Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 23, 2011

Daniele Donato and Porsche Briggs are in the kitchen. They are trying to figure out Adam. Porsche says Adam used to know no one could beat Jordan in the final two.

Rachel Reilly is outside with Jeff and Adam discussing DJ's. she goes inside to ask Porsche about one of the DJ's and goes back outside. Daniele says oh look Rachel's drunk. Porsche, she had a whole bottle of wine. I guess that's enough to get her and her baby drunk. Wow! I guess the suspicion that Rachel is pregnant lives on.

Kalia Booker and Jordan Lloyd are at the hot tub. Kalia says she is waiting for something else to happen, like someone going off the deep end.

Rachel is in the kitchen whispering to herself. What the f is her problem? She is giving an evil look to someone but I don't see anyone there.

Porsche is out on the couch reading the bible. She says she is reading a bedtime story.

Adam Poch is having a bad day he is homesick. 

Jordan Lloyd is sitting at the hot tub and Shelly Moore just went over and sat down next to her and says she has no chance against Jeff and Jordan in the final three. She said in the final competition there is a 2-1 chance and if she won she would take Jordan. Jordan, you don't have to stick to your deal with us. Shelly, I want to but then I think about my family and they are going to be like what are you doing with the two people everyone in the whole world loves. Jordan, is this what Daniele is telling you? Shelly, no I started thinking about this last night. She only said one thing. I'll tell you what it is but I don't want there to be a big confrontation. Jordan, well there is a lot. Shelly, she said there is a lot, like Jeff lied to her and he talks about integrity. She said you guys told her. Jordan, do you want to go upstairs and talk?

Shelly, what she said is that you two swore you would not back door her. Jordan swears on her brother and mother that it wasn't true. Shelly is talking like she is going to flip but Jordan assures her behind Jeff she would choose her over everyone else. They rehashed a lot of stuff that has happened in the game and still ended up saying they will go to the final three or two if Jeff gets kicked out.

Big Brother has given them bendaroos and a bad mitten game.

DOG is evil tonight. He yelled at Jordan earlier to put on her microphone when she was at the hot tub. He didn't even say please. It doesn't sound like the regular pre recorded messages. Just an angry man.

Jordan went over in the hammock with Jeff and was relaying her conversation with Shelly and an earlier conversation with Adam. Jeff was getting mad saying if they want to knock someone out win something and do it yourself. They want me to get Brendon and Daniele out and then they want to knock me out? They can win something and do it themselves. They the show ended. Darn he was just getting wound up too

Earlier today on Twitter it was said that Jeff won the POV took Porsche off the block and put Daniele up.

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