Friday, April 15, 2011

ABC Canceled All My Children and One Life To Live

Wow ABC just two weeks ago you announced All My Children would not be canceled, that there would be a writer change and all was well. Now this? Was this just a ploy to sell Susan Lucci's book? Or is the cancellation itself a ploy to sell the book. Guess what, I'm not buying the book. I'll wait until Susan Lucci writes a book that ABC isn't getting a percentage of. I feel lied too, violated. It's just wrong!

Today you announce both All My Children and One Life To Live have been canceled.

All My Children will be canceled in September and One Life To Live will be canceled in January of 2012.

The two Soaps will be replaced by The Chew and The Revolution. The Chew... the name in itself is stupid, another food cooking show. I don't watch any cooking shows now, won't be watching that. The Revolution a health lifestyle show. Nope won't be watching that either. Guess I'll watch TNT reruns, that's better than these choices.

Well ABC this may have been one of the stupidest moves yet in my opinion. I believe this is a result of nothing more than the greed of the network, not so much the ratings. The talk shows are cheaper to make so your canceling the Soaps. When the fad of Reality and Talk shows is over, then what? You won't have AMC and OLTL to fall back on that's for sure. Why would you cancel shows with actual stories to them, everyone else is already doing talk shows. I don't understand how you think adding one more talk show to the mix is a good idea. It's like lets do what all the other kids are doing. Well, there are some of us who don't like to do what the other kids are doing. I think this is a bad, bad idea.

These shows have carried you through for some forty years, that should tell you something. I've said it before I'll say it again, if you want better ratings for the soaps get new writers. Two weeks ago you did change the head writer on All My Children, my hope is that she will do well, the rating will go up and you will reconsider. I find it hard to believe that that is even an option since AMC is scheduled to be canceled in September.  I believe the Soaps are filmed a couple of months in advance so it appears the new head writer was hired to write the ending of the show, not to raise ratings, September is only five months away. Since the names of the shows to replace them have been announced it doesn't seem likely that there is a chance for these two shows. But then maybe the two shows named aren't real shows, but yet another ploy or lie. I mean two weeks ago ABC announced the show wouldn't be canceled. How can we believe anything they tell us?

Well, let me tell you ABC I have about 1000 other channels to choose something to watch from, you can be guaranteed I will not watch your cheap talk - reality shows. I very rarely watch them on other channels and I won't be watching them on yours. I watch a LOT of TV, the only talk show I watch is the View and sometimes Oprah and you've lost that. One more show time slot I won't be watching, so that's three hours of my viewing time your losing this year. Now that I think about it, just checked my DVR schedule to confirm, the only daytime I watch is Soaps, The View and sometimes Oprah. Well let's see.... Two soaps gone, Oprah gone, and the only reason I still watch The View is because I am a big Whoopi Goldberg fan. Even being a big fan of Whoopi's some days I just can't take the nauseousness caused by Elizabeth Hasselbeck. That show may be gone from my list of shows watched soon too. I hear Rosie O'Donnell is going to have a new talk show on OWN, that's sounding pretty good for a talk show replacement to Oprah and possibly The View.

I'm just sitting here thinking about the employees of ABC. This is a company I will never work for. They move all the AMC cast to California then cancel the show. They hire a new writer, then cancel the show, makes you wonder if they told Lorraine Broderick the show was going to be canceled before they hired her?

Hopefully Roger Howarth will bring in more ratings for One Life To Live to save the show. At least OLTL has until January to try and raise the ratings.

I'll bet Agnes Nixon is in mourning.

It's a sad, sad day.

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  1. So, I guess you're not really happy with ABC? LOL :)

  2. Here is the contact information again for those who wish to contact ABC about the cancellation.

    President of ABC Television
    818-460-7700 direct line

  3. Do we call them and bug them? This is crazy! Too many years and why do they have to cancel now? I have been watching since I was 10 years old with my mom. That means about 50?????

  4. I agree! I won't be watching anything at that time of day anymore. I cannot believe they are cancelling either show. I love all the actors and actresses on these shows! What a bunch of __)______!!

  5. At this point I don't think it hurts to call and bug them. They've already canceled the show. It's not like they can get mad about people calling and cancel the show. I think they should know what a mistake this is and that people are upset.

  6. I will not watch ABC if they cancel All My Children.Do they really think that the viewing public will just continue watching whatever the replacement? STUPID! I will sincerely miss the program.


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