Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grey's Anatomy September 29, 2011 Recap

"Take the Lead"

I wonder if Christina went through with the abortion?

The show starts out with Chief Webber saying the 5th year residents today start rotating in as lead surgeons. Mark Sloan, we've got a lot of standing around to do today. Callie, We've alerted the morgue. Chief Webber only help when you absolutely have to. Bailey, before you help them swim let them sink a little.

The Chief then resigns in the morning staff meeting, and tells the doctors Owen Hunt is the new Chief of Surgery.  Everyone wants to know what happened. Derrick asks if it was the board that forced him to resign? Teddy says yea for Owen. Bailey sits silent not looking too happy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

All My Childrens Last Episode On ABC

What a bag of mixed emotions.

After tears all week, watching all the great flashbacks and the reality that the show is really ending, ABC ends the show stealing lines from other shows. I mean come on! They didn't even rate their own original lines after forty years. That's just so sad.