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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 13, 2011

Sorry I'm running late with the recap. Real life is interfering with blogging. What's up with that?

Here we go, let's get caught up. I'm hoping for some game talk tonight.

The show starts with them playing a competition. Rachel Reilly is the host.  Oh Yea! Sorry guys I'm just not a Rachel fan. I know some of you are. Oh no they aren't having a competition. Rachel was reading from a card that sounded like a competition. They have given them a game to practice. It reminds me of croquette. They have mallets, balls and a big board with green turf on it.. It reminds me of a putt putt layout. One of the corner's at the farthest end of the board is raised making the ball roll. And there is a triangle laying about in the middle to cause interference. The house guests are tying to figure out if the game is for HOH or food comp.

Keith Henderson is wearing a big ole Afro wig with a bandana on it. Quite the change from being bald yesterday. Cassi has on a really cute hat.

Brendon Villegas and Jeff Schroeder are getting salmon out of the storage room. Brendon whispered something to Jeff I couldn't hear. The salmon is frozen so they are running it under hot water to thaw it.

Adam Poch is eating. He says he doesn't want to be a have not, he doesn't want to go without bacon. Daniele Donato tells him America could pick some stuff. She hopes they pick like turkey bacon so he'll be really mad. LOL I'm really liking Daniele. She cracks me up.

Jeff had his salmon in warm water in the sink. Rachel walked up to the sink and started washing her dishes. Daniele, Are you washing that on top of the salmon? Jeff, What? Rachel, Is that bad? Daniele, Kind of weird. Rachel, The salmon has plastic on it. Someone Jeff or Brendon I think, Yeah but it's open. Brendon, Why would you do something like that? Someone, dump that water out of it. Rachel, It's not anything bad I thought you were going to cook it. Did I just ruin it? Jeff, Do you put soap on your food before you cook it? Rachel, I was just trying to be responsible and clean my own dishes. Brendon is trying to rinse the salmon now.

I can seriously see Jeff, Jordan and Daniele turning on Rachel and Brendon early in the game.

Cassi Colvin and Lawon Exum are in the have not room, looks like they are packing up, hoping to get out of there. Cassi is under a blanket changing.

DOG, House guests this is a reminder. Sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms. Rachel, She is so funny she gets that everyday. I haven't seen Kalia Booker in a bit, it might be her sleeping or Porsche Briggs. My guess would be it's Kalia.

There is an hour and a half before the have nots can eat. They are counting down.

Adam Poch, Porsche Briggs and Rachel Reilly are in the kitchen discussing old seasons. Daniele Donato and Shelly Moore are in the bathroom putting on make up for their DR sessions.

The other night when they were playing big booty. There was some discussion about whether Jeff and Jordan felt uncomfortable about the proposal and Shelly feeling uncomfortable about the lap dance/ booty shaking.

Cassi Colvin, Jordan Lloyd, and Kalia Booker are outside on the couch discussing that again. Cassi, I started walking off and she was like come here and drug me over to the parlor and making this big hoopla and she's like, I felt bad for Jeff & Jordan I thought they were uncomfortable and I was like yeah it was silly. Jordan, I didn't feel that way. Cassi, about that game silly proposal thing. Jordan, No all I said was Shelly didn't want to do the lap dance cause she's a mom. I knew she wasn't going to do it. Cassi, yeah, yeah. I said oh okay, so my excuse for getting out of the conversation was well I didn't know if you were upset by what Shelly had said or something like that and she was like no.  I said well good cause I don't know why you would be, cause she was like the guy you are up against the block against. I was like cool awesome. I walked out I thought it was over and done with. I'm pretty sure Cassi was talking about a conversation with Porsche. 

Cassi, Then that night, Shelly was really missing home and upset, I'm sure they were pulling stuff out of her in there. She was physically upset about missing her daughter and husband. So she came outside, and before I realized she was upset about that stuff, I could tell she had been crying and stuff. Were you here? to Kalia. Kalia, No Cassi, Shelly said I just want you to know Porsche came up to me and said FYI I think you should know that your name came out of your partners mouth. She was implying that I said something about Shelly. Cassi, I looked at Shelly and said are you serious? She said yeah but don't worry we are good. So I was sitting there thinking was she crying about that? Was she thinking we were compromised as far as our relationship, like did she believe it?. So I looked in her eye and I said I swear on my father which everyone knows is the dearest person . Dominic Briones has come over and sat down.

Cassi, I said I've never said anything ill about you. I adore you everyone in this house does. I'm so happy to be your partner and that kind of stuff. She was like no no we're good. I was like okay cool, and I was sitting there and they were like all over in the hammock at the time, being loud and hollering and stuff. Earlier in the night she had already kind of chapped my a$$ because she was drunk and being obnoxious and like I was playing pool and she came out and ended up taking the game over and that kind of stuff. So I walked away from the pool table. I was like dang I was over here playing with Brendon was supposed to be with Rachel cause you were in the shower. And she came out with okay we have five people here only four can play and she looked at me and was like I wanna play. She was arm and arm with Rachel and I was just kind of like, (rolls her eyes) She gave me like this death stare. So I was like whatever, dumb girl, play.

Cassi, So it was one of those things a building continuum of little petty BS. So any how once it involved Shelly, I was like not cool. You can think what you want of me, you can say what you want to say. Jordan, Well she came in last night and talked to me and Jeff but I was so confused by it. I was like just talk to both of them don't talk to them separately. Just pull them both in a room and talk. The camera left.

Keith and Porsche are in the orange room. Keith, Okay I just want you to know that. Porsche, So be prepared. Keith, No, no I'm just saying sooner or later whether it be you or me. I'm just saying if you go first and you watch the show. You know what I'm saying, it's just the, when we were sequestered, and I saw you on the (he just waved his hand) Porsche, Yeah, when we liked each other. Keith, That's me. That's what I'm saying. Porsche, Not how your acting here. Keith, Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Keith, That's how I want you to remember me. Porsche, Alright I'll still to you a little bit maybe after. Keith, You'd better.

In the purple room, Daniele Donato, Jeff Schroeder, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas. Daniele, I just don't think you guys should just not play. Jeff, I was just out there playing for a vote. Daniele, He votes too though. Whispering. Brendon, I just want some food from this competition. Jeff, I gotta marinate. Daniele, Your fart? Your poop? Jeff, I know. I feel like I'm marinated enough. Daniele, I feel like this whole room stinks. Rachel, That was the weirdest thing ever. Brendon, She just said that was the weirdest thing ever. Daniele, Coming from giggle box who was running into farts. Rachel, I wasn't running into farts.

Keith Henderson and Porsche Briggs are in the kitchen. Keith is talking with his mouth full. He is hard enough to understand when he isn't eating. He says remember the people I was telling you about? The one you swear before God something. Porsche, They're lying to us. I still do. Keith, Absolutely not, the vote is going to be 6-4 you. Porsche, That's your prediction. Keith, em hum, yeah. Keith, ?? Porsche, Yeah, I think they are going to get seared, but I don't know which way they'll go. Jeff walks up.

Keith, I think I'm going home 100%. Porsche, Your making me nervous by all you were just saying. Keith, Aww. Oh back there about that? That just be clowning all the time. Daniele came in the kitchen. Porsche, come lets talk. They went to go in a room and Keith says whoa what are ya'll doing? He says sorry about that guys, they go into the purple room. Keith, Sorry about that, my bad. Okay I hate my bad. That's just annoying. Keith, I was saying that I honestly do being me going home 6-4. Porsche, There is still two more days. Now she is eating with her mouth full. I can't wait until they get home and see how much worse chewing with your mouth open is when you have a microphone on. Keith, I think it's one more actually, tomorrow. Porsche, Tomorrow's Wednesday it doesn't happen until Thursday, 9 at night.

Keith, Remember I was telling you like I ain't to confident about those two people. I believe they are over with the HOH.Porsche, So you think everybody else in the house? Keith, I think you'll have a Jordan, Jeff, Danni, Brendon, Adam, Dominic and Cassi. I think I have Lawon, Kalia and Shelly. So much for this guys faith. This is the deacon. He's given up on his team too, Dominic and Shelly, he's convinced for some reason they aren't going to vote for him. I haven't seen any indicators they are not. They want to keep their numbers up.  Keith, So actually 7-3.

Keith, But Lawon and I got into it, but he said I gave you my word, when we got into that little fight. Porsche, When you got into your big little fight. Porsche, I'm pretty sure you have Cassi and Dominic. Keith, Absolutely not. Why do you keep telling me that. Let me tell you something about that. Porsche, Cause Cassi doesn't like me. I tried talking to her. Keith, Let me tell you something. They think I don't know but I know. They tied up, been in to Rachel. That's why we got put on the block. We didn't make no deal and we should of, and this is just my thought process. I called him out on it but he denied it. He didn't do it what is he supposed to say? Porsche, You already told me Dominic said he made a deal with them. Keith, He didn't actually say he did. He said, aahah ra ahad ra, stuttering. Porsche, You told me he said that. Keith, Maybe I did tell you he said that. Porsche, Your lies are getting so confusing. It's too much for your little brain Mr. matchmaker.

Keith, Okay That's either here nor there. The thing is I think you're good. Porsche, That's the thing in this game you never know you are good until you are gone. And that's the only for sure thing you have about the game. Porsche, I'm pretty sure you know you have Cassi and Dominic. Keith, I don't. I thought I did, but in the last few days, I'm very. Look I'm going to look you in the eye and tell you that. Porsche, You are a christian right do you believe that God can throw you down and kill you right now? Keith, Of course don't even go there.

Porsche, So what did you say to Lawon? Keith, I just ask him if you still got me. He said I gave you my word from day one. He might have told you something different. Porsche, I haven't really started campaigning. I like really wanted to see what your approach was. Keith, What do you mean you haven't started campaigning? Porsche, I wanted to see if you were going to do a big spectacle again or? Keith, No it's not like that I just ask them do you got me? If not it's not she wrong or he wrong. It's just you got me if you don't I'll never take it personal. Porsche, Okay. Either way. She gets up to leave. Keith, Hey stay here and talk to me. Porsche, No I don't want to keep talking to you. Keith, Why? Porsche, Cause we'll talk at the wrap party. I don't want to be associated. Keith, What? What do you mean? Porsche, With a liar and the bus driver who runs over his own partner. Keith, Where did that come from? She leaves. That was mean, she's the one that cut the deal with the HOH.

Keith goes outside to the couch where Dominic Briones is. Keith, What do you think about Thursday? Dominic, You are good. Keith, You think so? Dominic, Yes, especially now. I can't stand her.

Cassi, I want to go in there and get it done. Dominic, Have you thought about what you are going to say? Cassi, I'm going to say Keith, buddy you knew all along. I told serious and jokingly you are going home. Keith is on the couch also. Dominic, I went like this. You know you're going home right? Cassi, So here's my one question, you answer it correctly and you got my vote. You going to quit being a crazy person? Keith, Yes. Cassi, Okay you're staying. You ever point your finger at me I'll cut it off.

Dominic, Here's a question are you going to give me a one and a half hour back massage. Keith, I'll give you a two and half hour back massage. Cassi, We can get stuff like that? Dominic, Do you know how to play this game. Dominic, When you get on the block, will you give me a two and half hour back massage, a manicure and a pedicure? Adam Poch, He's like I'm going home. Dominic, Or are you going home? Dominic, What about a mani pedi? Lawon, I don't know how to do all that. Dominic, I get rights to two of your jackets how about that? Lawon, I'll have to think about that one. Keith, When you get HOH can I enjoy some of your luxuries. Dominic, Absolutely.

Keith, First of all when you get HOH it's going to be HOTT. Dominic, What's that? Keith, Hot and we going to bring the girls  up there and you know go get it popped right there. This is the youth deacon? I'll bet their parents are so proud. Dominic to Lawon, What do you want when you are HOH? You want me to iron all your clothes. Lawon, I don't need your iron. Dominic, Iron your underwear? Lawon, I don't wear underwear. Dominic, Do you want me to warm your clothes. Get up early and put them in the dryer so they are nice and warm when you put them on. Cassi, Oh that's a good one. Dominic, Make breakfast all week? That's not a good one for you. Lawon, No I don't want you to cook cause you don't know if food is good or not. You might try and poison me. I gotta think of something you are real good at. Lawon, Keith from you I want a week of training.

Dominic, When I win HOH and you guys are on the block, you gotta do whatever Adam says for the whole week. Wait so does that mean when he is HOH he's going to put up his own people? That's just wrong. Dominic, If Adam says get in the dryer naked, you'd better get. Lawon, I have a good one for you. If you get HOH you and me are going to create a Big Brother dance. Dominic, If I get a vote from you. I'll cook your bacon all week, braid your beard for you, and dress up like Farrah in bacon. But you can't touch me, it's just for your viewing please. Adam, You'd better make sure there is some cantaloupe in the house. Dominic, What's that for? Oh knockers? I'm scared now.

Dominic, If I win HOH no one is allowed in the HOH Room. Lawon, If I win HOH I going to do something that has never been done in Big Brother history and I ain't going to tell you. Dominic, No one's ever not let anyone up in the HOH room. Lawon, Cassi if I win HOH I want you to come in the HOH room and prepare me for the day. Cassi, I can do men's grooming. fair enough.

Dominic, Goes over to Jordan and tells her he is going to teach her how to ghetto walk. It's for when she is in a bad neighborhood. Jordan, I've never been in a bad neighborhood. Dominic, How do you know you've never been in a bad neighborhood. Dominic, So what you do is you walk like your left knee is hurt. You walk like this with a limp. Jordan, I already walk funny like that. I walk like my foots hurt anyway. I walk funny. Dominic, That's not like tough enough looking. We're practicing right now. This time your going to limp. Domininc, Now you gotta swing your arm. Lawon, is now showing her. Dominic, Perfect, I gotta get Jeff. They are laughing hysterically at her. Shelly is doing a good one. Shelly says you gotta grab your junk. Now Dominic, Keith and Lawon are teaching Jordan and Shelly. Cassi, Shelly looks like a crazy homeless person.

In the kitchen. Daniele, Brendon, Jeff, Rachel. Daniele, That really bugs me. Brendon whispers to Daniele. Jeff is cooking. Cassi, It smells so good. Brendon, Just remember don't eat to fast or you'll puke it all up.

Porsche is in the bathroom telling Daniele about her conversation to Keith. She tells her when Keith said it's going to be 6-4, she told him it's going to be 10-0 Jokingly. I never heard that. And he's like I don't know I think your going to stay. We went in the purple room and he's like I think I got Lawon, Kalia and Shelly. He says he's pretty sure Dominic and Cassi are with them. Daniele, He told me that too. I don't know where he is getting it from. Porsche, I think he's trying to get me to go talk to them. Daniele, Just leave it alone. It's pointless, and unnecessary. Daniele, You're fine.

Now Porsche is in the purple room talking to Adam telling him she want's to stay. She says she knows she is a big competitor and that's a threat. She says the only reason she won the banana competition is because she was wearing shorts and nobody else was. That kept her from sliding. For Keith he's going to be a strong competitor through out. He is playing a mental game. Adam, He is playing a mental game for sure.

Porsche, Where I screwed up was trying to get close to my partner and not getting close to everyone else. Of course I went to the HOH and Dick came down like the leader of the game and asked what doesn't anyone know how to play this game? Like nobody else has gone up there. Adam, I didn't want to go up there right away cause I thought they would see me as a threat. You know like this guy is playing the game hard. That's what sucked is we were pitted against the all stars right away. So I didn't want to go up there and kiss their rear and destroy my safety. Dominic and I both talked about them as a duo and we decided to wait for nominations and see what's on their mind. So I was trying to get to know them outside on a social level before a game level.

Porsche, Even when I went upstairs it wasn't on a game level it was to see who these people are. Unfortunately, for me I only watched Dick and Daniele's season. I didn't watch eleven and twelve so I didn't have a good back ground. Through out it Rachel explained to me that you're going to get dragged through the mud. You are going to get called names and stuff on the internet, but you gotta stay true to yourself, and don't forget who you are. She's like that's why I came back, because now I can prove who I am. Adam, Yeah, she definitely got a bad rap. Porsche, Yeah and she's a nice person. Jordan is probably the sweetest people there is. Adam, Somebody asked her what's your secret and she was like I don't know. And I was like if she knew what she was doing right. She would tell you and that's very rare that you find people that are genuinely sweet like that. Porsche, I've even talked to her about that like how do I play the game against someone mentally strong who prepared themselves for a game like this. She's like no be yourself if you get far you get far. Both of them said the same thing basically you'll either get far or you won't but be true to yourself. So that's what I'm going to do. Porsche is just rambling on.

Adam, I really haven't made a decision yet. I know I'm going to upset one of you. I know I'm going to disappoint one of you. In the perfect game we would still be eight strong. Porsche, I tried I held on the longest. This girl needs to get over herself. Adam, That's why I'm struggling you both have advantages. You I think I could work with, him he would take some of the heat away from me. That's the hard part of this game is decide who is going to help my game. So if you hear him say that I said he's got my vote. I hate the fact that I'm lying to him. Porsche, He's saying the opposite. He's saying that I don't have his back? Porsche, But I don't believe anything he's saying. He's trying to tell me know that Dominic and Cassie aren't going to vote for him.

Porsche says she is talking to people as pairs because I can feel that some people the other half of the pair might not be on my side. So if you talk to Dominic and he says Porsche is not campaigning to me that's because I don't feel like it would matter. Adam, Yeah you're wasting your time trying to convince him. Keith's saying Dominic and Cassi made a deal. It's his paranoia. Porsche, It's not his paranoia it's his way of, it's just like he told people he's not a matchmaker and he wanted to see it get around and see who was a mole and make everybody think he was playing a game so well. He's still doing it. He's either going to do it until he goes home or until he can knock everybody out and win. He's here to win by himself and not as a pair. Being in a pair with him I learned it the hard way. I would have much rather been in a pair with Kalia rather than being in a pair with him because he though I was hot or whatever the case may be. Adam, He was looking for the showmance. Porsche, I've heard that too.

Adam, When I found out he had been on another reality show too, search for Ken or whatever. Porsche, Eight months ago. Adam, I was like why are you here. Are you here to further your personal or romantic life or are you here to play Big Brother? You can definitely tell who is here to play Big Brother and who is here for exposure. Put aside you definitely want a career in that. This could help jump start it. But you are here to play Big Brother that's why I said I could work with you. Where as with him, he can take the heat off me. That's why I have to weigh. Same thing like you have to do what's best for you. I really wish I could tell you I have your back, cause I know if I told you that and then I don't you'd be po'd. Then next thing I know he's going to be going around screaming about me. I thought you guys being nominated was just a way for them to back door me and Dominic. We are the only guy, guy duo. Porsche, I made sure that kind of thing wasn't going to happen, when he wanted to make a deal with them. Because I didn't want you or Shelly going up. Because I feel like this is like a training, you guys trained to be here. Like at this point it was better for me not to make a deal and keep him here because I feel like at this point it was the best way for me to beat him. He can beat me in a running game. I know he thinks he's so smart and everything. He might be, I don't know. He might be able to beat me in other things. So for me it's better to get rid of him now with everybody not liking him and not making enemies for myself.

Adam, Have you gotten any feed back from the All Stars as far as like what they. Porsche, They were apologetic to me. I've talked to Rachel and Jordan a lot about the whole situation. Both of them have told me be myself. Although Jordan was lucky she had Jeff early on in her season to take her through the game just like Rachel had Brendon to help balance them out. Porsche is now repeating herself just telling him what she thinks he wants to hear. 

Porsche, I wish Evel Dick would have stayed. He would have given me so much insight. Adam, I know that Evel Dick being mean to me meant he liked me.

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