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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 8 Recap

"The Aftermath"

Sorry I'm running behind. I've been without power and internet most of the day due to a nice little thunderstorm.

We start off with clips of Captain Scott, Jr and the Seabrooke twisting in the waves with his one engine. I think he stayed out a little longer than he should have too. 

Captain Scott is still in the Serichef Strait trying to get to cover at St. Matthews Island. After five hours he finally makes it to St. Matthews. Captain Scott, Jr says he thinks that's probably the most nervous he's ever been.

Captain Sig Hansen on the Northwestern is still battling the storm. Matt Bradley wants to go where he can wear sun glasses and a t-shirt. LOL I'll bet he does. Captain Sig is finishing up Kings and trying to prepare the gear for Opies. Most Captains do this at the dock, but not Captain Sig. He is watching the weather and trying to get the guys to hurry. Of course they are gripping about it. Captain Sig says they are doing many jobs down there and when things get hay wire that's when things go wrong. Jake Anderson says last day man, this is when you get hurt. Then a pot comes flying off the launcher just missing I think Matt. Jake Anderson was hurrying and didn't secure the pot correctly.

The Northwestern caught 151,000 pounds of Red King Crab valued at $1.6 million dollars, each deckhand share, $48,000.

Captain Scott is looking for his legendary status, Elliott is just trying to keep his job, Capt Wild Bill is trying to get his new crew working like he wants.

Captain Keith hasn't had an easy day all season.  He is getting ready to pull the string they set in Chris's honor. Then Captain Keith gets a call from Chris who says he is going through a lot of tests. They can't figure out what happened to him. Chris doesn't remember any of it. He thanks Captain Keith for giving him the opportunity and Captain Keith tells him he is proud of him.

Captain Keith goes down and tells the crew he has heard from Chris Scambler. He doesn't want to say he is doing great but he is doing better than he was. He is being Medevaced to Providence in Anchorage for further testing.

They start pulling pots the first one is half full. Captain Keith looks like he could cry. The string is good.

On the Kodiak they are also on the crab pulling up some nice pots. Then one of their pots comes loose from the launcher, just missing Jason Rainwater's arm. I think someone needs to rig the launchers with a safety mechanism so when the dogs aren't engaged it won't tilt or shake. Someone get on that please. Edgar, Neal? One of the engineers should be able to fix that. How about it? Can't you invent or rig that?

Elliott Neese is still looking for crab, with the threat of the owner to send up another boat if he doesn't pull 6,000 pounds a day. He pulls up a pot with one crab, then three. I don't think he's going to make it at this rate. He just sits and shakes his head. For five hours they pull next to nothing. He's thinking about pulling up his gear and moving. He calls Captain Scott. That's some nerve to pull up next to him, steal his crab and then ask him for help. Seriously? Captain Scott tells him to sit tight and let the crab settle down from the storm. Of course Elliott doesn't listen and pulls all his gear and moves to Hall Island.

Captain Scott is pulling really low pots, but he is resetting, even though they don't normally set back on blanks. He thinks the crab will start feeding again once they settle down from the storm. Plus there is the whole moving thing with one engine. If they come up blank again then he will have to rethink his plan.

The Kodiak is pulling their last string. Captain Bill tells Zack Larson he's on the hook. Captain Bill wants Zack to be good at throwing the hook and to be the go to guy. Zack throws and misses. Captain Bill tells him to take his hood off and quit throwing like a girl. Zack throws and misses again. Captain Bill says he will put up with the stress for the good numbers. Zack has had more misses on this string than he has all season. He can't wait to get off the boat. Captain Bill isn't too happy either.

On the Time Bandit. They are pulling loaded pots, they are almost done. Captain Andy is playing with a yo-yo. Captain John calls the crew to the wheel house and tells them they get to be Captain. He sets up a contest. Each crew member will set a 5 pot string. The wager $1000 each. Whoever pulls up the most crab from their string will win $5000. Captain Andy will be the official judge.

Scotty Hillstrand sets his first. Then Travis Loftland, Eddie Uwekoolani, Mike Fortner, and Josh Harris. Josh says this is the first string of King crabs he has set. He opens the window and smells for crab farts and looks for bubbles. This is his spot he smells crab farts. LOL He wants to be like Andy, John and his dad. Be victorious. Captain Johnathan says I miss your dad. Josh says me too, me too.

The Ramblin' Rose is setting at Hall Island, Captain Scott is holding his ground. He says he has to be patient and let the crab come back to the gear.

The Kodiak is back in Dutch unloading her 126,000 pound haul. 1.3 million dollar catch. Each crewman will pocket $20,000. The crew is prepping the pots for Opies. Captain Bill is watching them and notices they didn't put 3 shots in the pots. He says something Zack and says they did the same thing last year he should know better. Zack says we haven't left for Opies yet. Captain Bill is pissed again. He says they lost 2 out of ten cod pots right off the bat last year. He's done everything he can to turn this kid into a man.

Later that night he meets with Zack. Zack doesn't think it's the end of the world because they haven't started fishing yet. Captain Bill doesn't understand the mediocrity of this crew.  Captain Bill wants it all fixed before they leave the dock. Then Captain Bill brings up when he tried to show Zack how to throw the hook and Zack basically told him to stick it. Bill says if it happens one more time they are going to have some major problems.

On the Wizard they are setting gear and Brady Quinn is running behind on bait. Captain Keith thinks he might be shell shocked after seeing Chris pulled off the boat. Brady says he's sick of getting bitched at by everybody. He's taking his time and not keeping up. Captain Keith goes down to talk to him. Brady says he's trying to run around and do everything. Captain Keith informed him he wasn't running around anywhere, he was wondering around in a comatose daze, like a zombie. Captain Keith tells him he will walk out of there with $10,000 in his pocket in four days if he can get the job done. Captain Keith tells him the guys will be patting him on the back. Brady goes back on deck.

The Ramblin'  Rose is now pulling pots at Hall Island. Elliott says he'll be more than happy if they pull more than 12 a pot. The first pot comes up one crab. The next pot looks empty. Now Elliott is throwing a clip board or something in the wheel house. The next pot comes up empty as well.

Kado is not happy. He threw the  hook and missed. Elliott started giving him a hard time and told Carper to throw the hook. Tim says if he wants to start talking sh-t about that we'll have to start talking about not catching crab.

On the Time Bandit it's Travis's birthday. Captain Johnathan says he is going to go give him his present and you guys come around the back and get him. The guys have red solo cups. Mike Fortner has eggs in his, Captain Andy has cake mix in his. Mike says there is water outside so they are good to go. Travis opens his present. It's an airplane. The guys sneak up behind him and dump the cake mix and eggs on his head. Poor Travis. LOL 

Captain Scott needs 25,000 pounds more. There is a green horn on deck, Mahlon Reyes talking about he just wants a chunk of money to take home and right now they aren't seeing it. Mac White says we are ready for battle right now! I love Mac! They pull up a pot with 14 crab. The pots are looking good. Bob Perky bows to Captain Scott. Mike Rowe says Junior called the Bering Sea's bluff. Scott is happy. In nine hours they stuffed the tanks.

The Seabrooke hauled in 280,500 pounds of crab worth 2.1 million dollars. Each deckhand will get $50,000. WOW I didn't think we would ever see someone pull up that many Blue King Crab. I hope Junior didn't tell Elliott where the crab are.

The Wizard is finishing up with the Red King Crab. They are chaining down the pots and heading for Dutch.  Brady is missing. He has walked off deck. Captain Keith tells him to go back out. Brady says he was just standing there. Captain Keith tells him he tired of his attitude, he needs to find a way to control it. This isn't video games on moms couch anymore. Back in the wheelhouse Captain Keith says I don't think he respects his fellow crew men, I don't think he respects me and I know unequivocally he has no respect for the Bering Sea. I call that three strikes.

On the Time Bandit. Time to pull the contest strings. Each of the guys are driving as they set and pulled their strings. Scott had 57, Travis 38, Eddie 64, Mike has 64 also. It's a tie. Josh pulls his string, a rainbow appears. He has crab in the pots. Josh wins the bet. He's screaming domination over the hailer. Plus that finishes off the quota of 92,000 pounds worth $828,000. Each deckhand gets $42,000.

Josh goes back on deck bragging just a little too much. The boys direct him back to his bait bin. LOL Scotty is calling him a cheater and telling him he had insider information when the rest of the guys grab Josh and duct tape him to a ladder. Johnathan says that's still not going to shut him up, so they promptly duct tape his mouth. Mike says he wants my signature really bad. He signs the duct tape across Josh's mouth. Captain Andy says that's how we roll. LOL You gotta love these guys! 

The Ramblin' Rose crew is eating. Elliott tells the crew don't worry it will get better. Kado says it can't get any worse. Elliott back in the wheelhouse says Kado has crossed the line, he is thinking about getting rid of him. Kado is in the galley saying Elliott is not a good leader. Elliott calls Kado up to the wheel house and asks him if he is sticking around. He says he is checking with everyone. Kado says he is not staying for Christmas. Kado asks if he is going to fire him. Elliott says he is thinking about rotating him out. Now Kado is mad, he leaves the wheelhouse talking about everything he has been through with this guy. Kado says if he is going to fire me over something like that, I'll go home.

Crab Count

Seabrooke 280,000
Wizard 176,100
Northwestern 151,000
Kodiak 126,000
Ramblin' Rose 103,400
Time Bandit 92,100

The Wizard pulls back into Dutch. Captain Keith says Brady has the hit the dock and hit the road look. Captain Keith says don't let him leave he has some paperwork to do. Captain Keith goes to look for the greenhorn who is packing and asks him what he is doing. He says he is going to the airport. Captain Keith tells him given the way you are leaving I'm not giving you a ride to the airport. He isn't even staying to help offload. Freddie says we go through greenhorns like butter, he makes me sick to my stomach. Captain Keith says over the loud speaker on his way off lets give him a round of applause. You guys have seen the first ever come in go out do nothing guy. Lenny says the guy is a loser. Captain Keith says god help me that is not what this generation is all about. The Wizard had 1.4 million dollars worth of crab. $47,000 for each deckhand. They still have 50,000 pounds of blue crab to get now and they are down 2 greenhorns.

Elliott is still fishing, talking about going back on deck to work. He says its about the same amount of money with a lot less headache.

The Time Bandit is approaching it's home port in Homer Alaska. Mike Rowe says it's the first time in four years. I don't think that is right though, at least not according to the marine map. They pay respect to their dad. Andy says they haven't had the boat home in about three years. I could swear they were in Homer last year according to the marine traffic map. 

The Northwestern guys are back in Dutch and ready to head home.

The Seabrooke arrives safely back in port. Saying 200,000 pounds is more than anyone has ever caught up there and next year he is going to catch even more.

The Time Bandit is met by Momma Joan and Andy's daughter. Captain Johnathan asks how grandma is doing? Momma Joan says she is waiting for you. Grandma Jo is my hero.

The preview clips show someone stepping on the side of the Time Bandit to jump onto the dock. Their foot slips and they fall between the dock and the boat. It looks like they just miss one of those big metal thingys they tie the boat up too. It's hard to tell who it is that falls in, their face is half covered. I'm thinking maybe Josh. In a previous preview they showed Mike and I think Johnathan in the wheelhouse screaming man over board so I don't think it was one of them. The guys have done a good job of keeping whoever fell overboard a secret that's for sure. There is someone hanging off the side of a boat, someone else appears to have lost a finger tip and Captain Andy is screaming get everybody up here, there's ice everywhere.

Finally a song! "Troubled Sea"  Performed by Marc Clayton and the Lazy Suns, written by Marc Clayton and Perry Margouleff.

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  1. Thanks again! 2 weeks and then we will see in this episode, I can not wait to see this episode :)

  2. LOL So this is like a teaser for you huh?

    I can't wait to see the Opies season. It looks and has sounded like it was really evil.


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