Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taking Lives - The Movie

This was an older movie from 2004. A psychological crime thriller about an FBI profiler named Illeana Scott played by Angelina Jolie. She is chasing a serial killer played by Ethan Hawke.

The serial killer kills people and then takes over their identity. Because of this he has been on the loose for years, until one day his mother spots him. He has supposedly been dead for 19 years.

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 20, 2011

Daniele Donato is trying to make something with slop.

Rachel Reilly, Adam Poch and Jeff Schroeder are playing pool. Jordan Lloyd is in the hot tub. Shelly Moore is running around doing different things.

Porsche Briggs is hanging in the kitchen with Daniele and Kalia is lying outside on the couch.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 19, 2011

Porsche Briggs and Kalia Booker are in the candy room. I guess they didn’t win the HOH because they are talking about being put up. Kalia says at least if we get voted out the stress will be over. Porsche says F that I don’t want to go the jury house with Brendon. Oh, I hadn’t thought about that yet. I can’t even imagine being locked in a house with Brendon.

Jordan just came in. Everyone is tired.

Big Brother 13 Episode 19 August 18, 2011

I've been waiting for tonight all week! I can't wait to see who is evicted!

OMG Enough of Rachel crying already. There is other stuff to show. Give me a break!

Man Shelly Moore is getting tanned.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 18, 2011

Well I don't know what happened last night but for some reason Big Brother After Dark did not record. ??

I will have to go back through the Twitter feeds and see what happened.

On the previous show Rachel made a comment about being put every week, which I knew wasn't right, but it prompted me to create a Big Brother Stats page. It can be found on the right under Favorite Topics. Now we can see who has won POV's, HOH's, been nominated, on slop, and what prizes they have won.

This is what I rounded up from Twitter:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 18 August 17, 2011

This house has been full of drama that's for sure. Let's see who wins the POV.

Shelly goes into the room with Rachel and Jordan and says the three deal is out. Porsche told everyone Rachel, Brendon and I have a final three deal. Rachel said no we don't. Shelly, I know. Kalia and Brendon walked in. Jordan told Kalia to stay in there and for Brendon to go get Porsche. LOL Jordan doesn't want Kalia giving Porsche a heads up. Shelly, everything that came out came from Rachel. They confront Porsche, she says Rachel told me you wanted a deal but she did not trust you so there is no deal. Shelly, thanks Rachel. Rachel, you are welcome Shelly that's what you told me. Shelly, that is not what I told you.

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 17, 2011

Well tonight is the hot dog eating contest. Oh Yeah! I am not excited about this. They are going to eat ten hot dogs followed by a raw egg.

Shelly Moore is in the kitchen talking to Daniele Donato. Shelly wants to know when Rachel will go home. She says just wait until her speech. She has someone helping her with it.

Shelly is going on about how much she hates liars.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 16, 2011

Everyone is sitting outside. They say it’s nine o’clock time to be funny.

Nothing going on so far just general chit chat.

Adam Poch and Jeff Schroeder on the couch. Adam, I’m glad we are on the same page. It unfortunately makes sense. Don’t worry about it I got your back. Jeff, we have no choice but to stick together. If we start splitting up it’s over. Adam, that would be stupid for any of us. All of us.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 8 "Preparing For Discharge"

 The police have arrived for Michael Lohan. They tell him to place his hands behind his back. Michael says he didn't do anything. The police decide not to arrest Michael because he is in Dr. Drew's care. He will be put on strict lock down.

Kate Major is drunk and has been doing pills. Dr. Drew tells Michael he is his patient and the one he is worried about right now. He will talk to Kate and try to get her help. Michael asks if Dr. Drew will sit down with the two of them and talk. He says no. Dr. Drew, here is my problem. The unit has to be safe. You have to respect the boundaries of your peers. You can't scream and yell and carry on. I have to discharge you if you lose your cool on the unit. Michael, I'm not going to lose my cool. Dr. Drew, you already did. I want to keep you as a patient. Is this really worth it? Michael, no I have to let her go. I have to get her out of my life. Dr. Drew tells Michael to cool out here and sit with these guys, he's going to see what is going on outside. Will Smith is there with Jeremy Jackson.

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 15, 2011

Jeff Schroeder is in the kitchen cooking.

Kalia Booker came out and said she said if we do fun things we will get more alcohol. Porsche said give us more alcohol and we will do more fun things.

Rachel, Daniele, Kalia and Shelly are on the couch.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 17 August 14, 2011

We start out the show with a lot of recaps from last weeks show. I don't know why they do this. We saw last weeks show.

Kalia Booker and Daniele Donato are really wishing they had evicted Rachel now.

Jordan Lloyd and Shelly Moore comes in the kitchen and orders Brendon and Rachel to the purple room where Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Brendon, Adam and Shelly all start jumping up and down silently screaming and celebrating.

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 14, 2011

I don’t remember another house being as stressed for as long as this one. I remember the season with Chima being pretty stressful, but it doesn’t seem like the fighting went on as long as this as this house has, and this house there are so many of them fighting.