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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 1 The Gamble

"The Gamble"

The show starts out with Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of the Time Bandit telling his grand kids good bye. The grand kids are too cute.  Captain Johnathan promises to be back soon and take them to see grandma Jo. The grand daughter tells him to come home safe and then starts crying. Awwww.

Edgar Hansen is home with his kids. We see shots of Sig Hansen, Keith Colburn, Josh Harris and Jake Harris at home. Everyone is getting ready to leave.

There are some preview shots of the season. Including a shot of the Coast Guard call to the Wizard which some of you may have heard about earlier. In case you missed it in November. They show the USCG helicopter arriving. According to my November post this was the UCF fighter, greenhorn that they pulled off. I guess we'll see.

Back in Dutch Harbor, in early October, the guys are at the bar Cape Cheerful. The king crab quota has been cut in half. Everyone is discussing quota. This is Captain John's 32nd crab season. Fish & Game cut the quota to protect the fishery from decline, instead of 14 million pounds down to seven million. Sig Hansen says that's a million dollar less for him. Captain Scott, Jr of the Seabrooke is thinking about just going for Blue King Crab instead of doing Red King Crab. The Blue King Crab quota is up by a million pounds. Have we ever seen anyone catch a large amount of Blue King Crab? I remember seeing them fish for it but I don't remember anyone catching a lot. They have a new map showing where the Blue King Crab are and how far north they are. I love the new map. 

Captain Bill says the Blue King Crab is a lot more fragile and you have to get it back and forth, there are a lot of variables there. Captain Johnathan says he's not going to spend the money on fuel and bait to make another hundred grand. LOL He says he's not young, dumb and full of "beep". He says he's smart. Elliott and Captain Scott are the ones talking about doing the Blue King Crab.

So they must decide whether to fish Red Crab and make half the money or head north and gamble on Blue Crab.

Now back on the boats, the Captains are still mulling over what to do.

Captain Sig Hansen says he used to fish Blue Crab as a kid. It takes more expenses, time and fuel. He thinks he'll pass. Now I remember the Northwestern fishing Blue King Crab at the end of one of their seasons. But I don't think they came up with much.

Captain Andy Hillstrand also says the Blue King Crab hasn't been very lucrative and the guys spend a lot of money. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand says Red King Crab it is brother, no Blue Crab for this boat.

Captain Scott on the Seabrooke, is going to try and catch 300,000 pounds of Blue King Crab, but says this could be a disaster.

Captain Elliott of the Ramblin' Rose is going to try and catch 200,000 pounds of Blue King Crab.

Captain Keith of the Wizard is ready to fish Red King Crab, but he says he might very well start pulling all the gear off the boat and start putting Blue King Crab gear on instead. I wonder what the difference is, I figured they would use the same pots. Maybe he is talking about bait?? Mike Rowe says in order to make up for the reduction in reds, Captain Keith is going to fish both this season. The question is which one first. Keith says there are seven other boats going to do Blue Crab, the ground is going to be swamped with gear. So he must decide which to do first.

Captain Keith says if he is going to fish Blue Crab he is not going up there with his 7x8 giant pots, with Blue Crab you want more gear. They use smaller pots for Blue Crab, 6.5 by's. So as the crew finishes loading all the Red King Crab pots. Captain Keith goes out and tells them he might go Blue Crab fishing first. One of these days, one of those guys is going to just haul off and and slug Captain Keith. LOL Gary Soper just says okay. Then Keith tells them to load the Blue Crab gear. So they have to unload 240 pots and load up a different 280 pots. Hum, maybe you need to work on some time management there Captain Keith. I'm guessing that just wasted a day. Captain Keith says if he doesn't do Blue Crab first they might not be there in two weeks.

Danni Maki arrives. Freddie Maughtai asks him if he is sick. He tells Danni he looks sick. The crew is trying to figure out what's wrong with Danni. Lynn Guitard says he's acting weird, he thought he smelled alcohol on his breath. That's not good. Freddie goes over and puts his nose right up to Danni's mouth and smells his breath. Freddie says he's been taking shots. Mike Rowe, Danni thought they were done loading pots and started celebrating a little early. Freddie tells Danni to go take a cold shower before he makes a fool of himself. If the Captain sees him like that, he's out of here. Danni leaves the deck. Gary Soper says if he ain't drunk then he needs to go to the hospital or something.

Captain Wild Bill on the Kodiak is hollering at the new guys he has hired, because they screwed up assembling the new block. Yep Captain Bill cleaned house. Jake Jolibois, Adam McCalden and the guy with the bad foot are all gone. I guess you got to stay if you were named Zack. I see Zack Larson, Zack the son is probably there somewhere. Captain Bill says all the angst from previous seasons are why those guys are gone. He's not going to do it again.  Boy he's in a mood.  I don't know the names of the two guys he's talking too. The one guy mentioned Josh so I guess Josh Walker is still there. Captain Bill is not a happy camper.

The day before they leave and everyone's getting ready. Josh Harris arrives at the Time Bandit late, said he had to take care of some business. That's not a good start.

The Harris brothers could not afford to bring back the Cornelia Marie. The good thing is she went to the yards, got some new stuff, a new paint job and is ready to go.

Captain Andy Hillstrand says the best deckhand is 18 to 27 years old. After 27 you either need to be moving up to be Captain, buy your own boat or you're on the downhill slide. Not being as useful as you used to be. So that's what Josh has to do right now. Take the initiative to learn how to do it or be another deckhand that's a dime a dozen.

Captain Sig's at the pot dock loading up. Edgar Hansen is on board. Sig says he guesses Edgar found out the grass wasn't greener. Now probably wasn't a good time to try and start a home fix it business. Edgar says he's broke and he can't live on love, he knew he'd be back. Edgar hasn't committed to Opies. Sig doesn't like that Edgar is leaving everything up in the air with no commitment. Jake Harris is now aboard the Northwestern. Sig says he's not going to come down on Jake Harris real hard, Edgar and the rest of the guys will do that for him. Edgar, One of the reasons we took Jake Harris was to help him out. If it works great, if not move on with your life buddy. Good luck.

The Northwestern is getting ready to prank the Time Bandit. The have loaded a bucket with what looks like flour. They sneak aboard the Time Bandit where the guys are sleeping. They inflate a life raft, set off the fire alarm and yell fire. Eddie Sr, Capt Andy and Mike Fourtner awake and find the raft sitting in the room. Andy takes a knife to it and pops it. Travis Loftland and Johnathan arrive to see who yelled fire. Scotty and Jake Harris are up. They are trying to figure out who yelled fire. None of them did. Johnathan hears someone upstairs. Jake Harris goes to check it out and gets all the flour in the bucket thrown at him. Mike Fourtner says he believes the Northwestern just declared war. Man there are a lot of guys on the Time Bandit this season. 

Monte Colburn is leaving the Wizard. His shoulder is still in a sling from surgery.

The Northwestern, Time Bandit and Kodiak head for Red King Crab ground. The Seabrooke, Wizard and Ramblin' Rose head towards St. Matthews for Blue King Crab.

The weather is good. The Northwestern is setting gear. Captain Bill is wondering if he should have been a ballerina like his mother wanted him too.

Captain Keith is using the same method he used in 1993.

On the Ramblin' Rose the weather is picking up. He's getting ready to set pots. He tells the guys if they hear a rapid beep drop what they are doing and run. He's setting pots in the ditch to save time. Elliott has a childhood friend as a new engineer, Aaron Steiner, 31. He's out on deck though instead of in the engine room. A big wave comes and knocks Steiner down. He's down, his leg is twitching. One of the guys say they think he is knocked out. Elliott just keeps asking if he's okay. Well if he's unconscious I would say no. Aaron is still on the deck, and Elliott is still asking if he is okay. Aaron finally gets up, Elliott says you hit your head? Aaron replies yes. He has a bump on his head. Elliott asks again if he is okay and tells him he is still looking sexy on deck. Aaron says he's trying. Okay seriously? I don't know if this is how they cut the show or if Elliott is that big of an idiot. You don't ask a person with a head injury if they are okay. You can't trust their answer, they might have a head injury. This is his childhood friend and he seriously didn't pull him off deck and check him? Aaron then says he thought he broke his back. Every vertebrae in his back cracked when he hit the launcher. Mike Rowe, Elliott's decision to cut corners almost cost him a child hood friend.

On the Seabrooke, Whipper is back they are fixing a light bulb on top of the crane. Mac White wants to go fishing. Junior wants to be the first one to catch 300,000 pounds up there. He wants to be legendary. It could be a financial disaster if he doesn't catch any crab.

Captain Sig is getting ready to pull his first string. They pull up the first pot about a 1/3 full. The table is full. I didn't think there were that many crabs in the pot. 64 first pot. Next pot has one crab in it. Then 2. That's not good. Zero on the next one. The crab have left Dodge. 

On the Wizard, just off Pinnacle Island the Wizard is pulling pots. Keith wants to catch 120,000 pound of Blue Crab and 140,000 pounds of Red Crab. The pot comes up pretty bare. The numbers are low, they stack the pots. Danni Maki is trying to stack the pots and seems to be having problems. Gary shows him how to guide the pot. Then Danni almost gets nailed in the head between the deck and a swinging pot. Keith yells at him to get out of there. Freddie goes and pulls Danni out of the way. Keith tells him at some point you have to start thinking about survival. That's an 800 pound wrecking ball, it gets out of control you have to get out of the way. Lenny says he doesn't understand. When the pot is out of control, get the f' out of the way. Freddie, when the pot starts swinging get out of the way. A pot comes up about 1/4 way full.

Previews show the greenhorn down on the Wizard, a hand injury, flying out of control pots and Mike Fourtner screaming man overboard. Wow that one was kept secret, didn't hear about that. Well since I'm pretty sure everyone is accounted for. I guess we can look forward to someone being stripped of their clothing when they are pulled back aboard. hehehe

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  1. Awesome Blog PJ, I can't wait for next week,

    1. Thanks. Me either, should be a very interesting season. A lot has happened and not happened. LOL

  2. I love it just enough info to hold me over till I can watch myself!!

    1. I knew you'd come read it. You couldn't resist!

  3. Thanks for the update!!!!! Was looking forward to the new season.... Couldn't wait to watch and I ended up having to take care of a very sick family member. Just sorry I didn't hear anything about a hit being put out on Tubby Keith this season! LOL! He is SOOOOOO mean to his crew/cameramen! One of these days someone might try to fit his a** in a crabpot and see what they catch!!!!

    1. Sorry someone is sick. Hope they fell better soon.

      LMAO That would be too funny. I'd love to see him stuffed in a crab pot!

  4. For those of you wondering where Adam McCalden is. Last I heard he was fishing dungeness crab in California.

    Jake Jolibois if fishing for herring on the Raven.

  5. Where is Eddie JR?

    1. I wondered the same thing. But there are so many guys on the Time Bandit right now. I'm guessing he got bumped for the more experienced Josh.

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