Monday, April 18, 2011

Deadliest Catch 2011 Matt Bradley Drug Rehab Rumors Northwestern

I have still been trying to confirm or deny the rumors that Matt Bradley is missing from the Northwestern at the beginning of Season 7 because he is in rehab.

I have found two forums with statements that Matt Bradley was in rehab. One stated no source the other stated that it was on his facebook page and that his wife had posted it on the Northwestern's website. I went through Matt's facebook page and did not see anything of the kind. I also went through all of Angela's forum post's and the only thing I found was her discussing Matt's recovery in 2006. Nothing current about Matt being in rehab. While it is possibly true that he is in rehab, it still appears to be just a rumor, which is really a crappy rumor if Matt is indeed clean. In Season 6 when Jake Anderson received his cupcake for being sober six months, Edgar said Matt Bradley had been sober 18 months. I really and truly hope he has stayed sober.

I've never been in rehab, but you always hear it's one day at time. If I were a recovering addict struggling day to day with an addiction, I sure wouldn't want to hear people spreading false rumors that I had relapsed. So people I say again if you are just spreading false rumors that's a pretty crappy thing to be doing. If someone can produce some actual truth to this rumor please post a link from a reliable source.

Now For The Good Stuff

Congratulations to Matt and Angela who were married on April 16, 2010. While I was on Matt's Facebook page I found a link to his wedding pictures. Yes, Matt married his long time girl friend Angela. They have three girls two hers and one his according to one of Angela's posts. There is an awfully cute little boy in the pictures, that looked a lot like Matt. The wedding pictures are beautiful. The wedding appears to have been in Seattle, Washington. Oh my, there was crab on the grill. I'm surprised these guys would even want to look at crab. Edgar Hansen, Matt's friend of twenty years was the best man. I wish Angela and Matt the best of luck on their journey together.

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  1. I've been wondering the same thing. Yet, still no answers. :( That was the first thing I noticed! Matt was not on the NorthWestern when the new season began.

  2. I'm really hoping Matt just took off for his wedding and that he'll be back soon. Matt was at CatchCon so I'm pretty sure he's still on the show.

  3. I really miss seeing Matt on the Northwestern.
    I always thought he is the best deckhand out of all the ships. He does what he is suppose to do and never complains. Hope all is well with him and his family.

  4. Matt was a favorite of mine since the first time I watched the show back in 06. I too am in recovery so I was hoping he would get clean when he first had that court date, and HE DID!!! Yeah!! I miss him and hope he is just taking some time off to spend with the family, but if he is in rehab, that’s ok too it only means he’s back on the road to recovery IF he did have a slip. Come back Matt we miss you. Congrats to you and your wife thanks for sharing the photos they are beautiful!!!

  5. Anonymous 5/29/11 Wonderfully put. I love the capitalized "IF". We certainly don't want to be spreading any untrue rumors.

    I think we should be getting to Opie season before long on the show, so hopefully Matt will be back on the Northwestern where he belongs.

  6. I can't believe you noticed Matt was gone. I can't focus on anything on The Northwestern with Sig's BIG mouth yapping every 2 seconds!


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