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Grey's Anatomy May 19 2011 Season Finale

Finally we get to see who is named Chief Resident.

It looks like Meredith and Derricks house on the mountain top is coming along.

Owen Hunt is going to tell Derrick Sheppard about Meredith Grey tampering with the clinical trial.

Derrick wants to know what Meredith did, she won't tell him. Derrick takes Meredith to see Chief Webber, where she refuses to tell him what she did.  Meredith says kick me off the study nothing she did changes the study. This is true.

Meredith Grey tells Alex Karev that they are probably going to fire her. She wants to know if he's happy and then throws him out of her house.

An airplane has crashed they are preparing for incoming patients.

Owen Hunt assigns Jackson Avery to Mark Sloan who thinks Avery quit the Chief's trial because the work was too hard. Hunt tells him the real reason. Mark is silent.

All of the airplane victims families are arriving, the victims still have not arrived.

Alex Karev tries to tell Owen Hunt that he had too many drinks and he just told him about Meredith Grey because he didn't want her to get Chief Resident. Owen Hunt says if you didn't think this through then you are as dumb as she is.

Eli's back. Yeah! Bailey is upset because she has flown the same flight that crashed, taking Tucker to her parents.

Christina Yang is questioning a patient about when her last period was and realizes, that she hasn't had a period in a while I guess, because the next scene is Lucy Fields giving her an ultrasound. Lucy tells her she is about six weeks pregnant. She asks her is she wants to talk about options. Christina says no. Cause we all know Christina doesn't want kids. Boy Christina must be one fertile woman, I'm pretty sure she only has one ovary, and she got pregnant. Didn't they take an ovary when she lost Burke's baby? Poor Meredith, everyone around her getting preggers without trying. I still think once the adoption goes through Meredith will get pregnant.

Still no patients from the plane crash. Every one is waiting.

Chief Webber tells Alex Karev he wants a written account of everything he saw with Meredith. Alex starts to say he doesn't think, the Chief cuts him off and says I don't care what you think.

Mark Sloan tells Jackson Avery he is a good man, that Lexie Grey is yours. Wow, what makes Mark think Lexie is his to give. Jackson says I already have her, but thank you?

Christina Yang tells Owen Hunt she is pregnant. Owen Hunt wants to keep the baby. I'm feeling a little deja vu from last weeks Private Practice with all the abortion debating. Owen says he doesn't want her to be unhappy but he wants her to keep the baby she doesn't want. Gee, don't you think babies should have been discussed before the marriage?  I feel sorry for Owen but they should of discussed it before they were married. I mean Christina has never even hinted she wanted a baby, its always been no. Christina leaves.

Christina sees Meredith in the conference room with Derrick and Chief Webber. Alex knocks on the door and gives Chief Webber a folder.  Meredith tells Derrick if you don't know what I did the trial stays blind. Well, that's crap because I think I addressed this before when they open the envelope in surgery and see whether a drug or placebo was given the trial is no longer blind. Only what Meredith did is blind for the time being. Mean while the Chief is reading what Alex gave him, he looks up and says it was Adele. Derrick is still talking, the Chief says louder it was Adele. Derrick looks up.

April Kepner says maybe I should put some IV fluids in the heater? I thought she was doing that several scenes ago? Owen tells her no, if it's taking this long no one survived. That's not good. Not only because they all died but because they sent all the other patients away, planning on the plane victims to arrive. No money made today I'd say.

Derrick Sheppard asks the Chief what are you going to do? The Chief says I don't know. Derrick says the protocol is pretty clear. Meredith asks are you encouraging him to fire me? The Chief says I basically pressured her into doing it. You'd have to fire us both. So how does Derrick have the ability to fire the Chief? That didn't make sense. Derrick leaves. The Chief tells Meredith he has to suspend her so it doesn't look so bad, and he has to turn the whole study mess over to the FDA and let them figure out what to do. Chief Webber says Meredith I don't know how to... Meredith says I know.  Yea, how do you thank someone for giving up their career for a "chance" to save you wife. Not even a guarantee it will work.

The Chief tells everyone they have to start notifying families of the deaths.

Owen posts the new Chief Resident's name to the bulletin board. The new Chief Resident is April Kepner. Alex is mad he says to Hunt it was supposed to be me or Grey. Do you think anyone is going to listen to Kepner? It's going to be complete chaos. Dr Hunt says do you think anyone is going to listen to you? You just sold out the one universally liked individual at this hospital. EveryoneAlex never ever gets a break.

Meredith has to tell one of the Alzheimer's trial patients with little kids they can't give them the drug today.

Owen tells Christina he could take leave for six months or a year. Christina says no. Owen says this doesn't have to be your problem. It would be my problem. You wouldn't even. Christina cuts him off. What I wouldn't even notice? I'm not a monster. If I have a baby I would love it. Owen that's the problem, that you'll love it. That's a problem we can work with. Christina asks him if he's laughing at her, if he's even listening to her. He says yes. He's just trying to come up with a compromise. Christina says there is no compromise, you don't have half a baby. I don't want one. It isn't about work or a scheduling conflict, I don't want one. Owen asks do you love me? Do you trust me? Why do guys do that? That is so not fair. He asks her to sit with it for a while because she loves him.

Why is it that people want to be all grown up and married but they do not want to have the grown up discussions. Again they should have discussed this before they were married. And if Christina is so determined she doesn't want to have a baby. She should pay better attention to her birth control or have her tubes tied or something. This is the second time now she is going through this.

Jackson Avery tells Lexie Grey Mark Sloan gave her to him.

All the doctors start telling the families of the plane crash victims that there are no survivors.

Teddy takes Henry some pudding. She says she spent the last two hours telling people their family members are dead, and I just wanted to say hi or good bye again. Henry says I really wanted to be a gentleman about this but now you need to get the hell out. Good job Henry! Teddy asks what are you doing? Henry says letting you go was the worst thing I've ever done, the most painful thing I've ever done, and I'm a guy who has had 82 surgeries, my threshold for pain is pretty high. You need to get out. I'm not your best bud! I'm not your security blanket! I'm a man who is in love with you, who waltzed you into the arms of a damn knight on a horse! So go to Germany, and have little spaetzle eating children, and please for god's sake leave me alone. I knew he couldn't keep being nice forever. But good for him. Teddy deserved that.

April Kepner gets a phone call there is one survivor.

Derrick goes into the locker room and ask Meredith if she is leaving. She says no I didn't get fired. I know that's disappointing to you. Derrick says my trial is about to disappear you really want to act like I'm the bad guy here? Derrick says I know that it was Adele changes things for Richard but it doesn't for me. Meredith says she understands that. Derrick says she couldn't possibly understand that. He says if she would have thought about the millions of people with Alzheimer's she wouldn't have pulled this stunt. How is it you don't know the difference between right and wrong. Meredith says because I don't think that things are simply right or wrong. There is nothing simple about this it's complicated that this is Richard and Adele and we have a drug in a box that could help her. There is nothing simple about that. Meredith apologizes for messing everything up but says she would do it again.

Derrick says I don't know how to raise a child with someone who can't understand there is a right and a wrong in the world. Meredith wow so now I'm going to be a bad mother. That's where your going with this? Derrick - You've been saying it for weeks. Maybe you're right.  I just need some time to think. I need some space. I know Derrick is mad about his trial but wow. That was mean. And how is Meredith suspended but doesn't have to go home? I'm confused. Fired or suspended I thought you still had to go home.

The sole survivor arrives. Its a girl named Sarah.

The grieving families are still there when April Kepner comes in looking for Sarah's family. Sarah's family is not there, the grieving families decide to stay so Sarah isn't alone. Awww

Christina runs into Meredith. Meredith tells her the adoption lady keeps paging her and Derrick is AWOL. Christina asks her if its true? What was she thinking? Meredith says I was thinking that the Chief's wife was about to have saline injected into her vein instead of a drug that could stop her from being a gorked out lump. Derricks head almost exploded. Christina asks are they going to fire you? Meredith - I'm suspended the Chief backed way off when he found out it was Adele. I did what I had to do. I couldn't have lived with my self if I'd have done anything different.

Christina and Meredith walk up on Alex talking to the adoption lady. Meredith tells Christina he is trying to ruin my life. She goes in and tells the adoption lady that anything he says. Alex cuts her off and tells her to shut up this isn't about that. The adoption lady tells Meredith they are giving them temporary custody of Zola pending the completion of the petition. And her doctor here says she is doing great. She can go home today. Alex proceeds with discharge instructions. Meredith doesn't say anything. Man if I was that adoption lady I would have wanted to know what that don't listen to anything he tells you was about, and she didn't even wonder where Derrick was.

The shrink doctor tells Teddy he wants to go to a fancy hotel and never get out of the bath. They leave at 9am tomorrow.

Meredith is still calling Derrick, he's ignoring her.

Sarah's mom arrives, she's in a panic as to be expected. The families that were waiting fill her in.

Meredith is in the NICU getting supplies for Zola. The nurse tells her that when babies die, families always leave stuff behind.

Sarah's mom finally asks the other family about the person they have on the plane, if he is in surgery? The lady says yes, he will be fine. Her husband looks at her like she is crazy, since their son is dead. I get it though. April comes in and tells her Sarah is out of surgery and she can see her now. Sarah's mom gives the lady a hug and says she will pray for her son.

Teddy goes into see Henry. She asks him to stand up, says she needs to do something and she can't do it while he is laying in a hospital bed. Henry says he doesn't want a good bye hug it will just make her feel better, its not going to make me feel better. Teddy - Can you just stand up? She kisses him and says your my husband and I think I'm falling in love with you. I knew it as soon as he said he wanted a divorce she wants him.

Mark asks Lexie how shes doing. She tells him he needs to stop. To stop checking on her and talking to her boyfriend. She tells him she loves him and will always love him, but I don't want to love you I want to be happy and Jackson makes me happy and if you keep pulling at me I'll come back to you. Mark - Your right. Lexie - You got what you want. You wanted a family. Please let me have what I want. Mark says I told Avery I was letting you go. Did he tell you that part? Lexie, yea it's paternalistic and weird. Mark, I'm letting you go Lexie that means you gotta walk away. She does.

Avery goes in and congratulates April. She can't believe they liked her enough to make her Chief Resident. I have friends here she says. Avery says, well they are going to hate you again. It's now your job to boss them around you know how much they love that. Nothing like a dose of reality to kill the mood.

Meredith arrives home with the baby to an empty house. Derrick is not home, Alex has cleaned out his room. She tells Zola she is going to get it together and they are going to figure it out.

Christina tells Owen tell me you love me. He says he loves her a great deal. A great deal? What the heck is that? Christina, A lot, you love me so much I want you to remember that. I made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. I'm sorry if this isn't what you want. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I need to lay down.  Owen says this is a marriage. You don't get to decide this without me. Christina says have a baby? This isn't pizza versus Thai, you don't give a little on a baby. Owen, Christina I am asking. Christina I am saying no! Owen nods his head and turns away from her. He turns back around and tells her to get out. Christina says because I denied you a baby? Owen - Because you denied me a part in the decision because you denied me a marriage. Christina - How dare you? Owen screams get out!

Bailey goes to tell Eli good night. He wants to go home with her she says no she has Tuck tonight. Eli says I can meet your son. I'm not going to bite your son. LOL Bailey says its not the right time. Eli says this is a relationship things were really bad today. Right now people lean on each other when things are bad. That information is not going to hurt your child. And if it does then this is not the right relationship for me. Eli, I can control myself when I'm in your house. I'm not going to touch you. Tell him I'm your friend tell him what ever you need. Bailey says okay.

Christina lets herself into Meredith's house. Meredith says I was hoping you were Derrick he took off, and the hospital gave me a baby, she's upstairs sleeping in some dead kids porta crib. Christina says she's getting an abortion and Owen kicked her out of the house. Meredith - Why didn't you tell me. Christina you had a busy busy day.  Meredith says come up stairs I need help. Christina says I can't I gotta lay down.

Lucy goes up to Alex who is at the bar and tells him to tell her not to go to Africa. He tells her go to hell. What did she expect? She took his almost job.

Meredith says inside her head. "There is a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't because I thought I would be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then I fell apart I might not make it. It's easier to be alone. Because what if you learn that you need love and then you don't have it. What if you like it and lean on it. What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart. Can you even survive that kind of pain. Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is. Death ends. This could go on forever." There is some truth to that, but I don't think I agree with all of it.

Derrick is sleeping in the new house with no roof in a sleeping bag. It's getting ready to rain on him.

Some additional thoughts on this episode and next season.

Christina and Owen, I'm worried about Christina she kept saying I need to lay down. I think there is a problem. I don't think Owen and Christina will recover from this without a lot of conversation. Because he clearly wants kids and she doesn't.

Derrick and Meredith, I think the FDA will let him keep his trial as long as Meredith is not a part of it. After that happens I think he will also forgive Meredith because it was Adele and he loves Zola. He's going to have to apologize for saying Meredith will be a bad mother.

Alex and Lucy, Lucy is going to be on Charlies Angels. So that will be over at least as long as Charlies Angels stays on.

Jackson and Lexie, I think Lexie will go back to Mark.

Bailey and Eli, I really like these two together. I hope they stay together.

Teddy and Henry, I really like Henry but I'm afraid Teddy will screw this up. Has Teddy even told the shrink guy that she is married yet? Has she told him she isn't going to Germany? Or did she just go in and kiss Henry to see if she liked it since she "might" be falling in love with him. I thought she had this great connection with the shrink now she might like Henry better. Teddy makes me crazy. This is why I think she will screw this up if they get together.

Arizona, Callie and Mark. I think they are all in a good place for now, but I expect that Shonda Rhimes will come up with some fun new parent things for these three and Meredith. I'm still a little concerned about Arizona being jealous of Mark.

April Kepner,  I'm worried she will get AIDS or HIV still. Question is will her and Dr. Stark get together? I think they will. And where was he this week? I don't recall seeing him.

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