Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Is Going On With Matt Bradley and Angela Shook?

Earlier this week I saw Angela Shook had friended Matt Bradley again on Facebook. I must confess, I got excited thinking they were working things out. I know he has been working her on Facebook. He must be getting through.

Then there is the part of me that hate's a man that cheat's. I'm so conflicted. I think these two really love each other, but Matt is an addict and screwed up big time. How much is Angela supposed to take? She is an ex-addict too, she can't be living with that and have it in the house around the kids.

She has herself and her kids to think about. I can't even begin to imagine how hard all of this is for her and the kids.

Wednesday Matt posted this "it was a Honor too no you rest in peace you raised a a veary fine son mike thanks 4 just always being ther fore me you are a great spouners thise realaps is at its end matt d bradley"

It appears as though his sponsor has died. But the last time Matt posted something like this with all the typos he was using again. And saying this relapse is at it's end, makes me think he is using again. I am scared for Matt Bradley. I do not want to see him on the dead celebrity list.

On Thursday he posted this "recovery is fore people who want it not fore who need other wise we all be in some kinda 12 step program over eaters too much sex exercise or drugs and alchahole or watever we can over indulge in ..... im just think b4 ya speak"

On Friday he posted "Feel the feare"

So Matt, Do you want it? You are really scaring me dude? I can only guess that all this is tearing Angela Shook up inside.

I think the best thing Matt Bradley can do is stay straight and prove to Angela he can do it. I really wish someone would take his phone and computer away, so he can't post this stuff if he is indeed using again, at the same time realizing he is a big boy and he is the one responsible for his actions. He will have to deal with it.

I want Matt Bradley to be healthy and well. I know me wanting it doesn't help him, but that's what I want. Thank goodness it looks like people are thinking before they speak on Facebook and are being very supportive of both Angela and Matt. I must say I really hope Matt gets better and they work this out.

I was just thinking the good thing about Angela being an ex-addict is she has the tools to know how to deal with this. I just want to give her and her girls a big hug. If I lived closer to them I would. Yes, Matt too after I slap him.

I feel like all the Deadliest Catch people are family. I want them all to be safe and happy. I hate this!

Big Brother After Dark is on in the back ground, Rachel Reilly's voice is seriously making me want to drink. I don't drink! Had to mute the TV.

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  1. Angela Shook has changed her status back to married. That is certainly looking promising.

    I really hope Matt is okay.

  2. i know enough of matt to know that hes ALWAYS got typos when typing by hand, hes not exactly the most excellent speller/typist or computer saavy, lol. when you don't see typos that's probably when he's talking posts into his phone :)

  3. Anonymous 07/19/11 8:46 pm

    I certainly hope that's all it is. Most of the time his typing is fine, so when it's not, I get worried about him. Especially when he is typing stuff like this relapse is almost over.

    This last week seems to be a lot better. It seems as though he and Angela are getting back together or at least getting on, so that's encouraging.

    I just want him to be okay and safe. :)

  4. Well, most ppl just don't care about two addicts enough to give it much thought; they have their own lives to be concerned with. I know, being an addict myself, that two months clean again is a start, sure, but it's really 'nothing' .. and he will be toxic, if nothing else, for a very long time. Toxic behavior is terrible stuff .. it's negative thinking, etc. Well, I do with them luck, but otherwise, I join the group that 'just doesn't really care' about 'overnight celebrities' just because they happen to be on a fishing boat and so they get to be on the show that is famous for being the greatest reality show out there today! But, Matt doesn't even interact on the show, so we don't really know a thing about him and he blends into the woodwork quite well; we only know what we read about him. Is he even likable? Is Angela even likable? She seems to be, but him ???? ... just saying!

  5. Anonymous 08/07/11 1:27 pm

    I have never been known for being like most people so....

    If I see someone hurting or in trouble I worry, and if I can help.

    You are definitely right about the toxic thing, I watch Dr. Drew also LOL. He always tells the patients wait a year before getting into a relationship.

    For a long time on the show I didn't like Matt Bradley because he was always fighting with Jake A. But over the years seeing him at some public events and finding out he and Jake Anderson are really friends. He has grown on me.

    I love the show and worry about most everyone on it.

    I hope you, Matt and Angela all stay clean and sober. :)

  6. Hello,
    That comment wasnt very nice.
    I think people forget that addiction is a incurable disease that is managable and can only be arrested through working a 12 step program. This is a day at a time deal. Matt and myself work very hard at our recovery and give back to NA.
    We both have been through a lot! Unfortunately it has been very public. Today we are grateful to be alive and as long as we stay clean, work our steps with our sponcers, go to na meeting the rest will work its self out. Today we have a better life than we ever thought possible. ♡
    Angela Bradley


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