Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 13, 2011

Porsche Briggs, Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are in the HOH room. Daniele is talking about how she used to go under her covers and cry. Porsche, she’s been in the DR forever. Daniele, they kicked her out. They called her to the storage room. Porsche, they told her to go in there to cry? Kalia, no they said they would have something in there for her. Kalia, can I have my B12 please. Porsche, they didn’t have any of our stuff? Daniele, you mean alcohol? Just drink a bottle of mouthwash Porsche. Porsche, I’m going to ask for Listerine in my HOH basket. Kalia, maybe they gave her a shot of tequila. Porsche, that’s not fair.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 12, 2011

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder are in the have not room. It sounds like HOH has been played. Jeff says if she does stick to Brendon and Rachel then we are back to Adam Poch and Shelly Moore. Jordan says it was a lot of luck.

Jordan says she is excited Brendon Villegas came back. She says she knows Shelly is upset. Jordan leaves to get heat pads, Brendon comes in the Have Not room.

Big Brother 13 Episode 16 August 11, 2011

Here we go let's see who get's voted out and who get's voted back in. I'm really hoping Rachel goes and Cassi Colvin or Dominic Briones comes back in.

Lawon is dressed in his Yale sweatshirt, red shorts, red knee socks and sneakers. He doesn't look like he is ready for and interview with Julie Chen. I would say he doesn't think he is going home. He does think if he gets voted out he will come back with super powers. We know from last week that is not the case.

The temperature in the house has flip flopped so much I'm not sure who they are going to vote out.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 11, 2011

The newbies now out number the veterans. I still think all the newbies screwed up really big back in the beginning not sticking together.

Rachel Reilly, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are discussing whether there will be a double eviction and whether there will be two or three people in the final.

Kalia Booker, Daniele Donato, Adam Poch, Porsche Briggs and Lawon Exum are in the purple room. They think Brendon stole the chess pieces.

Big Brother 13 Episode 15 August 10, 2011

Rachel Reilly is such a baby, poor sport and loser. She got right up in Daniele's face, they didn't show it. Big Brother told them they had to keep their space because they thought the two of them were going to fight.

Oh here we go with the fake crying again. Drama Queen! OMG please just leave Rachel. Even Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are getting tired of her crap.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 10, 2011

Jordan Lloyd, Rachel Reilly and Jeff Schroeder are on the couch outside talking about shoes. Jordan is telling a story and right in the middle of it Rachel interrupts her to start talking game.

Rachel thinks someone is listening to them, then starts saying why does Kalia want to talk to me? Jeff tells her they want to cut stupid deals. They have deals they can’t back up. How all of the newbies are nothing without Daniele. Rachel says all they do is sit upstairs and make fun of people and talk about PT. Rachel has some nerve as much as she talks about Brendon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 9, 2011

Jordan Lloyd, Adam Poch, Rachel Reilly and Porsche Briggs are outside on the couch discussing when they think the halfway party is.

Daniele Donato has come outside. They are trying to figure out what Keith’s last name was.

Jeff Schroeder is in the kitchen fixing catfish. Jordan is getting tea.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 8, 2011

I must say I was a little disappointed in tonight’s CBS show. I wanted to see more of the fighting that has gone on this week and less of Rachel crying. I mean really a two week old prank and Adam doing a strip tease.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 7 "The Trouble With Loved Ones"

"The Trouble With Love Ones"

Let's see if Amy Fisher's husband get's hauled off to jail.

The police have arrived. Dr. Drew says the fact is in California it is illegal to threaten someone's life. So if Jeremy and his family decide to press charges this could be very bad for Lou. It seems to me this should be like spousal abuse. If the threat is made the police should take him away even if Jeremy doesn't press charges, to cover their butts. 

Big Brother Episode 14 Recap August 7, 2011

The HOH competition is a knock out game. 

Kalia Booker won HOH. That should make this week interesting to say the least.

It's interesting Rachel Reilly says Kalia and Daniele Donato were mean to them all summer. They were on her team the first several weeks until Rachel didn't need them anymore and turned on them and she says they were mean to her?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 7, 2011

Alright let’s see if the house has calmed down from yesterday. What a day that was. Veto competition was in the morning. Hopefully you know who didn’t win it.

Porsche Briggs and Daniele Donato are in the bedroom. Daniele, I guess she has been going and campaigning to everyone except you and I. You are definitely going to get though. Porsche, I doubt it. Daniele, seeing how she is the only one that has been nice to you the whole time. Porsche, now she is being nice to everyone else