Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis Died

How sad. Tony Curtis has died at the age of 85. Tony evidently died of a heart attack at home on Wednesday.

I was just watching Jamie Lee on The Nate Berkus Show. Best wishes to all his family.

I Wish the Government Would Stop Trying To Help!

They just keep making things worse with all their helping.

I really wish the government would keep their hands out of my pockets! They have enough of my money, they don't know how to spend it and now they want control over how I spend what little they leave me.

Last year I moved my Forex account to Europe because of the new rules imposed by the US such as no hedging, and FIFO (First in First Out) rules.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ahmadinejad Interview With Larry King - My Take

This guy is just creepy, weird, psycho. It's very scary he is President of anything.

He claims the US has over sanctioned Iran, that they have been under sanction for more than thirty years. He says they have been under sanctions for so long it doesn't matter anymore. They've become a stronger country because of the sanctions. Okay, he probably has a point about that. But if the sanctions don't matter why would he care if they are over sanctioned.

One Life To Live Recap, Fri Sept 24, 2010

Darren is at drivers ed class. I think the drivers ed teacher is either a robot or seriously stoned on something. Weird guy. He even talks like a robot. Destiny finally arrives, takes the car for a ride with Darren and the teacher. Come back to car speeding around the corner, brakes squealing and slides into parking lot perfectly. Destiny, did I drive the hell out of that course or what? The teacher looks like he wet his pants, Darren opens the door and throws up. ROFL Destiny is a future Nascar driver.  Destiny says it wasn't my fault. Those cones were way to close together. Teacher, if one of those cones were a person crossing the street. Destiny, but it wasn't so I didn't hit anyone. Teacher, not at that point but a few minutes later it was a different story. Destiny, what was that lady doing out on the course anyway. Darren, minding her own business. Destiny, whose side are you on? Teacher, its clear you are going to need some supplementary instruction, before and after school. Destiny rolls her eyes. Teacher, I'll see if there is another instructor. Destiny, geez I wasn't that bad was I? Darren, your an awesome driver, just a little distracted maybe. Destiny, I couldn't stop thinking about Greg, he's hiding something. Darren, what? Destiny, I don't know but I'm pretty sure its in a clinic over in Cherrydale.

All My Children Recap, Fri Sept 24, 2010

Angie is heading to an OB appointment. Frankie and Jesse there. Frankie wishes there is more that he could do for Angie. Jesse says try to lift a hand to help her, you just might pull back a nub. Angie, I heard that.

Natalia asks Randi if she's going to have a niece or nephew before long. Randi tells her no. Natalia tells Randi she thinks Madison and Frankie spend too much time together. Randi, Madison is crazy about Ryan, and I love my husband. Randi leaves. Brot, I can't believe you just did that. Why don't you just pin a target on Frankie's ass and give Randi your weapon. hehe

Young & Restless Recap, Friday Sept 24, 2010

Skye goes to Billy and wants him to put her on the cover. LOL Skye thinks she's a female Warren Buffet. She wants to be on the cover alone. Billy, will it piss Adam off. Skye, might. Billy, bonus for me.  Victoria comes in. Billy tells her about Skye. Victoria says now that we are married I thought you were going to cut the crap. Why don't you just rename the magazine Newman Style and not report on anything else. You do know that now that we are married you are attacking your own relatives. She is exploiting our name for her own gain. You are giving them free publicity, what will my dad think? Billy, I don't care what Victor thinks, I can't think about that, he's going to think what he thinks. Victoria, you should care. You know how he feels about Adam and if he thinks your helping him he's going to come down that much harder on us. Billy, wow! you sound like the old Victoria, daddy, daddy, daddy. What's daddy going to think? I thought you were going to take control of your life. Victoria, you are so right. The same knee jerk reaction. Victoria, I just have one question though. Did you just say that Skye was beautiful? Billy, no. Victoria, I think you did.

General Hospital Recap, Thur Sept 23, 2010

Diane and Max. Max thinks Diane should keep quite about something. Diane thinks if Sonny breaks Claire's heart she will go after him. Sonny comes in. Diane tells Sonny Claire Walsh is the least of his worries and hands him an envelope. Sonny opens it and starts laughing. Diane, your since of humor mystifies me. Sonny, look at Jason's face. He looks like he's being tortured, and then Brenda of course is loving every minute of it. Brenda is a target right now. Jason probably went to protect her. Diane, now would be a good time to remind you of the age old tradition of falling in love with ones bodyguard. Sonny, Brenda is not falling in love with Jason. What concerns me is that she called Jason as a last resort, so something is probably not good. Diane, if you are tempted to join the rescue party Claire will think you just slept just slept with her to get the charges dropped, and that hell has no fury etc. etc. She tanked her career for you. What better way to revive it than sending you to prison. Sonny, Claire and I have an understanding, we've made no promises. Diane, fine ignore my advice yet again, when Claire comes after you even I won't be able to save you.