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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 10, 2011

Jordan Lloyd, Rachel Reilly and Jeff Schroeder are on the couch outside talking about shoes. Jordan is telling a story and right in the middle of it Rachel interrupts her to start talking game.

Rachel thinks someone is listening to them, then starts saying why does Kalia want to talk to me? Jeff tells her they want to cut stupid deals. They have deals they can’t back up. How all of the newbies are nothing without Daniele. Rachel says all they do is sit upstairs and make fun of people and talk about PT. Rachel has some nerve as much as she talks about Brendon.

Rachel, Kalia didn’t even vote for him, not even a pity vote. Rachel starts talking about the Renegades. Jeff and Jordan never heard of them. That’s because Rachel and Brendon didn’t tell you. When are Jeff and Jordan going to realize Rachel and Brendon were withholding so much from them and lying to them?

Rachel thinks Jeff, Jordan, Adam and Shelly are voting for her and she is staying. I don’t know how this is going to go. They all flip flop too fast to tell.

Now they are trying to figure out if they are in jury. Jeff says in their season someone came over the loud speaker and said congratulations. Rachel said in her season they told them at the half way party. They know from the days they are more than halfway but have not been told they are in the jury or had a half way party.

Rachel asks if they think they would bring back all four people. Jordan thinks they would be screwed. Rachel thinks Brendon could come back. Brendon would come back 100% over PT. Jeff doesn’t think they would go back that far. I wish Rachel would quit with the 100%. Jeff, maybe Brendon has to battle Lawon. I could see it Brendon coming back and saying dude I just had to arm wrestle Lawon. Rachel, could you imagine Daniele’s face if Brendon came back in the door.

The BBQ stuff is missing. Stuff still seems to be disappearing and reappearing. I don’t know if it’s houseguests doing it or Big Brother.

Now they are playing with a moth. Jeff is scared of it. LOL Rachel keeps dropping it on its head.

Kalia Booker and Daniele Donato have been in the HOH room sleeping it looks like.

Kalia says they need to talk to Rachel. Daniele is warning Kalia to watch what she says to Shelly because she repeats everything and she doesn’t care what anyone says she lies.

Daniele, Porsche, and Kalia down in the kitchen. Daniele, clearly she tells everybody everything. Why would she do that? Porsche, cause she doesn’t want to get blamed for any of it. Daniele, you have to remember too, if we want to vote her out we can vote her out. Seriously. I have no problem doing it. Few things in life would give me greater joy. Porsche, Do you know how many times I have said I don’t trust her? Daniele, Kalia said the same thing that’s why I don’t get it.

Daniele, what are you going to tell Rachel? Porsche, I don’t know. Do you think she will ask me if that’s the plan? Daniele, I don’t know, she will definitely beg you for your vote. Daniele, ask her for the bottle of wine. Porsche, is that a bribe?

Porsche, you want to win this next HOH right? Daniele, absolutely. Porsche, why does she keep saying she wants me to win it? Daniele, I think she means either of us. Kalia comes in the kitchen to make tea. Daniele whispers to her Rachel wants to talk to Porsche, just so you know. Rachel comes in the kitchen.

Daniele, Rachel and Kalia in the HOH room. Daniele has her hair all up on her head. It’s everywhere. She was getting ready to wash it. LOL She asks Rachel we are done whatever, so where are you right now? That’s what we are wondering. Rachel, I’m not sure what you are asking me? Daniele, Where are your thoughts right now for yourself? Rachel, I have no idea. I think I’m getting voted out and there is a twist so I’m coming back. I’m not voting so I don’t know what’s going on. I’m trying to get votes. Kalia, do you think it’s possible to get the votes to stay. Rachel, I have two votes for sure. I just need one more and you would be the tie breaker. Daniele, What we’ve talked, I’ve thought about lately. I’m not saying yes I’m not saying no. However my main question to you is why you approached me with the whole thing up here? Why the day before would you go to Kalia and tell her your main goal if you come back in this house is to get me out? And then come and approach me with something like that?

Rachel, I did tell Kalia that, and then I thought about it. I want to stay in this house Daniele and you know how this game is. I don’t have anyone in this game. I did have Brendon but that was all I had. But you just said you were sure you had two votes implying you had Jeff and Jordan. I mean I didn’t, I just have Brendon but now I don’t have any one. So I came to you because I don’t have anyone in the house and I was talking to you in an honest way. I’m sure you told Kalia that I said I wouldn’t come after you guys. I don’t know why you’re asking me this question right now. Kalia, I think she wants to know because. Daniele, because if you’re saying one thing to me and something different everybody else I need to know. Kalia, because if we decided to keep you this week trust is a big part of it. Rachel, I told Kalia and then I thought about it, I haven’t talked game with anybody else.

Daniele tells her it’s a trust issue. If she is going to go out on a limb, she want’s to make sure she can trust her. Rachel says she is 100% on her own and if she doesn’t go home she is going to be nominated every week. She thinks Jeff and Jordan are the only ones that would not put her up. Daniele, so where does that leave you if you get the votes to stay. I don’t mean leave and come back. I mean to stay. Rachel, that leaves me in a position where I need to start making deals with people. I need to restructure my game. That’s where it leaves me. I don’t have anyone to work with.

Kalia, here’s the deal. Given this week and the possibility someone could come back. In all honesty we have the votes to keep you or to evict you. We’re thinking about possibly keeping you and having a truce. Rachel, You’re talking about you two? Kalia, Yes because honestly if it were you and Brendon sitting here, you would be asking for protection for the two of you in return for my protection. It’s great you are not coming after me, but you want to come after the one person that I trust in this game. So the deal is you won’t come after both of us.

Daniele, You are always talking about the floaters. I don’t consider myself or Kalia a floater. If that’s what you really mean then you should be okay with that.

Kalia, trust is a huge thing so if you decide to take this deal and tell anyone in the house the deal is off. Everyone thinks Lawon is a pawn, it needs to stay that way, because as soon as people realize that he isn’t a pawn. They will realize they are next and it will be bad.

They then ask Rachel if she wins HOH who would she put up? She tells them she will talk to them on Thursday after she knows she is staying and has won HOH. Rachel are you saying you have Shelly and Adam’s vote. Kalia, no if this goes through, you would have the two votes you say you have and Daniele. Kalia would be the tie breaker. If you look at the way things have lined up, you’ll see we have been considering this. If I would have put Jordan up, you wouldn’t have a chance. Daniele, you know a week in this house is a week in this house. That’s all you need to turn your week around.

Rachel, did he tell you he didn’t mind volunteering? Kalia, he actually volunteered in front of people when we were sitting up here before nominations were even made. Rachel, you know he’s telling everyone. Kalia, I know. He thinks people are talking about the night before nominations. It wasn’t then. Shelly and Adam and all of us were just sitting up here talking crap, when he said it.

Rachel, Daniele do you want people to think we still hate each other? We’ve been cordial to each other all week. I think we should just keep doing that. Kalia, the only way people would figure it out is if you win HOH and don’t put Daniele up.

Rachel, would you nominate me next week. Daniele, if that is the deal then no. Daniele, the only way this deal works is if it is kept quiet. Rachel, wants to talk to them on Thursday, she thinks if no one is the wiser, this could be good. Kalia, the handshake on the deal is on Thursday when the votes are read. Kalia, you two are super serious. You are really stressing me out. Rachel, I have like a million questions. I don’t want to know the answers and I don’t want to ask them right now. I just want to see how this goes and we will talk on Thursday. Kalia, I have one question. Where are the chess pieces?

Rachel, no one knows about this? Kalia, no. Rachel, you kind of have a smirk on your face. If anyone asks me I’m going to probably tell them that I told you I’m going to come back if you evict me. Kalia, I’ll just say it’s more of her just trying to convince me she is coming back. So the deal is if they keep Rachel. She will not nominate them next week and they will not nominate her.

Rachel leaves. Daniele, can’t believe how Rachel doesn’t shut her mouth when she is ahead. And then tells Kalia she needs to quit talking so much too. Deals on both sides? Then tells Kalia to be careful talking to Shelly. I think that Shelly is the one that told her. Kalia, what did I reveal to her? Daniele, nothing you just said too much about two sided deals. Cause if I win HOH I don’t know what I’m going to do. Kalia, I don’t know what I said? Daniele, you just kept saying on both sides. Kalia, I thought you said she would never go for that. Daniele, it’s fine Kalia get that look after your face. Kalia, you made me feel like I messed up or something. Daniele, you don’t get to play HOH next week. If I win then I look like an A hole. I’m just saying. Kalia, I didn’t say any amount of time. Daniele, I probably don’t want to win this week. I probably want to win the week after.

Daniele is washing her hair in the bathtub. It’s like she is planking the tub lying across it to fit her head under the facet. LOL

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