Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap Aug 27, 2011

Well I hope Jordan is finished crying.

I hope Big Brother rethinks the twist for next year because this year stinks.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 26, 2011

Shelly and Jordan got into a screaming match after the CBS show and Rachel had to pull Jordan out of the room and out of Shelly's face. Who knew little Jordan had it in her?

Rachel told Jordan she still hasn't had her period, it's three weeks late now. Jordan, Are you pregnant? Rachel, I hope not I couldn't keep it in this house. Is she planning on staying in the house for nine months? I didn't get that at all. Last I heard Brendon wouldn't allow her to get pregnant. How dare she? All by herself.  "Sarcasm"

Jordan was crying and said she's not crying because Jeff is gone she was crying because of Shelly.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 22 August 25, 2011

Okay I've been waiting for this all week hoping tonight is the night Rachel gets evicted.

I sure hope some of these newbies grow a spine and keep Daniele Donato instead of Kalia Booker.

I hope Daniele can flip Shelly Moore and Adam Poch.

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 25, 2011

Porsche Briggs and Daniele Donato are in the kitchen. Porsche is cooking. It just hit me she is going to have to decide between her two friends this week. They are whispering and the cooking is making it hard to hear. 

Daniele has decided on her speech, she said it's short and sweet, but there is a second part after she is evicted.

Big Brother 13 Episode 21 August 24, 2011

OMG I had to rewind the DVR I can't believe Porsche Briggs just said she believes is the bigger threat.  She hasn't done anything but hang on to a banana and win a contest no one else wanted to win.

The veto competition - The players are Jordan, Adam, Shelly, Kalia, Daniele, Jeff. Rachel will not play.

Jordan is stripping off the humilitard. LOL

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 24, 2011

Daniele Donato and Adam Poch are at the kitchen whispering.

Shelly Moore is sweeping.

Rachel Reilly, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are outside discussing Porsche Briggs. They think she has told everyone they are voting for Kalia. They think Daniele has told her not to trust them because they go back on their deals.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 23, 2011

Daniele Donato and Porsche Briggs are in the kitchen. They are trying to figure out Adam. Porsche says Adam used to know no one could beat Jordan in the final two.

Rachel Reilly is outside with Jeff and Adam discussing DJ's. she goes inside to ask Porsche about one of the DJ's and goes back outside. Daniele says oh look Rachel's drunk. Porsche, she had a whole bottle of wine. I guess that's enough to get her and her baby drunk. Wow! I guess the suspicion that Rachel is pregnant lives on.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 22, 2011

Shelly is sweeping the kitchen floor. Go figure. Porsche is cooking, Jordan is eating a salad, Jeff is wondering around.

Adam Poch and Rachel are outside bringing in food from the grill.

Daniele Donato is outside on the couch, Shelly went out to join her. She said Rachel put a bunch of peppers in whatever they are eating. Even Jeff said it was hot. Daniele says Rachel puts half the kitchen in whatever she cooks. Shelly says that is the problem she never knows what is in what they are cooking.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 9 "Graduation"

Tonight is graduation. We'll get to see who is going to Sober House and who isn't.

The patients are in morning group. Dr. Drew wants them to voice their concerns for each other. Jessica Kiper is concerned for herself. She wants to smoke pot really bad. She has a half a bowl at home. Jessica is still saying pot isn't going to kill her and she isn't going to sober living.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 20 August 21, 2011

When we last left off the HOH competition had begun. It seems like forever ago since that happened. So the HOH competition continues with everyone trying to fill up their bowl and get the ping pong ball out, while being washed with suds and water. If you've watched Big Brother before they did this same competition in Natalie and Jesse's season with hot chocolate.

Ms. gymnast doesn't seem to have much balance again. Jeff is choking on bubbles, Jordan disappeared in the bubbles. LOL

Jeff Schroeder wins HOH. I swear Rachel is such a poor sport whether she wins or loses.

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 21, 2011

Shelly, Rachel, Porsche, and Jordan are playing poker with cards out of tea bag wrappers. They are betting with M&M’s and chocolate bars. Rachel is explaining how to play. I’m already getting a headache. Adam is watching and cooking corn on the grill.

Daniele Donato is in the have not room lying down.

They have eaten dinner and are now going to play more cards at the kitchen table.