Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap July 9, 2011

Still no new news on where Evel Dick is. CBS is calling it a personal matter. I would say getting arrested if that's what happened is personal. LOL

I was trying to find more information on Cassie Colvin. She looks so familiar. I thought maybe she had been on Survivor or in a soap. I haven't found anything except modeling so far. I even went through 22 seasons of the Survivor Cast. I know I've seen her before. Errrrr I hate that.

Betty Ford Dies

I just saw Betty Ford, Widow of President Gerald Ford died Friday. Yesterday now.

How sad. She was 93 years old.

We have Betty Ford to thank for all the Betty Ford Clinics. What a lady.

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Big Brother After Dark 13 Where Is Evel Dick?

Well before I went to bed this morning. I saw Zap2it reported that after "After Dark" ended this morning, the house feeds were turned off, and the house was told Evel Dick was gone.

CBS released a statement that Evel Dick Donato left because of personal reasons. They will address it on Wednesday's show. I wonder why they are waiting until Wednesday, and not saying something Sunday?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap July 8, 2011

Here we go the first night of Big Brother After Dark. I'll try and let you guys know what's going on without giving away the HOH and POV winners early. This should be a trick. LOL A lot of people don't want to know before the show airs on CBS. So if you want to know who won a competition. Send me a DM on Twitter and I'll tell you. hehe.

I will put my comments in blue so they can be distinguished from the others.

I usually sleep during the day so don't think I'm blowing you off, if you don't hear back from me right away. I will respond as soon as I wake up. :)

Big Brother 13 Episode 1 July 7, 2011

Finally Big Brother has started. Let the games begin!

This summer is Double Trouble. Wonder what they have in store for us? I've been trying to figure out who was returning to the show all week. I was checking Twitter pages to see who wasn't tweeting thinking they would be sequestered and not able to tweet.

Well let's see what we have in store for us. Let's meet these folks.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Stars - Actors Returning To All My Children

Okay maybe I'm late to the party but I've just seen that Leven Ramblin will be returning to All My Children as Lilly, and Carol Burnett will return as Verla Grubbs. If you don't remember her and you've watched for years, think back to the days of Langley and Phoebe. Verla was Langley Wallingford's daughter.

Deadliest Catch After The Catch Episode 4 2011

"Fresh Blood"

The boys all meet at The Shack in Oahu, Hawaii.

Jake Shimabukuro is playing the electric ukelele. The Captains say he is like Mozart, Mozart on steroids.

We have Mike Rowe, Captains Sig Hansen, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, Keith Colburn and Scott Campbell, Jr.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 13 Recap Pirate School

"Pirate School"

Josh Harris is driving the Cornelia Marie, thinking about his dad. There are clips of Phil Harris talking about getting his affairs in order so if something happened to him, their lives would be easier.

Josh says it's time to start their own legacy. Josh wants to keep the boat running he doesn't want to let his dad or himself down. They are pulling up little pots since pulling off the big numbers last week. They are getting about 30 crab a pot. Captain Tony Lara's honeymoon is over. Morale is dropping.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Momma Opal's Octopus Eggs Hatching Caught On Video

I like learning new things. Today I learned when Octopus' breed, the mom and dad both die. How sad.

Some local people diving in Puget Sound actually found this Octopus nest / den while diving and started watching it. They caught the hatching of the eggs on video. It's very cool and I thought I would share it with you.

Article and Video

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Tug Boat Sinks Off St. Paul Island In The Bering Sea

I'm catching up on news today and found this. Better late than never I guess.

On June 26, 2011, the 68 ft tug boat Aries started taking on water at approximately 6am, 109 miles east of St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs. They were listing 25-30 degrees starboard.

The May Day Call to the Coast Guard.

X Games:The Movie

If you like extreme sports you'll love this documentary - movie by Steve Lawrence released in 2009.

There is Motorcross Freestyle with Kyle Loza andy Ricky Carmichael. Kyle Loza does one of the craziest tricks I've ever seen on a motorcycle.

Monday, July 4, 2011