Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap July 8, 2011

Here we go the first night of Big Brother After Dark. I'll try and let you guys know what's going on without giving away the HOH and POV winners early. This should be a trick. LOL A lot of people don't want to know before the show airs on CBS. So if you want to know who won a competition. Send me a DM on Twitter and I'll tell you. hehe.

I will put my comments in blue so they can be distinguished from the others.

I usually sleep during the day so don't think I'm blowing you off, if you don't hear back from me right away. I will respond as soon as I wake up. :)

Porsche Briggs and Rachel Reilly are in the storage room discussing Dominic Briones. They are referring to him as Dom. The feed started in the middle of the conversation something to do with the key on the wall.

I've rewound this 3x to try and  figure out what Porsche Briggs is talking about. She said Adam told her Dom and I are going to try our best if we are picked. We're going up, we are two guys in a group. Porsche - I'm like I don't know. Don't do anything you don't want to do cause he's tried out for this show a sh$tload of times. I don't want to send him home. Porsche is telling Rachel she told Adam she has a feeling Dom knows more than he is letting on. And Adam says yeah, so she tells Adam there is only so much stupidity you can have, the kid says he's like 25 and models. Earlier today I was talking to him about Botox and he was pretending that he hadn't even heard of that word. I think people are going to catch on to he's not so dumb. Then she said Jeff came out.  Rachel - I'm surprised Adam told you all that. Porsche then tells Rachel she doesn't talk to Dominic about that kind of stuff. Keith and Dominic are really tight.

Rachel Reilly asks Porsche Who all are they talking game too? Porsche - apparently Keith Henderson. Rachel - We need to find out if Cassie Colvin is on board with it too. Porsche - I don't like Cassie if I ever get HOH Cassie's going home. Wow she said that in a really speedy voice. Rachel - Really? Porsche - Yes, the way's she's not talking to me and so fake to me. Cat fight's already. Porsche - Shelly's smart but physical stuff, she's had back surgeries and physical stuff. But Cassie doesn't really seem like she knows more about it. Those are the people I'm more sketchy about cause I know they are lying about playing the game. I don't feel like I was picked for the game because I have good connections and I 'm pretty with big boobs and long hair. They leave the storage room. I don't know if any of that was true or if Porsche made it up. I'd really like to know how long they have been in the house already. She's pretty much trashing everyone who can help her.

Rachel Reilly goes in one of the bedrooms it has like red blankets and wooden walls. She asked if they pushed in on the walls or anything. Then she asks someone what did you find?

Adam Poch has found something underneath a pillow in the nomination seat. Rachel says maybe it's a twist. Adam - I swear to god, why would I make that up. It was underneath there. Roll the tape. Dick's name is on the nomination seat. He has like a card with Dick Donato's name on it. Adam says it's from his shoe box. Rachel - but it's still his name on the nomination seat. Brendon - come on man there's no way. They check the other seat, nothing there. Adam - Why would I lie about this? Porsche - Because you would like to f ** with us. Someone says nothing happens in Big Brother without a reason. It's Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, Adam, Keith and Jeff standing there trying to figure this out. Adam - Now that means he's nominated. Rachel - that doesn't mean he's nominated, maybe there is a secret mole in the house or a saboteur. Porsche - No maybe that would mean he is gone. Jeff - So there is f**ng clues. Dominic comes in - Someone put that there for real? Adam - No. Porsche - Probably I'll be honest. Dominic says is that part of a saboteur? Brendon just showed up.

So they are trying to figure out what is going on. Rachel says Adam did it. They walk through the house and go in the purple room where Jordan Lloyd and Daniele Donato are. Daniele - Clearly we were given alcohol and you people drank it all. I'm pissed. Daniele is wearing like a golfers hat. It's really cute. I want one. Adam is still trying to convince them he didn't leave the card.

Brendon says everybody should look at same time so we don't drive each other crazy to see if there are more clues. Brendon, Brendon use your head. There are fourteen people in the house. I can see it now the crowd of people walking around the house looking and watching each other. Of course Rachel says that's a good idea. They question Adam again and tell him if he's lying no bacon or cigarettes for a week. He agrees.

Daniele says its dumb. Someone's singing the overhead voice says please stop singing. That always cracks me up. Basically the guys are searching the house and the girls are watching them. I haven't seen Evel Dick. So is there a secret boogie man stealing people?

The guys are debating whether it is a clue or a trick. Jeff Schroeder just confessed and said he put it there to set Adam Poch up, says it would have been better if he put one on the Sorceress too cause he would have went in there and found that one and really freaked out. Someone helped him with the setup, I'm not sure who. Whoever it was took the clue out of the Sorcererss before he found it. Adam asks so where is he? Jeff says I don't know.

The girls say they just found out about the joke 5 minutes before the joke. They are all on lock down.

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder are in the bathroom on the couch. Jordan feels bad for Adam. She is bruised from the competition and bored. Jordan and Jeff are trying to figure out where Evel Dick Donato is. They said maybe something happened to him or maybe he is doing his show. They said it's not fair if he got to go out. Brendon comes in and says all you have to do is give the Big Brother paranoia a little push. Jeff - yeah, wait till they turn it on us. Brendon - Where is Dick anyway?

Rachel wants to play find the difference. You have two teams. One in the living room one in the head of household. The team in the living room moves something and the team in the HOH has to figure out what. Rachel is telling them they can't cheat. Well don't put them in the room with the monitors. There are plenty of other rooms. Jeff just said use the purple room. I don't understand why they have to have a monitor for this. I don't think I would like this game.

I like find the difference games but, with Rachel giving direction, well you can imagine. Rachel, Daniele, Cassie, Shelly, Dominic and Lawon are upstairs. Brendon, Kalia, Porsche, Jordan, Keith, Adam, Jeff are downstairs. The people downstairs are in the kitchen moving stuff. The people upstairs are trying to figure out what was moved. The downstairs group comes upstairs and they have already figured almost everything out. I think they missed one.

Well they are getting exercise running up and down the stairs to the HOH room. Now they are playing charades with one person in front of the camera outside the HOH. The over head voice, says please go to the storage room. I think the over head voice needs a name. I think I'll call it DOG. Cause it's kind of like God speaking to them. I reversed it to DOG.

I just spotted the polka dot thing Rachel was wearing in the preview commercial in the HOH room.

Dominic Briones asks Jordan what's your best quality? She says what do you mean? LOL They cut to commercial. They are talking about cow suits. That must be what the polka dot thing is. I don't know what the got in storage. They are all back upstairs now. They ask Jeff what Jordan's best quality is cause she doesn't know. He says her personality.  Jordan says Jeff's is his sense of humor. They are trying to figure out a new game. Charades ended after 1 clue?  Duck duck goose, seven up and hide something have been suggested.

They need to find Dick Donato. He's still missing. Daniele - Let's play the quiet game. We are not going to talk anymore until we get coffee. Now they are back to seven up, red light green light, mother may I. Jeff says lets play something to cool off. It's hot in here. Someone maybe Jeff says lets all take showers. They all laugh. Shelly raises her hand and says she has to check in with her parents. They ask Daniele where her dad is.

They go downstairs to try and cool off. Jeff wants to create a bowling game. Kalia Booker wants to play spin the fire extinguisher. Jordan says they can  play Simon says. Someone suggests Lawon says. 

Kaila asks why is it always Lawon? I don't think I like Lawon as much as everyone else does and he's my partner. Kaila wants to play Lawon fall off the top of there. I can't see her, I can just hear her. She says where is Lawon, I want him to hear me. What a nasty little girl.

Lawon is upstairs at the chess table with Cassie, Rachel and Daniele. They are asking for alcohol. Lawon says what do they want us to do? Rachel - They want us to talk ET 12-3. Lawon - After one o'clock is when we are all wound up. Again how long have they been in the house to know that. None of the four know how to play chess.  Brendon just joined them. He's look's to be going bald on the top back of his head. I know not important. Just an observation. Kalia just came upstairs.

Downstairs they have some balls of house greenery that they are bowling with in the kitchen. They have some bottles, a box and a sippie cup set up for pins.

Shelly Moore and Jordan are talking in the kitchen. Jordan is talking about adjusting to being back home after being in the house. Getting her phone back, waking up and looking for her microphone. Jordan - Jeff gets invited I just tag along. Evidently Jeff was on the Bonnie Hunt show and they found out she was there so they had her on. Then they got invited to a CBS party which is how they got on Amazing Race. They had to go through the whole process just like everyone else.

Brendon is teaching Kaila chess, everyone else at the chess table has disappeared. Please never have Brendon or Rachel try and explain something to me. OMG

Lawon, Jordan, Jeff and Shelly think something happened to Dick. Lawon Exum said they wouldn't let him in there. I guess he means the diary room. They said maybe something happened to his girlfriend or something, he has been gone three hours. Lawon thinks he's doing his web show. Jeff says he doesn't think they would let him do that, that's not fair. Jeff - I protest. Jordan - Do you think it's something with his girlfriend? Jeff - Maybe they don't want to tell anybody or start telling information when there is no need to. We are supposed to be cut off. Jordan - He doesn't have health problems does he? Lawon - All I know is he was over there asleep with his bathing suit on. They said come to the diary room. Jeff - He had his bathing suit on? Cause his bathing suit is here. Lawon - Decided he changed. Shelly - He had a shirt and a T-shirt on. They go to look for it.

Adam Poch and Keith Henderson are in the bathroom. I'm not sure what they are doing.

Dominic, Lawon, are in Dicks room. Lawon - He just changed his pants. That's really weird. Jeff - For real, I'm not even joking and if there's not, this is better than duck duck goose. Lawson - Maybe it has something to do with the have not room. They go in the have not room which looks like a padded cell. LOL Lawson-Something's not right. I don't like this feeling. What do you think? There is people's stuff in the have not room. I guess Dick is a have not. Lawson keeps saying something ain't right. It's another twist. Why won't they let us in the diary room. Jeff and Keith come in. They don't think Dick would be in the diary room all that time.

Jeff tells them during his season there was all that money in the yard. I'm like dude something else must be going on. Then I found a key which opened pandora's box, and they never said anything. They wouldn't let us in the diary room. Adam says come on a twist on the first night? Jeff said I could be wrong it's one or the other. Where's all his smokes? Lawon - They aren't there. Jeff - See he went somewhere.

Keith Henderson is doing a serious search of the house. Jeff is kind of half heartedly looking.

Cassie Colvin went in the have not room. Adam is in there now. Cassie is shaving Keith's eyebrows. Adam said she shaved my chest the other day. Dominic just figured out Cassie used the same razor on him that she used on Adam's chest. He says that's nasty. Adam's like why is that nasty. Dominic - Why do you think it's nasty? Adam - You make it sound like I have a nasty chest. My chest is nice. Cassie - I thought it was a fine chest. Adam says he's the pretty boy I'm the Jew. Dominic had left the room, he comes back in and tells Adam that he has herpes on his chest. Adam - No I don't have herpes on my chest. Great he just announced to Showtime. Adam doesn't want to show his chest until they are on CBS. He must have some kind of wild tattoo.

Porsche is painting Rachel's nails. Porsche - It's not like I'm a super fan or anything, but I think something is wrong. Rachel asks Danielle if she thinks they are going to do POV really early and they just want us to go to bed? Daniele during Showtime?

Jordan is getting in the shower.

Cassie and Keith are now in the purple room. Cassie - No not necesarily, I think if something would have been struck, number one we would have noticed her being gone. Number two, I just don't think they would make a deal with her of all people. I'm not keen to her. Keith - Right that's true. Honestly I think putting you up I think you got in that bunch cause you happened to be with her. I think people see what she is doing which is obnoxious. Cassie - Like I told Lawon earlier try and feel her out. Just let her know not in a threatening way that if you don't they'll know where that vote came from. Keith says they said they won't back door me. Cassie - What was said? I was still asleep when they were talking this morning. Keith - I said we all need to be on the same page. If one of us loses the vote HOH makes the decision. Jeff, Lawon, Daniele, and Dominic came in.

Cassie asks Dominic if he got asked to be a full time spokes model for herpes meds would you do it. Dominic - How much would it pay? Jeff - 50 grand a year. Dominic - yeah, I'd do it. Cassie - No way it wouldn't. Jordan came in. Daniele - but you get herpes from doing it. Cassie - but if you do get herpes they will treat you for free.  Jordan's boob is about ready to fall out of her shirt and it doesn't look like she has a bra on, no straps. She needs to pull her shirt up. Jeff - 20 grand guaranteed for ten years so you are the face of herpes.

Dominic - Can I have one of those purple pillows. I like playing with them. Cassie - You are a faggot! Wow! I think she meant that in a playful way. But wow! Cassie - Sorry I forget. Dominic says nice! You are hated now. Jeff - I don't know what that word means. Jeff - I tried to warn everybody don't say that. Dominic - America's least favorite house guest. He points to Cassie.

Dominic - Yes, I would be do it for 20 grand a year. Cassie - These are the terms. $300 for the shoot guaranteed for 6 months with an option for another 6 months. Guaranteed $7500. Dominic - Is this like prevent what could be prevented and I'm holding it up or looking down at myself and then like this is what happens. Kalia has come in. Daniele - You don't actually have herpes but all the girls think you do. Jeff - Is this a friends episode? Cassie - Your commercial is saying you used to have it but because of this medication. Lawon - It got worse. Dominic- It's a before and after type of thing. Lawon - You had totally full blown gross herpes but because of this medication.  Cassie - They will show a before picture but it won't be you. Dominic - Then I'd say, man that's a lot of money though and you are only shooting once. Keith - Imagine all the women you won't get. Kalia - Does it expire though. Dominic - I have a six month option, so if they pull it off the market, it's still six months. Lawon - Then you get your own tv show.  This is what happens when adults get bored.

Jeff - What do you do the other part time? Dominic - I'm not part time they just made that up. Brandon has wondered in. Dominic - I never said part time. That's all I do. I go to school and I model. Jeff - You go to school? For what a Dr? You said you are 25. Dominic - Yeah, I went to Jr college then I transferred a bunch of units. I was lolly gagging. For like a year modeling was so busy I couldn't go to school. Jeff - I lolly gagged and I'm not that bright and I graduated at 22. Something's fishy, what year did you graduate? Dominic - HS in 04. Kalia - He planned all this. All these answers.  Jeff - What college? Dominic - I didn't graduate college. Jeff - All right good. I'm doing detective work and if I can't find any clues, I'm finding clues on you.  Dominic - I'm prime suspect number one. Jeff - When does school start this semester? Dominic - I didn't sign up for classes. Jeff - Why not?  Cassie - Look at that face, you are scaring me and 'm not even being asked. Jeff - Well why wouldn't you sign up for your future? Dominic - Classes start signing up in June. Jeff - hum Keith - Your suspicious aren't you? Daniele - You were home in June. Keith - He was graduating from HS. Jeff - Who'd you go to prom with in HS. Dominic - I didn't go to prom. Jeff - What did you wear last year to prom? Daniele - What year where you born? Dominic - 86. Anything else? Kalia - Do you know how to drive a car? Dominic - yes. Someone asked about SAT's. Dominic - I didn't take SAT's. Rachel walks in and says so I guess I'm not invited to this party? That bed is getting full. Kalia - You gotta take SAT's to go to college. Dominic - I went to private something. Keith - The kids still in HS don't bust him. Rachel what was your graduating GPA. Dominic - 3.6 in that is HS? Rachel - You were in HS this year? What year did you graduate HS? Dominic - 04. Brandon -Wait you just said 04! Dominic - If I would have told you I graduated HS in 2011 would you have believed me? Some of them said yes. Dominic - That's depressing.

Everyone in the room is on the bed except Jeff and Jordan.

They go to commercial and come back. They are talking about Evel Dick again. Rachel - Six hours. Daniele -
There's no way he's still in the DR or he would be throwing a hissy fit for being in there six hours without smoking you know what I mean? If the house is on lock down he still wouldn't be able to smoke. Jeff - Yeah that would happen after 40 minutes. I can't get a mother f'ng drink in here? Someone - That was your best Dick impression? Jeff - No I got a better one. I'm saving it for when he comes back. It's a welcome home present. Kalia - If he ever comes back. Someone - It couldn't be anything bad bad or they would tell you. Daniele - They wouldn't let me in the DR. Shelly came in the room sometime, maybe during the commercial. Brandon - Can you let us know everything is okay with Dick? Talking to production. Rachel - After Dark is not even over yet. Brendon - So what they aren't going to come in. Rachel - No. Jeff - What would you rather know? Where Dick is or how old Dominic is? Everyone laughs. Rachel - Where Dick is. Dominic - Cause it doesn't really matter how old I am. Rachel - Yeah, cause if you not 21 I really don't care. Dominic - I haven't even had any alcohol. Everyone noticed. Rachel - And you didn't take a drink of your champagne glass. Dominic - Did I not? Are you sure? Dominic - I thought I did. Shelly - I saw that undershirt that said class of 2011. Dominic - There it is my secrets out. That's a twist. Jeff - I saw the tattoo on your butt that said spring break class of 2011. Rachel - no seriously you have a tattoo that says' spring break 2011? Dominic - No that would end part of my part time career. Dominic- Jeff do the impression of me getting scared again last night one more time.

Adam and Porsche are in the kitchen discussing Dick. Adam is creating a scenario about Dick being outside all day. Says he goes in the DR it's hot in there and I mean. Porsche - He's Dick. Adam - He's also 48 years old, smokes, lives a hard life. Porsche - No if anything would have happened to him, they would have told Daniele 100% in my book. Adam - I'm not saying. Porsche - If he would have went to the  hospital or anything like that they would have had to tell Daniele. Adam - Would they? She's not his emergency contact. Porsche - But she's his blood relative. Adam - If something happened to you they'd tell...Porsche - My brother. Adam - Exactly his emergency contact is probably his son. So until they know what's wrong, they aren't going to say anything to her in case he comes back.

Porsche - I don't think it's him or anything like that or they would have told her. Adam - Maybe they don't know if he is coming back yet. Amanda had the seizure. Porsche - It could be his mom, his son, his girlfriend. Adam - When Amanda had her seizure whether it was real or fake they had the doctors take her out, she was okay and then they brought her back. Porsche - Did they tell the rest of the house. Adam - She had a seizure in front of everybody.  Porsche - Exactly. Adam - So maybe when he was in there something happened and they aren't going to tell her until they know what the hell's wrong. Porsche - That's his daughter. Adam - It's his daughter and it's also his partner. Porsche -  Amanda didn't have family in the house. Adam - If it was Keith, you and Keith are partners and until they know he is or isn't coming back they're not saying anything. Porsche - Maybe because they are seeing her be all nonchalant about it they aren't telling her but that's still F'd up. If my dad was in here, they better f'ng tell me. If I was Daniele I would be like where's my dad? Maybe she doesn't care. That part I don't know. I think either way they would tell her. Adam - I don't think so. Porsche - Really?  Adam - Until they know what's wrong they aren't going to say anything to anybody.  I don't think Porsche has watched the show enough to know when they say you are cut off you are cut off. I haven't watched every season, even I know that.

Adam - Yes, Daniele is his daughter but she is also a player. So they got to tell everybody, so until they know what's wrong with him. Forget he's family. Porsche - Family trumps player. Adam - No, how much big brother did you something? Porsche - A lot. Adam - Did you read every single nook and cranny? Porsche - No. Adam - I'm just saying from that perspective he's a player. They are players. On his emergency contact information it did not say Daniele. It probably said his son or his girlfriend. Porsche - No cause you can't say a player. Adam - Until they know the severity of what's going on they can't tell her because they got to tell everybody. Porsche - And then she would be kicked out of the game too. Adam - And that wouldn't be fair to her. Nothing happened to her why take her out? And if they told her. That's why I didn't want to say. Porsche - Knock on wood. Adam - You never wish that on your worse enemy. But at the same time 14 13 still here, still here.

Porsche - So what then? They wouldn't evict anyone this week and her HOH wouldn't mean anything. This girl is clueless. They would just not evict someone or put anyone up or what? We would have to do HOH again next week and her HOH wouldn't matter? You know how they always do a double eviction, what if this counts as one of those double evictions? What if they say we are not going to do a double eviction this season, Daniele you have a free pass until you, we are redoing this one and it will be another pass. And you will be partners with who ever is left. What the heck? No because no one would get a golden key either. This is such a weird game. Adam - Especially when we don't know what's going on and all we can do is speculate and that's parts of the game.

Porsche - You don't think any of the veterans know do you? Adam - No. I mean unless this is something that is part of a twist and they aren't aloud to say anything. Porsche - You mean six hours now and Daniele isn't wondering why? I mean if Keith would go I'd be wondering what happened to my partner and that's not my dad. Adam - And they would say that's all we can tell you right now. And we would be sitting here saying what the heck happened to Keith? Porsche - But she's not even asking or questioning or caring. That's not true Daniele said she tried to get into the DR and they wouldn't let her in. My guess is she has put her trust in the Big Brother staff to tell her what she needs to know. Porsche - So she must know it's okay. Adam - They never called her into diary, she's been with us the whole time. She's never tried.

Back in the purple room I think Brandon is trying to kiss the fortune teller. He's putting a cigarette in her mouth. Rachel - Can you plug it in Brandon?

Porsche - Actually I said Daniele and Janelle is what I said. Adam - here again we are talking about the numbers. Porsche - My little square has stuff on it. She's looking at the picture wall. It's like splattered on everyone's and mine has like a streak. Adam - What do you mean? Adam - That's why I'm saying. Porsche - I was wearing earrings, you can't even see my earrings. Adam - The fact that they contacted Jeff & Jordan, Dick & Danielle, Brandon & Rachel until late. Porsche - No they're saying they knew for a while. Adam - Who Jeff & Jordan? Porsche - Well Rachel. Adam - How long's a while? Porsche - A month. Adam - Before we had finals? Porsche - Yeah. Adam - Okay I was thinking maybe a plot of theirs was they like these people lets bring in their favorite players. Porsche - Do like a fans vs. but that's the thing like Kalia doesn't act like she knows anything about Big Brother. Cassie doesn't, Dominic doesn't he's like whatever. I'm honestly like whatever, like I knew a few characters but, I'm not like you or Shelly. I mean that's the thing like they aren't bringing in all novice.

Adam - Points to pictures and says similarities.  I can't see who he is pointing too. He points to Dominic and Jeff and says similar. Porsche - So the gay guy goes to who? This house is just filled with political correctness this year. Oh my. Adam - Points to Brandon's picture and says Brandon. They both laugh. My guess is he pointed to himself and Dick when I couldn't see. Adam - What you don't know you just got to come up with theories. Porsche - Of course. Adam - And of all people to put me in the house with. I have said how my girlfriend is jealous of her. He was pointing to Rachel's picture. My girlfriend before I left, sexual relations, says if they bring her into that house I'm going to be pissed. Porsche - Even in their pictures they are similar pointing to Rachel and the picture to the left of her. She's standing in front of it. I can't see who it is.

Adam - Then again it's ego or speculation. I mean come on they put me in a room with Evel Dick. I'm sharing a bedroom with Evel Dick. Porsche - I just think it's amazing we are playing with them. Porsche - Did you put down any crushes or past romances that they called? Adam - Yeah. Porsche - Like crushes did they call anyone? Adam - No not crushes. Porsche - They called people on mine. Adam - They called a bunch of people. Porsche - They called someone and asked them to be on the show. The guy I said I had a crush on. Dominic said they did the same thing to him. Adam - They asked me friends I wanted to play with as far as I know they didn't contact anyone. There it is I was wondering how long it would take for DOG to say you are not allowed to talk about production. Now everyone in the house knows Porsche and Adam are talking about production because everybody else is in the same room. Adam - I don't know but something is definitely rotten in Denver. Daniele comes out of the room. I think Jeff yells so Adam did you crack the riddle or what? Adam - I'm trying, I'm trying.

Jordan hasn't hardly said a word all night.

Daniele is in storage saying Don where is my dad? She sounds like she is about to cry.

The group in the purple room are just talking a bunch of crap.

Brendon and Rachel get up and go out to the living room. Daniele - This is just dumb someone needs to tell me something. Rachel - If it was Brendon I would freak out. Brendon - It's not like it's your partner, it's your dad. They need to f'ng tell you what is going on. Rachel - Are you getting nervous? It's just whatever is going on you need to say something, this is stupid. Brendon - Yeah if it's part of the game, say we can't tell you it includes the game, but your fathers okay. Nothing happened to your family, everything's okay.

Back in the purple room they are telling jokes, the conversation drifts back to Evel Dick. Adam tells the group Daniele went in to talk to them she was banging on the door and cursing them out. Some of them think it's a twist and Daniele's involved.

Daniele is still with Rachel and Brendon. Rachel is telling Daniele when you fight with production, production wins. Daniele - I'm just getting mad because we are supposed to be able to talk to somebody when we want to talk to somebody, and I want to talk to somebody right now, because.

They cut back to purple room. They are discussing the live feeds and that production put a stop to charades earlier because the title and movies were copyrighted and stuff Adam - The feeds start after the first show. Kalia is arguing with him saying they were supposed to tell us. Adam - Maybe they forgot with everything else. Shelly comes to the door of the purple room. Someone asks her who's screaming. Shelly - She's screaming and Brendons throwing stuff on the camera, it's getting a little out of control. She's yelling at them saying she wants to talk to someone and they are taking the camera and saying no. She made a motion like production is making the camera go back and forth as if to say no. Someone said push the button. Shelly - She's not going to push the button. She just wants to know. Someone said no they talk you out of leaving. Jeff I think - Maybe we should scour the house for clues. Someone else said maybe we should calm her down. Adam - I think we've done that.

Adam - Have you gone through those books again. What books? They aren't allowed books. Adam - Do you have a quarter to put it in the machine. Jeff - No cause you are not supposed to have it. They would leave a quarter for you if you were supposed to do that. Adam - How do I know you weren't told to sneak a quarter in? They all laugh. Jeff - I forgot. Adam - When did they call you to come on the show? Jeff didn't answer him as to a specific time.

They all go into the kitchen. Daniele is headed upstairs. Cassie asks if she is okay? Daniele - I'm just getting pissed off no one will tell me what is going on.

Jeff - Maybe, seriously it is part of the game and we are supposed to find something. Rachel - That's what I said, if it's a blessing and a curse. Jeff - What's a blessing and a curse? Rachel - because that's our season. Jeff - Who told you that? Rachel - Julie Chen said that on the first day. It's a blessing that you have returning house guests but it could also be a curse. Being put on the block is a blessing and a curse. Everything about this whole season. Jeff - So what are you saying? Rachel - If it is part of the game play and they take her partner, I don't know how it could be a blessing but I don't know cause we don't know the game play but it's a curse because we don't know what is going on. You know what I mean. Jeff - No I don't cause what's the blessing part? Rachel - We don't know yet cause that's part of the game. Jeff - That's a theory. I don't necessarily understand what she's talking about, but. Rachel -  I think they would tell her if something was wrong.

Daniele thinks they will tell her when showtime goes off.  Jeff thinks its something to do with the game.
Keith and Lawon in the bathroom think Daniele, Brendon and Rachel know whats going on. They think Daniele would be flipping out and crying otherwise. They say they ain't fooling us. Wow I just noticed Lawon is wearing orange shoes, with his khaki pants and green shirt. LOL

Shelly - God forbid he got ill, then we deal with that then but, you can't do both sides of the coin. I hate him, If he doesn't want her to know right now he has probably said as a father let me do what I need to do and move on. Adam - Respect my wishes. Shelly - He's probably fine and they want to see how everybody gets all schnackled up. Adam - WTF is schnackling did you just make that up? or do you use that word a lot? Shelly - I don't want Porsche to be upset, I don't want anyone to be upset. I know people get tense for other people. This is the kind of stuff that sent Chima throwing stuff into the wall. It's pointless.

Rachel asks Daniele if she wants to go in the purple room. Brendon sees them leaving, looks over at Jeff and follows them. Rachel goes in the room and starts to shut the door and says I'm not going to close it all the way. Then why close it at all? Brendon goes in the room. I thought maybe Rachel was shutting the door halfway so he could listen.

Rachel - Seriously? Daniele - I'll find out soon what's going on that's all I can say.  Jeff has come in the room. Daniele - I don't know anything to say. So now there are four of them in the room with the door closed and the blind pulled down. Do they not think the rest of the house is going to think the veterans are in there and know what's going on? Jeff - They told you to chill out till a certain time. Daniele - yeah. Brendon - Was that hard for them? Daniele - No that's what I said, exactly.

Rachel - Anyway I don't understand what she's doing. Daniele - Porsche? I was literally ready to punch her in the face. They are whispering its hard to hear. Rachel - So Dominic is for sure, but they are going to take him off. Couldn't understand the rest of it. Daniele - You know they are going to think we are in here doing a game thing. I swear if Adam tells me one more thing about the show. I'm going to punch him in the face. They are still whispering but it sounds like Adam has told the veterans what they did wrong in their season. Daniele - Were you in the house with me? Brandon have you ever played this game before what do you know you watched a couple? Your dad's out of the game. He throws his hands up in question. Rachel - Let her say that stuff and get on everyone else's nerves. What she told me is they are all sticking together all voting together. Daniele - obviously. Jeff and Brandon leave. Porsche comes in - Hey guys I hope everything's okay. I'm just going to go to bed cause there is a lot of stuff tomorrow. There is lot of circulation. I think if something was really wrong they would have told us. So good night.

Dominic is talking to Keith and Lamon in the have not room about how they need to win competitions. Now Porsche goes in the have not room. Dominic - What do you think is going on? Porsche - He's been locked in that room for six hours I hope nothing bad happened.  I don't know she is upset. Her and Rachel are locked in the purple room right now. I wouldn't say Daniele is upset. I would say concerned.

Daniele - That's what I think is stupid about this whole situation. You come in here with huge targets on your backs and it's not even numbers. It doesn't make sense to me. Rachel - I think they gave them more numbers.  Daniele - Cause they think we are better than them. Rachel - Obviously they knew it would go us versus them. What are we going to do go pair up with a bunch of new people? It doesn't make sense. That's why the key probably came into play. Daniele - She's really getting on my nerves. The last two hours really. I'm like you better be quite. Rachel - I'm gonna try and hang out with her and stuff but she doesn't make an effort to do anything with anyone. Not sure who they are talking about. Daniele - You know who is really starting to get on my nerves is Kalia. I like her but the stuff that she says to him. Rachel - I know she's bad.  I'm worried that Lawon, I don't know, he's thinking, I'm worried, what ever if he's floating let him float. I don't think he is going to try and win anything and even if he does win something I don't think he will be ballsy enough to do anything with it. We just need to let them think they don't need to win anything. Porsche I just don't understand what she is doing. They both like Jeff and Jordan.

Adam is in the have not room with Cassie, Lawon, Dominic and Keith. I do not know what Adam is trying to say. I think he was imitating Porsche. Cassie - Would you rather slit your arm or your neck? One of them said both right now. Adam - Mine or someone elses?

Rachel - Keith does know a lot? Daniele - a lot a lot and you know people like internet stuff. Not just the show. Rachel - I'm so tired, I think it's because we didn't get any alcohol. Daniele - This is a  headache I'm not going to lie. Rachel - If Brendon was gone I would seriously freak out. I would not know what to do. Brendon comes in. Brendon - Porsche is getting on my nerves. Daniele - Don't get on our nerves. Brendon the whole time you were worried she was like well maybe she will just skip to next week. Brendon - Pretend your still safe. Daniele - All she cares about is saving her and Keith. Daniele - How annoying was it, I like pretty much everyone in the house, but how annoying was it when the feeds went live and everyone was like different people, making shout outs and acting weird. I don't remember everyone being crazy. Except for Cassie she doesn't even know what show she is on. Like is this the Bachelor. Rachel - Probably because they are such super fans.

Shelly - Ten to one. They are watching the hamsters run. It's all mental. Dick's probably sitting there watching us. It sounds like Keith and Porsche have been nominated and everyone wants to vote Porsche out. Dominic - Do you guys think he should throw it just to make sure? Adam - Don't do that. Someone says check the door. Adam - Check the door. Some female said I was standing there to see if you were making fun of me. Then the door closes. I think it was Kalia at the door. Shelly - That right there is the kind of thing that started the Chima thing before. People just started getting made and ugly. Adam - So let them throw stuff and get thrown out of the game. Shelly - No cause we are real responsible to not say to somebody calm down, come on. Adam - No I'm here to win a half a million dollars and if they get thrown out of the game. Kevin - Let them do that, Brendon they are part of the alumni. They want us to freak out and be fighting. Adam - If they do something and acting a fool they get thrown out it's one less person that we need to get out of the way. Shelly if you start acting like a fool you wouldn't want us to say something. Adam - If I get myself thrown out good luck guys.

Daniele - They were all sitting in the park talking but they were secret silent whispering. Then they started talking normal. Do you think Adam will use the POV? Rachel - I don't think he would if Dick told him not to. Daniele - We could flat out tell him if you use POV and we get HOH next week you are done for. Brendon - We can tell that to anybody. Daniele - Tell that to Adam too though, because that is like his dream if you tell him personally, you are going to be gone on  week two and nobody will remember you on this show.  And he would like start crying. Brendon I'm going to do it in slow motion. I'm pretty sure they have not had the POV comp yet they are just talking what if.

Porsche - That's what I told them. There is nothing we can do about it right now except get our sleep and stay focused. She knocks on the night stand like knocking wood. Jordan - Nicks babies are the prettiest.

Cassie - There is no guarantee cause I can't look into the future but as sure as I can possibly say yes. Keith that's what I'm saying. So why is she still out there by herself. Shelly - She's upset about the last ten minutes I think. Adam - She's upset because people aren't understanding. Shelly - she got into it with him. Keith - why? Adam - Because she told me I don't care if he's dead. I said why would you say something like that. Keith - Yeah, she don't need to say that. Cassie - She's being ridiculous just calm down. Adam - That's what I was trying to tell her you don't know just calm down. It's one less person yes. Keith gets up and goes over to Cassie and says can I get a hug? They hug. Cassie everybody's getting cranky. Keith - Lets not do that. Adam - We're all together we know what we have to do. We keep him and Porsche on the block it's that simple. He's just worried.

Dominic comes in - Thanks for throwing me to the lions. Porsche is giving me a three hour explanation of what's going on. I just want you to know my dad was real excited to compete next to him. He's a legend in this game. Lawon - Shut the heck up. Shelly - Something ain't, the elevator ain't coming all the way up. Lawon - She knows whats going on to. Someone - She's their puppet. Lawon - She knows what's going on too. Dominic - Back to the topic at hand. Should the Keith throw the veto tomorrow. It's going to be a partner duo thing because both people come off if you win. If the third partner is in there the odds of Porsche winning are so much less so why wouldn't you throw the veto. Everyone - Exactly.

Adam - The only problem is if the other partner is Jeff & Jordan. Dominic - Why is that a problem? Adam - Because if Jeff & Jordan win they would take them off. Dominic - They wouldn't disrespect Rachel like that. Adam - How do you know Rachel's plan is to get rid of them. Dominic - Get rid of who? Adam - Keith and Porche. Dominic - Because she nominated them. The whole house doesn't like Porsche. She's not going to go against the house. Cassie - The kind of moves you are talking about happen way later in the game.  Keith - I am very suspicious of Kalia. She is with them so is this one. Adam thinks some conversation was staged. Lawon - I think you getting nervous man, I'm serious. Cassie - You been smoking some pot or something you are starting to freak me the f out.  Cassie thinks Kalia will vote with them. Dominic tells Keith your safe. Keith - Course you would say that, you ain't the pawn. Dominic - You can play as hard as you want. If you win the veto you don't have to use it.  Keith is afraid the veteran six have brought Kalia and Porsche on their side giving them eight votes. If that's the case I don't know why he is considering throwing the veto.

Keith - I think Kalia done flipped. Adam - No. Keith - Why do you say that? Adam - Cause I just think she's a stupid bitch and doesn't know what the f is going on in the game. Like I told you last night. If you flip you are at the bottom of their totem pole. If you stay you're at the middle of the totem pole. Keith - Then why would she say they ain't going to back door me. Adam - because she's a weak player. Why get out a weak player when you can get out a strong player. You don't take out a weak player. Keith you keep them because they are not a threat. Adam - no you keep them because you can sway them. You saw how she competed in the challenge yesterday. She did pretty well in the banana challenge but that's nothing. She's not a threat to win HOH and put them up. Why make an enemy when you don't need to. You have every right to be worried. As an alliance we need to tell you that we feel confident that she is going to vote with us. But it is your a$$ on the line. If your 99.9% then play your heart out. Keith - They love Porsche. Adam - Porsche loves them they don't love Porsche. Adam doesn't think Kalia is playing dumb, he thinks she is dumb.

The show is over Dick Donato is still missing. ??

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