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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 13, 2011

Porsche Briggs, Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are in the HOH room. Daniele is talking about how she used to go under her covers and cry. Porsche, she’s been in the DR forever. Daniele, they kicked her out. They called her to the storage room. Porsche, they told her to go in there to cry? Kalia, no they said they would have something in there for her. Kalia, can I have my B12 please. Porsche, they didn’t have any of our stuff? Daniele, you mean alcohol? Just drink a bottle of mouthwash Porsche. Porsche, I’m going to ask for Listerine in my HOH basket. Kalia, maybe they gave her a shot of tequila. Porsche, that’s not fair.

Earlier in the day, on the live feeds Kalia and Shelly were fighting over what was said about voting for Lawon. Shelly told Daniele Kalia couldn’t be trusted she runs and tells everything. Then Brendon and Rachel went in to talk to Daniele and told her Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam have a final four deal. They try to cut a deal with her. Then Shelly goes outside and tells Jordan Kalia can’t be trusted. Then Shelly confronts Kalia telling her she heard what she told Porsche. Shelly then proceeds to tell Kalia she can’t trust Porsche because Porsche is a liar. Then Shelly and Porsche have a fight. Porsche tells Shelly she is telling everyone she wants her gone. 

They have the nomination ceremony, Daniele nominated Shelly and Adam. Then Rachel, Shelly, Kalia, Jordan and Porsche all have a mini house meeting. Shelly and Rachel start screaming at each other. Shelly leaves the meeting and goes upstairs to tell Daniele. Jeff gets mad at Jordan because she got in the middle of it. After all this Shelly starts talking about going home. This house is crazy!

Porsche, where are they? Kalia, they are trying to get in your bed. Brendon is in your bed now. Daniele, ewwww! Kalia, under the covers. Daniele, Ewww. Porsche, with Rachel? Kalia, no I think she might be in the DR then. Daniele, they straddle. Kalia, Adam was like I’ll play the bad guy because I’m not in this room anymore. I’m like nobody asked you. And he was like can you and Porsche sleep in the same bed? I’m like Porsche is more than welcome to sleep with me but I don’t think Porsche wants to leave her bed. You should ask her. Porsche, they already asked me I said no. There must not be any have nots this week if they are fighting over beds. BB closed up the library room. Last time Dominic slept in the have not room when he didn’t have too. Porsche, I told them you guys have your own room. Someone, there is a spare bed in the shuttle room you can sleep in there. You don’t have to give up your bed. Kalia, I know I don’t have to give up my bed, and I’m not going to give up my bed, I’m staying. You need to ask Porsche about her bed. Jeff was like yeah, yeah, you can keep your bed, they can sleep there and she can sleep in the shuttle room. I’m like you need to ask Porsche about Porsche’s bed. Porsche, they thought I would sleep in the space shuttle room with Shelly? Are they out of their mind? Kalia, you should tell him Rachel is more than welcome to sleep with me and you can sleep in the middle bed.

They tried to get me to sleep on that bed with them. Daniele, I thought you were going to sleep on the couch? Porsche, BB said we couldn’t. Daniele, that’s creepy. I don’t know how to respond to that.
Daniele Donato, Shelly got all sketched out and nervous last time she was on the block. I’m sure that has a lot to do with it to. Porsche Briggs, she was fighting with me before she went on the block. Daniele, remember that is the first time she cried in the house. Porsche have you cried at all in here? Porsche, yes. She cried a lot the week she was nominated, she says because she was on her period. Porsche, yeah it got him to tell me his Charlies Angel’s plan. Daniele, have you not heard that was Adam’s plan? They go on discussing how stupid the plan was and wondering whose plan it was. Then they go back to the topic of beds again.

Kalia Booker, I can’t believe they just expect you to give them your bed. Porsche, no one talked to me last week leave me alone. Kalia, how come Jeff and Jordan get to go back to their bed? Porsche, because Adam bowed to them.

Then the discussion turns to Brendon, coming back in the house and how happy all of the other houseguests were to see him. Porsche, it was like the second coming. Then Porsche tells them that Brendon saw their goodbye messages. Kalia, Daniele, Jordan and Rachel’s messages were the four Porsche says he saw. It doesn’t sound like Brendon told them he was sequestered from the other three evicted houseguests yet. Daniele says that is not good. That’s not fair. I knew he would see the goodbyes. I just didn’t think he would just see ours. Mine was fun. Kalia, it was fun for finality not for coming back. Daniele, that makes me nervous. Not one thing I said was nice. Kalia, meet either. Oh, that’s right, Kalia said something about getting him out of the house was not rocket science.

Porsche Briggs, I’m really nervous now I want to go get my bed. Kalia, go get in it. And state your claim, pee on it. LOL Kalia, they’re probably already in the bed. They probably are just going to decide it’s theirs. Porsche, not happening. Daniele, they will probably fake sleeping. Kalia, you can just belly flop on top of them. Porsche, I’ll lay in the middle of them and really make her mad. Daniele, start rubbing his leg.

Jordan, Jeff, Brendon and Adam are testing each other in the candy room. Jordan wants to know if they think there will be a double eviction. Brendon leaves to get tea. Brendon is in the kitchen telling Rachel Kalia said Porsche could sleep with her. Rachel okay. I smell another fight coming.

OMG Rachel thinks America loves her and Brendon because they voted him back in. NO Rachel America loves a train wreck!

Kalia, says every time Brendon comes around the corner she is like what are you doing here? Why are you back in this house? He’s eating all of our food again.

Porsche goes downstairs and Brendon asks her if she would mind sleeping in the same bed with Kalia tonight. Porsche, yea I don’t mind if she sleeps in my bed. I’ve never been on have nots and stuff and I don’t want to give up my bed since I’ve been able to have it. That is probably not the smartest thing to say. That’s like asking to get put on have not.

I haven’t seen Shelly yet tonight.

DOG, houseguests the lockdown is over.

There’s Shelly, Jordan and Jeff just went in the space shuttle room and woke up Shelly. She put her sunglasses on.

Kalia and Daniele are upstairs watching Rachel and Brendon on the monitor commenting and cracking me up. They are doing imitations of them.

Shelly and Adam are outside smoking. Shelly, I’ll be pulling for you. Adam, you’ll be busting you’re a$$ too. I don’t want to hear it. There is no quit in you. Are you all right though? Shelly, no I’m not. Adam, what happened? Shelly, nothing. I’m just trying to decide what I’m going to do. Adam, what do you mean? Shelly, I am not going to play a game with people like her. Adam, like who? Shelly, Rachel that throws stuff out there that’s not true, to my team that I’ve been playing with since the beginning. That is not how I play. Out of everyone in the house right now you are probably the only person that I completely trust to even talk to. Adam, We knew that from the get go.

Shelly Moore, I am about on the verge of hitting, I am about ready to go. Adam, don’t hit the button. Shelly, it’s stupid Adam. You can do as much good as you think you can for people and it doesn’t do any good they still kick you in the teeth. It doesn’t matter. That’s not how it is outside of here in my life. Adam is giving her a pep talk, which is pretty good considering he's on the block next to her. Jeff comes outside and tells Shelly not to get so worked up. Shelly says I’m not worked up about what you think at all. Jeff says OK good.

Now Shelly is telling Jeff she’s about ready to go out the door. That she does not play that way. So things are not going the way Shelly likes so she is just going to quit? She got called out on her stuff so she’s just going to walk away. I can't wait to hear what Rachel said that started all this. I don’t have the live feeds so I don’t know exactly what was said to know if somebody was lying about somebody are not. Shelly, I have been loyal to a fault in this game. I have been straight forward to my team. To have someone say that in front. Jeff, Jordan didn’t take it that way and neither did I. Shelly, I will be friends with the three of you out there. Jeff, you are friends with us in here and out there you’re not going anywhere. Shelly, I am done playing a game with people like that.

Jeff, I told you before you came out, right before Kalia came out, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Shelly, it’s embarrassing. Jeff, it’s not you it’s this house. It’s not embarrassing. Shelly, yes it is. Jeff, to who? Shelley, to me. Jeff, you still have your character they don’t. It’s not you. It’s this house. Once you get out of here you are going to say wow that was wild. Now Shelly is crying saying I told you a million times, how much I think of this girl. She points to Jordan. Jeff tells her not to let them get the best of her. Jordan tries to tell her we can win the veto. Shelly says it’s not about that it’s not about being on the block. Jordan says she doesn’t believe it. Shelly, I’ve done nothing but try to help that girl. Jeff, well now you know where you stand. Don’t help her anymore. See where she’s at next week. Shelly, Brendon couldn’t even defend her. Jeff, I know. See where she’s at next week when she has nobody. Shelly, and why Brendon allows somebody to say those things is beyond me. I thought a lot of him. Shelly says she hasn’t been this upset in twenty years. Jeff, I told you it’s the game you’re letting it get to you.

Shelly is still crying with real tears, unlike Rachel. Jordan is trying to convince her she doesn’t believe it. What the heck did Rachel say?

Daniel and Kalia are still upstairs making fun of Brendon and Rachel.

Porsche is in the kitchen talking to Brendon and Rachel. Telling them Shelly cried last time she was on the block too. Porsche says she is just going to lie low. Brendon says he isn’t going to say anything.

Shelly says she went to the interview for this thing as a joke.

Kalia tells Brendon and Rachel she doesn’t want to give up her bed, she had to give up her bed before.

Shelly is doing laundry. Brendon goes outside and says something. Jeff says what about Porsche what does she mean she is not okay with sleeping in the spaceship room. Brendon I guess we will just sleep in the space ship room. Why don’t they just sleep in the have not room rather than causing trouble? The pajama jam group stays up until 5am. They could almost sleep in shifts except everyone is grossed out at the thought of Rachel and Brendon in their bed. I think that is the biggest problem.

Porsche is telling Daniele what happened downstairs with the beds.

Shelly is sitting on the couch with Jordan. She says to Jordan it’s awkward. Jordan, I know. It’s like everyone is in four corners. Shelly starts laughing.

Daniele and Kalia are outside in the hammock still talking about how weird Rachel is because she won’t quit staring at Brendon.

Jordan went to bed. Daniele has now joined Shelly and Jeff on the couch. Shelly asked who thought up this game. They say it’s a great social experiment. Lock ‘em in and watch them run. Shelly says she can’t wait to get home and tell Tony everything that has happened. Daniele, just wait when you try and tell him he’ll be like I know, I saw it. Shelly, he’s probably sitting at home saying don’t hit the button. Don’t kill anyone, which is really what I’m refraining myself from doing. I’ve made more threats this week than I’ve made in my life.

Shelly I would like nothing more than to win tomorrow and chuck it in her face, and I am not that kind of person. Daniele, now you know how Kalia felt. Shelly, I don’t care who self destructs anymore. I don’t even want to sit here and look at her face. Daniele, I’ve been there. I was there two weeks ago. Shelly, I’ve never seen people like this in my life. If I have to listen to her mouth anymore I’m just going to blow a gasket. The thing is in real life you can walk away. I never thought this house could break someone down like this. I hope they don’t win another thing.

Shelly congratulates Daniele on her spatial awareness in the HOH competition. Daniele, you don’t understand I had to take a math class three times to pass it. I’m an art major. What’s funny is the two math scientists couldn’t do it.

Daniele has said a couple of times how sad it is Lawon was in the house all that time and thought he was going to jury and now he’s not.

Shelly, what makes me even madder is that I let someone like that make me so mad. So much for teaching lessons to my kid. The moral high road in this game is an up hill battle. Daniele, Oh my god. Shelly, you can’t do it. How many days has it been? Daniele, forty two. Shelly, that’s how many days it took me to figure it out.

Daniele, Jordan looks like she is about to self evict soon. She is miserable. Shelly, she doesn’t feel good. So does it feel better tomorrow. Daniele, after the veto tomorrow. Shelly, Rachel phoney. That’s what I say in there. I cannot believe I was that dumb. I feel like I’m losing all my brains in this place. Brains, self control, all of it. Daniele, I feel like I’ve been dumbed down in here.

Daniele, I got a few zingers in last night. Shelly, you gotta take the gloves off. Daniele, they are like when you censor yourself you are not fun.

Porsche and Rachel are talking in the hot tub. I guess they made up. No one else seems to have. Rachel is telling Porsche she thinks her bachelorette dance will be a promo for Showtime. I guess she’ll be surprised to know they timed it so it didn’t even air. They did it during the commercials. I guess Rachel is going to try and befriend Porsche now that she has made everyone else in the house made at her. But she already used Porsche and threw her away. I don't think she will go for it a second time.

Now Kalia is pumping Shelly up, I guess they made up. Porsche and Brendon are the only one’s talking to Rachel. I'm not sure why Porsche is talking to her. Shelly, if she comes and sleeps in my room I’m going to have a heart attack. Kalia, she is because I am not giving them my bed. Shelly, that’s fine I wouldn’t either. Kalia, neither is Porsche. Shelly, I don’t blame her. Are they going to sleep together in that bed? Kalia laughs. Shelly are you serious? Why don’t they sleep in the have not room? Kalia, I told Rachel she could sleep with me. Shelly, Oh my god are you serious. You would do that? Kalia, I’m doing my good samaritan. Shelly, that’s really good. Kalia, I still have that part of me that feels bad. Shelly, it’s also not customary for me to sit here and be quiet when someone is being a jerk. Kalia, welcome to my world. Shelly, I just want to say to him good luck. Cause you suck and she sucks. You couldn’t even lie for her until she begged you.

I wish I was a Nielsen household so they could see how many times I fast forward on Rachel and Brendon.

I just saw on Twitter Daniele, Shelly, Adam, Jeff, Kalia and Jordan have been picked to play for the veto. I am doing a happy dance. Yea!!!!!!!!! Rachel and Brendon do not even get to play for the veto. That is so exciting!

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