Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jeff Conaway In A Coma

This makes me so sad and mad. Most of you probably will recognize Jeff Conaway from his performances in Taxi and Grease. He is now 60 years old and was found unconscious on May 1. He is in a coma from an apparent drug overdose. He is in an Encino hospital in critical condition. 

When Jeff was filming the car scene in Grease, the one where they were dancing on the red convertible he fell and injured his back. I never knew that until he went into Celebrity Rehab. While I would like to say he is another victim to prescription drugs, I can't blame this one "all" on the doctors. Jeff admitted in rehab to being an addict since he was a teenager.  He also added cocaine and alcohol to the mix. To top that off his girl friend was also a user. That never helps. If memory serves me right he was taking Oxycodone or Oxycontin. I remember Dr. Drew being very concerned about him possibly having seizures, and at one point Jeff was taken from the Rehab to the hospital.

It sounded like Jeff had several surgeries on his back and their was nothing else the doctors could do for his back and the pain. I had to wonder the way it was shown on Celebrity Rehab if the pain wasn't just psychosomatic. At times he was humiliated by needing help getting to the bathroom. Sometimes he needed to use a walker or a wheelchair. Add the addiction on top of that and he was a mess.

Jeff was on Celebrity Rehab twice.  In the second season his girl friend also entered rehab, although due to the rules, she was housed in a separate unit.  

I had hoped after season two when both Jeff and Vikki - his girl friend entered rehab things would get better. But I'm not even sure Jeff stayed the entire season or if he left early. It seemed like he was threatening to leave every day he was there.

I've watched Celebrity Rehab since the beginning. You gotta admire the work Dr. Drew, Shelley, Bob, Will and the team does. I don't know if I could do it. They often want these people to get better more than the patient does. Some of the people I wonder why are they there, I think they just want some air time. But others are seriously ill and scare me to death. All you can do is pray they stay with the program and are okay.

Some of them you see on other shows and while that doesn't necessarily mean they are clean at least you know they are functioning.

Then there are the Mike Starr's & Jeff Conaway's. The worst part of  it is after watching Celebrity Rehab, you get to know them and it makes it harder when something happens to them. They are no longer just a face on the screen. They are someone you know and have come to care about. 

I was really afraid for Mike Starr & Jeff Conaway. I guess I had good reason to be. I sure hope Heidi Fleiss, Seth Binzer, Kari Ann Peniche, Jason Davis and Leif Garrett are all doing well. I worry about them too.

And yes Charlie Sheen I didn't forget you. Go to rehab.

It seems like people can make drugs for people to get addicted to. The least they could do is come up with a pill to stop them from being addicted. The sad thing is even if they came up with a pill to stop the addiction it still wouldn't undo the damage done to people's bodies, brain cells, families and just their lives in general.

This all just makes me so sad. I hate drugs.

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