, and I always keep my promises.

Dani tells Starr she's going to school to get away from the dueling dad's. Starr, I've been through custody fights, I know how bad it can be, but I didn't have to lose my mom in the middle of it. She tells Dani she wants her to do whatever makes her happy.

Langston asks Blair if their is a little part of her that wishes Eli weren't dead? Blair, What for? Langston, so you can make him pay for what he did?  Blair, sweetheart you have no idea.

Everyone arrives in class. Ford starts teaching, the dean comes in and calls him out of the class. She questions him about Langston, he denies any involvement. She says then how do you explain these photos taken last night? Ford admits the photos are real, she fires him. Tells him to be out by the end of the day. She then goes in and tells the class that Mr. Ford was let go for inappropriate contact with a student. Boy that should keep him from working anywhere. 

Langston, Starr and James in the hallway. Starr can't believe Ford would be with a student after everything that happened. Langston says she needs to go. James tells Starr Bobby was with Langston last night. Langston meets Ford in the park and plays stupid about the photos. Ford can't think of anyone that hates him enough to get him fired. He asks Langston if she can. She says yes, me.

Nate takes Dani to the park instead of school. They discuss everything going on. Dani isn't sure she wants to go with Ross. Dani tells Nate she doesn't want to leave all her new family or him.

John and Natalie got the DNA results back, they know Eli is alive.

Ross talks to Eli again, he tells him its just a couple of hours before the judge validates the will.

Greg back at hospital. Goes in room where Tea is sleeping.

Blair is talking to Tea, tells her she stopped Todd from killing Ross. Tells her if there was ever a time we needed you it is right now.

Todd in another room talking to Tea, says he wants her standing there telling him what a jack ass he is.

All My Children Recap, Fri Sept 17, 2010

Ryan walks in on Kendall and Greenlee saying what are we going to do now? Kendall, What are we going to do about the police won't leave you alone? Ryan, I'm not going to hide from the police, I should go to them. Greenlee, You can't do that. You need to stop going to the police your a free man. Let your attorney handle it. Greenlee tries to convince him if he keeps talking to the police they can twist something he says. Ryan, I'll go straight to Jesse he won't do that. The questions the police want answered are the same ones I want answered.  Ryan leaves for police station. Kendall, Maybe we should trust Ryan on this. Greenlee, and maybe we should try and keep him safe. Greenlee, maybe Ryan would stop trying to remember if the vial was found in someone else's pocket.

Kendall thinks Greenlee's out of her mind, wants to know who she would set up. Greenlee says there's Liza. Kendall likes the idea, but says no. Kendall reminds Greenlee of her stupid plan to setup Erica and how bad it went. Ryan comes in says he got nothing new, but Jesse gave him the number to a hypnotherapist. Greenlee is concerned about false retrievals. Greenlee calls a phone, it rings, she takes the phone out of Kendall's purse appears to push something on her own phone and then puts it up on Ryans' counter. ?? Don't know what this about.

Replay of Annie slapping JR. (She has nothing on Robin on GH LOL) JR asks why she did that? Annie, I helped you find AJ, I actually felt for you, you actually made it seem like you wanted to work like a team, then you put out a bogus press release? JR what better way of proving himself, than to take on Chandlers problems over seas. Annie, You just want Scott as far away as possible because you are threatened by him. You expect us to just pack up our stuff and move away because you put out a bogus press release. JR, I don't expect you to go anywhere. JR, if Scott can't handle the competition I'll buy him out. JR says the company is his. Annie there is something you will never have and that's me. JR, I already had you. Annie, I love my husband. JR, Bring it on. You two are amateurs. Annie, you really don't want to make me your enemy. JR, I don't want to be your enemy, I want to give you everything your heart desires. Annie, don't talk to me like that. Continue going round. Annie tells him he made his first mistake under estimating Scott and her.

Caleb and Scott continue talking. Scott is upset because Annie set him up for the meeting. Caleb tells Scott he doesn't have the taste for blood that JR has. He offers to invest in the European part of the company. Scott why would I want to invest with someone whose agenda is to undermine my company? Caleb, I could be in this to screw ya, or I could be your best shot at giving JR a taste of his own medicine. Scott, I think I'll pass.

Miranda and Bianca are walking in the park, and Miranda points out Asher on a bench an says look that's the man that fixed our computers. Asher, tells Miranda that Caleb kicked him out before he was finished. He asks Miranda how she likes the game he left on the computer for her. Hum sounds like spyware. Asher leans over to Bianca and says don't tell her but its educational.  Miranda asks for more games like that, she wants computer lessons from Asher.

Krystal tells Marissa to bite her tongue over JR covering up the incident at school.

Ryan goes to Jesse. Ryan, I will tell you everything I know if you will tell me everything you know. Jesse, I don't know if as Chief of Police I can do that. As your friend, I gotta tell you Liza thinks you killed David. Ryan, What do you think? Jesse, I don't think you went to Davids room with the intent to poison him. You hated the guy, but premeditated murder that's not you. Ryan, so what do you think? Jesse, I think David spiked the drink for you. Ryan, that's not such a crazy theory. Jesse, two glasses one lethal one not, somehow he's confused, distracted drinks from the wrong glass in  few minutes he's dead. Ryan, do you have any evidence or is this just wishful thinking? Jesse, I prefer to call it a theory, its as good as any.

Annie and Scott, Scott is mad Annie set him up with Caleb, says Annie lied to him. Annie tells him if you want to beat JR you've got to start playing dirty. Scott thinks they should wait and watch. Tells Annie he turned Caleb down. Annie wants Scott to reconsider letting Caleb help. Scott is concerned Caleb will find out he stole the Nano tech project. Annie says he covered his tracks well, isn't the risk worth the reward? Please for me?

Caleb tells Krystal she's better off without him when he goes to get pie.

Asher calls JR to tell him he'll be giving Miranda computer lessons if he needs him to do anything. JR can't talk.

Marissa lets JR have it over incident at school.  Tells him AJ is learning fighting and bullying from him. Marissa, Do you know what it was like being David Haywards' daughter listening to all the terrible things. JR, being Adams' son wasn't easy either. Marissa, exactly do you want to put AJ through that? JR, everything I have done is for AJ. AJ is my first priority, and I have been there for him since he lost his real mother. OUCH! JR apologizes. Marissa, I have a meeting with Caleb, I have to go. JR, You've been spending a lot of time with him. Marissa, I have to take the bar tomorrow. JR, do you not get why he is your best study buddy? It's because he is out to get me. Didn't they already have this fight? Marissa just shakes her head and leaves.

Kendall meets Bianca at Yacht Club. Bianca drinking tea, Kendall needs something stronger. Bianca wants to know what happened now? Kendall, You mean besides David is dead, half of our friends are suspects, and I still haven't told Zach everything. Bianca, translation getting arrested? Kendall, Footnote getting arrested for helping Ryan. Bianca, the longer you wait the harder its going to be. Kendall, I can't call him you know how he is. He'll hang up before I can even explain, then he'll hop in his car and stew his entire way down the interstate and then when he shows up that's it. Kaboom. Unless, it is only a few hours drive. Bianca, don't even think about it. Kendall, I'll be back by morning. Bianca, your out on bail, if you get caught it will be even worse. Kendall, I won't get caught. Bianca, I will let the air out of your tires. Kendall, Ok, that was a dumb idea. My guess, Zach already knows what is going on and is already mad.

Dr Frankel arrives at Ryan's. It looks like Greenlee set up her phone so she can ease drop on Ryan and the doctor. She is standing outside the door listening. They are recalling what happened at the party, nothing new so far. Ryan, says he was worried about Greenlee because he loves her.

Asher arrives to give Miranda a computer lesson, Caleb won't let him in the house. Tells him to stay on doorstep. When Caleb goes up to get Miranda, Asher goes in anyway.

Kendall at police station she got pulled over for speeding at the state line. Officer says she was jumping bail. Kendall telling Jesse that she wasn't skipping bail she was trying to get to Zach. Jesse's yelling at her because was being stupid.  Tells her she's going to a jail cell until her arraignment.

Caleb and Marissa at park studying. Marissa gets a call on her cell, tells Caleb he really needs to get a cell phone. It's Scott. Scott tells him he wants to discuss the offer further

Miranda spilled her drink. Missed the keyboard. Bianca takes her upstairs to change. Asher calls JR to see if he wants anything off Caleb's computer. JR tells him he might need him for more than hacking. Is he up for that? Asher says he's in.

Young & Restless Recap, Friday Sept 17, 2010

Chris still trying to talk to Nina. There is really nothing she can say to calm Nina. Nina, Once again the case is more important than Chance. You can't even let us mourn our son in private. Its starting to sink in to everyone else that the DA was corrupt. Owen tells Ronan he's going to regret this, he is going to end up as dead as his brother.

Ronan, asks them to hear him out. (Heather, Chloe, Kevin) I'm not here to upset anybody or to upset Chance's memory. This is what he wanted. Heather, he wanted to make the arrests himself, but that's not possible because you killed him. Ronan, And I can't undo that Heather, all I can do is take the evidence that he got us and use it the way he would have, and I'm going to clear his name. Everyone is going to know that Chance was the hero of this investigation. Chloe, so he was the hero and you were the survivor. There could have been no survivors, if I wouldn't have defended myself, Meeks would have killed him and me. I did the best I could I tried to protect him. Chloe, and you failed. Ronan, and I failed. Ronan's phone rings, he leaves. Heather, at least people will know Chance died fighting the good fight. Chloe, don't do that. Don't glorify it like it was some noble death this was not some sacrifice for the noble good it was just a waste.

Chris still trying to make Nina listen, trying to tell her she will want to hear what she has to say. I can't imagine what she has to say that can't wait unless she's going to tell her Chance is alive. Nina, you think I want to hear about your arrests? Chris, you have to know in your heart how much I love you, and how it hurts me to see you go through this, please let me explain. Nina, my son is dead explain that. Paul tells Chris she needs to leave.  Chris, please get her to listen to me. Paul, why should I? Chris, because you trust me. Paul, before I would have. Chris, there are things she has to hear. It will help her, I swear.

Catherine comes too in the hospital. Murphy and Nikki by her side. Nikki tells Catherine she fainted. Catherine says not to worry she has a lot of living left. Murray outside talking to Dr. tells him Catherine usually has a lot of energy lately she hasn't. Dr leaves. Tucker comes up Murphy wants to know what he was saying to Catherine. Tucker, we were just saying what a sad day it was. Are you thinking this was my fault? Jill and Brock arrive they want to see Catherine. Murphy won't let Tucker go in says he's worried as hell and not taking any chances.

Nikki telling Catherine about pouring the drink yesterday.

Jill at Catherine's bedside making it all about her. Told Catherine she pulls these stunts just to irritate her. Catherine wants Jill to go and take care of Nina and Philip. Sends Nikki for a deck of cards so she can beat Murphy at gin rummy to prove she is okay. Brock asks if she's going to send him on an errand too. She says she just wants to spend some time with the husband.

Brock and Murphy step outside Catherine's door. Tucker is at the nurses station. Brock, should I tell him now is not a good time. Murphy, there's not going to be a good time, he was with her when she collapsed, and I'm not going to have any more of that. Murphy goes back in to Catherine.

Catherine wants to make sure Murphy knows about her living will, that she doesn't want to be kept alive by artificial means. Murphy says that's a tough one because if the situation were reversed he would want them to do everything possible to keep him going. Catherine, even if it means being hooked up to machines, living in a vegetative state? Murphy, things change, a new doctor, a new procedure that could turn it all around. Catherine, I'm talking about a decision where there is no hope. Murphy, there's always hope. Catherine, the idea of being confined to a hospital bed, unable to move or communicate, just seems like a living hell. I want to live until I die, just like I said in my book. If I die, I want to die like I live, with dignity. I need to know if I can't make the decision you will respect my wishes. Prolonging life is one thing, prolonging death, oh please don't subject me to that. Murphy, I've seen someone pull the plug and today it still seems like the wrong decision. I don't know if I could do that. Losing you, it scares the heck out of me. Catherine laughs and tells Murphy she will always be with him one way or another. Everyone comes back in with the Dr. who says she needs a CAT scan. Catherine tells everyone to go home.

Of course Jill tells Nikki, there's no reason for her to stay. Nikki, are you afraid I'll add to her stress? Jill, damn right I am. Nikki, then I assume you'll be the one leaving since your the one that stresses her out the most. Jill, Catherine enjoys sparing with me it adds zest to her life. Nikki, yeah, right. Jill, What really raises her blood pressure is the sheer boredom of listening to your family drama, year in and year out, breaking up with Victor, making up with Victor, at nauseam wondering which of your children or step children is in jail, you have one of those erase boards in your kitchen so you can keep track of which kid is in the orange jump suit this week? Nikki, it wasn't my family who caused this it was your grandson who died. Jill, Well you got me there! Nikki, I'm sorry I didn't mean that. Jill, Chance was the light of our life, my mother died earlier this year would you like to take a shot at her too. Nikki, I'm so sorry I shouldn't have said that. Please tell Catherine I'll be back later.

Tucker and Brock talk. Tucker, I'm concerned and as her son I have as much right as you do to be in there. Brock, not if your going to get her upset. Tucker, I have no intention of doing that.  I know we got off on the wrong foot. Brock, you deceived her, you stripped her of her lifes' work in the most hurtful demeaning way possible. Tucker, we've come a long way since then, you ask her. Brock, If you and mother can heal those wounds I'm happy for you, but the family is not willing to gamble with her life. Tucker, I'm apart of that family. Murphy walks up, tells them Catherine is going for a CAT scan. He tells Tucker you can stick around for the results or I can call you.

Heather visits Owen, confronting Owen about putting the bomb in her car,  killing Chance then saluting him at the funeral. Owen is trying to blame it all on Ronan. Heather, I saw your face when he said he was FBI. You are guilty as sin. Heather, there's never been a bigger hard ass about doing things by the book, and all the while your running a drug ring. Owen, These are false charges. Heather, your on tape ordering Chances murder. Owen, its a scam set up by the FBI to protect one of their own. Heather, when I think of you suspending me firing me for bending the rules. Who's gonna rein me in now. I guess there will be nobody to stop me from pulling strings making sure you serve your time in the middle of the most hard core criminals you have ever convicted. Sounds like a good plan. Owen, good luck with that. Heather, I won't need luck, I'll have Chance looking out for me.

Heather runs into Paul, he tries to comfort her. She feels guilty because she kept Owen informed on what was going on in investigation.

Kevin tells Chloe maybe her instincts about Ronan were right and Chance's were wrong. Kevin walking Chloe through everything trying to show her Ronan might not be a bad guy. Chloe, he killed Chance and every time I look at him that's all I'm going to see.

Ronan tells Chris he's going out to get hammered. Chris, is this as close as you come to admitting emotion?

Paul tells Nina maybe she should talk to Chris.  Nina, she can write me a letter. Phillip there are some things I would like to know. Nina, okay, fine. Chris says she can't talk there now, the reporters are on the way. She has to go someplace to meet her. ??? Suspicious they are all still in the church they can't put a guard a the door to keep the reporters out? A driver takes Philip and Nina out to the middle of no where, the driver gets out of the car with a phone in his hand. Nina says this is ridiculous. She wants to leave. A car pulls up Phillip says its Christine.

Christine and Ronan get out of car. Nina what is he doing here, we didn't agree to this. Phillip why do you keep pushing him into this? Chris, I promise you its all going to make sense. Nina we shouldn't have come here. I've got a house full of family waiting for me. Ronan, you've got family right here. Nina, you may be my son which is very hard to believe, but you will never be family. Car door closes, Chance says mom,  and walks out of car. I knew it. They set it up when they met in the room.

Nikki goes home, pours herself a drink and drinks it.

Doctor tells Catherine she did  not have a stroke or a seizure. It was dehydration and exhaustion. She can go home in a few hours if she promises to rest. Tucker outside the door looking in. I can't tell if he is concerned or plotting revenge.

Heather gets appointed as new DA until next election. She asks Paul if she is crazy for doing this, the entire department is a mess. Paul, your the perfect person to clean it up. Heather, help me? I'm going to need a good investigator. Paul is taking down Pomerantz the first order of business. Heather, you better believe it. Paul, then count me in.

Esther calls Delia is upset, Chloe says she misses Chance. She'll be there as soon as she can.

Chance, Phillip and Nina all hug. Nina, Can you imagine their faces when you come home? Chance, Mom I can't come home. I'm going into witness protection, you four are the only ones that can ever know I'm alive. And that driver I'm suspicious of him. Nina, I don't understand you've made your arrests they are all in jail, whats the problem? Chris, The drug ring here has connections to organized crime all around the world. Ronan, this is just one of their franchises. There are still plenty of people to come gunning for Chance if they figure out his death was a hoax. Nina, how long, how long will you have to be in hiding? Chance this may be the last time we ever see each other mom.

General Hospital Recap Thur, Sept 16, 2010

Dante tries to get Michael to tell him what happened in prison.  Dante tells Michael Carter was working for Franco, so whatever Carter did... Michael, why can't you just leave this alone. Don't act like you know what prison is like when you don't. I thought Michael was raped the day Carter attacked him, I think Jason thought it that's why he pulled the warden aside and asked that Michael be checked out. Why hasn't anyone else figured this out yet? Dante, your my brother I care about you. Michael says Jason was there he helped me get through it. Dante, then maybe you should talk to Jason. Michael, Okay. If you want to help don't ever talk to me about prison again.

Jason arrives at Brenda's. Suzanne open's the door looks at Jason up & down and says your Brenda's ex-husband. LOL Jason getting info from Suzanne about what happened, security measures taken that kind of thing. Suzanne tells him she isn't telling him anything until he tells her why Brenda would put him down as the person to contact in case of emergency. Jason, I don't understand how Brenda thinks. Suzanne, well she never talks about you. Jason, Good. Suzanne, so I'm gonna need some details about your relationship. Jason, what do you need to know. Suzanne, how did you end up getting married. Jason, I was the only option available. Suzanne, meaning? Jason, She had no other options. LOL Jason is like John McBain 25 words baby! Suzanne, so I take it it didn't last very long. So how, why did you break up? No better question why did you get together in the first place. Jason, thought she was sick blah, blah, blah, the two other men in her life were married, I got stuck with Brenda.  Suzanne, so your telling me your not in love with her? Jason, Lets just say Brenda and I don't get along. Suzanne, have you heard of a crime figure named the Balkan? Jason, Is that whose threatening her? Suzanne, Interpol thinks so. Suzanne tells Jason about the attacks. Suzanne, I suppose your questioning our security. Jason, Brenda ignores security, she's almost impossible to protect. Suzanne, you and I have a lot in common. I think this could be the start of a very productive friendship. Jason, It doesn't matter if I like Brenda or not if she's in danger I'm not going to let anything happen to her. Suzanne, that's a generous attitude, or do you have a savior complex? Jason, Brenda means a lot to people who are close to me. Suzanne, I assume you mean people in Port Charles. Brenda has a gift for making people care about her. Jason, I don't need to care about her. I just need to make sure she's safe so I can go home. Suzanne, well then you are the exception to the rule.

Brenda arrives at modeling assignment, it is to model wedding dresses. She tells the guy she can't wear a wedding dress. Photographer asks her if she's ever been married. She says kinda, flashes back to her and Jason's wedding. Photographer asks what was the best part of the wedding. Brenda, the divorce. The photographer asks Brenda what her fantasy wedding is, she has flash back of Jax and Sonny weddings. All this while taking photo's in a black and gray dress.

Claire arrives at Sonny's mad. Evidently Sonny sent Max over with something to give her and she ain't happy! Claire, it was bad enough when your no neck body guard showed up at my office, my secretary dove under her desk and the new paralegal called 911. Sonny, I told him to be discreet. Max, Boss I was. Claire, Look I recused myself from your case, I've asked for reassignment so when a guy like this shows up being ridiculously polite it was terrifying. Sonny, but you don't want reassigned. Claire, I can't have your body guard showing up at my office bearing gifts. Sonny to Max, what were you thinking going to her office? Whats the matter with you? Max, well you told me to go... to go to her apartment and drop off the earrings. (Max covering Sonny's butt) But she works all the time so I went to her office. Claire, you can't send gifts to my home or my office. Sonny, you don't like the earrings I can get you something else. Claire, their gorgeous, but its completely inappropriate. Sonny, why don't you put them on and you'll see how beautiful you look then you won't be mad at me anymore. Claire says there is no longer a conflict so there is no reason to compromise her anymore. Sonny, then I'm just going to have to settle for being with you.  On a side note: Max is H-O-T hot! in that blue today, absolutely gorgeous. Sonny tells Claire he wants her to stay. She says she doesn't know what the rules are between them she still thinks Sonny's using her. He invites her to dinner.

Rowan and Siobhan at bar. Siobhan going on wants to know why he let Liam live when he was so quick to murder her Donny. Rowan, Maybe I didn't want to see you sad or heart broken all over again. Rowan, so you feel bad now doubting my motives when all I was trying to do was protect you? Siobhan, by shooting Donny dead in the street? Rowan he would have done the same to me if I had crossed him. They drink to Donny. I can't believe no one can tell that this isn't the same Rowan. I think Siobhan may be an undercover agent. 

Rowan and Siobhan go back to room. Rowan asks her if she wanted to get him out of the club before Liam showed back up? Siobhan, you want the truth I'm going to kill you myself, she pulls out gun. Rowan takes the gun away from her. Tells her never stand close enough so someone can take the gun away. Then gives it back to her, tells her to try again. Tells her to pull the trigger, she's wasting his time. She tells him she doesn't think he's Rowan O'reilly so who is he. Ok, so maybe she isn't an undercover agent.

Carly and Jax discussing breaking up and getting back together. Get on with all ready. I'm tired of all this back and forth. Dante comes in tells them about fight at school. Of course Carly is mad because she wasn't called. Dante says he handled the situation, he just wanted to make sure they were aware. Carly's steaming again.

Sonny getting ready for Claire to come to dinner. Max can't figure out why Claire didn't like the earrings, says Diane loves jewelry, in fact she insists on it. Sonny, Diane is a wise woman. Did the secretary really go under the desk, Max, she spilled her coffee, I thought she was cleaning it up, then Ms. Walsh came in and started yelling at me. Sonny's going to let Claire think the next move is hers. He has flashback about Brenda. Dante shows up tells Sonny about Micheal tells him he would be proud.

Carly goes to Jason's finds out he's in Rome. Carly, Jason drops everything and flies to Rome, what about Michael? Jason wasn't put on this earth to take care of Brenda Barrett? She's got plenty of guys to take care of her. What about Murphy? Sam, I don't know, I think he feels obligated because they were married. Carly, Jason's first obligation is to me and my kids, and I can tell you right now I'm not sharing with Brenda. Well that pretty self centered. Is she sharing with Sam? Sam asks Carly if Jason has feelings for Brenda. Carly, oh not in the way your thinking, he can see through that high maintenance drama queen. Brenda has to be the center of every mans attention and Jason doesn't play that game so he's a challenge for her. Sam, that's good he does say that she annoys him.

Knock on the door, the both say come in. Boy Carly just acts like that's her house. Its Micheal looking for Jason. Carly asks Sam to give them a minute. Pretty rude since Sam is on a crutch and lives there.  Sam leaves. Carly wants to know why school didn't call her. Micheal, Mom you probably would have yelled at the principal and got me kicked out for sure. Carly, Isn't that what you want? Micheal, in a way. I don't like Madison, it is always fun to watch you tear into someone. Carly, it is a gift. Michael, so where's Jason? Carly he's in Rome helping Brenda. Micheal, Is she in trouble? Carly, yeah I guess. Micheal, then why are you upset. Carly, because nothing good can come out of contact with Brenda Barrett. Nothing good ever has.

Brenda comes home. She's mad at Suzanne because she didn't tell her it was a wedding shoot. Tells her to call Cartoolo and tell them I'm going on another trip, she hates modeling. Going off. Your the one who keeps telling me I need to be more famous because if I'm famous I can help the kids. Suzanne, yes that's the way it works, but at some point putting yourself in the spotlight becomes to dangerous. Brenda, Make up your mind, because our security stinks, those men walked right into my room with knives. If someone really wants to kill me there's nothing we can do about it. Jason, standing outside the door listening, looking like he's dreading going in. Suzanne, If we decide its safe enough for you to take another trip. Brenda not if, I'm going. Suzanne we're going to have to make major changes in security, its going to be intense and your going to hate it. Brenda, how about this, I promise to stop hating it if you can find someone who actually knows what he is doing. Knock on door. Brenda, oh look its someone here to kill me lets see who it is. Suzanne, don't open it. Of course she does, it's Jason standing there. She starts laughing, then tries to close the door on him and tells Suzanne to call security. Suzanne leaves.

Jason I just tested your security, I got up here in ten minutes with out being seen. Brenda, your tests don't count because your a professional killer. Jason, so are the people who are after you do you really want to die? Brenda, So you came all the way from Port Charles to test my security. Jason, asks about the Balkin Brenda's going on about how some big buff guy from New York doesn't need to come tell her security guards how to protect her. Jason brings up the attacks. Brenda thinks Sonny sent Jason to protect her. Jason tells her Sonny doesn't even know he's there.

Jax tells Claire he got a call from Washington, tells her don't be one more fool for Sonny.

Sonny tells Dante Claire is a diversion to get over another woman.

Wow busy day.

One Life To Live Thur Sept 16, 2010

Langston talking to Kelly about Ford. Kelly tells her start at the top. Langston is concerned because Kelly works at the Sun. Kelly agrees to stay quite. Langston tells her about Ford, Jessica and Brody and then realizes that Kelly already knew. Kelly is worried about Jessica now that the cat is out of the bag. Langston admits part of her still has feelings for him. Kelly advises Langston not to get mad to get even.

James and Ford are out to dinner at Rodi's. Cole and Starr are on a date night also at Rodi's. Rex tells Gigi he can help with school he just picked up another case. Geez it sounded like the last check from Kelly would cover years of school why are they still going on about the cost? Gigi, with who? Rex, Kelly. Gigi, really how many dead mothers does she have? Rex tells her about Kelly's plan to bring David back so Dorian can break up with him. Starr tells Cole Ford could be the father of Jessica's baby. Cole tells Starr he decided to trust in their love, when she tells him she is still in class with James. Guess he's not going to tell her about the visit to see James, telling him to stay away from Starr. Langston calls Ford and tells him she has to see him. Ford goes home.

Ford opens door, Langston kisses him. Ford wants to know what that was about. Langston tells Ford she believes him, that it was all months ago. She wants to know if he meant it when he said he wanted to start over. Ford said yes. Langston, good because I want that too. They discuss that he is teaching the class again, decide to keep it secret. Langston says she has to go. She seems to be playing him. Like she's going to sleep with him and then get him fired. But I think she's going to fall for him again. Ford kisses her goodbye in the apartment doorway. When he closes the door she retrieves the video camera she had hidden in a plant outside, where she has recorded them kissing.

Jessica and Brody in the hallway. Brody ordered Chinese food, pickles and ice cream. Says he always wanted to try it. Natalie comes up. Jessica says don't worry, Brody told me everything that happened between the two of you, and its fine. Natalie, It is? Brody, I told Jessica you helped me decide what to do about the baby. Jessica, and he proposed again and I said yes. Jessica goes into apartment, and Brody tells Natalie he will keep her secret.

Ross, trying to leave Todd's with Dani. Todd pushes Ross. John tells him if he spends the night in jail, he can't help Dani. Dani asks Ross if he is ok. Ross says he is, he could press assault charges but he won't. Todd, Your in my house uninvited, if I wanted to I could shoot you. You gotta love Todd. John, what did I just say? Ross says he's just trying to respect Tea's wishes as stated in the will. John looks at will says we got a little problem here. This wills gotta be probated before anyone can act on it. John tells Ross he can't take Dani tonight. John leaves. Dani tells Ross she can't go with him, says she has to go to memorial, has friends here. Blair invites Ross to the memorial Todd agrees, all playing nice. Very funny. Dani asks Ross where he's staying he tells her a cheap hotel. Todd, oh no I wouldn't hear of it. Stay at The Palace on me. Dani, says she's going to bed, but she's sitting on the stairs to hear Todd tell Blair he going to do whatever he has to, he's not going to lose his daughter.

Kelly's wrapped in a towel, goes out in hall to go get bath. Rex walks up and scares her, she drops the towel. Well I guess a few more times and they'll be even. Rex tells Kelly he thinks Clint has something to do with David being gone. He tells Kelly he can pursue this Clint angle, but do you really want me going after your sons great grandfather. Rex wants to know if Kelly can get him into BE after hours, to access Clint's records.

John fills Natalie in on what happened at Todd's. John, Tea's the only one that really knows what she really wanted. She made quite a mess when she lied to her daughter about who her father was. Natalie tells John about the envelope she got.

James is sitting at table alone to give Ford and Langston time. Starr goes to bathroom, Cole goes over to James to see why he didn't leave with his brother. James said trust me this isn't about Starr, I got the message loud and clear when you told me to back off Starr. Of course Starr walks up and hears. James, made it sound like Cole was really nice when he came over. Starr tells Cole he's forgiven, he will always be her football star and poet.

All My Children Recap, Thur Sept 16, 2010

Ryan's asleep dreaming about the fight with David. Greenlee is flashing back to finding the vial. She's holding it in her hand in the office, Bianca walks in and almost sees it. Greenlee's been there all night. Bianca gives Greenlee a box says it was just delivered downstairs. Greenlee opens box and says oh my god. Its from a storage unit David kept. Greenlee runs out.

AJ staying at Marissa's. JR tells him he bought him a new video game, I guess he wants to stay at Marissa's. Annie trying to console JR. Annie tells JR she just hopes they can be friends. Scott walks in and says it'll never happen because JR can't stand the fact that he lost you to me. JR leaves. Annie trying to convince Scott JR has changed. Scott gets a phone call, he did what?! Laughing yeah, of course he did. hangs up. So much for the family working together, JR's already coming after me. Annie what? What was that call? Scott, the first shot.

Caleb asked Krystal out. She said she was busy tonight. Tad giving him a hard time about it. Tad tells him he's been gone a long time maybe he should consider handling people a little differently.

Greenlee in park looking through the box, it has pictures of Leo in it. That would be way too cool if Leo came back! and Vanessa could come back to and be the bad guy.  Greenlee asking Leo what he thinks she should do with murder weapon. Kendall walks up, whats that? Greenlee says she needs to go. Kendall wants to know whats in her hand, Greenlee won't show her. Kendall takes it. Its the vial. I told her quit playing with that. Greenlee, happy now? Kendall, Oh my god it was you.

Ryan wants Tad to investigate someone who might have killed David Hayward. Tad, whose your suspect? Ryan, me. Tad, not a chance, I don't think you killed him. Ryan convinces him to investigate anyway. Tad, says your wasting your money, what if it goes somewhere you don't want it too? Tad says poisoning is usually the choice of women. Ryan, Greenlee didn't do this. Tad, what if it connects to you? Ryan, its better than this, not knowing. Tad, wonder if I can send the bill over to Haywards' estate?

Greenlee, this is not your problem. Kendall, I got arrested helping you so don't tell me this isn't my problem. tell me what this means. Greenlee, I don't know.  Kendall, David was blackmailing you, you would have done anything to get out of that marriage, including killing him. Greenlee, I didn't kill him. Kendall, then what are you doing with digitalis? Oh, okay you found it in his old medical bag, and you used it to spike his drink that night. Greenlee, I did not. Kendall, I mean I can understand you wanting David dead, but letting Ryan take the fall for it? Greenlee, I wouldn't do that to him. Kendall, then what are you doing with the murder weapon? Greenlee, you don't understand. Kendall, make me understand. Greenlee, leave this alone. Kendall, I swear to god I'm not leaving until you tell me. Do I have to take this to the cops right now. Greenlee, no you can't, I found it in Ryan's jacket. Kendall, OMG. Greenlee, I think he did it, I think he poisoned David. Greenlee, do you think I'm lying. Kendall doesn't think its Ryan. She wants to talk to Ryan. Greenlee talks her out of it says Ryan will go straight to Jesse.

Caleb tells Marissa at Yacht Club, when he gets his company back its going to start getting ugly with JR. Marissa, are you firing me. Caleb, no I'm giving you a chance to quit. Marissa, because you don't think I can stand up to JR? Caleb, because your going through divorce and you got a kid together. Marissa, we'll work that out. Caleb, It's not going to be easy. Marissa, you think that I don't know that. The hell that I've been through, anything will be easier. You had faith in me. Caleb, all right if your working for me, why don't you find out where that guy is that is supposed to be meeting me.

JR walks up. Caleb says he's busy. JR, big meeting with Chandlers bankers? Canceled. So I guess your not so busy after all. JR, It wasn't so hard, I just threatened to pull all the Chandler business from the bank if they took that meeting from you. You'll find the same response with the rest of the banks. See you can't go against a Chandler in this town, haven't you learned that yet? Caleb, your daddy''s name, that's all you got Junior. JR, my fathers gone, its my name now, and I call it a damn good start to sending your ass back to the woods. At first, I thought you were a nuisance, turns out your a real threat. So I'm not gonna stand around and wait for you to come after me. I'm coming at you with both barrels blazing. Marissa, walks up. What are you doing? My father is dead, our son was missing and you still have time to pick fights? JR, that's not what I'm doing. Marissa, then what would you call it? Caleb, good luck with that one junior. JR, this conversation is between me and my wife. Marissa, I won't be your wife much longer. JR, Can we talk somewhere else? Marissa, why? JR, cause I'd like to have an adult conversation without you going off on me. Marissa, well maybe you should treat people with respect. JR, you mean him? Marissa, no I mean everyone, starting with me. I'm trying to pass the bar right now, and I'd really appreciate it if I could focus on that without having to deal with you too.

JR gets call for AJ's school, AJ was in fight, the other boy been taken to hospital. Principal wants JR and his wife to come to school. JR tells Marissa he has to go to office. JR at school, principal says this isn't the first time, JR says boys fight, next hour their best friends. Principal, the other boy needed eleven stitches. JR, I see, I'll speak to AJ. Principal wants a mother father conference. JR suggests the boys don't have enough to do to stay out of trouble, talks about buying soccer field, handball courts and playground equipment. JR tells principal AJ will be fine to worry about kids that don't have fathers that care so much.

Scott reads a press release supposedly from him that he will be concentrating on the European division immediately. Annie says its Chandlers weakest division. Annie and Scott trying to figure out how to deal. Annie wants to do press release that JR is the head of waste management or that he's been drinking again.

Annie goes to Yacht Club, sees Caleb sitting there, sits down. Caleb, I've got some issues with some of your family members. One in particular. Which one are you married to today? ROFL Annie, are you still ticked off about the way JR acquired Cortlandt electronics. Caleb, Acquired? You mean stolen. Annie, steal, lie, cheat, manipulate that's JR, I'm familiar with his methods. Caleb, You and your husband are on one side and Junior is on the other. Junior took something from me. My fights with him, not with you and your husband. You get where I'm going with this? Annie, I think so. Annie evidently called Scott to meet with Caleb. Annie left. Scott there. Caleb, neither one of us can trust your cousin as far as we can throw him, and I can throw him pretty far. Annie goes back to mansion and slaps JR across the face.

Greenlee back at hotel room staring at police tape, Tad walks up asks her what she thinks happened? Says she doesn't know. Tad leaves. She's sitting on the floor with box talking to Leo again. Tells Leo if you see David tell him I'm sorry.

Kendall goes to see Ryan. Invites him to go out to eat with the boys. Kendal picks up Ryans phone to call and make dinner reservations, she's looking at something and says oh no! Kendall calls Greenlee and says meet me at Ryan's now. Greenlee arrives. Kendall lets say I believe you about Ryan poisoning David. Greenlee, why what did you find out. Kendall, I was looking for something on his phone and a list of his last few searches came up. Greenlee, and? Kendall, one of them was the night of the murder, digitalis poisoning death.What do we do now? Ryan enters, what do we do about what?

Marissa at Krystal's restaurant. Bianca comes in and says Miranda told me what happened at school today. Marissa calls principal. Principal evidently told Marissa about the bribe and that JR told them all calls are to go to him. You know he's going to say that he did it so she can study. 

AJ asks JR if he's going to tell Mommy about the fight? JR tells him to stay there tonight and mommy will never have to know. For all the problems JR had with Adam, he sure is turning into him.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Young & Restless Recap Thurs Sept 16, 2010

New day. People still mourning Chance. Brock has arrived. Catherine is up and about.

JT just found out Victoria's pregnant. He walked up on Billy and Victoria talking. Making cracks about being pregnant in jail, Victoria tells him charges were dropped.

Victor got a fine for the bribe. Geez, How come they didn't haul him off to jail? Victor's upset cause Victoria is showing no gratitude. Can you blame her? Victor tells Micheal and Nikki Abby dropped the lawsuit.

Abby tells Ashley she dropped the suit. Jack and Neil there at coffee shop. 

Nina questions Paul why he didn't tell her about Ronan. Paul tells her he didn't know Ronan was her son. Nina, you knew he was FBI. Maybe if I knew I could have done something. I just wish I could have stopped him, how could Ronan do it, pull the trigger knowing Chance was his brother. Is that just the way he is or did he do it because he thinks I abandoned him? 

Chris goes to visit Ronan. Chris, I agreed to let you handle things your way and because of that, your brothers funeral is today and now we both have to live with that. Ronan, I need to make this right. Chris, I don't see how that's possible. Nina trusted me with her son, when she thought she was going to die. I made promises to Nina and Chance. Now my best friend hates me.

Sid, Owen and three other cops at the coffee shop. Sid, more Detective Chancellor. Cop, yeah, what a shame. That's the same cop that was mouthing off in front of Nina the other day. What a jerk! Owen, burying one of our problems in the ground, the other one in jail. Good work gentlemen and ladies. They all clink their coffee cups together. What a rotten bunch!

Sgt Goldman shows up to escort the family to church. Nina is breaking my heart.

Everyone at church. Micheal arrives, gives Jill a kiss on the cheek, tells her Lauren sends her condolences. Jill, It was so nice of her to show up in person. Micheal, She's out of the country visiting Scotty. Jill, Chance was only my grandson, I can see how that wouldn't even rate a call from my own sister.

Heather shows up Chloe is letting her have it. Catherine tells both of them to shut their mouths. LOL Flag covered coffin is brought in by six soldiers.

Everyone tells stories about how wonderful Chance was. Catherine, grief is the price we pay for love. How true is that! Gun shots, taps. There go the tears again.

Chris comes in the church. Nina turns around. No, NO! not today. Philip, just ignore here. Ronan comes in behind Chris. Everyone standing and turning around. Owen & Sid are looking pretty shocked to see Ronan there.  Chloe, Why isn't he in jail? Owen, that's what I would like to know. Ronan, I was released. Owen, on whose authority? Chris, Mine. Ronan, pulling badge out of pocket, I'm FBI, and your all under arrest. Ronan to Owen, see I wasn't wearing a wire, but Chance was and we had you dead to rights you son of  a bitch. Heather, I can't believe this, Owen, I trusted him. Nina, how could you do this? how could you turn my son's funeral into a freak show? Philip, how could you do this to Nina? Chris, I need to talk to you. Nina, I'm not going to listen. Chris, This is what Chance wanted. Nina, SHUT UP! I don't want to hear it. Chance is dead and Ronan killed him, and I don't know how you can do this at my son's funeral.  Chris keeps saying I need to talk to you, Nina is screaming GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT  Philip and Paul are holding her back from attacking Chris. Ronan, Lets go.

Back at Chancellors, Nikki says to Victoria, I think that you could at least acknowledge your fathers gesture. Victoria, Oh, the thank you for ruining my wedding and having me arrested and thrown in jail? That gesture?  Nikki, he did admit his culpability. Victoria, that's very big of him since it was his deal and I went to Japan to save his butt, and he acknowledges that by turning me into the authorities, so excuse me if I am not as slick at breaking the law as my father is. Nikki, shhh, keep your voice down. Jack walks up, problems? Both Vicki and Nikki at same time. No Jack. LOL  Nicki walks away. Jack, bet I can guess. Vicki, I'll bet you can too. (Victoria snickering). Jack, pretty good timing on Tuckers part offering you the job at Jabot last night. I'll bet we both know how your fathers going to react. Victoria, yeah, it would send my father into orbit. Jack, you gonna take the job? Victoria, I don't know, haven't decided yet.

Victor to Victoria, I'd like to talk to you. Victoria, sorry can't, I gotta go.

Tucker asking Catherine how she is. She is telling him she wish everyone would quit asking her that. She starts babbling and collapses.

Well that was a three tissue episode. Great job cast!

General Hospital Recap Wed, Sept, 15 2010

Patrick and Robin are in the squad room so they can talk. Mack is watching, Maxi gives him what for. Patrick, Lisa has to believe that we're so far apart and your going over the edge, that she has a chance with me. Robin, Well then I'll have to convince her I hate the sight of you.  Patrick wants to talk about them, Robin doesn't want to hear it she wants to concentrate on protecting Emma. Patrick, I think Lisa will incriminate herself if she feels like she has a legitimate chance at getting me back. Robin, because your such a prize? Today is my review for suspension, its the perfect opportunity to push you back into your mistresses arms. Funny Robin was ready to let Patrick come home before she ran over Lisa that seems to have been forgotten. Mack tells Maxie he doesn't want them to work it out. Patrick has shown his true colors. Robin needs to leave that cheater. Maxi, cheaters can love too. I should know. Maxi walks off. Mack realizes he just put his foot in his mouth. Robin tells Mack she didn't know she could hurt this much. Mack, try to remember that when your thinking about forgiving him. Whatever happened to Mack and Alexis. I mean he got shot, did she even show up at the hospital?

Michael at Madison, Schoolmaster - Mr. Buckley is telling Michael they are not in the habit of rehabilitating felons, a lot of the parents are worried. Do they have a reason to be worried? What a jerk! Tells him that his father and stepfather gave a generous endowment, and that's why he's there. If he's willing to apply himself they will give him a chance. First sign of trouble, I'll expel you.

Lucky calls Dante's phone. Lulu answers. Lucky tells her he's on dads trail. Lucky tells Dante where he is and what he's doing. Asking Dante for help with a computer file, said he only got ten hours prep time. Dante giving him undercover advice.Lucky's been a con his whole life why does he need Dante's advice? Dante, if your passing yourself off as a cold blooded killer, listen more than you speak, and the first guy that messes with you, take him down. Why didn't he just say act like Jason?

Carly and Josslyn are at Mikes when Jax comes in. They are talking to each other through Josslyn. Kinda stupid. Fighting over Brenda still.Carly gets ready to leave Brook and Nicholas come in. Carly tells him he's hanging out with a trader. Brook, I hope you don't believe her. Nicholas, that you'd double cross me, sure I do. I'm just not gonna give you a chance. Lulu arrives to get Kate's latte. Brook, you must find your job so rewarding. Lulu, spoken like a woman whose never had a job that didn't require her to be on her back. Nicholas, I haven't seen Lucky, where's Lucky do you know? Lulu, he's in London looking for our dad, and I was worried about him until I seen you hanging out with that, and you are in worse trouble.  Nicholas tells Brook when the job is over its over. She asks him why he's still helping her if he's getting all this grief. Said he needs a date for a dinner party. He asks her why she's doing it, she needs the money. Nicholas, oh by the way your wardrobe is completely inappropriate, we're going to have to get you a new one, have you ever been shopping with a prince before?

Kristina's talking to Taylor. A guy named Bryce shows up. Micheal is there. Kristina introduces Bryce. Bryce, so that's why you couldn't show up for Keifers funeral you were busy with Taylor? Taylor, I needed a lot of help catching up, I'm grateful for Chrissy's taking pity on me. Bryce, Just be careful crossing the street her mom might run you down. Micheal, you need to leave now. Bryce, five minutes in prison and you think your so tough, well, bring it on Corinthos. Michael, I don't want any trouble. Bryce, you'll kill a woman with an axe handle, but your too big of a wuss to take on someone your own size? Kristina, Stop it Bryce. Taylor, everyone chill this is no way to start off the school year. Bryce, you gonna hide behind your sister and this guy or you gonna fight. Micheal, I'm not fighting anyone. Bryce, you couldn't last in prison, good thing your mommy paid to get you out. Micheal, back off. Bryce, or what? your a coward I can prove it. Bryce pushes Micheal up against the wall.

Robin goes to meeting, Steve, Patrick and Lisa there. Lisa says she believes Robin needs psychiatric help and lists off all the things Robin has supposedly done. Robin, I'm not the one that needs therapy you child stealing, home wrecking bitch.  Robin continues attacking Lisa about what she's done, told her she can have Patrick, but stay away from her child and her job.  Robin, can't you guys see she is setting me up. Steve why don't you and I leave so they can screw on the conference room table like they did back in med school. Or better yet take her home and do it on the couch that took so long for us to pick out. Steve tells Robin he thinks counseling is a good idea, Robin refuses says they are all plotting against her. Steve says if she's not willing to get counseling her suspension will continue. Robin tells Lisa she's won and leaves. Steve tells Patrick the hospital is deprived of a great doctor because he wanted to rekindle and old flame.

Lisa, it was bound to happen, you could never really be your self with her, she was never right for you and she knew that, that's why she was spiraling out, doesn't want to get help, doesn't want to see the truth. Patrick, Robins been through worse than this. Lisa she will find her way out. You need to focus on being yourself being a good dad, finding your way back to the man you really are it will get easier and if you need to talk to someone I'm around.

Ronnie to Dante, I tried to access our shared case files, I was denied access. Dante, as far as I'm concerned you suppressed evidence, that pretty much makes you a dirty cop. Ronnie goes off about Sonny. Dante goes back at him. Dante's phone ring's its Micheal's school, asking him to get there right away because there has been an emergency with his brother.

Lucky goes to bar as Rowan, bartender says the usual, Rowan nods his head. Tells the bartender if anyone comes asking for him, he hasn't seen him. Gets up turns around a woman comes in the door running at him. She says you murdering bastard, and slaps him across the face. Siobhan, the bartender says I won't have trouble in my place. Rowan, why don't I buy Siobhan a drink and she can tell me whats bothering her? Siobhan, I'll kick you in the crackers if you try. And you how dare you play host to Donny's killer. Bartender, Donny may he rest in peace knew what he was getting into when he messed with Rowan. You'd do well to take a lesson missy. Siobhan, oh go back to counting your blood money why don't you. I'm not afraid of you heartless son of a bitch. May the devil swallow you sideways. Then she spits on Rowan's shoe and walks out. Well! apparently this chick doesn't like Rowan.  Then a man comes in the door yelling you maggot you got some nerve showing up here. Siobhan stops him, Liam don't not here, not in front of everyone. Liam, I warned this bastard what would happen if he showed his face here. Bartender, your brother took his chances, now he died how he lived, now there's no point in you throwing you life away as well. Rowan, Listen to the man Liam don't make the same mistake your idiot brother did. Liam takes out a knife and comes at Rowan. Siobhan tells Liam Donny wouldn't want him to be dying for revenge. Rowan, Siobhan your spoiling my fun, if Liam wants to meet his maker It'll be my pleasure to help him out. Liam, if I don't get payback for my brother who will? Rowan ask yourself a question, what good is Donny rotting in his grave, ask your self how many years he could have lived to made his woman happy, ask yourself what your brother wouldn't give to trade places you don't have to die, but I promise you if you don't lower this blade your damn well going to. Siobhan, Rowans right nothings worth dying over. He lowers the blade, walks away, then runs back and appears to have stabbed Rowan.  Lucky still fighting, puts knife to Liams throat, lets him up and tells him to get the hell out before he changes his mind. Liam runs out. Siobhan, who the hell are you and what have you done with Rowan O'reilly?

Jax tells Maxie no Brenda on the cover, Carly standing outside the door,  barges in thinks the whole thing is a setup. Maxi, I'm going to tell Kate you won't change your mind and find someone else to put on the cover. Carly I don't care that Brenda's in your magazine I care that she's in your heart.

Dante arrives at the school. Mr Buckley, said Michael went after another student, a senior, an athlete, Michael threw him to the ground and punched him in the ribs. Dante, any broken bones? Mr Buckley, Bryce is beat up pretty, we had a scare, but no one is headed to the hospital.

Kristina is outside two girls and a guy come up and one of the girls says, poor Chrissy its no surprise that Micheal would snap like that but how awful for you. Kristina, what's that supposed to mean? Girl, people go into prison and they never come out the same. Girl, I did a study the recidivism rate for prisoners is like ridiculous.  Dante comes out and asks Kristina what happened. She tells him. He asks the other kids if they seen what happened. They said it was a really cool body slam out of now where Micheal took him down. Bryce comes out of nursing office. Dante questions him. Said he was welcoming Michael back made a joke about prison and Micheal completely lost it. Taylor is at his car getting books. Mr. Buckley thinks he should suspend Michael and notify the courts. Dante, it amazes me how willing you are to belive Michael would fly off the handle like this, every situation in the past he has dealt with calm and maturity, so I have to ask myself whats different about this situation. Kristina, whats different is Bryce attacked Micheal first. Dante turns around and ask the other kids if they seen anything. Taylor comes up and tells Dante the truth then all of a sudden the other kids decided Bryce started it. Dante wants to bring charges against Bryce. Michael says just forget it and walks away.

Kristina going into Mikes. Ethan, hey you. Kristina, your one of the few people I'm glad to see. Told Ethan what happened at school. Ethan, all right Michael.  Ethan gives her a pep talk. Maya comes up, Ethan sweet talks Maya and kisses her in front of Kristina.

Dante and Micheal at home discussing what happened. Michael said he backed me into a corner, one thing I learned at Pentonville is if you let someone trap you.... You know your right I should of walked away. I'll do that next time. Dante, maybe its time we talk about what happened to you in prison.

One Life To Live Recap, Wed Sept 15, 2010

Rex to Kelly, You want to find David Vickers? Why? Kelly, Dorian needs him. Rex, Did she run out of holes in her head. We're not exactly best friends but even I wouldn't wish. Kelly, It would involve a trip to Europe. Rex, okay I'm listening. David is over there somewhere, gallivanting around bragging about his conquests on My Face. Rex, What does Dorian want with David? She's not considering taking him back after he left her at the altar, again. She's not that desperate is she? Kelly, of course not, I hope not, but the last thing Dorian needs from David is romance. What she does need is something way more important, payback.

Kelly, David left her in a letter, so she never got any closure. Rex, so you want me to bring him back here so she can yell at him? Kelly, that's only phase one. If Dorian can take him back then dump him, then she gets her closure. Kelly, you know the history of mental illness in my family, tonight really scared me. Rex, speaking of mental illness have you seen a shrink lately? LOL Kelly, you think I'm crazy cause I want to help my aunt?  Rex, no I think your crazy period. Tells Kelly it could cost her a fortune. Rex agrees to do it so he can help Gigi with school.

Dorian in bed reading My Face. Blair comes in she's talking to Dorian but not looking at her, she said she doesn't want to talk about Eli, but she wants to plan a memorial for Tea and have it at the house. Dorian is covering her head up. Blair turns around. Hey, what is wrong? Dorian tells Blair what happened at The Palace. Blair tells Dorian Kelly should have never forced her to go back to work if she wasn't ready, but what Blair thinks Dorian really has is post traumatic stress. Blair wants to work on memorial service as a distraction wants Dorian to help her.  Dorian says Blair can have the memorial at the house but she isn't attending.

John and Natalie are at The Palace checking Eli's room. Went to get DNA sample. They haven't found anything. Natalie says when they do they will have to make sure the DNA isn't corrupt and take it to Tahiti themselves. John, that's a great idea, but your not going anywhere. John and Natalie argue over her flying to Tahiti. Natalie says women do it all the time what's the worst that could happen? John turns away. Natalie, you know the worse that can happen, I'm sorry. You think that history is going to repeat itself? Natalie apologizes. Johns says he's being over protective, he just doesn't think she needs to be wreckless. John leaves in response to Todds call. Renee comes in to congratulate Natalie about the baby and is going on about it being half Mcbain and half Buchanan, and how proud Asa would be.  Rene talking to Natalie about Ross and Blair busting up the furniture. Said he must have felt bad because he gave me lots of envelopes with tips for the staff. Natalie, sealed envelopes? Do you have any of those? Rene has one of the maids envelopes.

Ross still working on convincing Todd and Dani that Tea wanted her to be with him. Todd tells him to leave. Dani, How do you know the will is not real? Ross, its real your mom had Eli draw it up. Todd, Oh well in that case if Eli drew it up its legit, certainly. Ross, He was a lawyer. Todd, Is that better or worse than being a killer. Todd, Just admit Rayburn this is a scam you and your brother made up. Ross says the only reason he knew about the will is because they sent him a copy because his name was mentioned in it. That's how he knew Tea died. Todd calls Blair.

Ross tells Dani now they are going to be together forever, finally gonna have the life your mother wanted us to have. Todd, how you gonna pull that off? Your wanted by the Seattle police, last I heard the Washington State Penn is not a great place to raise a kid. Dani, He's right if the cops find you they are going to arrest you. Blair arrives sees Ross. Todd explains what Ross is saying to Blair. Blair said she saw Tea sign the will. Ross, did you read it cause if you had, you would have seen you were mentioned as the emergency guardian if something happens to me. Blair and Todd agree this is a scam. Dani is getting upset. Blair says she doesn't care what the will says she promised Tea, she would be a mother to Dani and that's what she is going to do. Call the cops Todd.

Clint talks Bo and Nora into staying for dessert even thought Nora's soak and wet. Nora wants to stay for the Baked Alaska and she says Clint's trying. Inez says she has to leave. Clint blames Bo for scaring off his date. Bo tells Clint, Inez is a grown woman and can make up her own mind, maybe he'd have better luck if he didn't ask her boss to stick around. Bo pushes Nora to leave, Clint says what about the baked alaska? Bo, I don't want. Nora we could stay I'm almost dry. LOL she wants that baked Alaska.

Rex enters restaurant. Asks if they know where Vickers is tells them Kelly hired him. Clint's worried now. They say they don't know where Vickers is. Nora invites Rex to stay for baked alaska, she says its got flames. Rex, yeah, I love flames. No I can't I'm on the clock. Clint, looks like no ones getting baked alaska so I'm gonna go to. Nora looks to Bo, Flamed Cherries. She's got it bad, like a pregnancy craving. ??? What? Clint chases down Rex and asks him doesn't he think everyone would be better off if Vickers stayed gone. Bo tells Nora she has to stop feeling sorry for Clint. Then he finds out Clint stuck him with the dinner bill. 

Eli is telling Greg about the will and how he switched it. Greg, so what's the deal you two get custody of Dani, sell her back to Todd and split the take? Eli, Something like that. Greg, this isn't  an inheritance. Your playing with someone's life. Exploiting a grief stricken, traumatized young girl someone you claim your brother loves, that you love, and you don't even care. This from Greg? Eli, Don't you think its a little late for moral qualms Dr. after what you did to Tea? Greg, Tea isn't.  Eli, Tea isn't what?  Eli, tells Greg this is all making him/Greg uncomfortable he can leave and be done with him, but it would be a lot smarter to fix him up and he will never bother him again. Eli, How do I know your not just trying to stall me. Greg, first sign when that bomb inside you head explodes. Now I've got to get back to Lanview before anybody notices where I've been. I gotta pay my respects to Tea at a memorial service. Eli, I hope your not trying to play me, you know what will happen if you do.

Kelly comes home, Dorian says the only thing that is going to make her feel better is telling David off. Kelly, maybe you can do that. Kelly suggests role play. Kelly has a big pillow in front of her acting like David and Dorian throws a punch that knocks her down on the bed.

Dani can't believe Todd called the police. Blair tries to calm Dani. Dani tells her dad to run before the police get there. Ross, its time to quite running, he will never turn his back on Dani again. John arrives, Well Rayburn I don't know what you did to get away from the folks in Tahiti but I'm pretty sure it won't work in Seattle. Dani is upset.Todd tells her by the time Ross is out of jail she'll be old enough custody won't be an issue. John's on the phone looking puzzled. Todd, whats the matter John? John tells them all the charges were dropped.  Todd says he kidnapped Blair and Dani, arrest him for that. John there's nothing I can do about that.  They take the cuffs off Ross. Ross to Dani, come on I'm going to take you home.

All My Children Recap Wed, Sept 15, 2010

Krystal talking about David. Narration style while showing other people doing stuff. I hate this narration stuff STOP IT!

Angie learning to use cane.

Davids funeral is today.

No one grieving his loss. Okay here's a thought, David poisoned himself. Haha Jesse just had that thought too. Liza's hair is kinda all over today. She's still trying to nail Ryan. Liza tells Jesse to investigate everyone at party. Jesse, where were you doing the party? Liza turns it on him, what were you doing at the party?

Ryan's reading in the newspaper that David was poisoned. Madison isn't showing any signs of guilt. Madison is implying to Ryan that Greenlee might have poisoned David.

Greenlee goes to talk to Kendall, she tells her to leave. Greenlee says its about Ryan. Kendall says he's no longer a suspect. Greenlee, maybe he is. Kendall still mad at Greenlee doesn't want to see her crocodile tears, tell her to leave. Kendall feeling no love or pity for Greens today.

JR talking to Tad tells him its his fault AJ ran away. Of course Tad tells him it wasn't his fault. They start talking about Dixie and David.

Jake, How will we miss David let me count the ways. I got nothing, nothing. LOL Love Jake

Ryan finds the note Greenlee left. Madison thinks its odd Greenlee just lets herself in and out. Suggests Ryan, her and the kids go on vacation. Jake calls Ryan to see if he wants to come down and toast Davids demise. Ryan turns him down. Tells Madison he still has an uneasy feeling about all this, he wishes he could remember. Madison, you didn't poison David. Ryan, yeah, but maybe I saw who did.

Everyone gathering at Krystals restaurant. Jake's throwing a party. Tad says looks like everyones here lets break out the drinks and toast to the man that made our life a living hell.

Greenlee, Marissa and Krystal are having a closed funeral. Greenlee said David is with Leo, Babe, and Leora now the family that he loved. Maybe he will find the happiness there, that he never found here.

Jesse arrives at party, Liza followed him. She's getting annoying. Says to Jesse, lookie here all his enemies in one room, you gonna celebrate or do your job?

Opal, it isn't right to speak ill of the dead, but maybe in Hayward's case we can make an exception. hehe Everyone is remembering the nasty thing David did to them.

Marissa asks Greenlee if she knows who poisoned her father? Krystal, Liza and Jesse won't stop until they find who did it. Tells Marissa, come on you'll feel better if you eat. You know they are going to walk in on that wake. They walk off, leave Greenlee standing there. David's ghost shows up and says but its not over yet is it? Your afraid Ryan went to my room and poured poison down my throat. Did he do it or did he not, that is the question. Is it possible you shining white knight committed cold blooded premeditated murder? GreenLee has the vial in her purse. What is she nuts carrying that around?

Boy Liza is putting a damper on Jake's party. Tad, David took out more people in this town than all the tornado's combined. He wasn't a martyr, Liza he was lethal. Marissa comes in the door. JR, Pine Valley's a lot better off with out him. Frankie, I say we let him rot, he made my families life a living hell. Everyone continues on. Marissa yells stop it. Krystal wants to know whats going on. Marissa just lowered her father in the ground show some respect. Everyone starts apologizing to Marissa. Marissa leaves. Everyone feels like a heal now. Angie wants to say a prayer for David.

Greenlee arrives at Ryan's says she didn't mean to interupt. Madison, yeah, you said that last time. Greenlee well at least this time you have your clothes on. Ryan, What's going on. Greenlee, I'm really sorry but I need to talk to you. Ryan, can you call me later. Greenlee, it's about who poisoned David. Madison, I'm gonna go for a walk. Ryan, whatever she's gotta say she can say it in front of you. Greenlee,  I prefer to say it in private. In walks Emma, Ryan, your supposed to be a play date. Emma I wanted to make sure you were still here. Ryan assures her he will be there it was all just a mistake. Madison takes Emma to get a cookie. Greenlee, tells Ryan it can wait to have a cookie with Emma and Madison. Greenlee leaves pulls the vial out again puts it back in purse. Well Greenlee's been carrying that vial around got her fingerprints all over it now.

I'm still thinking Madison killed David. I couldn't figure out where she could get the digitalis from, but then I remembered, she lived with Frankie for a while, she could have stole it from him or she could have stole it from the hospital when Ryan was sick. As to motive? She probably has less real motive than anyone else in town, but she did bring up David trying to make her sleep with Ryan, that's real torture now isn't it. Maybe she blames David for Ryan's head injury even though that really wasn't Davids fault. I'm thinking the show will use her as a scape goat so they can put Ryan and Greenlee back together again.

There are plenty of other suspects but right now I'm leaning towards Madison.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Young & Restless Recap, Wed Sept 15, 2010

Victoria getting ready for Chance's funeral, gets a call from Vance telling her charges are dropped.

Nikki talks to Victor. He tells her he had the charges dropped. Nikki, Why did you put the blame on Victoria? Victor, Cause I wanted her to learn never to trust a man like Billy Abbott. Nikki, the only lesson she learned was not to never trust her father again.

Jack trying to convince Abby to continue with suit. Jack tells Abby he doesn't want to see her jumping through hoops like Victors other children. Abby, I won't go up against him, he's ruthless. Jack, your going to regret this when he has control of your life again. Abby, you know what, maybe now that he is on the out's with Victoria, kissing up to him will work. I can't do it your way.

Tucker, Sofia, & Neil at Gloworm  Sofia wrote a proposal about ethanol, Neil picks it apart. Malcolm walks up. Tucker says Sofia thinks out of the box, she is a risk taker and Neil has one of the finest business minds he's ever encountered. He needs the two of them to work together, has a project coming up in Miami and he wants them both on it. Tells them to play nice and leaves. Prediction Neil is going to fall in love with Sofia and steal his brothers girl, this is going to be good. Malcolm and Neil start going around, same ole stuff. Sofia pulls Malcolm over to the bar and says this is my fight, let me handle it my way.  Sofia and Neil back at table, Sofia says she won't take his criticisms personally, and in return I'd like a heads up before you eviscerate my work. Neil, I won't pull any punches. Sofia, I don't expect you to, but if you give me a chance maybe we can come up with a solution before I present to Tucker, that we both agree on. Neil who knows maybe we'll end up being friends. Sofia, yeah, I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

Chloe at Kevin's. He's unplugged the TV said she's watched it for two days. He's going to fix her a healthy breakfast & ordered her to the shower.

Jill tells Nina the DA is crazy if he thinks Chance did anything illegal, you raised an extraordinary son, I wish I had been half the mother you were when my boys were young. Wow another moment of kindness out of Jill, she's on a roll.

Meggie brings Nikki an iced tea. Victor found out the trust fund is frozen and he can't touch it. Nikki, asks if he has heard from Victoria. Victor, not yet I'm sure I will when she hears the news. Nikki, I'm not so sure about that. Victor and Nikki leave, Megge comes in the room and picks up the class of tea that Nikki had a sip of and says what a waste, pulls a mini bottle out of her pocket and says, oh well, baby steps.  I want to know why she's doing this, I think there's more to it than she wants Victor.

People arriving at Chancellors. Vicky and Billy arrive, Billy's holding Dehlia who is fussing. Kevin and  Chloe arrive, Chloe takes Dehlia away from Billy, she waves her finger at the two of them and says this was a horrible idea. Chloe takes the baby upstairs, comes back down. Billy wants to know whats the problem here? Chloe, Victoria can't replace Chance. It's too confusing for Dehlia for her to step in and start playing step mommy. Billy, Victoria is her step mom and she's just trying to be sweet. Victoria, I understand. Kevin pulls Chloe away, she says I'm not apologizing. Kevin, I know you just need a time out. Your a little overwhelmed, you don't handle change that well, just give it a little time and it will be okay. Chloe, I hate when people always say that crap. Its never going to be okay again. It's not going to be okay.

People are telling Chance stories. Murphy says he will be buried at Arlington. Catherine thinks he should be buried in family cemetery.

Victor and Nikki arrive at Catherine's. Victor asks Vicky if she has heard what he has done for her. Vicky, yep I heard. Victor, You don't seem very grateful. Vicky, It doesn't erase what you did at my wedding, it was my wedding day, I'm not going to forgive you for that. Victoria walks away, Nikki walks up. Victor, I'm afraid my daughter isn't in a very forgiving mood. In walks Abby. Victor, I'm surprised to see you here. Abby, I came to show my respect to your friend Catherine. There's something you should know, I'm dropping the lawsuit.

Tucker arrives. Catherine tells him she's glad he's there. Esther comes in with wine for everyone. Nikki eyeballing it like she wants to attack it. Abby tells Victor she wants to work things out without the lawyers. Victor says you becoming the girl I wanted you to be. Jack in background making faces.

Jack tells Tucker, it appears we lost Abby. Tucker, yeah I picked up on that. You know Jack your co CEO of Jabot for one reason, Beauty of Nature, you promised you would deliver to me. Jack, and I will. Tucker, You talk a good game Jack. Excuse me.

Tucker goes to Victor tells him I heard you turned yourself into the feds rather than take my offer. Now your gonna pay that big fat fine. Victor, wheels always turning ole boy. I'm still in control ole boy don't forget it.

Nikki talks to Catherine about the stuff going on. Catherine asks her if she's thinking about drinking, she says of course not. Meanwhile back at the ranch. Meggie is unloading mini bottles.

Victor tells Catherine to be careful of Tucker to watch him carefully.

Tucker making friends with Abby. Tucker tells her don't give up on the Naked Heiress.

Billy is worried about Chloe latching onto somebody that is bad for her.

Esther asks Chloe to move back, Chloe yells at her. I don't want to live here, I don't want your damn appetizers, why don't you just get the hell off my back and walks out.

Jill tells Jack she used to work with Tucker, she wouldn't get to invested in Jabot if she was him.

Victor, tells Jack Abby dropped her lawsuit, in other words your attempt to get at me has failed again. Jack, after what you did to Colleen, I would never use Abby to get to you. Although I'm sure your paranoia would never allow you to believe that. Victor, maybe next time you'll listen when I tell you to watch your step. Don't ever interfere with my family they will always come back to me. Jack, After what you put Victoria through, I don't see that happening anytime soon. Nikki comes up, says her headache is getting worse, she wants to go home.

Tucker congratulates Vicky and Billy, says he's sorry she had to spend her wedding night in the pokey. Victoria, yeah, no thanks to you. Tucker, just doing business, have you thought about whats next for you? Offers her a job at Jabot.

Jill makes a really nice toast to Chance. Catherine gets dizzy almost falls in the floor.

Kevin and Chloe get back to apartment. Chloe, I just wish my mom would quit picking at me. Kevin, you should just admit whats bothering you. Chance is gone, forever, you need to grieve. Chloe, will you please just get out of my face. Kevin, wow look how mad you are. Chloe, I'm not angry. Kevin, why not you should be furious at Chance for cheating on you and Heather for seducing him, and yourself for sleeping with Ronan. Chloe, back off. Kevin, and you never even had a chance for closure because Chance was gone, and you seen his body all bloody that's gotta be haunting. Chloe, shut up, shut up, shut up. Kevin that's it Chloe cry, scream, punch a pillow, do something, punch me cause if you don't your going to exploded. Chloe, Are you happy now, are you happy. Thank you Dr. Freud. Now go to hell. Exits room.

Nikki tells Victor Abby is playing him. Victor I don't want to discuss that now. He leaves room. Nikki, no of course you don't. Nikki eyeballing the bottle of booze, pours a drink and then pours it back into bottle. Meggie in back ground watching. Meggie comes in offers to get her something. Nikki asks for iced tea.

General Hospital Recap Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Johnny and Sonny still in station trying to work out an agreement. Johnny tells Claire he wants to amend his statement. Johnny leaves, Sonny's free asks Claire to dinner at his house. Clair goes to dinner. Sonny asks her if she's wearing a wire. LOL Claire eats and says she's leaving. Tells Sonny she's no longer in a position to prosecute him anymore, so there's no reason for him to try and seduce her. Oh GEEZ, she said the same thing before then was going to prosecute him for shooting Johnny. She wanted his baby now what she doesn't? She's making my head spin.  Sonny says he can think of one. He kisses her says he wants to see where they can take this. She thanks him and leaves.
Suzanne is calling Jason about Brenda. Who is this Suzanne? Is she more than an assistant? like a relative or something? Jason's going to rescue Brenda. Spinelli is calling Brenda "The Divine One" he wants to go with Jason. Sam's outside Jason's door, hears Spinelli going on about Jason rescuing Brenda and rekindling their love, trying to talk his way into going.  She says she understands Spinelli lives in a fantasy world most of the time.

Brenda is going to be on the cover of Crimson. Carly ain't happy, she thinks Jax putting Brenda on the cover is like running after her. Jax is rethinking the cover. Kate wants Brenda on the cover. Kate thinks Jax should go for it with Brenda.  Carly says Sonny, Jax and Jason all belong to her in different ways, and she will not be sharing. LOL Wouldn't want her on my bad side. 

Kate is visiting Coleman. Patrick came in, and there's Lisa, never far behind. Robin comes in and has fight with Patrick. I think Lisa is buying it. Steve comes in Robin wants his help. Robin wants Steve to play along, Steve doesn't think its a good idea. Lisa thinks Robin is trying to make Patrick jealous and that things are working out for the best.

Brenda's breaking up with Murphy.

Dante comes home brings Lulu flowers. Dante tells Lulu Sonny and Johnny worked out a deal and there will be peace in the kingdom. I doubt that.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Want A Soap Where ....

A couple stays married forever.

Soaps used to do this. You know Joe and Ruth on All My Children, Tom and Alice on Days of Our Lives, I think Edward and Lila on General Hospital. There have been a few couples over the years that have lasted. Didn't you dream as a little girl or boy to grow up and be married to the same person forever? 

The only couple I can think of that is left are Joe and Ruth on All My Children, and except for special occasions they are retired to Florida and aren't on the show anymore. 

I want my soaps to start developing a couple now, to fall in love either at first sight or hate each other first then fall in love, I don't care how they work it out I just want them to fall in love, get married and stay married forever. Gay, straight I don't care I just want a couple that stays married.

I mean the couple can still have bumps in the road, but I want them to work it out. I want that dream. For those of you that say it doesn't happen in the real world, all the more reason to have it in a soap, maybe if people have an example to follow they would work harder to stay together in real life. If people are having a rough real life, they can watch a happy couple and have hope.

Soaps aren't real! I love them, don't get me wrong. I love that there is a new episode every day and very seldom a rerun. BUT, soaps have writers, that get paid to be imaginative. So imagine that there is a couple that can work anything out and make it happen. Have the big family holiday dinners where everyone comes together and has a good day, no matter what else has happened the rest of the week.

Take All My Children for example, where's the anchor family of the show? I mean it's called All My Children. The Chandlers are spread out everywhere. Haley and Mateo are gone. You could bring them back, but I'm guessing Kelly and Mark aren't available, and its hard to imagine someone else playing them. The Cortlandt' s are all gone except Caleb. Every time the Kane women get together for a family meal its pretty much guaranteed a disaster and none of them have stay married, except Bianca whose now separated.

There's a possibility with the Hubbard family. They could have Angie & Jessie grow old together, be the anchor family. They have both been married to other people, but I could forgive that, since they have always remained in love, and their separation was beyond their control. (Well kind of) The family has a long history on the show. They have a family going now that would make for some nice family dinners. They have Frankie and Randi who could also be a couple to stay married forever, have some babies. Need to feel a little more love there, but it could work. Get Natalia married with some babies, got the new baby on the way.  They have laid some good ground work, and you have Jessie and Angie to help them through the rough patches, like when Frankie had his hand surgery and Angie gave Randi guidance. The more I think about it, the more I think the Hubbard's are a good candidate's for the long time couple and anchor family.

I think my other soaps are going to have to start from scratch. So come on my soap writers earn your keep get imaginative!