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Big Brother 13 Episode 15 August 10, 2011

Rachel Reilly is such a baby, poor sport and loser. She got right up in Daniele's face, they didn't show it. Big Brother told them they had to keep their space because they thought the two of them were going to fight.

Oh here we go with the fake crying again. Drama Queen! OMG please just leave Rachel. Even Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are getting tired of her crap.

Now Kalia Booker is crying because no one thinks she has a mind of her own. There were so many tears and fights in the house last week, I'm surprised they didn't put them all on Prozac or something.

The veto competition is played by Kalia Booker, Jeff Schroeder, Rachel Reilly, Shelly Moore, Jordan Lloyd, and Adam Poch.

Shelly Moore doesn't think Jeff is excited about her playing in the veto. Jeff still thinks she threw the have not competition because she didn't know what a candied yam was. He says he told her and she didn't say it. She said she couldn't hear him she thought he was mouthing candied apples. Candied apples weren't on the list so that doesn't make sense. Shelly was in the purple room crying with Jordan before Jeff went in.

They play the veto competition, Big Brother Odyssey . I love how Rachel says she knows exactly what they are doing. No she doesn't.

This could be an all night event. They have to roll a ball over a hilled ramp and catch it when comes down the other side. Every time the ball rolls over the hill they get a point. If they drop the ball the count is reset to 0. They must get to 300.

Kalia has pretty much quit playing. I don't understand that. If someone else drops their ball then you would be ahead when they drop theirs. Jeff and Adam are almost to 300. If they drop the ball they go back to 0.

Now Jordan has stopped playing and is encouraging Jeff. Jeff gets 300 and wins the veto. Adam has 298. I don't know what Rachel's score was I think she quit too. I didn't see her standing up there when they showed the yard at the end of the game. Adam really gave Jeff a run for his money.

Jeff is being so mean this year. I like that Kalia is keeping her word to Jordan. Of course Jordan is still mad because Kalia put up Jeff.

I really like Adam with all the hair gone. I wonder what Farah thinks?

Now Rachel is pleading her case to Kalia. Why should Kalia trust Rachel, she worked with her the first several weeks and Rachel treated her like poo. Rachel says if she comes back in the house it is going to be guns slinging. Yeah, she said she was going to win the veto too. That didn't happen.

Kalia you need a duo plus to compete in the game.  The sad part here is she can't trust Shelly, Lawon, Adam or Porsche. If they trust the veterans and get to the end she'll be the first voted out at the end.  So I'm thinking she'd be better off trusting a newbie or two and putting them on a short leash.

First I can't believe Lawon Exum volunteered to go up. I would never do that. Second, she's kind of voting out one of her own, except the only one she really has as her own is Daniele. I think this HOH has really messed with her head. She started out strong and is now wimping out because people think she is doing Daniele's work. So what, who cares what they think. Follow the plan, go with your first gut instinct, don't alienate the only person you have on your side in the house.

Kalia gaining Jeff, Jordan and Rachel?? You are right back at square one where the veterans are going to vote you out given the chance.

OM Shut up Rachel!

Tonight should be interesting. I hope we get someone back in the house tonight and don't have to wait a week. Someone coming back will make After Dark more entertaining this week.

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