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Big Brother 13 Episode 16 August 11, 2011

Here we go let's see who get's voted out and who get's voted back in. I'm really hoping Rachel goes and Cassi Colvin or Dominic Briones comes back in.

Lawon is dressed in his Yale sweatshirt, red shorts, red knee socks and sneakers. He doesn't look like he is ready for and interview with Julie Chen. I would say he doesn't think he is going home. He does think if he gets voted out he will come back with super powers. We know from last week that is not the case.

The temperature in the house has flip flopped so much I'm not sure who they are going to vote out.

They are showing clips from the week. Lawon Exum is going around acting mad because he got put up. Shelly says when Lawon lies his vernacular changes and he gets this bad boy attitude. Shelly suspects somethings up. Lawon says he wasn't even told he was going to be put up. Shelly Moore goes and wakes up Kalia who tells her Lawon volunteered to go up.

Earlier in the week Kalia and Daniele made a deal with Rachel. They would keep her if she didn't put either of them up next week and she doesn't tell anyone in the house. Of course Rachel could not keep her mouth shut. So now Kalia and Daniele have to decide whether it is better to keep Lawon or Rachel. This is crazy. Vote her out!

Shelly tells Rachel everytime she goes upstairs she makes her nervous. Jordan agrees. Shelly tells Rachel if she goes upstairs again they vote her out.

Shelly talks to Daniele, she is on a mission to figure this out. Shelly tells Daniele she thinks Rachel made a deal with them.

Daniele Donato is trying to convince Kalia to just vote Rachel out. Kalia is scared of the twist and not buying it.

Julie talks to Shelly about everyone crying in the house this week. That's no joke. Jordan tells Julie she has been grippy because of being on slop and sleeping in that bed. That's an under statement, people have even said Jordan was mean this week. You don't hear that very often.

Julie talks to Ragan Fox from last season about Rachel. He says once he and Rachel were out of the house they really like each other and he is going to be in her wedding. Matt arrives at Ragan's. Matt says Rachel is the only person who can cry without tears. I've noticed that too! I think it's fake. Matt and Ragan seem to think it's not and that she is really upset. I must confess she did smear her mascara a couple times this week after Brendon left so she is capable of crying real tears which makes me think even more when there are no tears it's fake.

Ragan says Rachel is like a killer at the end of a slasher movie. Just when you think she is down and out she comes back for one last kill.  I think I should turn this slasher movie off before it ends. She needs to be gone.
Matt says look at her face she always says she doesn't understand why people are treating her that way. Um because what goes around comes around.

Kalia talks to Julie in the HOH. She says the hardest part is dealing with the twist.

Rachel gives her speech says she loves everyone and remember there is a twist this week. Lawon, tells everyone do what's good for you. It's a real shame if Lawon really wants to be a host, he seems to get tongue tied everytime he is in front of the camera. I would be the same way, but I don't want to be a host.

The voting begins:

Lawon is voted out 6-0. He does look surprised. He hugs everyone and is headed to the door when Julie says hold on a minute everyone. Julie tells Lawon he has to battle his way back in the house. She proceeds to tell them he will battle one of the previous houseguests. Rachels mouth drops open and probably stays that way for a full minute. Definitely an odd site.

Keith Henderson, Cassi Colvin, Dominic Briones and Brendon are all outside. They all are surprised to see Brendon there. Julie tells them Rachel and Lawon were put up and moments ago Lawon was evicted. Brendon truly looked surprised. Even he thought Rachel would get voted out. Brendon won the votes for a chance to play. I still think this was rigged, every poll I saw showed Cassi and Dominic ahead of Brendon. Even on the CBS page if you look at the contestants like votes Cassi and Dominic are ahead of Brendon. No one and I mean no one in my timeline on Twitter would admit to voting for Brendon. So how did this happen?

The battle: 150 colored balls are dropped into the yard with each ball having a house guests name on it. The balls are colored by name. For example all of the red balls say Dominic on them, the light blue balls say Porsche.  They must get one ball of each color/name, roll it up a ramp and get it to drop in a hole. The person with the most correct balls in 3 minutes wins. Rachel is screaming to Brendon which color ball he needs to get in. No one seems to be helping Lawon. I think because of the problems in the have not competition people are afraid to help Lawon. Rachel clearly doesn't care. I think Brendon should be disqualified because Rachel is helping him. Once Brendon has locked in his time people started telling Lawon what color he needed. That was just sad. Brendon wins, Rachel runs and jumps on him.

They did not do an exit interview with Lawon or play for HOH on the show there was not enough time. Lawon's exit interview. Julie Chen actually chokes him when he comes out.

Clearly all of my hopes were stomped on and crushed this week. If I wasn't committed to blogging this show, I would quit watching until Rachel was voted off. I cannot believe CBS thinks she is entertaining. Annoying is not entertaining. 

There is not one person right now in this show that I think deserves $500,000. I really don't find the partnering fair, and no one has played an awesome game. Shelly has played a good game of playing both sides but people are starting to catch on to her and she hasn't won any competitions. Actually her winning an HOH would probably ruin  her game of playing both sides. Daniele is playing hard, has won HOH since she has been allowed to play, she comes up with good plans but has failed to execute them. 

I know Daniele did not want to win HOH this week, because she felt like they had a deal with Rachel not to put her up, so winning HOH the following week would be better for her. I don't trust Rachel to keep her end of the bargain. I think Daniele needs to win HOH this week, put Brendon up and back door Rachel.

I must now go watch After Dark to see if they played HOH last night. I don't know if they had the have not comp yesterday either.  I just dread watching Rachel and Brendon. Gross!

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