Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 22 August 25, 2011

Okay I've been waiting for this all week hoping tonight is the night Rachel gets evicted.

I sure hope some of these newbies grow a spine and keep Daniele Donato instead of Kalia Booker.

I hope Daniele can flip Shelly Moore and Adam Poch.

Oh Jeff found out Shelly flipped right before the show started. I wonder how that happened if Adam or Rachel told. Jeff is not looking happy.

The vote:

Jordan = Daniele
Porsche = Kalia
Shelly = Kalia
Rachel = Daniele
Adam = Daniele

Daniele is voted out 3-2. I see Rachel nor Jordan got a hug.

The HOH comp is a before or after. I'm going to laugh if Adam gets a one day HOH. Wow guess not he's the first one out. Porsche, Shelly and Rachel are out. Jordan and Kalia are left. Kalia is HOH. Thank goodness, just because I want Rachel gone. Kalia, Porsche and Shelly walk in the house arm in arm.

So much for all the studying that went on this week. That was a quick game.

I'm thinking Jeff and Rachel are about to get nominated. Yes. Jeff and Rachel are nominated.  If one of them doesn't win the POV this could be a tie breaker vote.

OMG can you imagine if Rachel gets voted out it will be Brendon, Rachel and Daniele in the jury house. OH I wish there was a feed there. That I might pay to see.

The POV competition is called clowning around.  Everyone is playing except Jordan. Rachel has the first shoe. Shelly and Porsche then Adam finds a shoe. Jeff found a shoe. Porsche has the second shoe and wins the veto. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally she has come in second four times.

Porsche does not use the veto, no surprise there.

The second vote:

Do they break up the last couple or send out the terror and enjoy the rest of their stay.  Jeff is trying to get Shelly's vote now. LOL Jeff's speech is directed at Shelly who said on the way in Jordan won't even speak to her right now.  Jordan told her a night or two ago to do what she had to do when Shelly told her I can't win against you two. I get nothing for third place.

Jordan = Rachel
Porsche = Jeff
Adam = Rachel
Shelly = Jeff

Wow Jeff is evicted, Jordan's crying. I wish I could have heard what Jeff said to Shelly after he was evicted.

Porsche told Shelly we are doing it right this time we are not letting people needle us and tell us what to do.

Damn! Rachel is still there.  Jeff said after 55 days a couple of people woke up.

Jeff is a little fired up! LOL Julie says she is inching backwards. Her extended interview will be on CBS's site later tonight.

Aww Rachel is fake crying with Jordan.

Shelly is in the room crying. After Dark should be interesting tonight. I wonder who will win HOH.

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  1. Oh how so funny this is , I love how not keeping ones word came back to bite Jeff in the __ __ __ !

  2. LOL I know! I'm not so sure he had a deal not to back door Daniele. But the Veterans didn't treat Daniele right from the beginning.

    Jeff has been down right mean at times this season. I would have rather seen Rachel go, but it was probably a better game move to get Jeff out while the getting was good. :)

  3. "Oh Rant" how WRONG you are. Daniele was the one to breakup the original veterans alliance by trying to back door Jeff. She made her own bed, this seasons true snake in the grass. Too bad her dad had to leave the show as it would have been and entirely different season. Not to mention a better one. Jeff being mean, NO and Rachel is just being real, which to me is refreshing. Just my take....

  4. Unknown, Yes Daniele broke off with the veterans because they wouldn't allow her to have a partner as they each had one. I don't blame her for breaking off it she hadn't, she would have been the first one of the group to go if they made it to final five. Fifth place just gets you a jury spot, not what she was playing for.

    I don't think I would call Daniele a snake in the grass. I look at her as someone actually playing the game.

    I agree it's a shame Dick had to leave. The show certainly would be more entertaining.

    Yes, Jeff has been a bully screaming and hollering at people on more than one occasion this season.

    If that is Rachel being real I wouldn't like her outside of the house either. I wasn't a Rachel fan last time she was on either.

    At this point I'm not thrilled with this season, and I don't know that anyone left in the house deserves the money.

    Shelly has done okay on covert operations but she hasn't won anything.

    Kalia has won HOH twice but I'm not impressed with her game play.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens the next couple of weeks.

    But in my opinion this duo pairs thing was a major fail. I'm not liking it all.


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