Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 21, 2011

Shelly, Rachel, Porsche, and Jordan are playing poker with cards out of tea bag wrappers. They are betting with M&M’s and chocolate bars. Rachel is explaining how to play. I’m already getting a headache. Adam is watching and cooking corn on the grill.

Daniele Donato is in the have not room lying down.

They have eaten dinner and are now going to play more cards at the kitchen table.

Jordan Lloyd went to bed.

Rachel Reilly is trying to do some accent. I can’t even tell what accent she is trying to do and it changes. She is just annoying as always.

Jordan Lloyd is up again and in the hot tub. Adam is out of the poker game and outside talking to her. It sounds like Jeff may have won the veto and is thinking about using it on Porsche. They are talking about protecting Jeff next week since he can’t play HOH.

Daniele Donato came out. She said the slop is making her sick. She want’s real food for her birthday and not cake. She has eaten eggs but not had any protein drinks.

Jeff and Rachel came outside and the talking stopped.

Jordan is out of her humilitard.

Rachel thinks she knows all and that there will not be a double eviction this week. I guess she will be surprised won't she. Rachel is trying to convince Jordan to get rid of Daniele.

They are playing cards again. I think Rachel is trying to talk like she is from Jersey. But she is talking through her nose and she goes from Jersey to southern to normal.

Daniele Donato and Shelly Moore are outside on the couch. Shelly is telling Daniele she doesn’t think Jeff will put her up, but he isn’t telling anyone what he is doing not even Jordan. Jordan told Shelly she wants to be surprised. It sounds to me like they just aren't telling Shelly.  They are talking about the Zing Bot. Remember that from last year. Evidently it said something to Daniele that she thought was below the belt. Shelly says even if Daniele goes up she thinks she will stay, but Kalia is freaking out. Daniele says that’s just Kalia Booker, but Porsche Briggs is just sad.

Shelly asks Daniele if Porsche and Kalia stay up there who she would vote out. Daniele doesn’t give her an answer. Daniele said the last season was easier because she didn’t like anyone, but this season there are people she truly likes in the house.

LOL Shelly tried to get clearance today to cut up Rachel’s puppy. It sounds like she got it. Daniele really wants to punch Rachel in the face, but told Big Brother she won’t. I just can’t imagine being in the house with Rachel.

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