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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 21 May 12, 2011

"God Bless the Child"

Oh my Sam is looking good! Doing push ups! Hottttt!!

Oh! Gabriel and Naomi slept together. Well at least they are both single, I guess that's okay.

This is going to be an interesting story line with Patti. She tries to get an abortion and can't because of protesters, so she goes and gets a back alley abortion that is botched. Go figure. And to top it off she is still pregnant. ?? Addison tells her when you have the abortion done early sometimes the doctor can miss the embryonic tissue. That's probably not a good thing to be putting out there. Naomi says the stats on this happening are negligible.

Addison starts explaining to Patti that she is farther along and the procedure is much more difficult now. There is something called laminaria, seaweed sticks that absorb fluid and swell, they would be inserted into your cervix to help it dilate, twenty four hours later she would be brought back in put under general anesthesia and the fetus would be removed using forceps and suction. Who knew. I've got to Google that laminaria. I've never heard of it. I've heard of forceps and suction. Seems to me like they could give her something to cause her to abort rather than going in with the forceps and suction. I must investigate this further.

Just Googled laminaria it's seaweed. I thought laminaria was the name of the procedure.  I like that the topic of abortion is being addressed, but I'm concerned with giving this much detail people will be trying these lamnaria sticks at home, which I would think could be really dangerous.

I feel bad for Patti, she recognizes she can't afford a baby. She tries to get an abortion that doesn't work. Now she has to go through all of this again, like doing it the first time wasn't hard enough. I can't even imagine.

Clearly the lawsuit didn't worry these guys about discussing patients, because they are all discussing Patti. Throwing out all the usually pro's and con's about abortion.

They get a call Betsy is back and she is in the hospital, she fell down the stairs. They all go to the hospital. Aww she's afraid because she's in the hospital her mom and dad died in.  Betsy was in the hospital before with a broken collar bone, so the doctors at the practice suspect abuse.

Naomi says if you guys would have taken her when she was in the office. I agree with Naomi.

Haha Betsy tells Violet she doesn't want to talk to her cause she didn't come visit her. Good for Betsy. The foster parents kid is sitting there while Cooper asks Betsy about the fall. I don't trust him - the kid.

Now Naomi is telling Gabriel about Patti. He doesn't even work there anymore, but she didn't use Patti's name so I guess it's okay. He want's Naomi to move to DC with him. More abortion debating.

Cooper has called the social worker in for Betsy.

Patti goes back to the office to see Addison and Naomi who just happens to be holding her grand daughter tells her about Mia and tells her how she's confused. Then Naomi offers her all the support she needs if she carries the baby to term. I love you Naomi, but that was just wrong. Is Naomi going to keep that kid from coming and knocking on Patti's door someday?

They are all back in the kitchen discussing Patti again. Addison found out Naomi talked to Patti. Addison is mad. Naomi says Patti needed to think about what she was doing, this abortion could affect her the rest of her life. Addison says any choice she makes will affect her for the rest of her life. Sheldon says this is emotional. Naomi says this is physical. When you crush that babies skull to get it through the cervix it feels the pain. Addison says you don't think I know that. Naomi says I don't think you care. Addison says of course I care but Patti is my patient. You violated the trust that I had established with my patient. You crossed so far over the line you can't even see it. Naomi - I did what I thought was right. Addison - whether or not to do this procedure is not your decision it is mine. Sheldon - I thought it was Patti's. Naomi - you didn't want to do it anyway and now you don't have too. Addison - don't pretend you did this for me. You manipulated a terrified and confused girl, preach whatever you want to your own patients but stay away from mine. Wow! Intense!

Betsy might need brain surgery. Amelia is reminded of Dell dying on her table. She tells Charlotte she accidently drank at her wedding when the waiter told her the champagne was ginger ale. She says she didn't drink it she spit it out. Charlotte offers to go with her to a meeting.

Cooper calls Violet out about Betsy. It's about time Violet's been on her high horse for a while now.

Back at the hospital Betsy is having a crisis. She needs brain surgery. The other foster kid, the foster parents real kid, is going all psycho on Pete. I knew something wasn't right with that kid.

Pete and the foster boy are having ice cream. Sheldon arrives. I smell a set up. Pete leaves. Sheldon interrogates the baby psychopath.

Amelia operates on Betsy. There is a bleed during surgery she is in a coma, they don't know if she will wake up.

Violet goes to the foster parents and tells them they need to keep their son Marshall away from Betsy. Sheldon comes up and says something is wrong with Marshall. The parents tell them both to get lost or they're calling security.

Addison goes to the bar to visit Patti. (Patti's working there) She apologizes for Naomi. Says that she is there to help. Patti tells her she doesn't know what to do. She tells Patti she can't tell her what to do. I can only tell you that it is your choice. Patti says maybe it shouldn't be. Addison says it has to be. When it comes to abortion everyone has an opinion, everybody wants to tell you what to do, if this were 1972 it would have been a back alley and not my elevator that you would have collapsed in because back then you didn't have a choice. Now you do. But its still hard. And even after you make the most difficult and personal decision there is, it's still not safe because you have some fanatic that claims to value life that can walk into abortion clinic and blow it up. Patti you are the only one who knows if you are ready to have a child, everybody else is just back ground noise. So if you want to keep this baby I'll support you, you want to give it up for adoption I'll help, you want an abortion I'll do it. I just want you to know whatever decision you make its for you not for me, not for Dr. Bennett, for you. I'm not sure the blowing up the abortion clinic was really relevant to Patti, but hey it's a show. Point made.

So the foster mother decided she needs to give her son more time and leaves Betsy at the hospital. Saw that coming.

Patti decided to have the abortion which is what she wanted before Naomi put her through all that again. Addison is in the scrub room recalling her own abortion. She says to Naomi who has come in, why can't Patti get what she needs, a safe legal abortion without judgement? Why does she have to go through this again? Why do I have to go through this? I hate what I am about to do, but I support Patti's right to choose. It is not enough to just have an opinion because in a nation of 300 million people there are only 1700 abortion providers and I am one of them. I didn't realize abortion doctors had become so scare. It's understandable I guess. Addison also commented earlier that a lot of doctors are not trained for this procedure.

Addison goes into surgery and asks Patti if she is sure, she says yes but she is scared. Addison tells her she is going to take good care of her. Patti says she just feels so alone. Naomi comes in and says your not alone. She takes her hand and says your not alone. Oh Shonda Rhimes you made me cry again.

Charlotte runs into Amelia and tries to get her to go to a meeting. Amelia promises she will go to a meeting in the morning. And then Charlotte gives Amelia a hug! SHOCKER

Naomi tells Addison after the surgery that she was there for both of them. Addison says she misses Nae, that somewhere along the way she let go of her hand and being alone just sucks, she wants her best friend back. Addison asks her is she wants to go for a drink Naomi says yes she does but can she bring a bottle of wine over later. Addison says you got plans? Naomi says what I have are a lot of opinions its time I act on them. She's going to get Betsy I know it! At least I really really want her too.

Naomi goes to see Gabriel Fife. He tells her he loves her and that he is leaving tomorrow, but that he knows when he has lost.

Violet talks to Betsy while she is in her coma, and tells her she is right to be mad at her, and that her dad would be mad at her too. No kidding. She promises to find people who will love her. Betsy wakes up.

Amelia goes to the bar and orders a vodka tonic, she tells the bartender just one.

Betsy wakes back up and tells Violet you're still here. She said I promised. Betsy asked for her mommy. Violet said oh honey she loves you she really does. Betsy interrupts but she doesn't want me anymore. Violet promises to find her a family and that she will be a part of her life. Naomi had come into the room. Betsy says where am I going to live now? Naomi says you are coming home with me. Violet says she is? Betsy asks for how long? Naomi says how about forever. Betsy says really? Naomi says really. Violet mouths thank you to Naomi while Betsy hugs her. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, way better episode than last week. Very intense and on a topic that will probably forever be debated. 

Preview for next weeks show: Violet saying they are suspending her license and they are coming after the practice. Charlotte tells Amelia her surgical privileges are revoked, Amelia appears to be in a bar. Addison is kissing.... Is that? Yes in deed it is Benjamin Bratt. Woo Hoo! Pete tells Violet he's done with her. Wow I wonder what provokes that? Addison suggests maybe they should just let the practice die and go their own separate ways. Oh that can't happen.

I must say I think we should see Taye Diggs doing push ups in every episode. I must tweet Shonda Rhimes about that.

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