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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

On the last episode I only did a partial recap, because I thought Discovery replayed the episodes on their website. I have since discovered they don't. So for my mates in Australia and those of you who missed or can't get the show I will do full recaps.

To start off with let me say how excited I am last weeks episode of Deadliest Catch had ten million viewers. I think the boycotting of ABC of helped. I saw comments people were watching Deadliest Catch instead of Dancing With The Stars, and since Dancing With The Stars rating were down by 13%, I say welcome all my soap fans and thank you for supporting the soaps. You've found a great show!

You'll see my comments in blue. Let's see if I can keep all these new names straight now. 

This episode "Proving Grounds" starts out with Captain Jonathan Hillstrand on The Time Bandit saying it's kind of scary right now everyone he knows is pulling nothing.

Captain Keith Colburn on The Wizard says he's never had a bad run like this ever. There are probably guys out there kicking my a.. to high heaven right now.

Mean while Captain Scott Cambell, Jr (Junior) on the Seabrooke is pulling full pots but says nobody is going to know.

Captain Derrick Ray on The Cornelia Marie says he has never set a crab pot in his life he didn't think was going to come up full. 430 miles North of Dutch Harbor on Blue King Crab grounds, the Captain has a plan to start fishing deep and work their way up shallow based on a crab survey saying crab are to the South and the West. This is the last outpost where those brave and bold enough to venture this far North will find grim failure or a King's ransom. The crew is readying to set the first pot. Freddie Maughtai picks up what appears to be a seagull off the deck and says it's been following them the whole way, he asks Josh Harris if he wants to rub it for good luck. Josh does. Then frees the bird.

They reshow Steve and Derrick fighting from last week.

Captain Derrick said he is super comfortable with this fishery, he has succeeded more than he has failed. So I'll find them and make this happen. Josh: sink or swim right here. Freddie: this is for you boss. I'm pretty sure he was talking about Captain Phil and not Derrick. They pull up the first pot, hardly anything in it, they have two keepers. Derrick says at least it wasn't a blank. A good blue king pot averages between 20 to 30 crab. Derricks' first twenty pots averaged two. Freddie says they can run but they can't hide, we'll catch 'em, we'll get 'em. Jake Harris, attitude is key right now to keep everybody's spirits up.

Steve Ward, two to a pot we can't live on that, back to the drawing board. We got a big problem. I don't know what he's got going up there, we need to find something better than this. Derrick over hears this comment. Steve goes up to the wheelhouse. Ut oh Derrick, The blue crab, the guys still aren't buying it, they're not buying the whole story. Steve, someones gotta prove me different, I have never made money there. Derrick, I have in my mind when I leave the f'ng dock I'm going to fill the f'ng boat up. That's what I know is going to happen. Steve, All I know is all the guys that told me how f'ng great they are. I never ever heard Sig ever tell me how great they were. They just went out and did it. Derrick, Not once did I tell you how f'ng great I am Steve. Not f'ng once. I just told you that I caught f'ng crab. That's all I know. I didn't tell you how great I was that I was the greatest fisherman ever, I just know that I have succeeded. Steve, I hope you nail 'em. Derrick, We. Steve, You. Derrick, We. Steve, You. Geez guys, like little kids.  Derrick "we" are a crew and a team and "we" have to hold this boat together and "we" have to take care of each other.

Just 60 miles from the Cornelia Marie also fishing the blue king crab grounds is the 108 ft Ramblin' Rose. Captain Elliott, We're really no where up here, nobody else is around, we're out here all by ourselves, we're gonna be two and a half days from anywhere you can get help, the coast guard couldn't get us if they wanted too. Something goes wrong you gotta fix it, you gotta make sure everyone is on board at all times. Narrator, Ambitious young skipper or foolish risk taker?

Elliott, My buddy was up here recently, he set me up with a chart, I think I'm going to score big up here. Narrator, Either way, a tip from a fisherman friend is all Elliott needs to think he is going to score big. Elliott, This is definitely an opportunity for me to go out there and shine. Ok, still not feeling the love for this guy. Elliott, Everybody thinks fishing blue crab is real hard, but not the Ramblin' Rose, we're going to kill it.

Here we go first pot of blue crab. Hey Daus don't miss the first pot of the season. Feeling pretty good about it right now. There it is. Oh! There's some crab in that little f'er dude. Someone, Come on get excited dawg, Someone says yeah.  Elliott, Awesome. Narrator, Elliott's first pot as a Captain shows signs of life. Elliott, what kind of numbers Looks like about twenty baby crab to me, Tim "The Cat" four. Elliott, right on, right on. Narrator, but only a new skipper could get this excited over single digits. They pull another pot. Tim, that would be a really good pot right there if they were all bigger. Elliott, We'll find out if they are keepers. Tim, a lot of female, a lot of little ones. Someone screams.

Narrator, the females must be preserved in order to maintain the species. Faresa "Face", hopefully there's some males somewhere. Elliott, What you got? Tim, two. Elliott, at least there's something at least they're not bone yard. Face, hopefully there's some crab in it, he better get more than five, I'm gonna throw his ass over board. Narrator, after twenty five pots the number of crab continues to drop off. Tim, It's still gotta get a lot better. Face, I need more crab, I need more crab.

Narrator, Elliott's decision to rely on his friends advice has proven to be a costly error. What is it with these young guys, they want to be captains and have their own boat but they get out there and start calling everybody saying where do I go? Where do I fish? Radio fishing. Remember Captain Blake he did the same thing. I swear if Jake Anderson gets his own boat and does that, I will go to the Bering Sea and slap him myself. Elliott, We've been going at it about two and a half hours pulling about a two average, gotta keep throwing 'em out till we find 'em. Someone, we'll bounce back from this, its a minor set back. Elliott, were going to keep moving on it will take a lot more than that to stop the Ramblin' Rose. Cause your killing it right? (Rolling eyes)

Narrator, 240 miles to the Northeast of Dutch Harbor is the 155 ft Wizard. Captain Keith, right now we are three and a half days into a fishery, I got zero crab on board, my crew hasn't slept, things are about as bleak as I can ever remember. Lynn, In the jungle baby, gonna die. Keith, I been pouring over these charts, overseeing the concentration of crab coming in between Black Hills and up into the deep hole. Narrator, Captain Keith Colburn used thirty years of experience to go out on a limb on new grounds. Keith, right now those first pots are telling me to get the hell out of here.

Narrator, after striking out on Black Hills, the skipper has returned to more familiar grounds. Keith, right here where we are now, way up in the northern gully. I've had good fishing in 2008 and 2009. I figure I'll go back to what I know and what I'm comfortable with as I need to make some kind of come back here and basically catch some crab.

Narrator, as Keith returns to his old play book... Somebody, Let this be the one.  Narrator, his attention turns to minimizing the risks on deck. Keith my brother is forty six years old, he doesn't belong on the stack anymore and I need him down at the controls. Hey Paul jump up on the stack and Monty walk him through what he is going to have to do okay. Lynn looks surprised, his mouth is hanging open. Monty "Mouse" goes to wheelhouse window. Keith, What's up Mouse? Monty so you want to put. Keith, I want to put him up on the stack yes. Monty, I don't think he's ready for it. Keith, I don't give a f..k Mouse, Mouse I'm not arguing about this. Monty I'm not, I'm not.  Keith, listen I can't rely on having you as a stack man forever and one of these guys has gotta learn how to do it. Lets see if we can pull this off. Instead of prove me wrong, prove me right and train this guy how to do it. Monty, alright we'll get him going.

Monty goes down on deck. I can't tell who is talking I think Monty. Paul's not ready for this he's never even tied the gear down on the deck before. You don't put somebody up there that's not ready. Somebody, It's what they call throwing you into the fire. Paul, It definitely makes you pucker a little bit up there. Lynn, I kinda wanted the chance, if he's allowed to go up there I want the chance to go up there. Narrator, one false move on the stack can mean serious injury. Monty, There's a lot of big drops up here, Narrator, or worse. Monty, watch where you step don't expect to land on something. Keith, this is a real good time right now to give Paul a soft landing on just getting used to being up there, getting his balance, being around the gear, seeing where the ties are and how to get them off quickly. Monty the right way to do this is to start over here, these ties, its tied there, tied over there and its tied yet again over there. Four ties on each pot Monty, May the force be with you, I'm out of here. It's stack boot camp for Paul. Paul, I'll probably screw up, but I'll make it happen. Monty, Get on this side start untying that next pot alright. Paul, Roger. Narrator, there are over 200 pots with four ties a piece. Lenny, What's going on the crews standing idle. Paul, It's all yours Soper. Narrator, the lurching crane pulls the pots free for setting. One missed tie could send the entire stack tumbling to the deck below. Monty, Paul is slowing us down it's going to take forever to get these pots off. Keith, I don't know what these guys have against Paul? Soper, Holy ..., you missed one right there in front of you. Paul, What? Someone, there's a tie on it come down. Keith, It's like they are unwilling to try and train him to do this job. Paul, okay sorry about that now its yours.

Keith, the problem is my brother wants to prove he is right. Here we go again. Brotherly love. Monty, Right here Paul, cut it if you have to Paul, we gotta go. Paul, Roger.  Monty, he doesn't know what the bleep he is doing up there. Keith, there is a total lack of discipline on this boat and it stops and ends now. Keith screams into the mic Everybody back in the house right now! Everybody off the deck now! Keith goes down to the area where all the men are standing and starts screaming. Everybody on this boat right now who's the f'ng Captain? Monty, You are. Keith, then stop arguing with me cause everyone is making their own decisions alright. Monty, that's not true. Keith, No, Mouse did I just say who's arguing with me. Monty, ok I'll shut up. Keith, Shut up and listen I give you guys an order you take it, I'm shaking like a leaf right now because I got absolutely no respect for my crew. If I ask you to do something lets do it. Lenny, Keith can I just say this, Paul being way up there on the stack Keith interrupts him, Lenny, Lenny stop please did you just hear a word I said. Lenny, yes I did. Keith, that's all I want to hear. Lenny, we're trying. Keith, I don't want to hear anymore f'ng back talk. Still screaming. Keith walks off. Lenny, Back out? Monty, I guess we're outside. Keith, I got way too much on my plate right now, the last thing you need is a distraction, you need a distraction of somebody deciding he's in charge like my brother. Looked to me like Monty was trying to do what Keith asked. Keith, You know what this bleeping gong show bleep is bleep over.

Narrator, 275 miles northeast of Dutch Harbor the Northwestern. Captain Sig Hansen, we're coming up on the first string, got the first pot right here. Somebody, Can't hang your hat on the first pot but it will definitely set the mood right. Edgar oh yea. Nick, Where the hell you going? Well he just missed his first bag. Edgar gives two thumbs up to the wheel house. Nick, who's driving this thing? Narrator, New season, a new skipper, well sort of. Sig, I saw the child on board isn't happy. The only way to make him happy is to give him his way, so now we are going to let him haul gear. Edgar, Jake driving the boat is going to make this long day into an even longer day. Edgar screams to wheelhouse, Hey that fuel comes out of your pocket too ya know. As Jake turns the boat around. Sig, laughs. Jake closes the wheelhouse window. Narrator, For the past five seasons. Jake Anderson, when you gonna teach me how to run a vessel? Sig, what makes you think your gonna be up here all of a sudden? Narrator, Jake Anderson has been pestering Sig for more responsibility. Jake A. I just want to keep moving forward so you know that I am aiming somewhere. Sig, why don't you aim for the galley I'm sure it needs cleaning. Poor Jake, it never stops, like one big happy family. Narrator, Now. Sig, You'd better turn around. Jake was looking behind him towards the deck. Sig, and you'd better tell 'em to stop throwing the hook. Narrator, he's got his chance. Nick, That's the turn of shame, the driver missed really bad. Edgar sticks his head in wheelhouse, I didn't know it was take your daughter to work day. Narrator, driving a boat. Sig, they are waiting on you. Narrator, and hauling pots. Sig, you can get closer to them. Narrator, takes timing. Sig, closer. Nick screams you. Narrator and the ability to get within twenty feet of the bags. Edgar, let the games begin. Jake A, which ones next? Sig, What do you mean which ones next, Jake A. No, no, no.

Sig, okay got that out of the way. Sig is back behind the wheel. Edgar, what will Jake do next? Jake is geared up and headed back on deck. Sig, our first load of gear we set on the east side of the bank then I set across here out to the west. A lot of time you'll find that the crab school up on the edges. I want to see if that's the case here. They pull the pot it's about half full of red king crab. Guys are hollering, Sig says I know man. One of the crew says its a good one half full. Holy chads, bad ass, got some big ass crab in there. Sig, What you got? Edgar, fifty seven. Next pot also half full. The guys are dancing, Sig is clapping.  Edgar, said something about a flight date. Nick, they're all keepers. They're setting back.

Narrator, 450 miles to the Northwest is the Cornelia Marie. Derrick, we're coming back to our furthest Northeast gear, got twenty pots in it. Narrator, after striking out on his first two strings. Derrick, seems like a spot the crabs were always at. So the only thing we can do is hope, I may be completely wrong. Narrator, Captain Derrick Ray needs this string to pay off big. Somebody, let the good times roll baby. Derrick, you just gotta hunt them down, find out where they're walking, where they're running, that's our job. They pull up another pot and someone yells jackpot! Still looks pretty empty to me. Derrick, High pot, thats an improvement. Freddie screams, high five baby. That's how we roll. They're coming. Jake signals the count to Derrick. Derrick, 18 or 19? 1-9? and mumbles to himself the kid doesn't know how to give a crab count. Well, Capt Derrick your really winning me over, *Sarcasm* I'm don't like this guy.  Jake Harris, on some parts of the map, 18 crab wouldn't be too good, but we are blue crab fishing, 18 is damn good. Derrick, I hope it just holds up a little bit, it would be nice to have a string with a 19 average. Narrator, the third string is paying off with double digits.

Ten pots into the string, the crab dies off completely. Derrick, Ut oh that ain't good. What's happening there? He looks through binoculars and says lets see what we got going on. The boys are looking into an empty pot with a fish skeleton in it.  Jake H, little tiny crab, Freddie, thats the sand fleas right there, they eat all the bait and leave the bone, Bering Sea maggots. Derrick, looks like the sand fleas ate our hanging bait. Jake H, see sand fleas they start off really really small till they get in the holes of the bait jars and in a couple of matter of hours they turn out to be that size. Jake holds out his hand with a white sand flea that looks to be about an inch long and about a quarter of an inch wide. Narrator, but sand fleas can wipe out an entire string. Freddie, its amazing that little things can do. Derrick, They'll eat that hanging bait in a matter of one or two hours before the crab even have a chance to get at it. Big tide, full moon, sand fleas. If it ain't one thing it's another.

Narrator, just twenty miles east of the rest of the fleet is the Seabrooke. Captain Campbell, I've had some really good concentration of crab on this little finger. He points to map. It's a thirty six fathom finger. Right now it's time to haul fast and haul hard. Narrator, Thirty six year old Scott Campbell, JR has been on the crab for days. Junior, we could put a biblical trip together on these kind of numbers. Narrator, as he pulls up on the first pot of the new string, the mood on deck is decidedly upbeat. The guys are all horsing around. Junior, on speaker, hurry, hurry, it's going by. Someone, throws hook while Milton keeps hitting him in the arm. Junior, He got it tho he didn't miss. What do got for me, what do you got? Mac signals fifty two. Junior, That's what we're looking for, leave it back we're going to set 'em. Narrator, Junior makes the call to set back immediately. Junior, yes, yes, yes, yes. Wow I've never seen so many riders up on top of a pot. Yea, baby. Mac, Its a good high man. This is why you are here. Junior, this is a pretty phenomenal start, I always seem to start strong and finish strong.

Narrator, with big numbers coming on board. Junior, what the f is this? Where's that bait guy? Narrator, the pace for every guy on deck becomes critical. Mac, Kyle's standing around when he should be doing bait. Narrator, now everybody has to pitch in. Junior, Kyle is just kind of walking into people walking into things. One of the deck hands runs across deck and tells Kyle I got it. Go back to your bait. Junior, Lets go lets go. Someone, if he'd just pick up the bait noone would be yelling at him. Junior, He's not really doing his job and being real productive right now. Milton, I really think he's milking his job. Junior, I really can't slow the operation down to teach them, they've got to learn to go to the pace of the boat. Chris, you've bleeping got time to bleeping fish. He's being a f'ng sissy. Narrator, deck boss Bob Perky jumps in to help out his son. Bob, Well I've got my oldest son here on the boat right now, getting some of that daddy love, I've come out to grind his bait for him. Junior listening, he's got to quit nursing this kid, its time to cut him off at the nipple. Bob, Trying to throw the kid a bone he's still trying to get used to all this.  Junior, Bob give me a call on the phone. Somebody, Oh boy we're in trouble now. Junior, on phone to Bob, If I have to wait to set these pots because he doesn't have bait ready then I'm going to come unglued. Bob puts phone out at arm's length, Junior continues, he should be able to fill two jugs, put two fish.. He's gotta stay focused if he looses focus then he's not going to be able to do his job correctly,  if not we're going to have to get somebody else, that's the bottom line. Bob, hangs up the phone and says micromanagement. Junior, If he can't do his job, then we'll get someone who will. Bob's kid or not. Bob's gotta quit babying his kid, bottom line. Kyle, I'm not staying for much longer, I'll probably just finish this season and go home.

Narrator, seven hours later, it's now daylight Junior, two minute warning, two minute warning and we will be getting started.  Someone yells two minute, yea, I think Mac. Junior, hey Knuckles (Kyle Perky) I want you to take a break from the bait and I want you to stack the pots, Whipper (Chris Welch) your gonna be on the bait, and you'd better keep up. I want everything to be primo by the end of this string. Junior laughs. Whipper, I haven't done bait in like a couple of years, I'm just going to show him how its done. Ya know, keep it up and how you do it.We'll see if he'll pay attention or not. Junior no excuses. He didn't want to do bait anymore, he's gonna have to suck it up. Narrator, with a new line up in order Junior hits his fifth string of the season.  They pull up another pot half full. Junior right oh right oh boys. here we go back in 'em. Mac, yea! Junior, we're just going to continue to stack and move stack and move until we're full. Narrator, Junior's not just setting back, he's bumping his pots north to stay on the ever moving ball of crab. Junior, They just keep coming, we're unstoppable, we can't keep them away.  Junior, Whipper, your doing such a good job on bait, I think I'll keep you there, keep it up. Your the bait master. Keep up that good work, gives him the thumbs up. Junior loves messing with his little brother. Bob, He thinks it makes him move faster when he's getting on his case. Chris, Yes, my brother likes to mess with me all the time. I'm putting cod in his bed tonight. Kyle, every once in a while its nice to get a way from the bait it starts to stink and get in your skin. Junior, its a little competition between them, but its good competition. And that's the key to running a successful business is recognizing the problem attacking the problem and straightening it out before it becomes a massive issue, and thats what we've done. The morale is up on both of those kids, they're both hustling harder than they were, that's a good call I'm patting myself on the back for that.

Narrator, far to the north on the remote grounds of the blue crab is the Ramblin' Rose. Elliott, the winds coming up pretty good, if it gets any bigger we'll probably shut down, it's about 18 foot. Right now and still building, it's supposed to get up to 30 and we're definitely not going to haul gear in thirty footers. A little too big for a boat this size. Narrator, the crew has been hauling for thirty six hours with no break  Tim, It's gonna be a long night. Face, Oh yeah. Narrator and the shrinking crab count. Elliott, What kind of numbers? Wow Zero. Elliott, zero blue crab. Narrator, on his friends advice Captain Elliott set all 120 pots in the shallow water of Pinnacle Island. Elliott, its really frustrating set all the gear, haven't caught crab. Narrator, and there is no payoff is site. Someone says painful. Elliott, Blue crab usually up in the shallows. Since the chart my buddy gave me doesn't seem to be working we're going to do it my way. He crumbles up the chart his buddy gave him. I'm gonna move all the gear out deeper about 55 fathoms what ever works. I have 120 thousand pounds to catch, gonna set in a big square so we never have to stop hauling gear. Narrator with nearly three days wasted on these grounds Elliott will continue stacking the rest of his pots. Elliott, have to find 'em and grind 'em. That's kinds of what we do around here sometime. Narrator, and immediately set them on fresher grounds. Elliott, Here's the bad news. He tells the crew. Change of plans, were going to have to move the gear over and dump it in a different area, I think there is some crab over here to the west. So no nap.  Kevin, Kind of a bummer sometimes, its like wow the opportunity to sleep, if we start catching crab it won't matter. Right now it just kind of sucks. If this technique doesn't work there is going to be mutiny. Someone, I don't like this game anymore. Elliott, I've never been given anything in my life I've always worked for it. These crab aren't going to give themselves up easy I'm going to have to work for it and everybody on deck is going to have to work for it. Find a way to catch crab. If we don't get on some crab I guess we won't f'ng sleep. That's what I was hired for that's what I'm going to do.

450 miles to the southeast is the Northwestern. As the boat steams between strings, deckhand Jake Anderson takes the first watch. Jake is having flash backs of conversations earlier in the day, of Sig saying if the child isn't happy... and Sig saying if you can't take it get the f off. Jake, a punching bag is what I am. I swear that's what they hired me for. I'm sick of being on deck. I want to be somebody you know. Five years just spent just trying to get up here, and not here in this specific wheelhouse, just any wheelhouse. Jake has a flashback of the call from his mom saying they found the truck. Jake, I think this whole crabbing thing is just left a big bad taste in my mouth. So many tragic things have happened. It just reminds me of awful, awful times in my life. Narrator, while Jake was at sea, just nine months ago his father went missing. Jake, there's no trace of my dad, there was blood found in the truck, we got some food and some water and a cross and set some food down for my dad, cause we didn't want to leave him ya know, he would have never left me. Jake tearing up. He would have never left me in the woods to die. We reported him missing, quickly I became the man of the house. There's four sisters and they have twelve kids combined. It's become my life to make sure they are doing okay, that they all have their bills paid and I'm so torn you know.  I just want to run a boat that's it. I don't see Sig leaving the boat to me. Narrator, now the Coors Light Crab Count:

Seabrooke      85,000
Kodiak           30,000
Northwestern  30,000
Wizard            12,000
Cornelia Marie  5,000
Ramblin' Rose   5,000
Time Bandit      2,000

Narrator, the Northwestern is starting to gain on the Seabrooke. 240 miles northeast of Dutch Harbor on the Wizard. Keith is having flashbacks of the fight earlier with Monty and the guys. Keith, I haven't talked to my brother since the big blowout yesterday. Narrator, its been twenty six hours since Keith went off on his crew. Keith, Loud, pissed off, and aggressive are three of my idiosyncrasy's that I really dislike about myself. Monty, what I need to do is find a way not to be the tyrant. Narrator, and the best way to win back the guys on the deck, is to land on the crab.

Keith, if there is any place on the Bering Sea for me to mount a come back its right here. Narrator, These pots have been soaking on Keith's favorite grounds have been soaking for over 18 hours. Keith I just really want to believe there is some crab here, double digits, double digits, Pot comes up almost empty. Keith, dud! They might squeeze a ten count out of that. Monty, We need to get catching everyday we don't catch crab its just more cost and more expenses, no money for us. Keith, How we doing Lenny, did you get a count? Lenny shows five fingers. Monty, Not enough is the answer to how many crab. Keith, as long as we keep hauling five's and ten's we can't rest. Lenny, we took a gamble and it didn't pay off. Keith, unfortunately we are putting another stack on the boat, from what I'm seeing right now, at the beginning of this set it looks like we've just made ourselves another 180 pot mistake. Even my hot spot, my old tried and true hot spot isn't providing us anything. Means this crew is going to have to go another day or two without any sleep. Narrator, with no more than a snack break in fifty hours for the third time in four days the crew is restacking a full load. Keith, More pain more pain. More pain less crab, more pain no crab. Paul, if you told me I could get six hours of sleep if I could do it in the cod bin, I'd wrap up right with the cod and go to sleep right now.

Keith, okay guys you got about four miles. Narrator, after a twenty six hour stand off Monty approaches the wheel house. Monty says to Keith through the wheelhouse window, can I come in and have a candy bar for four miles?  Keith laughing come in and have a candy bar? yea, right on. Keith laughing, tries to repeat to the guys on the speaker we've got four miles you might as well come in and have a but every time he tries to say candy bar he starts laughing,  it takes him about four tries to spit it out because  he's laughing. Might as well come in and have a candy bar. Laughing. That's why I love my brother, they haven't slept in three days and he finds a way to make it lighter for me, he makes me miserable but he also finds a way to make me laugh. Narrator, The Wizard has made its reputation as a twenty four hour fishing vessel. Keith, we're going to pull this boat out of gear. Narrator, and the captain makes a very unlikely decision. Keith, we gotta reboot, regenerate and get some sleep, start tomorrow off on a good note with the guys all rested up. Keith to Monty down in the stateroom, don't battle me anymore okay, lets battle mother nature, lets battle catching crab, no more battles here. Monty, okay. Keith, I can't think properly when we're battling. Monty, I know. Keith, Ok, tomorrow we'll see what's on this gear and hopefully we'll be on them.

That's it till next week.

Still no sign of Matt Bradley on the Northwestern. Hopefully he's just off planning his wedding and not hurt or in rehab.

Also still no sign of the Kodiak and Wild Bill. The Kodiak was included in the crab count so they are fishing we just don't get to see them.

I don't think I saw Andy from the Time Bandit either just Jonathan.

For all the new comers who are just watching for the first time, if this show didn't make since to you or you don't get all the hopla over it.  I would recommend going back and watching it from season one. I started watching the show in the middle of season three or four and it didn't make a lot of since to me, until someone suggested I watch it from the beginning. I did and I was hooked. No pun intended. hehe. Watching from the beginning you get to know the cast better and there is more explanation of why the fisherman do what they do. It just makes it a lot easier to follow.

Netflix has all of the first 6 seasons on instant play, so you can watch it from the beginning online, on your TV or have the DVD sent to your house.    

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