Monday, February 6, 2012

I Wonder Who Got Hurt? - Deadliest Catch

In an article released February 3rd, the Unalaska Medical Center has banned the Deadliest Catch crews from filming. This must mean someone got hurt right? I sure hope not or if they did I hope it wasn't serious.

I think the Seabrooke & the Ramblin' Rose were the boats in Dutch on the 3rd.

Quite an interesting article, It sounds like someone on the film crew was pretending to be a patient. Todd Stanley was that you? LOL

The article links to another story about how the nurses don't like boarding the factory trawlers because of sexual harassment.

It went on to say the clinic might reconsider letting the camera crews in for a donation of half a million dollars. Shaking my head.

Unalaska Medical Clinic bans filming of Deadliest Catch

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  1. Hmm I am curious as to what exactly that guy was offended by with teh taping of Captain Phil's last days...I didn't feel is showed the facility in a bad light...interesting

    1. I thought that was a rather odd statement too. Especially since they said Captain Phil wanted his story told. I mean Captain Phil was sick before he died, I'm sure they discussed what he would want if something happened.

  2. I think it was Norm...I saw a recent pic of him with a bandaged hand.

    1. Oh good eye! I missed that. I'll have to look for that picture. I did see one of him posted the other day.

      I don't think the Northwestern was in port on the 3rd. It's hard to know when the injury occurred based on the article. You could very well be right.

      I'm afraid with all the bad weather they may be several injuries again. I sure hope not.


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