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Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 7 "The Trouble With Loved Ones"

"The Trouble With Love Ones"

Let's see if Amy Fisher's husband get's hauled off to jail.

The police have arrived. Dr. Drew says the fact is in California it is illegal to threaten someone's life. So if Jeremy and his family decide to press charges this could be very bad for Lou. It seems to me this should be like spousal abuse. If the threat is made the police should take him away even if Jeremy doesn't press charges, to cover their butts. 

The police ask Lou what's going on? He says someone was very disrespectful to his wife. The officer asks who is his wife? Lou tells him Amy Fisher and points her out sitting over on a bench. Lou asked who complained? The officer tells him the family he made a threat too.

Dr. Drew asks Jeremy's sister if she is okay. He says she didn't ask for this, she didn't deserve it. Well, she kind of did ask for it. 

Lou talking to the police officer. You're married right? Officer, no. Lou, if someone says something to your wife you are going to be a man about it and step up right? Officer, who did you say it too? Lou, oh I don't know a lot of things were said basically to the effect that we are here to help one another and love one another not to insult one another. Officer, so you never made a phrase or a statement to hurt them? Lou, no no we are here for a party we are not here to hurt people. Jessica Kiper and one of the other family members are laughing. Lou is lying his butt off. Lou, laughing I can't believe they made a complaint against me. The officer asks for his license.

Dr. Drew says the police want to view the cameras of what happened since they are there. The cameras clearly show the threat. Now it's up to Jeremy and his family to decide. Jeremy tells the officer he doesn't want to file charges. He just thinks his mom wanted the report filed in case something happens.

Dr. Drew thankfully Jeremy and his family have decided not to press charges and the police leave. Jeremy goes and apologizes to Lou. I think Jeremy's sister should be the one apologizing. Jeremy then goes and apologizes to Amy Fisher.

In group the next morning. Dr. Drew talks about how the weekend represented how things happen in the real world and how yesterday was like a family meltdown. Sean Young says she was scared. Michael Lohan says he's shaking right now just thinking about it. Dr.Drew tells Michael he was very helpful, but it felt like he had done that before. Michael, what scared me was when I saw Jeremy Jackson with a chair in his hand and when I went up to him and said calm down. I could feel his body shaking. Then when I saw him walking away, I knew it would be okay on  his part.

Jeremy Jackson, I am grateful it didn't get any worse. Jeremy said he felt protective over his mom and sister the way Amy's husband was protective over her. Amy, I just felt like you were my friend and I was so hurt. Dr. Drew, he is still your friend he made a mistake and he wanted to apologize. Michael, he has a real sick sense of humor sometimes. Dr. Drew he made a mistake he is still your friend. I don't understand Jeremy getting all the blame here when his sister made the comment. Did they cut something out here?

Amy, I didn't think my husband would do that. I just wanted to tell him. Dr. Drew maybe that need to protect you is a reenactment that you guys do over and over again and leaves you stuck in that victim role.

Sean Young, I'm confused about something. Lou says no one disrespects my woman but he allows you to do these adult films. I'm confused about that, because there is something a little odd about that. Thank you Sean! Because there is pain about that too. I can understand the protection you feel from him. I felt it. Dr. Drew, it is very gratifying for Amy to take on the victim role. If I'm victimized I get this big protective reaction and he takes the world away and how good that feels. Amy, I never thought about it. Dr. Drew how about trying I'll take care of myself.

Dr. Drew goes out on the patio to talk to Amy. Amy tells Dr. Drew she is thinking maybe she has other options. He tells her that's good she can pick and choose what she wants or doesn't want to choose. It's her life. She want's Dr. Drew to tell her what to do. He says you have to design your life. You are the Captain of your life, not me. When you bring your husband out is there stuff you want to work on with him? Amy, he just doesn't understand me. He tells me I have a chemical imbalance in my brain. He tells me that all the time. He loves me, but he doesn't talk to me. Dr. Drew, this is because you are crying all the time he says this is an imbalance? Amy, and I do things, just stupid things. Dr. Drew, when you are drinking. Amy nods. Dr. Drew, well we know he loves you. Amy, he was a police officer for 15 years. So when the cops arrived earlier my guess is as soon as he said he was married to Amy Fisher they knew he was an ex-cop. They train him to talk people off ledges. That's how he talks to me like a mental patient. Like I said last week, control freak. Dr. Drew, he probably just reverts to that as strategy. Amy, I have to make changes too.

Dr. Drew, Michael Lohan also had an emotional and eye opening weekend. Kate Major has still not checked into Rehab and she is distracting Michael again. Kate is on the phone telling Michael she wants to do out patient. Shelly Sprague says she has a place for her and she has insurance there is no excuse. Shelly is going to call the insurance company and make sure she has coverage. Michael says he is going to call someone to keep an eye on her. Shelly says no it's too much co dependency. She should be calling on her own insurance.

It's later in the day. The patients are outside near the pool. Dr. Drew says Amy has expressed concerns addressing her husband about the adult film industry. So Dr. Sharp and he are going to talk to them. The goal is to help Amy have a voice. They asked Amy how the career started who's choice was it. She said it wasn't either of their ideas. It is because of her notoriety and because she is attractive they keep approaching her and offering more money. It started out being soft core and she thought it wasn't to bad, then it escalated.

Amy, I don't articulated this to Lou but I feel like I deserve pain. They bring in Lou. Amy tells Lou she wants to find another career path. He says amen. Dr. Drew asks amen as supportive? Dr. Drew asks Amy to tell Lou about the pain it has caused her. She says she feels bad but she can't say it. Dr. Sharp, you said you feel as though you deserve pain. Lou, says she doesn't deserve pain. She is one of the most loving people he knows. Lou, says he feels helpless. He has always supported his family and at this point in his life he can't make the income he used to. He want's to be her knight in shining armor. She wants me to rescue her. He says he would do anything he can to rescue her.

Tonight they are allowing visitors for one more night. Shelly Sprague is checking to see who is coming. Steven Adler's mom is coming. Michael tells Shelly Cindy Vonkaer and Kate Major are coming. Shelly, I thought you were kicking her out of the apartment. She's going to treatment, she's not. Michael, you didn't write her name down. Shelly, I will writer her name down.  SMH

Kate on the phone with Michael telling him they are never going to see eye to eye. Michael has been on the phone all day fighting with her.

Dr. Drew has Michael come into his office. He says Michael has a heart condition that can be triggered by all this stress and anger. He tells Dr. Drew it's an ongoing thing with Kate. Dr. Drew takes his blood pressure. He says it's a little high. Dr Drew says Michael is a man with left main disease, cardiac disease. Do you really understand what that is you have? Michael looks a little confused. Dr. Drew offers to draw it for him. Dr. Drew draws a picture and says this one is called the widow maker. He points to one of the arteries he has drawn. Michael says I had a blockage in the other one. Dr. Drew you have a blockage in this one. He points to the widow maker. I blame that on the cocaine. Michael, that's why they said if something happens it's not going to affect just part of my heart. Dr. Drew, it's a gonner. It's widow maker, I want to impress that on you.

Michael, some of the anger is at myself not at other people. There I go again. Dr. Drew instead of thinking there I go again, maybe you should try there they go again. It's about not doing the old dances, getting off the dance floor.

Dr. Drew if Michael keeps engaging with people who enrage him. He could very well have a heart attack and die.

It's the evening, visitors are arriving. Michael gets a call from Jay, who tells him Cindy and Kate were on the way to see him and Kate freaked out and jumped out of the car because of something on TMZ. A picture with him kissing someone from New Jersey Housewives. Michael says that was for the TV show.  Jay, I think they are coming up there now. Just be ready. He thanks him and hangs up.

Jennifer Gimenez goes up to Will Smith and says what is Michael's crisis now? Because he is turning red and his heart. Will, something about his girl friend jumping out of the car on the way here. She doesn't want to come.

Michael is on the phone with Cindy. He asks if she drank anything? He says oh no pull her out of the bar. Michael runs into Lou and says I have a major crisis. Lou says okay stay away from  him. Steven Adler says he's making himself nuts. Michael tells Cindy to get her there he is walking off the show now. Do you know where she is?  Jennifer goes in and tells Michael she wants him to breathe. Michael says I'm going to have a heart attack. I can't do this. Now Michael is on the phone screaming stop doing this to me, you have to stop doing this to me. Whoever sent that to you is a piece of bleep and it's a lie! I shot a show! What's wrong with you! Michael is in his room bathroom screaming. They can hear him around the unit.

Bai Ling, My gosh what's going on? It's too much.

Michael is now screaming what's wrong with you it was a show. Get over here with the counselors and talk to me. He is in the bathroom of his room with Jennifer, he closes the door, and tells Kate they won't talk on camera. Jennifer before you call her back I want you to just breathe. He's not listening he calls Kate back again. He's screaming at her you are killing me, repeatedly. Jennifer is on the phone with Kate now. Sashu Kusina is trying to get Michael to come out of the bathroom. He takes the phone back from Jennifer and tells Kate he wants her to come talk to the counselors and show them what she is talking about. He is staring in the mirror screaming which is a little strange. Sashu says we are separating Micheal from the phone.

Jennifer takes the phone and asks Kate to come there and talk. Sashu tells Micheal it is not worth it. Micheal runs up to Jennifer takes the phone back and says I'm out the door. I'm leaving this place. Micheal is screaming are you coming here or am I walking out? Jennifer keeps saying Micheal your heart over and over. Now he's back to you are killing me. Now he is coughing, Jennifer is trying to get him to sit down. Michael busts out of the unit. Will and Jen are outside. Micheal has a congested cough. Jen is calling Dr. Drew.

Kate has arrived in front of the rehab screaming he is making out on TMZ. Kate says get me away from him. Michael says tells Cindy get him out of here, she says no. Will tells Michael Kate is intoxicated to just wait for Dr. Drew to get there.  They are screaming back and forth at each other and Kate tells Michael she is not even attracted to him, he is old, ugly and bald. He tells her she is a hooker.

Dr. Drew tells Michael to get back on the unit or he is getting discharged. Michael says he is getting discharged then. Cindy tells him no. Kate is going on about how the camera is the only thing keeping him from beating her up. The police have arrived. Dr. Drew is taking Michael inside. The police say I need you to place your hands behind your back. Michael says I didn't do anything. He's right other than raising his voice, I didn't see anything. He hasn't threatened her, he keeps saying she is killing him. He should listen to himself. She is killing him if she keeps interfering with his treatment, not even taking into consideration the whole heart thing. Dr. Drew this is what you have created. Michael, she is out of her mind. Dr. Drew, GD it.

Oh wow, the previews show Shelly Sprague telling Steven Adler they just found out Mike Starr died. How sad. I sure am glad Steven was in treatment when he heard that. 

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