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Deadliest Catch After The Catch Episode 2


The beginning with the guys on horse back is awesome.

At the table are Mike Rowe, Captain's Andy, Sig, Keith and Elliott Neese.

Mike asks Captain Andy about Captain Johnathan. he says he has four broken ribs and a floating one. He said he's the worst patient in the world. He just wants his damn iPad. LMAO.

They discuss the ice. Captain Andy says he's never seen anything like it in 31 years. This is Elliott's first time driving through the ice. At one point Elliott's boat was covered he said he looked like a big ice cube. Mike Rowe said he looked like a glazed doughnut.  Elliott looks like he just woke up. 

They show the two Eddie's getting hit by the ice again. Eddie Sr joins the table. They said the piece of ice that hit Eddie was 250 pounds. Captain Andy says another three inches it would have been another medevac. Captain Keith says it wouldn't have been a medevac. Mike Rowe says one of those black helicopters.

They show a clip that hasn't aired yet of the ice. It's Captain Andy on the Time Bandit trying to navigate through the ice. He hollers down and tells everybody to get up because they might be sinking. There are ice bergs everywhere. He has got to be missing Captain John. Captain Andy said they went into town and came back out five hours later and things usually don't change but they had 8ft seas and ice everywhere that kept getting bigger and bigger. Then they got stuck. Usually you can navigate around, but they couldn't and all of a sudden they kept hitting the side of the boat AND it was at night making seeing even more difficult. Captain Keith said when he got home it was three weeks before the nightmares stopped. He said one night he woke up in the kitchen. He said he pulled the boat out of gear went down to the galley to get a cup of coffee, he was surrounded by ice and he gets to the refrigerator and he realizes he's not on the boat he's at his house. Captain Andy says when you go to sleep and you are seeing icebergs you know it's bad. Captain Sig explains how you don't have brakes on a boat to just stop. Captain Andy talks about twenty foot icebergs hitting you in the swell. Oh dang! Flying ice for real! I never even thought about that. Great now something else to worry about. Flying icebergs!  

Junior has joined the table. They talk about how the crab are near the ice. Captain Keith says you have to remember the ice has more than just water in it. It has nutrients in it that drop down as the ice melts so the crab will follow it.

Clips of the outhouse race! Captain Sig and the Deadliest Catch guys win.

Mike Rowe starts giving Junior a hard time about being a legend. Capt Bill is now at the table. Elliott is gone. Junior says everybody at this table is a legend. They discuss whether you have to be dead to be considered a legend and talk about a guy called "Hip" Bill Prout. Captain Keith says they call him the Mystic Man, the magician. And a guy named Joe Wavey who did not leave the wheel house for ten days. Evidently when he touched his auto pilot and stuff it would shock him. Captain Bill said he told him he knows what's wrong he can fix it. Captain Bill says in a gruff voice imitating Joe, leave it alone. When I get sleepy I touch it. Joe Wavey worked with Captain Phil Harris. They said Phil worked his first year for free with him and they called Joe "Dirt" because he never showered.

Phil's dad joins the table. Grant Harris, he will be 79 in July. He quit fishing three years ago. He started fishing when he was 26 or 27. Captain Andy says it will never be the same as it was in the old days. They talk about a man named Lloyd Button Juneau that caught 7 million pounds in his first year. Ahhh The derby days. Back in the day they had round pots that you could roll to the rail. Who knew?

Captain Bill and Junior are gone and Elliott is back. Captain Sig says he doesn't have anything to prove anymore. He just wants to stay alive. Elliott says he revamped things for Opies because they worked the guys to hard. He has to figure out where the line is. Mike Rowe says the real question is who is in charge because you are not the owner you are the Captain. Elliott says it's way different for him because all the other guys own their boats. They can do whatever they want. They show the clip of Elliott getting the call from the owner saying they've got to step it up or he's sending up another boat. Lenny Herzog the owner of the Ramblin' Rose joins the table. He says everyone has someone at home making sure everyone gets paid, delivery dates are made on time, checking weather. He lists several things. Captain Keith said it's hard to be the Captain and have someone in your ear. He said no offense Lenny but if you're going to trust some one with the boat. You gotta leave them alone even if he's a kid. I don't know, Elliott would have stayed out in that hurricane if Lenny hadn't of made him come in. Elliott says he's not really a kid. Captain Keith informs him for a Bering Sea Captain he's a kid. LOL Lenny is Captain Andy's Co-op manager. Captain Andy says he is trying to help you not hurt you. Lenny explains his other partner has brought the boat home for thirty years safe. Captain Sig tells Elliott you can't expect to manage the boat when you are still learning how to run the boat. You aren't there yet. You've got to learn to be a fisherman first. Elliott says the canneries are in charge. Lenny explains that the cannery said that boat is never going to deliver there again if it's late and Elliott was late. The shit runs down hill. Mike Rowe asks who ultimately is in charge. Lenny says he is the captain of his domain on the boat, but if he doesn't do what I tell him, then he's lost his job.

Poor Captain John! There is a preview of next weeks show with him sitting at the table with oxygen on. Holy cow! 

Everyone is gone but Mike, Sig and Andy. They show a clip of the contest on the Time Bandit that Josh won. When they come back Eddie Sr, Josh and Travis are there. Travis talks about how he tried to sabotage Josh by hanging the bait on the first pot wrong. That's why the first pot was blank. They said the contest builds morale and breaks up the monotony. Captain Andy says they told Phil they would teach the boys. It let him set pots and make decisions on his own. We thought he was going to fail miserably. Josh Harris says he learned a lot this year it was like a cram session. Mike Rowe asks was it fun. Josh replies is the boat Catholic? Travis says he doesn't know what it's like coming from Cornelia but walking on the Time Bandit is a camaraderie like no other he's seen in 14 years. Josh says there is never a bad mood on that boat. If someone is in a bad mood we all chip in to cheer them up. Mike Rowe asks Captain Sig if he ever wonders what it would be like to have a little of that love on the Northwestern. Captain Sig says it's Norwegian love baby.

Jake Harris has joined the table. Mike Rowe says millions of people are waiting to see how things turn out for the Harris boys. Josh says he's learned a lot of humility and to listen. That you will make mistakes but you can't put peoples lives at risk. He talks about having a Captain he wasn't allowed to ask questions too(Derrick Ray). He said he could ask anyone on this boat questions and it was perfectly okay. That's because the Time Bandit is so awesome! Mike asks Jake Harris how his similar experience is working out. Jake replies the right way, wrong way, Norwegian way. Turns out it works. That's the best part.

Evidently the town of Breckenridge crowned Sig King Uller? He has a fuzzy hat with horns. It's named after a God that is supposed to bring snow for the winter because it's a big snow town. So Sig is going to bring in the snow next winter. Jake is now wearing the hat. Mike told him he looks like a Pez dispenser. He asks how many Norwegian Gods are there? Mike Rowe says he can count four. Jake says I can count two. Mike says you were going to say Sig and Edgar weren't you. Edgar has now joined the table and says let the ass kissing begin.

They show the clip of Jake Harris learning to throw the hook the Norwegian way.

They are showing the guys at the Aspen Canyon Ranch roping cattle. You know Andy is going to show them  how to do this. Jake Harris gets on a horse. Andy hollers at him just remember when you hit the ground to stop, drop and roll. The guy there tells Jake you just don't look right to me. I have a better horse for you. He uncovers a horse statue training thing that's used for learning to rope steer. Josh doesn't like horses, they don't like him. Jake is just happy he didn't get bit this time. Captain Sig says it's the first time he's seen Josh with his mouth shut for more than thirty seconds and he was sweating bullets.Captain Andy says Josh told him just as long as you are with me. Then they started telling him there were mountain lions there, they had him all freaked out. Mike Rowe says they are just messing with each other day in and day out.

Great episode.

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