Thursday, January 26, 2012

Private Practice Recap January 12, 2012

"The Standing Eight Count"

The show starts off with Addison Montgomery telling Jake Reilly her and Sam Bennett broke up. Addison says she lost Sam and her baby in the same day. Jake suggests surrogacy as an option. Amelia Sheppard thinks this is a good idea because Addison can get her baby and someone else's boobs take the hit.

Amelia still misses Ryan but she is sober.

Cooper Freedman and Mason were up all night watching the Pokemon movie. Charlotte got Mason up, fed him breakfast and quizzed him on his spelling bee this week on the way into the office. He is off of school today. Well look at Charlotte, who knew? Charlotte tells Cooper not to get used to it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time Bandit Gear Now On Amazon! - Deadliest Catch

You can now get some of the Time Bandit gear and books on Amazon. Go to Amazon and search Time Bandit or I searched Time Bandit Hillstrand to narrow the search down some.

They have the Time Bandit book in hardcover for $10.00. When I looked there were still 17 left at Amazon. So if you haven't read their book yet, this is a great chance to get it. There are some other places that have the book on there for even less. And yes there is a Kindle or reader version.