Friday, September 17, 2010

Young & Restless Recap Thurs Sept 16, 2010

New day. People still mourning Chance. Brock has arrived. Catherine is up and about.

JT just found out Victoria's pregnant. He walked up on Billy and Victoria talking. Making cracks about being pregnant in jail, Victoria tells him charges were dropped.

Victor got a fine for the bribe. Geez, How come they didn't haul him off to jail? Victor's upset cause Victoria is showing no gratitude. Can you blame her? Victor tells Micheal and Nikki Abby dropped the lawsuit.

Abby tells Ashley she dropped the suit. Jack and Neil there at coffee shop. 

Nina questions Paul why he didn't tell her about Ronan. Paul tells her he didn't know Ronan was her son. Nina, you knew he was FBI. Maybe if I knew I could have done something. I just wish I could have stopped him, how could Ronan do it, pull the trigger knowing Chance was his brother. Is that just the way he is or did he do it because he thinks I abandoned him? 

Chris goes to visit Ronan. Chris, I agreed to let you handle things your way and because of that, your brothers funeral is today and now we both have to live with that. Ronan, I need to make this right. Chris, I don't see how that's possible. Nina trusted me with her son, when she thought she was going to die. I made promises to Nina and Chance. Now my best friend hates me.

Sid, Owen and three other cops at the coffee shop. Sid, more Detective Chancellor. Cop, yeah, what a shame. That's the same cop that was mouthing off in front of Nina the other day. What a jerk! Owen, burying one of our problems in the ground, the other one in jail. Good work gentlemen and ladies. They all clink their coffee cups together. What a rotten bunch!

Sgt Goldman shows up to escort the family to church. Nina is breaking my heart.

Everyone at church. Micheal arrives, gives Jill a kiss on the cheek, tells her Lauren sends her condolences. Jill, It was so nice of her to show up in person. Micheal, She's out of the country visiting Scotty. Jill, Chance was only my grandson, I can see how that wouldn't even rate a call from my own sister.

Heather shows up Chloe is letting her have it. Catherine tells both of them to shut their mouths. LOL Flag covered coffin is brought in by six soldiers.

Everyone tells stories about how wonderful Chance was. Catherine, grief is the price we pay for love. How true is that! Gun shots, taps. There go the tears again.

Chris comes in the church. Nina turns around. No, NO! not today. Philip, just ignore here. Ronan comes in behind Chris. Everyone standing and turning around. Owen & Sid are looking pretty shocked to see Ronan there.  Chloe, Why isn't he in jail? Owen, that's what I would like to know. Ronan, I was released. Owen, on whose authority? Chris, Mine. Ronan, pulling badge out of pocket, I'm FBI, and your all under arrest. Ronan to Owen, see I wasn't wearing a wire, but Chance was and we had you dead to rights you son of  a bitch. Heather, I can't believe this, Owen, I trusted him. Nina, how could you do this? how could you turn my son's funeral into a freak show? Philip, how could you do this to Nina? Chris, I need to talk to you. Nina, I'm not going to listen. Chris, This is what Chance wanted. Nina, SHUT UP! I don't want to hear it. Chance is dead and Ronan killed him, and I don't know how you can do this at my son's funeral.  Chris keeps saying I need to talk to you, Nina is screaming GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT  Philip and Paul are holding her back from attacking Chris. Ronan, Lets go.

Back at Chancellors, Nikki says to Victoria, I think that you could at least acknowledge your fathers gesture. Victoria, Oh, the thank you for ruining my wedding and having me arrested and thrown in jail? That gesture?  Nikki, he did admit his culpability. Victoria, that's very big of him since it was his deal and I went to Japan to save his butt, and he acknowledges that by turning me into the authorities, so excuse me if I am not as slick at breaking the law as my father is. Nikki, shhh, keep your voice down. Jack walks up, problems? Both Vicki and Nikki at same time. No Jack. LOL  Nicki walks away. Jack, bet I can guess. Vicki, I'll bet you can too. (Victoria snickering). Jack, pretty good timing on Tuckers part offering you the job at Jabot last night. I'll bet we both know how your fathers going to react. Victoria, yeah, it would send my father into orbit. Jack, you gonna take the job? Victoria, I don't know, haven't decided yet.

Victor to Victoria, I'd like to talk to you. Victoria, sorry can't, I gotta go.

Tucker asking Catherine how she is. She is telling him she wish everyone would quit asking her that. She starts babbling and collapses.

Well that was a three tissue episode. Great job cast!

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