Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap July 15, 2011

Hum, the show started an hour late tonight. That's odd.

I'll bet the people in the house are trying to figure out who voted for who tonight. I'm thinking it will lead to some fighting. It usually does.

I was kind of hoping a newbie would get HOH so they can get Brendon Villegas and Rachel Riley out.

Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd and Rachel Reilly are in the candy/popcorn room. Jeff, Dominic Briones is still running the circus over there. If we put up Dominic and Adam Poch next week that's two people out next week. What is he talking about two people out next week? If we put up Cassi, that's only one person because Shelly is already with us. If we get a 100% flip of Dominic, that's Daniele's job, I have no problem voting out Adam, because he just said he's against us 100%. Jordan, Adam came up to me and wanted to talk to me. I just told him just talk to me when I get up in my room. He's back tracking. Jeff, He told me straight out, I gotta make sure you got the right numbers. And then when you were outside. He was like I F'd up. He's like I gotta do what's good for me.

Jordan, Daniele said keep Dom I'm working on him. Jeff, Sticks his finger out and tells Rachel feel what I did during HOH. She pinches/feels his finger and he farts. Jordan, says Daniele said keep Dom, if they happen to win POV then just put up Shelly Moore and Cassie Colvin  and back door Cassie. Jeff, If it comes to questions this time Adams out. Jordan, Do you think she would be good at questions. They are talking about competitions with questions. Jeff, We could cut a deal with Cassi too, tell her people want you out of here and we're not going to put you up because we stick to our word. I know you are coming after me for a fact. That stuff is going to change now. If you want to work with us work with us. If you want to work against us. We told you that to get to the final ten. If you are going to F us, and not get there then you are going to go home. Jordan, Right. Jeff, We cannot go up next week. We get through that then we are all in jury. Rachel, Yeah but Cassi is coming after us. That's a problem, but I agree with you about two things. Shelly won't put us up.

Jordan, Shelly was like I want us to the end. People are all freaking out. I was watching people when I won to see if they were excited. Jeff, I was watching when they announced the vote. When they said 6-4, I was like MF'ing perfection. And Dominic's like they all started looking around.

Porsche Briggs, I only hate the people that run their mouths. We all hate Porsche. Psst. Sit down. Adam Poch, I admit I don't hate you. That's not why I voted against you. Porsche, I know you did because you'll be a target later on and stuff. Okay so Adam admitted to voting against Porsche, so the veterans will know he didn't keep his deal, and that Shelly and Kalia did for sure. The newbies won't know for sure who threw the vote though. Porsche, You guys had an opportunity to vote for me eleven to ten. Adam, I know that might come back and bite me at another time. I got to make my bed and sleep in it. Porsche, Just keep being you. Help out around the house be helpful and stuff. I think there are possibly other targets in the house for now. Yeah, Ms. Porsche got off the block now she thinks she's Ms know it all. She is Rachel's little puppy dog. As soon as golden keys are over she'll be back on the block.

Daniele Donato has joined Jeff, Rachel and Jordan. Daniele, I just think it would p$ss him off and he won't work with us. Jeff, I told Dominic yesterday, I'll make a deal with you. If you and Adam go up I can guarantee you, you won't go home. They are whispering I can't hear. Daniele, I think it would be easier to earn his trust if we don't put him up. If we give him the same deal  we gave Adam. We could tell him Adam flipped on us, he didn't want the golden key do you? You can have the same deal. He would come for sure. Daniele, I still think he would be quicker to turn his back on us. Brendon comes in .

Porsche, The veterans are going to realize you gotta get rid of some of these jerks that are going to hold grudges. Adam, I'm hoping they see that I appreciate game. I don't appreciate head games. Head games are part or the game. You are supposed to be a super fan. I can't believe you said that.  Porsche, Well that's where you would be wrong. I held on to the banana the longest, I didn't play the head games, I didn't stir up trouble, I laid low. She's emphasizing the word I each time she says it. She just annoyed the heck out of everyone. Adam, Which is why if it came down to it, I would give you the vote over a bully. Porsche, Yeah well on this case they would use that as an example, that that did not happen. Girl get over yourself. Jeff came out. They are sitting on the couch outside.

Jordan is having cramps. She has a heat pad of some sort on her stomach. Brendon, Do those heat pads help you? Jordan, Yeah they're not like the ones you plug in the wall but they work. Brendon, I used the similar ones. Daniele, When you were on your period? ROFL Brendon, em hum.

Brendon asks Daniele to talk to Rachel about Cassi. Daniele said she already did. I told her you are putting a target on you and Brendon and all of us. You just need to shut up. And she said well I'm not going to just stand there and listen to all that stuff about Porsche. I'm like this a game you've got to keep quiet. Brendon, She said Porsche's my friend, I'm like didn't we have this conversation a week ago. She went through this last year with them being mean to her. Couldn't hear the rest.

Kalia came in the room. She gave Jordan a hug. They are whispering again, I can't hear them. I even have the closed caption on they aren't getting it either. 

Adam Poch, Lawon Exum, and Shelly Moore on the couch. Shelly, You have to be smart, you have to play for yourself. You can not rely on anyone else in this game. Everyone needs to make what ever you need to make. Lawon, Thank you. Shelly, You can't get PO'd. Lawon, I am done. Shelly, Who ever does it and makes it to the end then they made a smart move. You can't sit there and get all emotional and get bent out of shape. You're either going to say they did a great job or you're going to say dumba$$. Lawon, I think it's hard like your saying the first couple of weeks and you are the newbies and your emotions are involved. Shelly, You just got to do what you can do. Adam, They are able to turn it off. Shelly, They've done it before. Lawon, It's easy for us to get upset, you've said it the most, that's why I told everybody to when I have voted, I told everybody do what's best for you because in the long run we are all playing by ourselves. Shelly, and don't feel guilty about it. Pick your friends, who you want to help and go do it.

Adam, whether it's hard or dumb. I told Porsche I didn't vote for you. She did appreciate that I told her the truth. I told her come week ten Keith would have been a bigger target. I told her outside this house I would hang with you any day of the week. Inside this house I have to see who is going to get me further. Shelly, She doesn't care right now. She's got the key she could care less. Adam, Whether she cares or not. Lawon, That was something you had to say and that's fine. I was like whether that comes down to you not voting for me. Shelly, Anybody that sits there and holds a grudge and says I'm PO'd and doesn't go do their own game is an idiot. Lawon's laughing. Shelly, You go an pick who you want to play with and go with them. If they are on your side great, if they are not great, if they are on no side and you want to be independent do it. Adam, How many independents have won presidents. Shelly, None, but that doesn't mean I don't think anybody can win this game by themselves. Adam, Ever winner through the years was different. Look at Janelle she's had the power then when she lost the power she kept winning, as soon as she didn't she was out. She was the best player that never won. Look at Dick and Jordan you could not pick more opposite people.

Shelly, These guys are going to get all upset and angry and frustrated at a game they can't control. It's pointless they are wasting energy. Lawon, Like I told you and I told Adam. We are the oldest people in this game. So we've been through more stuff than these young people some of them might not even experience what they been through. Like I told Adam. I was mad at Keith but I gave him my word, but guess what? Game on.

Shelly, I don't care what anybody says I won't swear on my family. Lawon, You'd better not. Why would you do that? Shelly, I would never. But there are plenty of people that are. Lawon, We are old enough. Shelly because I refuse to because you know what five weeks down the road if I need to change my mind I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to put my family up like it's a whole big thing. I'm not going to do that. Lawon, No. Shelly, You either trust someone or you don't. Lawon, Keith strategically would have benefited me to stay in cause he would have gave me another week to stay in. Shelly, A week. Adam, You got to make it week to week before you make it month to month. Lawon, You got to think of stuff like that. People all saying we didn't vote together. Well guess what it's a game. And ain't nobody gonna sit up here. Shelly, Anybody who can get to the end of the game and absolutely say they didn't do anything. You can be the biggest non liar in Big Brother world. Adam, That's how Jordan won. A unique situation.

Dominic, I'm glad someone is. Lawon, What else can I do? How you feeling? Dominic, Over it. Lawon, Don't be mad it's not worth it. Dominic, I'm not mad. Lawon, Your mind is wandering. Dominic, Yeah my mind is wandering. Lawon, I can tell. That's why I told you I would tell you after the vote. Dominic, What were you going to tell me? Lawon, Don't worry cause you'll find out in the game. I was expecting it to be just my vote to be honest with you. Dominic, You thought it was going to be 9-1. Lawon, I was surprised actually. Dominic, What was you going to tell me? I think you and I are going to go far in this game. Dominic, I don't know about that. Lawon, Why don't you think so? Dominic, I'll tell you later. You never know. Lawon, Don't doubt yourself. Your not a doubter. Dominic, You want to go sit in the hammock?

Dominic, I think we're F'd. Lawon, Why? Dominic, Here's what I'm thinking. I know you voted Keith to stay, I voted Keith to stay. The only other two I'm sure 100% sure about are Cassi and Shelly. Your 100% is wrong. Right? The rest of them I don't think did it. Lawon, Your partner? Dominic, I think it's Adam and Kalia that flipped. I trust you, Cassie and Shelly. We all was in the room after the vote and they never came to me. Lawon, That was a shocker to me when Adam said that. Dominic, What I'm thinking now is Adam and Kalia will both throw the competitions and we are both through. We can't save ourselves. If Adam made that deal I have no chance. If Kalia made that deal you have no chance. If me, Cassi, Shelly and even Daniele vote for you the votes will go against you. And the votes will go against me. Lawon, That's why you and me have to guarantee our votes with who we say we have our votes. Dominic, But it won't matter if those deals went through. It makes perfect sense. Why wouldn't they do that. Lawon, All I'm saying is someone in that room f'd us. Adam looks so suspicious. Lawon waves at someone. Dominic, I don't want her over here. Daniele came over. It's interesting Lawon hasn't told Dominic that Adam is one of the ones that voted for Porsche.

Daniele, says she got choked up because she still doesn't know what's going on and she wasn't expecting the video.

Rachel and Brendon are having a stupid fight that I'm not even going to waste my time with. It's probably staged again anyway.

Brendon, They are just pointing fingers at each other. Jeff, Yeah they think Adam did it. We can always point fingers at Lawon. Jeff, What are you thinking? Brendon, What is the next competition going to be? Who will win the next HOH? Who are we leaving to play the POV? If we have one person on each side playing for POV? Jeff, Shelly was just out there telling me how she hates to loose. So for her to take a dive would be tough. Rachel, Even if we wanted to work with Dominic, if we put him up and tell him he will get the golden key. He won't go for that. I do think once Cassi and Dominic are split up I think Daniele can control him Jeff, Even if we leave him out and split them up and be like F' head you f'd up once do you want another shot? Rachel, but you can't trust, Oh Adam? Yeah, Right. Jeff, And he's honest if we ask him he'll tell us. We can say this is your dream dude you don't want to go home. I don't think he wants it handed to him either though. 

Rachel, The other thing we can talk to Adam about who told him to switch his vote. So we know who is controlling everything. Brandon, We need to play out all the scenarios in our head. Then we go talk to everyone. We need to think about couples because if we leave Adam. It would leave Adam and Dominic. Can we beat them in the next HOH competition. If it's physical they will have a better chance than Cassi and Shelly. Jeff, My thing is if we put them out and give Shelly a golden key then we are getting rid of one of our players. Brendon, I agree with that. 100% she is going to vote with us she has proven that. And she is a smoother operator cause she had all of us convinced she was possibly flipping. Jeff, She's gold.

Jeff, Adam will die for another chance. Rachel, I think so too. Brendon, the only thing we gotta be careful with, no. Jeff, He was close with Keith now Keith is gone. Now it's like he I'm just going to plain break it to him. Brendon, Yeah he's got diarrhea. Jeff, He broke serious when we were playing chess. And then when we were outside, I was being cocky. I'm like don't get nervous it's live TV. And he's like I don't nervous. Try and get in this head. And I'm like dude I've been camping in there for a week.

Shelly, Sketchy about Jeff? Cassi, I've kind of got the feeling right now that he is kind of the ring leader upstairs. Like when I first walked out here and it was Brendon and Jeff. It was kind of uncomfortable and he didn't start talking until Jordan came out. Shelly, That's interesting. Well let me tell you in my opinion Jeff and Jordan are not going to keep Rachel and Brendon around when it comes time to start bucking people off. They'll take them off first, you do realize that. Cassi, If they were smart they would. But do you think they are going to wait until final five? Shelly, I think as soon as they get the chance where they can put them up they will. They can't right now. I agree. They don't want them here. Cassi, I think the thing is as people you can tell that Jeff is just absolutely annoyed with Rachel and thinks she's an idiot. Didn't I say that before? If I didn't I thought it.

Shelly, Why did Kalia perk up so much tonight? Cooking, playing, out on on the hammock. Did you notice the total change. Cassi, She feels good now. She proved her loyalty. She feels like she is sitting pretty. Shelly, She said to me earlier. I kind of wish my bags were in the hallway. I'm like she said that? She was like I'm just kidding. Cassi, Next time I win HOH that's exactly what is going to happen. Shelly, The constant nagging is not my cup of tea. Cassi, I think Dom and Adam go up this week. Shelly, And if they don't win the veto I think Adam goes home. Cassi, Really? Shelly, Dom's got a lot of friends. Cassi, Yeah but if upstairs cut a deal with Adam. Shelly, I don't know who cut a deal with who. Cassi, You never know anything for sure in here, but I'd be willing to bet Adam and Kalia cut a deal. Poor Adam everyone thinks it him and it's not it was Shelly. Cassi, At least for safety though the couples period.

Shelly, He'll be so upset if that happens. He has a crush on you. It's like a brother sister thing. Cassi, I didn't think so until the last couple of days, he's said some things. He's like when we get out of here would you go on a date with me. I'm like no. Shelly, He's too young for you? You just seem like you need more of a manly man. Cassi, Yeah I need a big manly man.

Brendon, Jeff, and Rachel are trying to figure out when the pairs will end. Brendon, It's going to be physical next week don't you think? Jeff, Don't you think they will wait until it's individual? Rachel, How many HOH's is it? Is it this HOH and then everyone splits up. Jeff, It's this one and one more. Rachel, So that one will be endurance. Jeff, So it's going to be like you got the key but guess what there are no more keys. Brendon, It's like congratulations you made it to the tenth spot. Rachel, So wait do they compete in the next HOH. They get a golden key and then they compete in that Thursday's HOH. Brendon, They probably won't honestly even get a key, it will be like you made it. Jeff, They'll be like alright you made it to the top ten.

Man these guys are slow. I was questioning that as soon as Dick left. The last person won't be safe for a week, get the free pass on slop for a week none of the bennies. UNLESS, Big Brother doesn't have an eviction one week or they bring someone back in the house for that week.  I hope Big Brother switches up the competitions on them too. I hate when they can figure out what type of competitions they are going to have in advance.

Rachel, Losing Dick messed it all up and it cut us off a week of the golden key. Jeff, If that's the case it's endurance. I feel real confident. If we can convince the house the week it goes individual to all relax that week that Porsche's the target. Let's not all pick on each other. Rachel, Even if it came down to it if Shelly wins HOH and we are 100% guaranteed that she won't put any of us up then, all of us would compete in that endurance. Jeff, Say Shelly wins the next HOH if we put Lawon up and they by a miracle win HOH then one of us has to go up because we are the only couple left. Brendon, We'd be guarantee to beat the POV. Rachel, You're right though I see what you are saying. Jeff, So we have to win out. Rachel, So I have to win this next HOH? Jeff, F yeah. Rachel and then you two compete in the endurance. Brendon, Any endurance contest they have right now is not going to be for ? body type. Jeff, It's going to be like a pain endurance. Sit on it, Swing on it. Brendon, Who ever can hang on.

Cassi, I knew going in there that there was a good chance it wasn't going to come out as I thought or what ever. It was okay. It is what it is. Honestly I wasn't upset until Rachel came in like she did. Adam, The best thing about the past is you gotta put it behind you and move on. Jeff, Came out and sat down. Rachel came out. The smokey robinson's are out here. Adam, I just did a half hour work out I'm allowed a cigarette.

Jordan Lloyd comes out screaming who want's to see my HOH room! I hate this part. I like seeing the pictures, but usually everybody is all fake. Her CD is Tim McGraw Greatest Hits. Jordan tells everyone if they are tired they don't have to stay in here. Shelly Moore looks like she is ready to cry. I think she is missing her family again.

Everyone's in the HOH. Kalia Booker, Did they change the colors though? Lawon, If you're asking if they changed the sheets. Yes they changed the sheets. Porsche I think, They burnt the old ones. Rachel, No they saved them just in case. Rachel, Do you really think they burned the sheets? Porsche, Yours, yes.

Jordan wears a 7 1/2 size shoe they gave her size 5-6 slippers.

Adam goes downstairs with Jeff. I still haven't figured out why they caged the stairs.

Jordan, Why don't you go down there and talk? Brendon, Why don't you send Rachel. Daniele, No Rachel is not allowed to do anything ever. Brendon, I'm just kidding Bookie. Daniele, No we're not.

HOH gets to send out their laundry. Fluff and fold. Brendon starts saying what? OMG? We have that now? Don't tell anyone. They just discovered the monitor with the four cameras so they can see what is going on in the house. I thought Rachel had that. She kept staring at the wall, I thought she was watching that monitor. Now I gotta wonder what she was staring at. Rachel, Why didn't I get that? They hate me.

Shelly, Why doesn't he shut up. Cassi, I've told him too. As much as we like Danni and playing with her and having a good time. She is still playing with them so. Shelly, She is treating him like a little toy. And he'll sing like a bird. Cassi, He was telling me the other night I think once we get closer to the end. I think we should talk to Daniele about teaming up with us. Shelly, She won't. Cassi, If she is going to do that at all I can see her doing it at the end end. Shelly why would she do that when she has four people who have her back right now. I said that ain't going to happen. Shelly, It was so funny because today Keith told me Danni has a crush on him. Cassi, Danni has a crush on who? Shelly, Keith. Cassi, I don't think so. Shelly, She has a crush on me. She tells me the truth. Shelly, That dude could change things in his mind all the time. Cassi, I don't think so.

Cassi, Like with her it's like one minute we're laughing it up. Shelly, She likes you a lot. Cassi, She said I see you and I being good friends outside of the house. At the same time I turn around and see her talking to Rachel and them.

Dominic, Adam admitted to me almost in tears that your dad approached him early on and said throw HOH's. You'll have our vote and just throw stuff and once the pairs split up game on. Adam's like he approached me and I said yes I'll take that deal but I wasn't going to do it. I was just going to go with it and see what happens. I was like oh okay Adam, your telling me this now. How would that be a good move for you because you are going to be the first person they cut. Why would you tell me this now unless you are feeling guilty about something you did. And he was like I think you know, because apparently he spilled his guts inside the room over there. And I was like about the vote? He was like no no I definitely voted for Keith. I was like whatever, BS.

Dominic Briones, Regardless of that obviously two people flipped and cut deals. The only people that would cut deals for any reason are the people in the couples that wouldn't stay if they go up. Kalia and Adam. Lawon would stay if he went up. Cassi and Shelly wouldn't cut a deal and Adam wouldn't have stayed. I would have stayed if we went up. So they cut deals. I'm assuming all of this by the way.

Daniele, Your the worst whisperer ever. Dominic, I don't care if they hear me. Daniele, So if I could pull strings what would you want me to do? Dominic, I have nothing to offer you. Daniele, If I could pull strings for you what would you want me to do? Daniele, If I could pull strings what would be more beneficial for you to stay off the block completely or to go up and stay? Dominic, It would depend on who I'm playing with. Obviously I don't want to play with these bleeps anymore number one because they are stupid.

Daniele, Well I'm not going to pull any strings for you if your not going to help me. Dominic, No I'm saying if your telling me you are down to play and you want to pull strings, then tell me what's better for you and who you want to target and lets go. Daniele, I'm telling you right now if I could pull strings. I mean they are obviously going to do what they are going to do and I'm not HOH. But if I could  get them to go a certain way either putting you up and getting Adam out or putting somebody else up. Dominic, Either way would be good for me. Daniele, Okay I'm just saying I'm not going to put my back on the line if you aren't going to help me. Dominic, How can I prove that to you right now? Daniele, I'm just thinking out loud. Dominic, I just don't know how to prove that to you. I have no other choice I'm gone. I'm dununzeo cause Adam will throw sh$t on purpose. Obviously. The only shot I have last night is I told Jeff last night I legitimately like you and Jordan as people. I was like if I got HOH and we talked a little bit I would not want you to go home as people. As competitors of course you guys have told me if Keith goes home I'm threat number one. So obviously I'm threat number one right now.

Dominic, How would any strings be pulled. Daniele, Clearly I have some pull with them. Dominic, Duh you have some pull but how would it be in their best interest to keep me. The only thing I can offer is I can manipulate all of them. You guys have obviously heard that I am the head of the snake over there. I'm just saying obviously you guys know that. I'm not stupid.

Dominic, And in all honesty if these guys would have stuck with the plan you guys would have had no shot in hell. Daniele, That's not true it's Big Brother. Dominic, Well you would have. Daniele, I'm just saying it's not true. Dominic, It's not true but the odds would have been very good for us. But there balls are not big enough to go against you guys. Daniele, Maybe people just don't like you. Dominic, BS. Daniele, EW. Dominic, As it stands right now, obviously Cassi and Shelly are together. They don't trust anyone but me. Lawon, I don't know where his heads at right now, because I don't know for sure if it's Kalia and Adam. I'm assuming it's Kalia and Adam.

Dominic, Kalia came to me and said the other day if I go up would I go home and I said yes because everyone likes Lawon and right after that she went upstairs. So I knew a deal was being cut anyway. And in the end why would it have made sense for them to keep Keith cause the only point Keith had in staying here was he would vote for who he told him to vote for meaning me. But for you personally I've already told you I want to work with you and Cassi.

Daniele, But you stay stuff like that and then you keep saying that you don't trust me. Dominic, I have to trust you now. Daniele, Why because your backs up against the wall? Dominic, Exactly. Daniele, By default. Dominic, If I didn't trust you realistically I wouldn't have to come to you a week ago right after I talked to Jeff and Jordan. I've trusted you right from the beginning, a little bit. But the point is unless I talk to Jeff and tell him I can take out two or three of these guys for you, what good am I here? And the only way I can do that for sure is I have Lawon, Cassie and Shelly for sure. 100%. But how does that benefit you guys at all. Daniele, If you were to win HOH next week and not put them up. I'm sure they'd want your vote for the next few weeks. Dominic, Why would I care about any of them, I don't give a F about any of them, so automatically you guys have my vote. Daniele, But clearly you do want to protect Cassie number one, Lawon number two, Shelli and Adam. Dominic, but none of those people are really threats more than the other one. Do yeah I want Cassi with me because she is the one I trust. Daniele, But that's a pair and that's gonna. Dominic, But Cassi has already told me we are going to have to game on. Daniele, Yeah, but not if one of you aren't here next week.

Dominic, How does any of this help you? Daniele, What do you mean? Dominic, Why would you do this at all? Daniele I've already told you I like hanging out with you. I don't trust you fully because you never tell me anything. Dominic, I've never told you anything before today. Look at it from my point of view. Before this. Daniele, You've already explained all this to me. I'm not stupid. I see things. It's completely logical. Dominic, I'm just saying trust wise everyone was saying we should go cut deals. We should cover our a$$es. I'm like why would we do that. Before HOH it's six on three. Obviously, two of them didn't listen and went running off to you guys with their tail tucked between their legs. I still don't understand why they would do that. But point being why would I come to you guys and cut a deal before that.

Dominic, I'm like the ultimate slimeball in here. Daniele, How? I'm taking the four people that trust me the most and turning them in. And praying that you guys don't demolish me after that's all said and done. Dominic, So if I help you guys dwindle down the numbers to 9 then I'm the next one to go home. How does that benefit me at all from going home this week? I'm not that person. I made a tree yeah! Daniele, First of all if you win something or whatever that's all for you. That's for you. Secondly I'm telling you right now if I keep you around its for a reason. Obviously I would need that deal back. Dominic, How can I guarantee you if I'm going to have to cut a deal with Jeff and Jordan? Cause they are going to tell you they want your votes, they aren't going to guarantee you a final three or anything. Dominic, Duh. Daniele, Don't give me dumb attitude.

Daniele, Would you rather A go up on the block and Adam go home or B have one of your friends go home. Dominic, B Not go on the block, one of my friends go home so I can vote the way you want and prove you can trust me. Bottom line is I don't want to work with Jeff and Jordan and I don't want to work with Brendon and Rachel. I want to work with you. Daniele, Well if you want to stay until we start singles or whatever you're probably going to have to for the next two weeks. Dominic, Duh. Daniele, Are you cool with that. Dominic, Yeah I have to be. As of twenty minutes no, three hours ago I wasn't that. But as soon as I got F'd I'm cool with that. Look at it this way two people who are on my side are already with you guys. The votes are already with them. I have four votes against seven. I have to work with you guys. It's the only way I'm here.

Dominic, What I could do is I could flip and convince whoever you guys want gone, that the two votes that went are those people. So you tell me I want Cassi and Lawon gone, I can convince Kalia, Shelly and Adam that those two are the ones that the votes went. Daniele, You think you have a lot of power? Dominic, They trust me. Daniele, If I tell you something, you have to promise me you won't tell. Because if you tell I'll know you told and then dunuzeo. Dominic, Okay. Daniele, They want you out this week. Dominic, Duh. Daniele, But you never something? If I want to pull strings you owe me big time. I'm not kidding you because they want you out big time. If I stay this week you would have to be the person I'd play with. I have no one else to play with. I know I'm target number one. Why wouldn't I be number one. I know whoever cut deals told them I was the one running things. Daniele, I'm just letting you know that.

Dominic, So why if for any reason would they keep me? Daniele, I'll try to do my part if you give me your word. Dominic, Okay I give you my word but what am I giving you my word to do. I'm not selling my soul to the devil here. Daniele, Oh my god how am I the devil? I don't know they are going to talk to you and everything else. If you stay they are going to want your votes, and they are probably going to want to know who people are going after you know what I mean? Dominic, The thing is I want Adam gone. Daniele, It's only one more HOH. Dominic, I don't even care about that. Daniele, But then it's singles is my point. Dominic, It's not going to be singles because the four of them aren't going to turn on each other week one. Daniele, It doesn't matter because it's singles. Because you can't put couples up any more. You put singles out the door not couples it's a completely different deal. Dominic, So what deal am I cutting here? What are my options. Daniele, I just told you. Dominic, But you didn't tell me what to say. What deal and I cutting. Daniele, You are literally just going to have to do what you ask for. She repeats what she told him before. And tells him he's not the only one that thinks he is the number one target.

Jeff, Sure and then still go talk to Lawon and Cassi. Rachel, You guys need to be careful you need to make a deal with Cassi if you don't nominate her. You need to be like you can't put us up. Jeff, No matter what. Rachel also say me and Brendon because other wise she wins Cassi and I got in a fight tonight and she'd probably put me up. Jordan, She wants Porsche up so bad she can't stand it. Jeff, Well once it goes individual then we all agree as a house, like listen she's going up. Jordan, Dominic can't get out of his head well how why do I want to work with you guys when I know you are with Brendon and Rachel. Jeff, I really trust Adam he already told me I want to talk to you guys. Jordan, So put Dominic and Adam up? Jeff, That's what I would do. Rachel, I think Jeff is right with the whole Shelly thing cause if unless you think you can trust Adam.

Jeff, I'll just tell him you F'd us, so honestly you're going on the block. Now if you don't want to comply with us, you're already on the block so we'll just send you home. I mean this isn't BS like you're going to do one thing and tell us another. This is legit. We'll know. We are already in your crew, you guys don't know who's doing what. It will get back to us if you're not with us. So if we hear something before you tell us. Dude it's as simple as you going home. Man Jeff is playing hard core.

Rachel, And this is another thing we need to think about. If by some miracle Cassi wins HOH next week. She's not going to nominate Lawon because he's her friend. She might nominate them and take out Kalia. But her only other options for her to put up will be me and Brendon. Jeff & Jordan both say and us. Rachel, yeah but she's not going to put you guys up. Yeah cause they should worry about you when you are causing fights. Then we have to tell her listen there is talk of putting you guys up. You're a good player Shelly is a good player.

Jordan, Tonight I asked Kalia if you were in my spot what would you do? And she said Dominic and Cassi, I don't trust Cassi. Rachel, Nobody does. No Rachel you want her out because you are mad at her and Kalia wants her out because she's afraid Cassi is going to find out she is working with you. Jeff, That's what I'm saying it's two to one players going out cause we already have Shelly.

Rachel, If you can't make a deal with Adam and trust him, then it would be smarter to keep Shelly in the game so she can play for the next HOH. But if Cassi goes and Daniele can get Dominic, then we got them in our back pocket. Jordan, I just feel like I want Adam here because he is a weaker player. But if Adam happens to win he's coming after us. Jeff, but not if you cut a deal cause he was honest.

Jordan, He told me I'm just here to play the game. Rachel, Who's that? Dominic? Jordan, Adam. Rachel, Well he's not doing a very good job at it. Brendon came in a few minutes ago. That's what we have to remind him of. Jeff, Don't worry I'll talk to him. Brendon laughing, That's like Jeff's new guilty pleasure. Messing with Adam. Jeff, That's because he gave me a reason not to like him.

Brendon, I'm telling you Kalia and Shelly are 1000% behind us. Shelly is even better because she is really good. Jeff, She's playing it like I don't know what's going on. Brendon, They have no idea it was Shelly that gave them up. Jeff, Right after I walked back from HOH I heard her say to Shelly that this could be a good thing for us. Rachel, Because Cassi thinks that we still think that our deal is strong.

Jeff, You know who else is a big snake is Lawon. Jordan, Lawon told Porsche he voted for her.

Jordan, I can see Cassi winning this. Just because she is so calm so laid back, and she'll just slip right under the radar. Rachel, The next HOH or the game. Jordan, The game. Jeff, Lets not get crazy here. Rachel, She's not going to slip under the radar. Even Kalia is like she's a lot smarter than she's letting on. Jeff, She is but we can only get one person out at a time. Brendon, She might be smarter but no matter how much you give her for intelligence. Her game play is horrible, because she's open about everything she has done, she's talked to too many people. We know everything that is going on with her because she hasn't been smooth about it and then she lies to our face and gets nervous when you have conversations with her. Everytime she wants to do something she runs over to people and tells them stories. And then she tells people the same story multiple times. Come on do you think we are that stupid.

Adam came up to HOH just as the show ended.

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