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General Hospital Friday Recap, September 3, 2010

Lisa's back to work. 

Brenda meets Murphy. Guess it was him on the phone. I thought it was a setup. Sonny still doesn't see them. Woman talks to Sonny at cafe. He's telling her his life story. 

Murphy tells Brenda Suzanne called him. Two men have a picture of Brenda and say this is the woman we're looking for. Brenda and Murphy fight about him coming there. Murphy leaves mad. Brenda chases after him. Brenda going down elevator, two guys with the picture have gun, Sonny's watching door to hotel. Brenda gets off elevator, Sonny turns away from door.Brenda walks outside. The two guys are trying to drug Murphy while he is struggling with them the gun goes off, Brenda now outside hears the shot, Sonny walks up behind her, Brenda turns and smiles at him. Gee you would think Sonny would recognize the sound of gun fire. I guess they are just so much in love they can't pay attention to the world around them.

Jax is trying to figure out what Carly is up to. Jax thinks Carly is jealous of Brenda.

Jason, tells Sam Brenda was a pain in his butt, she's used to people falling all over her, she feels entitled. Sam, she was your wife. Jason, that was blackmail. Sam, oh I get it, its the same as when I was pregnant with Sonny's baby. Jason, no it was different, I wanted to help you. Her mother had some kind of mental illness where there was a high chance she could pass it on to Brenda, once Brenda got that in her head she thought she was going to go insane. So she figured as her husband I could commit her when the time came. Sam, well did she inherit the gene. Jason, no that's what I'm talking about she was addicted to the drama in her own life.We did not have to get married but we did.  Sam, after all these years do you still feel obligated. Jason, what are you worried I might like Brenda? Jason tells Sam she is nothing like Brenda.

Micheal trying to get his answer from Johnny. Johnny lies to him, says Sonny shot an unarmed man. Michael screaming at Johnny to call the cops and tell the truth. Lucky comes in and tells Micheal to back off before he finds himself in so much trouble no body can get him out. Lucky sends Micheal out of the room. Questions Johnny about why he was walking down the street without a weapon. Johnny, says how would you like a new job? Lucky says if your gearing up to offer me a bribe I have no problem arresting you right now in the ICU. Johnny, I don't want a cop on my payroll I want Lucky Spencer. Lucky, what are you suggesting I quit the force and work for you. Johnny, ten times the pay, ten times the freedom, wouldn't you rather laugh with the sinners than die with the saints.

Patrick gets a surgery that requires an orthopedist. Gives it to Dr. Tydal. Lisa goes up and tells Dr Tydal a story about some woman being mad and going to sue him so she can take the surgery away from him. 

Christina tells Michael she wants to go to PC High. Michael tells Christina he's thinking about dropping out.

Lucky goes to Lulu and tells her about Johnny's offer. Says there was a part of him that wanted to say yes. 

Dante goes to see Jason to see if he knows where Sonny is. Says he doesn't believe Sonny is guilty, but he has no proof. Dante tells Jason  you have no limits and you have Spinelli. (Time for Spinelli to find the shooting on a traffic cam) Dante opens the door to leave and Carly walks in, Dante is behind the door and Carly doesn't see him. She says I can't tell you how crazy it makes me knowing Sonny is off, she turns around and sees Dante who says Sonny is off with who? 

Robin leaves her lab, when she comes back someone (Lisa) has a teddy bear boiling. ?? Fatal Attraction, Really, come on writers get original. What did you want to leave work early? 

I didn't watch General Hospital when Brenda was on here before. I keep hearing Spinelli refer to the regrettably pink room, is there a story to that or did Brenda just paint it pink when she lived there.

One Life To Live Recap Friday, September 3, 2010

Langston still kissing Ford. Stops and says what am I doing. Haha Ford says you are right. Your a student I'm a teacher we can't do this here. Let's go back to my place. He's such a dog. Back to trying to convince her he changed. OIY!  Ford tells Langston he hasn't been able to get over her because she's the one, he can't even flirt anymore. Oh please!
Dr Wright asks nurse to put a note in Jessica Brennan's file that she needs treatment to prevent RH disease in her baby. Brody walks up and says no she doesn't. The nurse saves the Dr. and says you must be confusing Jessica with her sister Natalie.

Gigi at bar going on about price of school, Rex shows her the check Kelly gave him, says your problems are solved. That must of been some check, they didn't show us how much it was, but Rex said yesterday it had an extra 0. Rex gives Gigi the check. Gigi thinks Kelly's just tipping Rex for all the times she seen him naked.
LOL She's also sure Kelly hired him for more than just his six pack. Rex, I am a damn good PI. Gigi, yeah with the cutest butt in the business. Gigi asks when Kelly brought him the check, when she found out that Kelly brought it when he was half naked again, she wasn't pleased. Gigi, jealous me? Just because Kelly is rich and gorgeous. She threatens to go visit Ford. He's her bad boy type. Rex says he's former bad boy. 

Kelly goes to Todd's. Todd is talking to Starr, he's mad because Blair isn't there for Dani, says she promised Tea who practically wrote her a book. Starr keeps trying to tell him where Blair is but he keeps cutting her off. Finally Starr says mom is lucky to be alive, Eli Clark is a killer. That shut Todd up. Now Todd is making the whole Eli thing about him, says Blair is a strong woman she can survive anything, she survived me.

John calls Natalie. Johns waiting for confirmation that Eli is dead. Natalie asks about Blair, John says she survived Eli and the fire that probably killed him, but no, she's not okay. John not sure how soon he'll be home, asks Natalie to push back the appointment for ultrasound because he wants to be there.

Jessica tells Kelly about the RH thing. They finally started calling it a shot instead of a treatment.  Kelly tells Jessica about busting into Eli's hotel room and Rex saving her. He was amazing, especially when he took his clothes off. LOL

John calls Starr and puts Blair on the phone.  Blair crying tells Starr she shot Eli. John, said they found the body. Blair, Is he dead? John, We'll see. Blair, What does that mean? John, means I'll believe it when I see it. Blair tells John Eli is the one who pushed Marty down the stairs.

Blair trying to figure out how she could have been so blind about Eli.

Natalie goes to reschedule ultrasound, Nurse says and the father is John McBain, remember last time I thought you were having a baby with officer Lovett. Nurse thinks it funny. Brody is still sitting in waiting room listening. He's on a case or something.  Brody, that was awkward. Natalie tells Brody this baby is John's no matter what, you've gotta let this go.

Starr tells Kelly Eli is dead, Blair looks at body. Blair, his face is burned so bad you can't identify the body. Bullet matches,  and the body has wedding pictures on it. Blair tells John she's worried about herself, she thought she was marrying someone who was so not like Todd and he was worse than Todd would ever be. Blair I fell in love with the man that killed your baby, how could I be so blind? Now Todd is saying how he didn't like Eli and he could have stopped it. Oh no Blair and Todd are getting back together, I see it coming.

Natalie goes to Rodi's and tells Rex Eli is dead. Natalie talks to Gigi, tells her John is really good at what he does, she's afraid he'll figure out about the baby. Gigi tells Natalie to ease up or John will figure out whats going on.

Brody asks Jessica why Dr Wright thinks she needs that Rh treatment. Brody, I stopped by to introduce himself, and I over heard her ordering the shot, so I asked her about it and she never really gave me an answer she was just kinda vague. Jessica, tells Brody Dr Wright was just being careful.

Nurse questioned Dr Wright about Jessica's shot. Now she knows Brody might not be the daddy.

Kelly at Rodi's telling Rex she just wanted to look Eli in the face and tell him what she thought, now she won't get too. Kelly crying, Rex comforting her, Gigi and Natalie watching.

John is getting Ross extradited, wants dental records, DNA, the whole works on Eli's body.

Todd's getting pretty drunk. Starr tells him, your afraid your going to cry aren't you. Starr is going to set up memorial for Tea, ashes still have not arrived.

Blair throws wedding picture away. John says let me buy you a drink, Blair says okay.

Blair could get back together with John after he breaks up with Natalie. I had really hoped Evangeline would come out of her coma and get back together with John. I liked the two of them together.

Whatever happened to Rex trying to find his parents? They kind of dropped that.

Friday, September 3, 2010

All My Children Friday Recap September 3, 2010

The party goes on.

Kendall to Liza, The Liza Colby I know would never let a man keep her from enjoying a party. Still trying to keep her from going to her office. Liza, Why do you care? Kendall, your right there is no reason I should care about your love life except for Zach. How would you feel if the woman who had an affair with your husband was available again. Liza, Really is that really what this is all about a fling? Cause that's really all it was. Kendall, Well maybe you could explain in detail why you are so sure of that and I would get the assurance I need. Kendall's working hard to keep Liza there. LOL Liza, you need a shrink or a marriage counsel. I said I'm going to leave, I'm leaving. Kendall, calls Ryan.

Asher at Chandlers with Colby. Colby, so why did you lie. Asher, about what? Colby, you said you didn't own a tux. Asher, its a rental. LIE Colby, It doesn't look like a rental. They start to leave JR comes in. Colby, have you met Asher? JR, yeah you were hanging around the house yesterday. Colby, as my guest. JR, and your here today. Tell me is it my sister or our family's house you can't get enough of? Colby, tells JR Asher saved her life and Asher is also the reason she is considering working for Chandler.

Security guard going in Liza's office. He gets a call on his radio, says it must be mice. He leaves. Big mice.

Greenlee trying to convince David to leave in the morning instead of tonight. David grabs her. Greenlee, Ow your hurting me. David, I know everything. I saw you in the park with Ryan, laughing, laughing at me. All this time everything you've done, everything you've said, has been one big lie. Greenlee, whatever you think you saw or heard. David, Stop don't insult me anymore than you already have. When I think of all the times these last few weeks when you told me that you were trying, that you wanted to get back the closeness that we had. Was any of it real or was it one big lie from the beginning ? Maybe we should discuss this over a drink but not here. Greenlee, why not. David, I don't think you want everyone to overhear what I have to say.

David, I never thought you would do this to me. Greelee, you've been blackmailing me. David, If you'd of ever believed in us you wouldn't have pushed me so far to do that. I did it. Greenlee, you did it for us right? David, did you ever love me? Well I guess that's my answer. Greenlee, I'm glad this is happening, because you are right what we had was all a lie, one that gets more twisted by the day.  But now its been blown out of the water so maybe its time we face the truth were over, were finished. If we drop the games and the pretense maybe we'll both be better off for it. David, I'm not going anywhere and neither are you.

David grabs Greenlee again. Greenlee, David your hurting me. I warned you what would happen if you let me fall in love with you. It would bond us together for ever. Greenlee, The only thing bonding us is this so called evidence linking me to Erica's plane crash, but once I get my hands on it. David, no no no your not getting your hands on anything even with Ryans help. Your going to get him to back off. Greenlee, you know I can't force Ryan to do something he doesn't want to do. David, you'd better try because we both know he has no business being involved in our life at all and he needs to know that too, you get that. Greenlee, Is that a threat? Are you threatening to hurt Ryan? Greenlee, Are you threatening Ryan? David, I don't give a damn about Ryan, I'm the one standing right in front of you, and I'm telling you I'm not letting you go, no matter how much you've hurt me. Greenlee, It's over David. David, no it doesn't end like this, it doesn't end with you walking away and me letting you go. Greenlee, promise me you won't hurt Ryan. David, what if something happened to him by accident? kinda like his aneurysm you gonna blame me again for that. Greenlee, nothing will happent to him though will it, David its a very dangerous world out there. Greenlee how could I have ever loved you. I believed you were a decent person. David, your not thinking clearly right now. Greenlee, you think I'm going away with you. David, yes, because you get it, you understand I will never let you go. David walks away.

Tad calls JR and tells him to come to party. JR agrees.

Bianca tells Caleb he doesn't hate this as much as he pretends too. Caleb, I'd rather be chasing Miranda around the living room.

Asher and Colby arrive at party, Colby is explaining the Cortlandt Chandler feud. Still no clue as to who Asher is.

Frankie questions Madison about where Ryan is. I guess Randi is still out of town.

Kendall tells Greenlee Liza went back to her office. Greenlee says she'll handle it.

Ryan finds locked file drawer. Hears elevator, Liza comes in Ryan tells her he's breaking into her office to get the evidence David gave her to implement Greenlee in Erica's plane crash. Liza plays stupid. Ryan explains whats going on and begs for the evidence. Liza's phone rings it's for Ryan. It's Greenlee who tells him to get out of there she doesn't want his help anymore. David watches Greenlee from across the room.

Asher asks JR for a job. Says he's pretty good at computers. JR gives him card and tells him to call.

Ryan goes back to party, Greenlee tells him she decided to stay with David. Ryan, I can't believe that, Greenlee tries to convince Ryan to stay out of it. Ryan, if I can't get the truth out of  you I will get it somewhere else.

David, goes back to his room with two drinks, pacing and twisting wedding ring.

Iris tells Liza she will be the interim District Attorney. I wondered if that would happen before David died at least that's the rumor that David is off the show.

Madison drinking heavily. Told Frankie all this time she was worried about Greenlee, maybe she should have been worried about Ryan.

Kendall is trying to get Greenlee to tell her what David did. She finally tells Kendall she and Ryan had a fight because she is staying with David to keep Ryan alive.

Ryan goes to David's room. David opens the door and says I've been expecting you. Ryan, what did you say to Greenlee. David, wow you really get right to the point don't you. Ryan, what do you have that your holding over her. David, why don't we discuss this like mature adults.what do you say. Ryan, there has been nothing adult about any of this. This is just another one of your sick and twisted games. David, I brought us some drinks, why don't we just sit down and try to talk about this. Ryan knocks the drinks out of his hand sending them flying across the room. The door is open, Colby and Asher are in the hallway, Ryan and David are fighting. Colby, I'm thinking this isn't a good place to be right now. They leave. haha Ryan has David on the bed. 

Caleb makes his speech, he's starting to see what Uncle Pete saw in this town. The proceeds from tonight would make him very happy. Tells about how the Chandlers and Cortlandt's are like the Hatfields and McCoys. Caleb will change his name to Cortlandt.

Ryan, What did you do to her? David, why don't we talk about what you did, filling her head with all these lies, making her believe that she doesn't need me any more, that I'm not good for her. Ryan, Are you kidding me! What have you done, you blackmailed her, you brought her back to life to own her like some kind of possession, you are sick and she deserves someone so much better. David, Oh you mean someone like you? Ryan, no this has never been about me and her it's about her getting the hell away from you. David, you will never taker her away from me get it through you thick skull. Greenlee is mine, Greenlee will always be mine. Ryan, punches him in the face a couple of times, both punching each other. Ryan knocks him out! Ryan leaves.

David comes back to party all bloody and falls in the middle of the floor.  That's a Friday for ya!

I don't think Marissa went to the party, I don't recall seeing her.  Annie and Scott must of finally left for their honeymoon, didn't see them either.

I Can't Believe All The News Today

And they keep showing the Arizona Governor having a brain fart !

Come on people. There is other stuff going on in the world. Earthquakes, plane crashes, hurricanes, people with out jobs, the bad economy.

But NOOOOOOO we get to keep seeing the Governor at a loss of words.

Young & Restless Recap Friday September 2, 2010

Victor says Abby has become quite adept at making a nuisance of herself. LOL I think that's an understatement. Victor is upset about Victoria and Billy, Nikki is trying to get Victor not to cut off Victoria, says he's already having problems with Abby and Adam, can he afford to alienate a third child? Victor thinks the only way to win Victoria back is tough love. Nikki thinks Victoria is happier than she has ever been.

Billy still on his knee waiting for an answer. LOL Yah!! She said yes. Haven't said if she is pregnant or not yet. Discussing where to have the wedding like jumping on a plane and going somewhere fabulous, an arcade, or church which would be boring. Victoria, I still can't get over how sweet it is of you to ask me to marry you with out asking if I'm pregnant. Billy, are you? Victoria, I forgot to check. LOL They run upstairs to look. They run back downstairs, with the pregnancy test wrapped in a towel ???Weird! Whether or not your pregnant that's not why I proposed. Billy slowly opens towel and starts singing We're having a baby, We're having a baby. Victoria trying to let it all soak in, starting to get excited. Victoria, I can't believe how scared I was, I must of taken that test hours ago. OH NO goes for test box. Pulls out insert, reads that test results must be read in 15 minutes to avoid false positive results. Taking test again. Billy, I can't wait to see what kind of hellion we created. If not we'll keep trying. Billy, screaming upstairs could you hurry up already, your driving me crazy.(she's retaking test)  Victor and Nikki arrive to see Victoria, who comes running down the stairs, with hair in her eyes. OMG! I'm pregnant! Then she looks up and sees Nikki and Victor.

Yep, Chloe and Ronan had sex. Ronan says he shouldn't have done that. Can't get involved with anyone. What just happened was a huge mistake and can't happen again. Not to mention, it's his brothers ex. Chloe, so your a scratch the itch and move on kinda guy. It wasn't terrible or anything was it? And what your never going to get involved with a girl because it will interfere with your job? Ronan, I'm not going to be in this town long enough to get romantically involved with anyone. Chloe, Where are you going? Ronan, I was brought here to investigate this case and when its over I'm out of here. Chloe, You can't just leave, you have family here, you've got your mom you've got Chance, you don't want to stay here and protect them. Kevin comes in. Ronan leaves. Chloe cries to Kevin, I don't know whats wrong with me. Chloe, Revenge, rebound or maybe I'm going for the pain trifecta and I actually kinda like this guy. Kevin, I think your kinda amazing, kinda funny, kinda really really beautiful, so if being with Ronan makes you feel any less then that, don't waste your time. Kevin thinks she should find somebody worthy of her.

Chance is still mad because Heather told Ronan where he was. Heather, just wants him to be safe. Chance, If you gave a damn about what I wanted you would of backed me up, instead of selling me out to that jerk. He's really going to be mad when he finds out Ronan is FBI and nobody told him.

Paul tells Nina the photographer hopes to have something this evening.

Paul goes to visit Heather. Tells Paul she just got into it with Chance. She's so tempted to expose this stupid investigation and be done with it. Paul, this case is bigger than you and Chance. Heather doesn't think it would hurt to tell Owen, she thinks if she tells him he'll give her job back and put some guys on Chance to protect him. Paul, you've fallen for him, your in love with Nina's son. Paul I seen it coming for a while. He's a great guy. Photographer calls Paul, he says he has to go. Tries to tell Heather it isn't worth the risk to tell Owen.

Ronan tells Nina Chance has to get out of town now for his own protection. You have to convince him. Nina, I don't have to do anything. I know why you want him gone and its not because your trying to protect him, its because you know he is this close to proving what a scum bag you really are. I already tried to talk him into leaving and he's adamant he's not going anywhere so you better get used to him being around and know your own days are numbered. In comes Chance, Malloy what do you think your doing. Don't talk to my mother. Boy is Nina gonna feel bad when she finds out that is her son.

Chance tells Ronan he has proof, you walked right into my trap just like I knew you would. Ronan, proof my ass, I'm a cop I got a call something was going on behind Jimmie's, I was there, I brought backup. Listen to me you gotta stop playing these games, I'm not going to be responsible for what happens to you, you gotta leave town for a while. Chance I'm staying and there's nothing you can do that's gonna make me leave. Ronan, Not even the fact that I just slept with your ex. Chance, what did you just say to me? Ronan, I just left Chloe.  Let me tell you she is over you big time. They start to fight, Nina stops them. Ronan goes outside Sid is there, says its time to take Chance out. Ronan, I think that's a mistake. Sid, I got word from the top. Ronan, I think its time I meet the guy at the top.

Chance goes to Chloe and asks her if she is nuts sleeping with Malloy, wants to know if she is trying to put herself in a casket. Chloe, I thought I was the enemy, now you give a damn? You are one confused puppy. Kevin tries to throw Chance out. Chloe says she should probably talk to him. Kevin, I'll go get Delia. Chloe, I am not stupid or naive, there are things about him you don't know. Chance, what is it you think I don't know about Ronan? Chloe, it has nothing to do with the case, its personal. Chance the more I know the guy the better off I'll be. I'm trying to save us both here. Chloe, I can't I swore I wouldn't tell you. Chance, you know what, I hate funerals, I've buried to many soldiers, if there is something you know, if you have information I need, now is the time to tell me. Lives could depend on it. Chloe, He's your brother.

Paul with Nina, the photo of your son should be in my email box, (opens laptop) Paul shows Nina the email, she clicks picture, can't tell if she recognizes him or not. They didn't show the pic so I don't know if it looks like him. Remember its a baby picture that has been aged, so it may or may not look like him.

Heather calling Owen. Leaves message she's on the way to his office. She should have listened to daddy, now they will try to kill Ronan too.

Ronan and Sid in alley. Sid, your lucky to even be meeting him at all. In walks Owen, your shocked, good that's the idea, means I'm doing my job convincing people I'm one of the good guys. I understand you have something you want to say to me. Ronan, I think killing Chancellor is a big mistake. Owen, I was afraid you'd say that. Ronan, you don't trust me. Owen, no your right I don't and this plea to save his life proves I probably shouldn't.  Ronan just hear me out, killing Chancellor is messy and sloppy, killing someone who has been so vocal about this case, we don't need that. Owen, that's exactly why he needs to die. Its also the perfect opportunity for you to show me which side your on. (Gives him an unmarked gun) tells him he has until tomorrw night to shut Chancellor up for good. And if you don't go through with it...Ronan, don't worry I'll go through with it, the guy doesn't mean anything to me.

UPS Cargo Plan Crashes in Dubai

CNN is reporting that a UPS Cargo Plane 747 has crashed in Dubai, they believe inside a military base. They have found the pilots bodies. At least two people dead, they don't know if there are more.

General Hospital Recap Thursday September 2, 2010

Claire questioning Johnny, wants to make sure he's clear because of pain meds. Claire asks if Johnny was holding a gun. He says no. Olivia runs in and says Johnny don't lie, this is too important. Claire asks Olivia if she was there or if Johnny told her a different story. Olivia says no Sonny told her. Claire throws her out of the room. Olivia tells Johnny she'll be back, he says don't bother. Claire still interrogating Johnny. Questions him walking home in the dark past Sonny's restaurant without gun. Earlier you said you were going to talk to Sonny about a truce, why now? Johnny, I don't want Sonny's kids to be collateral damage. Claire, not even a pause, its been my experience, the more confident a person is when answering a question, the more likely they're lying. Johnny, I just can't win with you, your doing everything you can to prove Sonny is innocent again.

Carly at Jason's with Diane trying to find out where Sonny is. Diane says oh go ahead do it fast, it will be like pulling off a band aid. Jason gives Diane a Jason look. Carly's not leaving till she finds out where Sonny is. Jason says, I will tell you, but you have to stay calm, take a deep breath, why don't we count to ten. There's nothing you can say that will shock me. Jason, Sonny had the pilot take him to Rome, for some reason I think he went to find Brenda. Carly, except that. Carly ranting. LOL Carly still ranting. We have to stop this. Jason, please don't do anything crazy, promise me. Carly, I promise.

Brenda arrives home, she has been to the market. Suzanne giving Brenda grief about going out unprotected. Suzanne thinks its time Brenda goes back to the states. Brenda you want me to quit ASEC? Suzanne, I want you to take a break. Go home. Brenda, where's home Port Charles? I can't go back there. Suzanne, no ditching security, no going out by yourself and if something else happens you'll consider going back to Port Charles. Suzanne leaves, Brenda crying pulls out Sonny's number again.

Sonny has arrived in Rome. Tells the butler he's checking up on an old friend. Giorgio arrives at Sonny's says Mr. Coppola wanted to welcome you personally to Rome but he's tied up in business. He asked me to make myself available to you, do you know how long your stay will be. Sonny, I haven't decided yet, it depends on if I make contact with someone I used to know who lives in Rome, do you think maybe you can help me find her. Shows him Brenda's picture in a magazine. Giorgio tells Sonny where Brenda is, tells him security is tight, no one is allowed up to Ms Barrett's floor unless they have been cleared, but there is a garden entrance on the south side Ms Barrett has been seen leaving. I can keep watch, call you when she comes outside. Sonny, no that's alright. Giorgio, Mr Coppola wants you to have security while you are here, there is a new player in the city, the Balkan. Sonny I don't need any protection. Giorgio, so far the Balkan has kept peace, respected our territory, the boss would like to keep it that way. Sonny, assure your boss I am here on personal business.

Nicholas did indeed take Brook to his house. Nicholas offers Brook tea and a warm bath. Brook, you really are a prince. So now that your all dry do you want to tell me why you were wondering around in the rain. Brook, its a long story but I got screwed over by Carly. Brook tells Nicholas the whole story. Nicholas tells Brook if she needs a job he thinks he has one she'll be perfect for. That call you walked in on was an invitation to a house party, the host encouraged me to bring a date. Brook, me? Nicholas, yes it would be awkward if I showed up alone. I will pay you to be my date for the weekend. Brook, you got the wrong idea I'm not a hooker. Nicholas, you took money from Carly to sleep with Dante. Brook, yeah I did not go through with it. Nicholas, you will not be required to sleep with me. I simply need someone to accompany me for the weekend. You will be paid well.

Christina, Micheal and Dante discuss Sonny's leaving.Michael thinks he's innocent Dante doesn't. Michael wants Dante to keep looking for the gun.

Lulu goes to Dante's. Dante says he should have known Sonny was going to skip bail, he's a criminal that's what he does. The only way Michael is going to believe Johnny wasn't shot in self defense is if Sonny admits it.

Sam wakes up, Jason fills her in on Sonny. If he is caught in Italy they will extradite him. Sam, Sonny is smart. Jason, not when it comes to Brenda. Jason, Brenda is a pain, she's selfish and spoiled, but she did go through a lot with Jax and Sonny that's why she moved to Rome to get away and start all over. Sam, she's made a pretty good life for herself.

Carly meets Jax at Mikes. Chit Chat then.. Carly wasn't this a special place for you and Brenda. Sonny jumped bail he left everything, he's going to need something to hold on to. Jax, What are you saying he went to see Brenda? Jax, Brenda broke the cycle, I can't believe he's gonna go screw that up. Carly, here's the question are you going to feel the need to fly off to Rome to save Brenda from Sonny again?

Sonny at cafe outside of Brenda's Hotel. Someone just called Brenda to come downstairs. Brenda comes outside standing there looking for someone. She doesn't see Sonny, he doesn't see her. I smell a setup.

Michael goes to see Johnny. Michael did I wake you? Johnny, no just staring at the ceiling thinking how lucky I am to be alive. Michael, you've had a lot of close calls lately. Car bombing, drive by shooting, Johnny, yea your pop went through a lot to set me up for all that. He couldn't be to happy that you spoiled his plans. Michael, remember what you said to me when I pushed you out of the way? Johnny, Said I owed you. Michael, well I'm collecting on that debt. I want to know the truth and I don't think that is asking too much. My dad said he shot you in self defense that you had a gun is that true?

Who do you think the Balkin is? I'm thinking Lorenzo back from the dead, Nicholas, Helena, Holly, Micco? the lost Casadine they talked about that never transpired. You know the one that supposedly kidnapped Helena a while back. Franco? Hum Could be a number of people. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I think Nicholas' weekend trip is somehow connected to the Balkan.

One Life To Live Recap Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blair shot Eli. John arrives in Tahiti at the police station. Eli tells Blair he loved her, and knocks over a candle that sets the place on fire. John tells the police they got the wrong guy. Curtains go up in flames  Blair tries to put fire out.with blanket catches it on fire, throws it across the room, spreading the fire. John is on his way. Blair is trying to get Eli up off the floor.  John opens door ceiling falls, just misses him. He goes in and gets Blair tells her he will go back for Eli, John gets Blair outside, closes the doors behind him and says tell me how was he hurt. Blair, I shot him. John makes phone call hands phone to Blair says report the fire. He goes back in, there's a bunch of ruble burning on the floor where Eli was, can't tell if Eli is there or not. I'm guessing he'll show back up later. Ross arrives, wheres my brother? wheres my brother?

Starr still mad at Cole won't answer his calls. Starr runs into James, he asks her if she wants to talk about it. He said we are trying this friends thing right?  Starr says she doesn't think its a good idea to talk to him about this. James, your right because I would have to tell you you are wrong. James tries to convince Starr her mom will be fine. Todd calls, Starr says she has to go.

Ford continues the lie to Langston that Eli was threatening her, Langston says she's not buying it. But I think she might be. Ford giving a big line telling her he got jealous when she went out with James. He's different now. Promises it won't be like before.  Kisses her. He can't do that if he is her teacher.

Shaun comes back to diner and tells Nate and Destiny that they were too late for Dani to see her mom. Destiny crying. Greg arrived. Shaun starts yelling at Greg, what are you doing here, weren't you going to personally escort Tea's ashes back? So where are they? Where's Tea? Greg the cremation was going to take longer than expected, something came up at the hospital so I arranged to have the remains shipped securely. Shaun, What does that mean? You paid a few extra bucks. Destiny tells Shaun not to blame Greg.  Destiny decides they need to order everything on the menu and take it to Dani and Todd. Greg says he'll pay. I think Shaun knows Greg is up to something. Shaun talks to Dr Wright tells her something is off with Greg.

Dani trying to deal with her mom's death. Doesn't want to go out or eat, going through Tea's things. Dani throws it all at Todd and says he can have it all. Todd says don't you want any memories of her. Dani, I already have memories and they all suck. Dani throwing a tantrum. I'd say she's going through the anger stage.
Doorbell rings, its Destiny and Nate at the door. Todd says we don't want any. Destiny, its free and Dani needs her friends. Dani runs and hugs Destiny. Todd is being a jerk, calls Greg a looser. Destiny says she's an understanding person and she'll give him a free to be a jerk pass for a couple of days, when people are grieving they says things they don't mean. Todd, no I meant it. Destiny, Well I mean this too, gives him a hug and says shes sorry for his loss. Doorbell rings. Todd, No you stay I'll get it, to Destiny. Destiny, even freak shows have feelings. Starr, Vicki and Jessica are at door. Dani thanks Nate for being there.

Jessica goes to doctor and tells her she needs the prophylactic for the Rh factor. Doctor says they have plenty of time. They can do that after the paternity test. Jessica says she doesn't want to have the paternity test until after the baby is born. Vicki runs into Jessica at hospital starts questioning her about why she is there. Todd calls, Vicki ignores the call.

Greg calls Eli and leaves message they need to talk about Tea's death.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

All My Children Recap Thursday, September 2, 2010

Angie standing in her living room blind again, all dressed up looking good for the party, trying to figure out what time it is, so she knows how long her site has been gone.  Jesse comes in tells her the time, its been over an hour. Angie's not sure she is ready to loose her sight yet. Jesse suggests they stay home, Angie says no she wants to go.

Crystal asking Opal on her opinion of a dress for the party. Tad comes in asks when they will be ready. Krystal says she doesn't need a ride. Opal tells Tad she is going with Caleb, Tad wants to know by car or mule. Krystal tells Tad you didn't ask me, Tad says I didn't know I had to, what am I supposed to do now go with mom? Opal says Caleb is Palmer's nephew how bad can he be.

Bianca talks to Caleb says Miranda named the gorilla Caleb got her Gus. Caleb coughing, Bianca says you've been doing that a lot since the fire, were you checked out. Caleb, I'm allergic to hospitals. Bianca says she called Erica and she is grateful for Caleb saving Miranda. Caleb wonders if Erica will show up for party. Bianca questions Caleb about Sonia again, he says the fire reminded him of something that happened a long time ago.

Kendall and Ryan plan the break in at Liza's. Madison arrives in an amazing dress, and hair doo with sneakers on. Said she couldn't decide on shoes so she bought four pair maxed out her credit card. Wants Ryan to help her decide. Ryan offers to buy them all she says no.

David flashing back to Greenlee and Ryan in the park. Greenlee comes in with dress.  David tells Greenlee he wants to go away, take a trip. Greenlee says she likes it. David, in the end if everything goes the way I want, I'll get rid of all the evidence. I'm through with all the lies aren't you? Greenlee, It'd be nice not to have a cloud over my head, over us.

Caleb talks to Palmer's picture tells him he saved a kid this time not like last time and promises to get his company back.

Party is at the Yacht Club , everyone is arriving, David tells Angie he has written the licensing board about her. Ryan slips away to Liza's office. Liza tells Kendall, she is wondering why she is at this party when she doesn't want to be, she is going to her office. Madison calls Ryan to warn him. The security guard outside Liza's office hears the phone, Ryan trips and makes another noise.

David tells Greenlee he's made plans for them to leave on their trip tonight.

Young & Restless Recap Thursday September 2, 2010

Victor calls Jack to see if he has gotten a look inside the Newman fund yet?

Abby and Jack plot to get her trust. They are meeting with an attorney who turns out to be Adam's attorney Vance. Abby is mad at the attorney because he humiliated her mother on the stand. Jack says this is the guy to get your trust. Vance says Ashley won't be sued in the law suit. Vance says her portfolio has had a considerable loss in funds. Wants to know if she is ready for the press. Are you kidding me? It's Abby. Vance runs into Victor on his way out. Victor wants to know what he's doing with his daughter. Vance doesn't answer so Victor asks Abby, she tells Victor Vance was hitting on her, it was gross. Victor warns Abby not to cross him again.

Victor, Ashley and Tucker at coffee shop. Victor questions Tucker about his bidding on Maricela cosmetics. Victor says its not a good fit for Beauty of Nature but he will protect that division at all costs. Victor leaves. Tucker says its time to ramp up the attack on Newman Enterprises. JT arrives. Ashley tells JT they want him to be head of their intelligence operation. They want to know where Newman and Beauty of Nature are most vulnerable, nothing illegal. JT wants a guarantee he's protected. No memo's, nothing in writing. Tucker and Ashley agree. JT leaves Jack arrives. Jack tells Tucker Vance Abrams is going to proceed with Abby's lawsuit.

Chance is behind Jimmy's. Ronan arrives looking for Chance. Sid arrives, Ronan tells him he got a tip Chance was meeting a reporter. Sid, it's not gonna happen. Ronan, I got this covered. Sid, I'm gonna take care of the boyscout myself. They hear Chance talking to reporter. Sid goes to shoot him and its a tape player. Chance is in his car taking pictures. Sid says he's going to call a meeting its time to take care of Chance once and for all.

Heather is at home, Chloe comes in and wants to know who she just blabbed Chance's where a bouts to? Was it Ronan?

Victoria calling Billy.  JT arrives with Reed, makes some snarky remarks about their playing house.

Billy at Jimmies, Mac cuts him off and asks if he just said he was having another baby. Mac gives him coffee, asks if Victoria is pregnant, if she took a pregnancy test. Billy, I don't know I bailed. Mac, you have to go home. Billy heads home sees Victoria playing with Reed in the park. John Abbott is sitting on a bench says you aren't going to run away are you? Gives him the fatherly pep talk. Victoria leaves the park, Billy talks to John some more then goes home. Victoria you smell like a brewery, and now I'm the woman that says you smell like a brewery.  Billy tells Victoria he wants the whole thing with her, the kid, the house everything. I'm a bit arrogant, kinda lazy, way over the top sarcastic, and I gossip for a living, and I don't know why a woman like you would want a man like me.  WoA! Then he proposes! Didn't see that coming.

Chance goes to Chloe and accuses her of tipping Ronan off. Chloe denies it. Chance says it was all part of his plan. Chloe denies it again, and is mad because he expected her to betray him. Chance looks at her phone and see all the calls to Ronan.  Who else would have told him. Chloe, why don't you ask the woman who broke up our engagement. Go yell at her and get the hell out of my face. Chance asks Heather if she told Ronan, she confessed. He tells Heather she was the one person he thought he could trust. Heather, I didn't betray you, did you ever think you might be wrong about Ronan? Do you think I would do anything to hurt you, have faith in me. Chance that's the problem I don't. Heather, You know how much I care about you. Chance without trust we have nothing. Ronan gets off elevator seems like he can't make up his mind whether to go to Heather or Chloe's door. Decides on Chloe's. Chloe's drinking. Ronan wants a drink Chloe tells him go to a bar. Tells Ronan he's scared of admitting he's Chance's brother. He's afraid of committing to anything. He doesn't even have a dog. Fighting turns into kissing and more than likely sex.

Sid, Ronan and two others meet at bar. Sid tells them the boss wants them to take Chance out the sooner the better. Sid and bald guy still at bar discussing whether or not Ronan can be trusted and who the boss was going to get to kill Chance because they don't know.

JT tells Mac he agreed to work with Tucker.

Ashley and Tucker go to Gloworm. Tucker invites Ashley home after dinner. He goes to check on table, Victor comes up to Ashley and tells her he saw Abby with Vance. Vance comes in and serves Victor for mismanagement, irresponsibility and malfeasance of Abby Newman's trust. Victor, she sued me before and lost. Vance, I wasn't her attorney then. Victor tells Ashley after Vance leaves that if she persists in pursuing this I will dismantle her trust. This has Jack's name written all over this.

General Hospital Recap Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Olivia visits Johnny in the hospital. Olivia crying. Johnny wakes up and tells her she's cute when she's scared. LOL Robin tells Johnny he's doing great. Do not push himself. Johnny tells Olivia I thought you were finished with me, she says you thought wrong. Maya tells Johnny he needs to save his strength for all the people he is going to have to talk to that want to know what happened. She tells him Sonny walked up and shot him and that he was unarmed. This plan is working out well for Johnny. Clair comes to question Johnny,  Johnny, says they had a meeting about the war between them, Sonny said there was no war it was over, he pulled out a gun and shot me. Olivia came back and is standing in the doorway listening, knowing he's lying.

Jax visits Micheal. Micheal tells Jax he doesn't want to go back to high school. Micheal says he liked learning. Jax asks if he's afraid the kids will give him a hard time. Micheal, no I'm afraid what I'll do to them. Doesn't want to sit and class and watch his teacher pretend not to be afraid of him. Jax says he'll have to work with private tutor. Carly arrives and tells Micheal Sonny left town. She's like the town crier. Micheal tells Carly that he told Sonny to leave. Carly tells Micheal he can't tell Dante. He agrees for now. Christina visits Michael she still wants Sonny to love her.

Carly goes into Mikes, runs into Alexis and Christina. She asks them if Sonny called them before he left. They had no clue, she told them he left the country. Christina wonders if she'll ever see Sonny again. Alexis tells her he'll be back.

Sam and Jason arrive at hospital so Sam can get her ankle fixed. Clair comes up to Jason and says Sonny left the country and your going to tell me where he went.  Jason doesn't know anything about Sonny he's been busy. Clair tells Jason she's the reason he is not rotting in Pentonville, you owe me its time to pay up. Lucky confirms Jason's alibi. Clair still thinks Jason knows where Sonny is.

Sam has soft tissue injury, on crutches, must stay off her feet as much as possible. Jason takes Sam to his house, she says she needs to shower. He carries her upstairs. Oh, me next please. :)  Diane arrives tells Jason Sonny changed the flight plan from San Sebastian to Rome. Wants to know why. Jason, because Brenda lives in Rome. Jason says seeing Brenda is the worst move he can make. Carly arrives and asks Jason, where's Sonny?

Tracy raising heck with everyone cause, Luke is gone. Maya goes to leave opens door and Brook Lynn standing there with her bags. Said she made a mistake and wondered if she could come home to her family. Has she even visited them since she's been in town?  Edward tells Brook family is always welcome. Tracy wants to know what kind of mistake she made. Brook calls Tracy "Granny" LOL  Brooks says she had a falling out with Carly. Gives them a short scenario. Tracy says she can live there on one condition. She must go back to school. Brook Lynn agrees. Brook Lynn being all sweet Tracy says lighten up I'm getting a cavity. Tracy,  Brook is Quartermaine through and through she can scam and manipulate with the best of us. I just love Tracy. I wish they would give Monica some kind of storyline. Isn't it about time she fall in love again or go back to work. Something!  Edward lays down his phone, Brook picks it up and tries to transfer funds $50,000, Tracy and Monica come in and bust her. Edward doesn't know whether to be proud or disappointed.  Edwards offers the money if she goes to college and keeps her hand off his cell phone. Brook says she doesn't need the money that bad and leaves. Brook in the rain with her bags, Nicholas comes along and she tells him she has no where to go. Nicholas has an idea. Hum? taking her to his house?
Nicholas tells Steve Elizabeth and the kids arrived at her sisters.

Lulu tells Maxie Brook Lynn has been exposed as the lying, manipulating slut that she is. Maxie thinks Carly is telling the truth.

Robin fills Nickolas in on Patrick' s affair and Lisa.

One Life To Live Recap Wednesday September 1, 2010

Starr and Langston still at registration. Ford and James show up. Ford says he's teaching class. Langston, then I'm not taking it. James, wait a minute is that the class you said I should audit. Starr, then I'm not taking it either. James, if you want to take the class go ahead, I can always audit next semester. Ford, no you need the class now, once you pass the GED, I can make your case to the admissions office. It will be that much stronger if you are already taking the class. Starr, Lang this is a pre-requisite you have to take it. Langston, I'll take another section. Ford, there's only one section and I'm teaching it. Langston, well I'm sorry but I've already learned everything I want to from you, Bobby. Ford, this isn't high school, if this is going to be your area of concentration, you either need to take these classes or transfer. Ew Ford almost sounded adult. Langston and Starr go aside. Langston I have to take this class, maybe me being his student will make it easier, he can't hit on me. Starr, remember Hannah. James, tells Starr he doesn't have to take class, Starr tells him its okay.  Langston tells James she can't go out with him anymore. Ford goes and starts fight with Cole over Hannah and Eli, Starr panics she didn't know about Eli, tries to call Blair.  Starr yelling at Cole for not telling her. Cole, couldn't because John was in the middle of investigation. Tells her Eli is under arrest she doesn't need to worry. Starr still yelling at Cole for several minutes for not telling her and putting her mom in danger, letting her go off and marry him, tells Cole not to touch her and leaves. Langston tells Ford she will take class because she has to. Ford tells Langston Eli was threatening his brother and her. Lie

Inez and Clint at Country Club. Inez, I was looking for my son, we must of gotten our wires crossed, he must be at the police station. Clint, the police station? Inez, Oh he's not in trouble I work there. Clint, I hope you don't mind my saying your the prettiest cop I've ever met. Inez, I'm not a police officer, I'm Commissioner Buchannan's assistant, but thank you. Guess Clint will make a move on her now to further his plan, whatever that is. Introductions. Clint, I've never seen you at the station. Inez, I just started there and I've already made enough mistakes to get myself fired twice over. Bo has been very understanding, Clint I'll bet he has.  Inez, Nate is at police station, have to get back to work.

Bo, so your Uncle Clint offered you a job. Matthew, Not really a job at least not yet anyway. See Grandpa thought I would be the one taking over BE someday. Bo, and Clint told you this. Matthew, well Grandpa, you know someday this is all going to be yours kinda thing. Anyway Clint wants me to start learning the family business since I'm old enough, you know like an intern thing. Bo, you should be focusing on school. Matthew, I was in the top 1% for PSAT's I'm not worried, Bo, what about Basketball? Matthew, so I'll work on weekends. Bo, you'll have plenty of time for your internship. Right now you need to focus on all your other options. Matthew, like you did? I'm sure you had a lot of options for an assistant but no, you had to go and hire the mom of the guy who stole my girlfriend.  Bo, there's not a woman worth her salt that can be stolen if she doesn't want to be. Matthew, this coming from a guy who stole his brothers wife. Bo, I don't think your mother would appreciate that talk. Matthew, well I don't appreciate you telling me losing Dani was my fault. Bo, thats not what I'm saying. What I'm telling you is maybe the girl wasn't the right fit, or the timing wasn't right there are a lot of factors and you can't force any of these things. Matthew, thanks for the advice. Starts to leave. Bo, wait a minute, lets start over, you came in here and wanted to talk about a job. Matthew and you still haven't given me one good reason why I shouldn't do it.  Bo, I gave you about half a dozen. Matthew, Is this about Uncle Clint? Bo, I don't have a problem with Uncle Clint, he's forgiven us, we're past that and its time you were too. Nora comes in they fill her in.  Bo says Matthew should be concentrating on college. Matthew, and having experience at a company lilke BE, colleges love that stuff. Nora agrees. Matthew, Besides shouldn't I decide if BE is for me before I go to college, that way if I hate it I won't take up business in college I can take up law or medicine or something. This is for grandpa. Nora, feels like Clint is going out of his way to extend an olive branch. Nora, I'm alright with it.  Bo, concerned about Matthews work load. Matthew, I can handle it. Bo, well I'll just have to honor your decision. Matthew, Thank you, just wish I could say the same to you. Leaves. Nora, what was that all about. Bo, he's not happy that I hired Inez. Nora's agreeing with Matthew when Inez comes up and listens at door. Bo, Inez was the best canidate for the job her and her son were living in the shelter and she needed a job.  Bo, we can't coddle him. Nora, I just feel bad for Matthew. Bo, he'll have to get over it. Inez is just trying to take care of her son. Nora, did you ever get over your first love. Matthew goes and tells Clint he will work for him.

Cole and Nora discuss Hannah still being in a lot of trouble. Nora, obstruction of justice is a very serious crime, because of Hannah's lies,  Eli has gone free. This a maximum penalty. Cole defends her. Nora, what is your interest in her? Why are you defending her. Cole, I know what Hannah did, but she has suffered a lot. Nora, Hannah still has to be found confident to stand trial. Cole, how long will that take. Nora, its gonna be a while. I'll keep you posted.

Marty goes to visit Hannah who just happened to be writing her a letter. Hannah, I just wanted to apologize, now that the truth is out and nobody can get hurt. I jerked you around and it was a cruel thing to do. Marty, John told me you swallowed all those pills to save Cole, I am truly grateful you saved my son. Hannah, your thanking me. Marty you've been through a lot, I'd like to help with your treatment.  I'd like to speak with your parents about continued treatment. Hannah, like they care. Marty, well they've been willing to pay for your treatment up until now. Hannah, sure they're great with the checkbook, but have I seen them, or gotten a package or phone call or anything. But sure if you want to call them knock yourself out, but be prepared because they can be chilly. Marty, would you like me to ask them to contact you. Hannah, I'm an embarrassment they don't want anything to do with me. Marty, you young lady can have a wonderful life with  the right help. Hannah, why do you want to help?  Marty, because I understand what happened to you didn't happen in a vacuum and probably had little to do with Cole. Hannah, I know, not that he isn't a great person but really he could have been anybody just somebody to love me. It doesn't matter what I did nobody can break up Starr and Cole.

Rex, You were the one that got Ford to come forward, if he hadn't signed that statement John wouldn't have gotten the arrest warrant. Kelly, It was nothing compared to what you went through, Eli poisoned you, you almost died. Rex, it was nothing, quit hitting me. Kelly, quit calling me out on my stuff. Rex, its right there at the bottom of the contract call Kelly out on her stuff. Kelly, you came through for me you found my mothers killer and I owe you one. Hug. Enter Gigi, Am I interrupting? Kelly, just thanking your boyfriend, If you ever need a recommendation give me a call. Kelly leaves.

Rex, are you okay? Gigi, sure why wouldn't I be? Rex, because you walked in on me in the arms of a beautiful blond. Gigi, you think she's beautiful? Rex, got you! You are the only woman for me, you know that. Gigi, what I know is we are supposed to be taking things slow, so if you want to see someone else. Give me a break already.  Rex, but I can't help it if I'm so resistable, Gigi hits him. Rex, why is everyone hitting me today. Gigi, you deserve it. Rex, yes we are taking things kinda slow but I thought we were going steady. Gigi, you wanna go steady with me Balsom, kinda of a big step don't you think for a guy with so many options. Rex, and only one chance to get it right. Gigi, yes were going steady. Gigi has to leave to register for school. Rex I got Shane covered. Gigi, Am I being stupid everyone is going to be so much younger than me I'm not going to fit in. Gigi going on about expense of school.  She's gonna be late.

Rex gets undressed to get in shower, Kelly comes back in. Rex, Oh really its not like you haven't seen it like three times before. Kelly says she relized she hadn't payed him, she payed him way more than agreed upon. Rex tells Kelly if the reporter thing doesn't work our she'd make a good PI.

Gigi at school $500 for books, she eyes grant poster. James comes up looking at grant poster. Gigi and James both take grant info.

Blair, this gun doesn't belong to Ross does it and you were going to use it on me, well let me return the favor.  Eli, put the gun down Blair before someone gets hurt. Blair, stay where you are. Eli, You can't seriously believe I'm a serial killer do you have that little trust in yourself, you married me. Blair, that was a mistake. Eli, no trusting Kelly was a mistake and I'm not even blaming her she's concerned about you but it wasn't me it was Ross. You know him, you know his history. Blair, I know where Ross was when you were off getting married killing all those people that got in your way, he was right her on this island married to Tea Delgado. un hu think about it he couldn't have done all of the things that you said he did, so give me a break. You killed those two women, you killed my Aunt Melinda. Eli, go ahead and shoot me then. Blair, no your going to confess. Eli, I can't confess to stuff I haven't done. Blair, stop lying I deserve an answer. I deserve the truth why did you make me fall in love with you? Why did you marry me? You don't have an answer you know what I do. Good bye Eli. Eli, you cant shoot me Blair you love me, you just said so. Blair, I'll get over it. Eli, your my wife. Blair, so were those other two women and you killed them didn't you.  Eli, its different with you I really really loved you. Blair, you admitted you were married before. Eli, yes. Blair, Its just like Kelly said your a serial killer and a con artist. Eli, its not like that with you. Blair. no what's it like with me why don't you tell me since I'm so completely different. Who are you? Why'd you kill all those people, come on tell me. Eli, If that will make you happy. Blair, I am so far from happy because of you. Eli, fine I was Bennett Thompson and I did everything they said I did. I married you because I loved you I was ashamed of what I did. The only way to start over was to become another person and then I met you and your so free and loving and kind.  I fell in love with you, but then that mental patient Rodney had to go and recognize my picture, and that photograph that Melinda showed him of the two of us I didn't want to kill her but I had no choice, and then Kelly had to go and bring John McBain in to it. Blair, oh my god. Eli, Yeah I had to figure out a way to get back from California. Blair, OMG you pushed Marty down the stairs you killed their unborn child. Eli, actually that was an accident I just wanted to startle Marty enough so John would come home. You have to believe everything I did I did for you, we can still have a future together. Its still possible this doesn't have to end badly. Blair, how can you not think this isn't going to end badly. Eli, we can run away together. Blair, your so delusional. Eli, why not I've done it before twice. I never wanted to hurt anybody. My first wife was a drunk she fell no one would have believed me, so I buried her and started over. Blair and your second wife? Eli she threatened me when she found out about my first wife. Blair, do you really think I would leave Llanview, leave my family, and start a life with you a murderer. Eli you already have. Blair, no I'm going home. Eli, you chose me because you love me and you have a thing for dangerous men. Todd, John, Ross, me. Blair, no its over. Eli, a little bit of danger that's what turns you on isn't it. Blair, don't make me shoot you. Eli you would have shot me already if you really wanted to be honest with yourself.  Blair you want me now more than ever. Eli, loving a man who crosses the line, you just have to give in to what you want.  Blair, I will pull this trigger Eli. Eli, and ruin a good thing.  Struggle for gun. Eli kisses Blair while struggling for gun, gun goes off.  And of course we don't know who is shot. Gee and its not even Friday.

Whew, busy day today. Word out today that Cole is definitely leaving the show. Also rumor out that Gigi may be leaving the show.

All My Children Recap Wednesday September 1, 2010

Greenlee on phone to Ryan, searching her room for key, she finds it and David walks in.  David asks whats going on? Greenlee, I did all this. I was awake all night had a bad dream, tells him about a dream of the accident and that he wasn't there to save her. Tells David I want to hate you but I can't, not after what you did for me that night, I can't hate you. David, but that doesn't explain what you did to this room. Greenlee, says her ring was missing she was looking for it. David, stay right there, he goes and gets ring, says she took it off before she showered. Greenlee, says going to take a walk. David offers to go, she tells him no.

Meanwhile Ryan trying to get Greenlee back on phone. Calls Kendall says he's worried about Greenlee then says never mind I'll just go myself, opens door to leave Madison standing there. Madison, where you going, a fire? Gives him gift for party tomorrow. Cufflinks, dice with a three and four on them? Ryan leaves

Jesse & Iris - Mayor gives Jesse his job back but tells him to stay away from Hayward.

Caleb still holding unconscious Miranda, lays her on the couch, Angie checks Miranda still breathing. Angie still has no sight. She's taking Miranda's pulse and talking to her. Sends Caleb to look and see if David left a medical bag there. Caleb comes back with an oxygen tank. They put it on Miranda and she starts coughing. Hear ambulance arriving in background.

Jesse gets wind of the 911 call to Wild Wind. Goes to Wild Wind. Angie says she was so scared if Caleb hadn't of been there she never would have been able to help Miranda. Says she cannot be a doctor anymore. Jesse, so patient survives and doctor quits, I don't get it. Jesse convinces her she did a good job. Jesse, if I can get my job back, we can find a way to keep yours.

Caleb arrives at hospital screaming at everybody "Is she going to be okay?"  Frankie there, Caleb questions him about his last name being the same as Angie's. Frankie tells him he is her son. Caleb asks again if she's going to be okay. Frankie makes Caleb wait in the hall. Bianca arrives, Miranda tells Bianca Caleb saved her. Bianca thanks Caleb. They go out in hall. Caleb sits down, he says when I walked into the room and saw Sonia laying there, corrects himself, Miranda laying there. Bianca, Whose Sonia? Caleb not saying. Angie walks in, Frankie tells her Miranda is going to be okay. Miranda thanks Angie. Caleb tells Angie she was amazing.

Ryan and Greenlee meet in the park she gives him the key she found. I'll bet David is following her. Ryan says they are going to use the evidence to bury David. They discuss the night of her accident again,  There comes David around the corner with big bouquet of flowers he sees Greenlee with Ryan of course he miss reads Ryan holding Greenlee's hand. This isn't going to be good. David watching. Don't know if he is close enough to hear. The way they are playing it he can't hear them. Flowers on the ground he steps on them and squishes them. Ryan tells Greenlee just hang on until tomorrow then its over. Ryan's going to make a copy of the key for Greenlee so she can put the original back, he's going to go to Liza's office get the evidence, so Greenlee can confront David at the party.

David meets Liza. Liza, I think I'm being watched by Kendall and Ryan. They tried cozying up to me the other day, to find out about her relationship with him. They think he is involved in something, I'm sure they think it involves Greenlee. Liza, I'm trying to start a practice and it's not good being associated with you. David, then fire me make it as public as you want. Liza, what's the catch? David, I have a feeling you will be moving on to bigger and better things, and so will I. David, I understand you want to be new DA, Iris and I are old friends, I saved her daughter's life on the operating table a few years back. I think I can safely say with a word from me you will be the new DA. Liza, You would be doing this out of the kindness of your own heart?  David, You get the job you always wanted, I get a friendly DA. Liza, Just in case what? What are you up to now?

Ryan gets home, Madison is there tells her everything good, don't think we're going to have to worry about David anymore. Ryan thanks Madison for going above and beyond the call of duty. Madison, in a weird kinda way I'm glad all this happened. You've shown me what kinda man you are. Ryan, after tomorrow night at the party everything is going to change.

Greenlee gets home puts key back, David walks in and catches her again. Asks her how her walk in park went. Greenlee, I just love this time of year. Gave me a chance to think about things. I can't wait to go to that party with you, I think it will be a turning point for us. David, funny while you were out walking I was thinking the exact same thing. Greenlee, that's great its feeling more and more like it used to be. David, maybe even better Greenlee, I have such wonderful plans for us.

Angie/Jesse Angie you can't keep building me up and telling me I can do anything and then worrying whether I can get home. Jesse, Your right, in that case I will expect a hot meal on the table and an even hotter woman to greet me at the door. Angie, Well maybe Halle Berry will stop by. LOL You know I started out this day thinking I had to do exactly what David wanted, now I think I may have a few choices.

Liza, at her office looking at Greenlee Hayward file, doesn't open it. Stands in front of mirror pretending she's DA.

Young & Restless Recap Wednesday September 1, 2010

Victoria and Billy are moving into their new house.

Today is Reeds first day of school, Mac is going to fix him his special first day of school breakfast.

Delia is going to her first day of tiny tots school. ?? 

Jana arrives at coffee shop to pick up her last paycheck, Kevin asks her if she signed the divorce papers yet, she hasn't. Kevin tells Jana, that Chloe always says life is like a closet, you have to get rid of things that don't fit anymore. Ouch!

Murphy, Catherine, Nina, Phillip and Chance all in living room. Chance tells Nina this drug mess will be cleared up soon, he has found a way to end it.  Sure am glad to see Murphy back. Nina makes him promise not to do anything dangerous. Phillip says when things settle maybe you can get back with Chloe. Chance doesn't see that happening, tells them she gave the ring back. Paul shows up, Nina tells everyone they may have a lead. Chance surprised Nina is really looking for his brother, thought she was just talking about him because of his birthday. Nina, just wants to tell him she wanted to keep him. Catherine tells her she can't look back only look forward. Paul gets a call from forensic photographer, say he thinks he can help. Nina, I'm going to get to see what my son looks like?

Sid and Ronan meeting at coffee shop. Sid tells Ronan he has a big score coming up, he could use an extra pair of hands. Heather shows up. The boys pretend to be talking about baseball. Sid leaves. Ronan tells Heather he needs her help. She gives him grief, then he tells her he needs her to spy on Chance. Heather still ticked cause Ronan got her fired. Ronan, one wrong move from a stupid jerk and he could end up dead. Heather tells him he and Chance are a lot alike. Then tells him no. Ronan, we can pin a purple heart on him after he gets killed. Heather, take your FBI badge and gritty experience and go back to Washington. Ronan, Your going to help me whether you want to or not. Heather, You can't push me around just because you have an FBI badge and a big ego. Ronan, I have a case to solve and if you don't step up a two year investigation is going to go down the tubes. Heather, all you care about is your precious case rounding up the bad guys, oh oops sorry lost a few of the good ones in my way, collateral damage. Ronan, that's right it happens. Heather, I don't want anything to do with it. Maybe I should go fill Chance in on what your up too. Ronan, I can imagine how he'll thank you for that. Heather trys to slap him in the face he grabs her hand and stops her, says that only happens once.  Heather and Ronan continue to go around, she says you can't make me help this isn't a police state, he says okay when Chance goes down its on you.

Jana applying for new job in art, Jana tells the lady she will volunteer for a week or two and if everything works out she can hire her. Ha, Jana is the new art teacher at the school. So much for teacher background checks I guess.

Victoria and Billy show up at coffee shop, everyone talking about kids and school. Victoria tells Reed he is going to come over to the new house after school and is going to be spending lots of time there. JT kinda rolls his eyes. Gloria now at the coffee shop questioning Kevin about how things are going he says on a scale of 1-10 a 20, but they were a 30 before Mac helped out. Gloria offers Kevin a job running accounting and computers at Gloworm.Says she and Jeffery want this and he can do it while still running the coffee shop.

Chance goes to Chloe and says really an envelope under the door that's how were going to call it off. Chloe, well you were really busy. Chance you heard me and Heather, Chloe, didn't want to spoil the fun. Chance, I know that your not going to believe me but I love you, Chloe, call me a sucker I know. Chance, will you take this back referring to the ring. Right, he sleeps with Heather Chloe goes to return his ring he's sleeping with Heather again, sure she'll take you back. Chloe, I'm not that much of a sucker. Chance, I'll never forgive myself for hurting you, you changed my life everything about it. Chloe says I know I'm not going to be your last, but I'm glad I was your first.

Chance leaves, phone rings inside Chloes apartment it's Chances. Chloe looks at it, knock at the door, Chance forgot his phone. Chloe, why is Teague Harding calling you? Chance Teague's a buddy. Chloe, he's also a reporter. What are you up to? Chance says they are going to meet in an alley behind Jimmy's, he going to tell Harding about everything, Ronan, DA, and dirty cops everything. Chloe, your going to end up in a river, please don't do this your mother already lost one son. Chance, I'm doing it. Chloe, Ronan doesn't think.. Chance, I don't care what Ronan thinks. Chloe, I know that you don't trust him. Chance, and you do, tonight were going to find out whose right. Chance exits. Chloe calls someone presumably Ronan and says I need to see you right away.

Billy wants to take pictures of him and Victoria and the new house, goes in her purse for camera and pulls out the pregnancy test.  I forgot they ended the show with someone buying a pregnancy test yesterday. Well now we know who bought it. Billy, when were you going to tell me. Victoria, I didn't want to get our hopes up. Billy, No sense in waiting right? Hands the test to Victoria.

Heather comes home Chance is sitting in her apartment. Said he still had a spare key hope she didn't mind. Told her he ended things officially with Chloe. Told her that he told Chloe he is not giving up on drug ring, then he tells Heather he wants her beside him. 

Chloe meets Ronan at coffee shop. Says she wanted to apologize for over reacting at the apartment the other night. Flirting with Ronan. Ronan, why did you want to meet, what's going on with Chance? I trusted you enough to tell you he's my brother, you can trust me, now what do you know.

JT got Mac a present. Hand towels, big box little towels?? JT and Mac make out, then go pick up Reed. Esther picks up Delia, Jana says oh I was expecting Chloe.  Esther, she's busy.  Jana busy with Uncle Kevin. Esther, I don't know she just said she was busy. Jana calls Kevin, Kevin ignores call and tells Gloria tell Jeff I'll take the job.

Chloe gets home Heather tries to get Chloe to tell her what Chance is doing and wants to know if she told Ronan where he was going. Chance is behind Jimmy's. Heather calls Ronan tells him where Chance is he leaves and Sid comes out of the shadows, and calls someone and tells them he just left.

Victoria comes down stairs and Billy is gone. Billy's at Jimmy's ordering a shot of scotch, says leave the bottle right there.

There are rumors floating around today that JT and Mac are leaving the show. I'm not sure that I should believe the rumors. There were also rumors that Victor, Nikki and Phyllis were leaving the show. I would hate to see them leave but it would be interesting if JT takes Reed and leaves town. Not only would Victoria be upset, I'm sure Victor wouldn't be too happy either. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

General Hospital Recap Tuesday August 31, 2010

Carly tells Lulu Brook Lynn is telling the truth, that she did this because she loves Lulu. Lulu tells Carly you lied to me, Carly says she did it NOT because she's still mad about Michael, but because she's afraid for Lulu. Carly, when I found out Dante was Sonny's son and that he's arrogant like his father I knew he would break your heart. Carly said she tried to tell Lulu but she wouldn't listen, so she figured if she showed her, she would see the truth about him before she threw her whole heart away.

Brook Lynn trying to defend herself said Carly told her to do whatever she could to break them up, that Carly is trying to make her out as the villain. Lulu to Brook, You were paid to sleep with someone what do you think that makes you? Lulu, Dante is nothing like Sonny. Carly, Really did you see him walk into the courtroom and give up Michael, that's not love that's arrogance, I wasn't going to sit and watch that happen to you. But Carly says she was wrong Dante loves Lulu, that Dante is nothing like Sonny and she's so so sorry. Yeah Right! Carly tells Brook to get out of the Loft and the Metro Court and go back to Edward.

Carly asks Lulu if Michael's okay. Lulu, this whole Sonny thing is hard on him. Lulu tells Carly Sonny was arrested for shooting Johnny. Surprised Carly didn't know. Carly's phone rings its Sonny calling from a plane says Diane is bringing her something.

Brenda gets a visit from Interpol about the attack on her, they think she's the target of a very dangerous individual. Okay I didn't watch GH when Brenda was on before, she's only been an ongoing reference, but so far I'm not feeling the love for the character. Interpol agent Bates tells Brenda, some very well funded but ruthless people want to silence her. Brenda says she's not scared, the agent tells her she should be. Your the reason some very dangerous people are loosing a great deal of money. Asks her if she has ever heard of a crime figure named The Balkan?  Brenda never heard of him. Interpol guy they don't know his true name or what he looks like, there's a connection between, the Balkan and the man who tried to slash her face.

Sonny and Diane are in court. Diane telling Sonny bail will probably be denied. Dante arrives in court and promises to Diane to be on his best behavior. Sonny pleads not guilty. Diane brings up Claire's conflict of interest. Dante takes stand, says Sonny wanted to make peace, he doesn't think he'll flee because he loves his children and he has convinced Dante he is innocent. And.......... Bail is set at 3 million dollars. Sonny thanks Dante, Dante tells Sonny Micheal told him that he doesn't lie to his kids, he's banking on that. Sonny walks out of court, wow before bail is even paid.

Jason, Sam and Lucky in cabin - fire bomb just came through the window - Lucky goes out the front door to draw fire while Sam and Jason go out the back. Lucky makes it around to the back of the cabin. Lucky says I'm going to draw their fire you guys run for the trees. Jason, No, I'm gonna go. Jason goes to the front of cabin and kills all the bad guys. Jason's the Man! Cops finally arrive, Sam says with all these bodies how are we going to keep Jason from going back to jail. Lucky, let me do the talking.

Mac, Robin and Patrick - Mac says no facts to back up Robin, no proof of anything Lisa has done, because Lisa has reported everything to the cops and Robin and Patrick didn't report anything. Mac says he can make case go away, Robin doesn't want Lisa to get away with it. Patrick apologizes to Robin, she says right now I just hate you and everything that's going on.

Matt goes to see Lisa. Matt, the lines are being drawn between you, Patrick and Robin. Lisa says Patrick's in the middle. Robin is the one's whose unspooling.  Matt, Robin is my sister-in-law. Lisa, I understand your loyalties. Matt, tells Lisa she doesn't sound very sorry.  Lisa, she's sorry about how it happened and that Robin got hurt, not that it happened and that she's worried how Patrick is dealing with Robin. Matt, You don't believe Robin intentionally tried to run you down. Lisa, I was standing in plain sight and she aimed her car at me on purpose. What is more likely that she ran me down or that I threw myself in front of her car to make Robin look bad. Lisa, brings up Robins postpartum. Matt, Really your going to go there. Lisa, I'm convinced she's becoming a threat to herself and others.

Robin goes to see Lisa, tells her shes making a remarkable recovery. Lisa, really because I'm really in a lot of pain. Robin, I could give you something for that, but I really don't feel sorry for you. Funny your not reaching for your call button, so I guess its not a stretch to say your enjoying this. Robin, I'm not going to play this game with you and Patrick thinks your sick and twisted and he and I will make sure everyone knows it. Lisa, I should call for a nurse or security. Robin, you messed up when you took our daughter, now Patrick knows your delusional. Patrick comes in and takes Robin out, tells her you can't give her fuel like that, she's good at pushing people's buttons. Robin, and why should I do that. Patrick, because I'm scared of what she is going to do to our family.

Matt talks to Patrick Patrick says Lisa is delusional. Matt tells him Lisa is doing a pretty good of hiding it. Better than some other people. Matt, I can see how you would want to make Lisa the bad guy, that she has some evil plan to seduce you away from Robin. When Robins locker was trashed, who found it, maybe the person losing their mind is Robin not Lisa.

Suzanne arrives at Brenda's, she has talked to Agent Bates and tells Brenda she is going to be dead if she doesn't start paying attention.  Sonny and Brenda Flashback, boy he had a baby face. Suzanne trying to convince Brenda to be careful, to go stay with Murphy in London. Brenda, you wanted me in Rome so I'm going to stay here.

Dante goes to Sonny's Diane is there Sonny's gone. Dante says how's that saying go fool me once.... Calls in
that it appears Sonny violated bail and fled the country.

Dante goes home to Lulu, guess he didn't have to go chase Sonny. Tells Lulu that he stood up in court and defended Sonny told them he wouldn't flee because he loved his kids and as soon as Sonny cleared bail he skipped town. So much for the promise of innocents and wanting to clear his name.

Diane takes a letter to Carly. Carly says he made bail and left town didn't he. Diane, I really can't comment. Carly, I don't even have to read this, it probably says tell Morgan and Micheal everything. I just really need to know how to get in touch with him. Diane, and I really wish I could help you. Carly, but your not going answer any of my questions are you. Diane, let me ask you why do you care so much, you made it clear after his last debacle you were through jumping threw hoops for this man, so why don't you just let him go.

Sonny tells pilot they are going to Rome, not Columbia. There's someone there he gotta see.

One Life To Live Tuesday Recap August 31, 2010

Shaun is onto Greg. Todd and Dani say they've got to figure out how to move on. Greg lies to Shaun and says Tea, never asked for Todd and Dani. Todd tells Dani they should go home. Dani wants to get Tea's things. Wonder what Greg really did with Tea, and how is he going to explain all of her things being gone when she wakes up? Tea is expecting Todd and Dani to be there when she wakes up. Is Greg going to keep her asleep until she dies? Did he "Jack K." her?

John & Bo think Eli is arrested. Can't believe the police didn't have a picture to know they got the wrong guy, and Ross has lived there so long you would think the Tahitian police would know who Ross is. Kinda stupid. Johns getting worried there is a problem in Tahiti. John wants to go to Tahiti and get Eli, Bo says yes he can go.

Star & Langston register for school. Langston is suspicious about David's disappearance. Langston got her hair cut, not sure if I like it or not. I mean its not a bad cut, I just think I like the old doo better. Langston got into the writing class she wanted. Star wants to get into pre-med, going to take writing class with Langston. Guess who's teaching writing class. Yup, Ford.

James & Ford in sauna, agree not to let a woman come between them again. Nate shows up. James wants to get to know him. Nate says its a huge deal to have two brothers, James is willing to give him a chance. Ford is being an ass.  Nate goes to see mom at work and runs into Bo, Matthew comes in and finds out Bo hired Nate's mom, now he's mad about that. I don't like Matthew's new attitude or his whacked out hair. Why when someone starts acting different do they think they have to make their hair stand on end or be all crazy?  Matthew fights with Bo to fire Nate's mom, Bo of course isn't going to do it, so Matthew tells Bo he's going to work with Uncle Clint.

Clint tells Matthew Asa wanted him to run BE. What is Clint up too? Is he trying to keep David out of BE? Tells Matthew he has killer instinct.  Nope like I said previously Clint's mad about Kim leaving. Clint tells Matthew he knows what he did to Nate. Clint says he won't tell Bo, there is no reason Matthew can't be the next CEO, wants him to start working part time at BE to learn the company from the bottom up. Clint says he'll learn more at BE in one week than he will all year in school, starting with how to make sure no woman ever hurts him again.

Blair confronts Eli. Tells him there's a warrant for his arrest, that he wasn't in a hurry to marry her, he's running from the cops. Blair's spilling all she know from Kelly to Eli. Probably not a smart move. Eli says alright I confess. Fact is I have been lying to you in a very long time. Eli's blaming it all on Ross now, says Ross killed all those people and he was trying to protect him. No surprise there. But a lie.  Eli says if he flew to Tahiti by himself to warn Ross it would have raised to many red flags. 

OOh! Eli says you believe me don't you? Blair says not for one damn second as she pulls a gun on him. Go Blair!

Doctor Found In Fireplace, Was She Crazy Or What?

CNN is reporting that California Doctor Jacquelyn Kotarac who was reported missing Thursday was found dead in her boyfriends chimney.

Apparently she had tried to get in his house several days earlier. The report says she was last seen Wednesday night about 10:15 pm trying to force her way in the house. The "boyfriend" left the house to avoid confrontation and stayed somewhere else. She didn't arrive at work on Thursday, so they started looking for her. Found her car, purse, phone, money and everything at the boyfriends house with no sign of her.

I don't know if I would call this guy a boyfriend sounds like she was stalking him.

Thursday night the boyfriend stayed at home before leaving to Europe. A neighbor said they could smell something Friday night, and someone down the street thought they heard someone calling for help but ignored the calls because they thought it was kids.

What they wouldn't go help a kid? That's messed up!

They said a friend stopped by to feed the fish and found the body. It took them five hours to get her out of the Chimney.

There was a ladder next to the house, so they think she climbed to the roof and went down the chimney feet first.

Boy, I guess I'm glad I never met the guy that made me that crazy. It reminds me of the astronaut woman, these have got to be smart women, a doctor, an astronaut I mean really. What happens to them? I can't imagine doing something like that. I don't think I want to meet Mr. Right if he makes you that crazy. It's not like these women needed a man to support them or something. Crazy! I don't get it.

On the other hand, the boyfriends trip to Europe is suspicious. Could have been a pretty good plan. Guess we'll find out later.

All My Children Recap Tuesday August 31, 2010

Jake tells Angie again he really doesn't want Chief of staff job. Jake tries to convince Angie that she can continue working. Then tells her he will be Chief temporarily while she is on maternity leave and learns to deal with her handicap. Angie, tells him she's not letting him take the job. Says the person that takes the job has to be ready to fight David 100% says she has a backup plan. Her sight goes again. So if Angie caught this contagious eye disease from a kid, how come she's not worried about anyone catching it from her.

Bianca tries to get Caleb to help with Palmer's Party. Kinda cute, kids stole his pliers. Caleb, I don't do parties that is your mothers thing not mine, I am busy find somebody else, hire somebody. Bianca, what is it you think I'm going to change you into being. Caleb, ask him Uncle Pete, Palmer Cortlandt whatever you call him. He had his own way of doing things, he liked people I don't. Bianca, that is not true, you like my girls, yesterday I saw you teaching Miranda how to make a sundial. Caleb, so. Bianca, you enjoy company more than you let on, you might actually enjoy this party. Caleb, oh yeah phonies sipping cocktails talking about golfing. Bianca, actually this is a charity event. Caleb, oh good rich phonies that's even worse. Bianca, you actually care about something other than your self. Caleb, I am here for one reason only and that is to get uncle Pete's company back from Chandler. Bianca, and to help Angie. Miranda runs through an Caleb grabs her, she laughs at him for pretending to be mean. Bianca, your going to look great in your tux. I really like Caleb. I think there is a lot of potential with him.

Marissa tells Krystal that she and JR are going to tell AJ they are getting divorced.

Annie and JR fighting. Annie says she's over him, choosing Scott was not the worst thing in my life, you were. Enter Scott, what did you do to her. JR, nothing just wished her a happy honeymoon. I'm so over this whole Scott, JR, Annie thing. JR says he's trying to get back to work but your wife won't let me. JR exits. Scott, I almost feel sorry for the guy, his wife left him and now he has nothing better to do than harass us. Annie, you really feel sorry for him. Scott, no.

Marissa tells Krystal AJ is her twin sisters son and she loves him. JR agreed to sharing custody. JR and Marissa tell AJ they are getting a divorce. AJ says moms always leave. Awwww poor kid.

Caleb invites Krystal to the party with him. Opal says Caleb is a stubborn ole mule just like his uncle.  Jake and  Amanda arrive at Tad's to help with the party.

Angie goes to Caleb's. She's talking to Miranda and her sight goes out. Miranda runs to get her magic glasses, as she runs by a vent you see smoke coming out. Caleb comes in house, Angie still can't see tells him he has to find something on David, tells him she will eventually go blind. He needs to find something to bring down David, he knows about her condition and if she makes one mistake David will fire her. She says we need to stop him, I smell smoke. Caleb says if there was smoke the alarms, I was working on the wiring. Angie, Miranda went up stairs to find a toy. Caleb tells Angie stay right there, runs up stairs screaming Miranda. Caleb comes downstairs with an unconscious Miranda says the fires out but there is a lot of smoke up there. Angie has called the fire department, Angie asks if she is breathing.Caleb says I don't know, they won't get here in time you need to do something. Okay so if Angie does CPR is she going to give Miranda her eye disease? She hasn't given it to Jessie kissing him, but yet she got from giving CPR to the boy and not wearing glove. ???????????

Annie calls JR to meet her in the park to tell him what happened in the dining room can't happen again. OIY why do they keep meeting to say they can't keep meeting. Enough already.

Scott is with Marissa says JR isn't going to quit until he makes him pay.