Friday, September 3, 2010

General Hospital Recap Thursday September 2, 2010

Claire questioning Johnny, wants to make sure he's clear because of pain meds. Claire asks if Johnny was holding a gun. He says no. Olivia runs in and says Johnny don't lie, this is too important. Claire asks Olivia if she was there or if Johnny told her a different story. Olivia says no Sonny told her. Claire throws her out of the room. Olivia tells Johnny she'll be back, he says don't bother. Claire still interrogating Johnny. Questions him walking home in the dark past Sonny's restaurant without gun. Earlier you said you were going to talk to Sonny about a truce, why now? Johnny, I don't want Sonny's kids to be collateral damage. Claire, not even a pause, its been my experience, the more confident a person is when answering a question, the more likely they're lying. Johnny, I just can't win with you, your doing everything you can to prove Sonny is innocent again.

Carly at Jason's with Diane trying to find out where Sonny is. Diane says oh go ahead do it fast, it will be like pulling off a band aid. Jason gives Diane a Jason look. Carly's not leaving till she finds out where Sonny is. Jason says, I will tell you, but you have to stay calm, take a deep breath, why don't we count to ten. There's nothing you can say that will shock me. Jason, Sonny had the pilot take him to Rome, for some reason I think he went to find Brenda. Carly, except that. Carly ranting. LOL Carly still ranting. We have to stop this. Jason, please don't do anything crazy, promise me. Carly, I promise.

Brenda arrives home, she has been to the market. Suzanne giving Brenda grief about going out unprotected. Suzanne thinks its time Brenda goes back to the states. Brenda you want me to quit ASEC? Suzanne, I want you to take a break. Go home. Brenda, where's home Port Charles? I can't go back there. Suzanne, no ditching security, no going out by yourself and if something else happens you'll consider going back to Port Charles. Suzanne leaves, Brenda crying pulls out Sonny's number again.

Sonny has arrived in Rome. Tells the butler he's checking up on an old friend. Giorgio arrives at Sonny's says Mr. Coppola wanted to welcome you personally to Rome but he's tied up in business. He asked me to make myself available to you, do you know how long your stay will be. Sonny, I haven't decided yet, it depends on if I make contact with someone I used to know who lives in Rome, do you think maybe you can help me find her. Shows him Brenda's picture in a magazine. Giorgio tells Sonny where Brenda is, tells him security is tight, no one is allowed up to Ms Barrett's floor unless they have been cleared, but there is a garden entrance on the south side Ms Barrett has been seen leaving. I can keep watch, call you when she comes outside. Sonny, no that's alright. Giorgio, Mr Coppola wants you to have security while you are here, there is a new player in the city, the Balkan. Sonny I don't need any protection. Giorgio, so far the Balkan has kept peace, respected our territory, the boss would like to keep it that way. Sonny, assure your boss I am here on personal business.

Nicholas did indeed take Brook to his house. Nicholas offers Brook tea and a warm bath. Brook, you really are a prince. So now that your all dry do you want to tell me why you were wondering around in the rain. Brook, its a long story but I got screwed over by Carly. Brook tells Nicholas the whole story. Nicholas tells Brook if she needs a job he thinks he has one she'll be perfect for. That call you walked in on was an invitation to a house party, the host encouraged me to bring a date. Brook, me? Nicholas, yes it would be awkward if I showed up alone. I will pay you to be my date for the weekend. Brook, you got the wrong idea I'm not a hooker. Nicholas, you took money from Carly to sleep with Dante. Brook, yeah I did not go through with it. Nicholas, you will not be required to sleep with me. I simply need someone to accompany me for the weekend. You will be paid well.

Christina, Micheal and Dante discuss Sonny's leaving.Michael thinks he's innocent Dante doesn't. Michael wants Dante to keep looking for the gun.

Lulu goes to Dante's. Dante says he should have known Sonny was going to skip bail, he's a criminal that's what he does. The only way Michael is going to believe Johnny wasn't shot in self defense is if Sonny admits it.

Sam wakes up, Jason fills her in on Sonny. If he is caught in Italy they will extradite him. Sam, Sonny is smart. Jason, not when it comes to Brenda. Jason, Brenda is a pain, she's selfish and spoiled, but she did go through a lot with Jax and Sonny that's why she moved to Rome to get away and start all over. Sam, she's made a pretty good life for herself.

Carly meets Jax at Mikes. Chit Chat then.. Carly wasn't this a special place for you and Brenda. Sonny jumped bail he left everything, he's going to need something to hold on to. Jax, What are you saying he went to see Brenda? Jax, Brenda broke the cycle, I can't believe he's gonna go screw that up. Carly, here's the question are you going to feel the need to fly off to Rome to save Brenda from Sonny again?

Sonny at cafe outside of Brenda's Hotel. Someone just called Brenda to come downstairs. Brenda comes outside standing there looking for someone. She doesn't see Sonny, he doesn't see her. I smell a setup.

Michael goes to see Johnny. Michael did I wake you? Johnny, no just staring at the ceiling thinking how lucky I am to be alive. Michael, you've had a lot of close calls lately. Car bombing, drive by shooting, Johnny, yea your pop went through a lot to set me up for all that. He couldn't be to happy that you spoiled his plans. Michael, remember what you said to me when I pushed you out of the way? Johnny, Said I owed you. Michael, well I'm collecting on that debt. I want to know the truth and I don't think that is asking too much. My dad said he shot you in self defense that you had a gun is that true?

Who do you think the Balkin is? I'm thinking Lorenzo back from the dead, Nicholas, Helena, Holly, Micco? the lost Casadine they talked about that never transpired. You know the one that supposedly kidnapped Helena a while back. Franco? Hum Could be a number of people. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I think Nicholas' weekend trip is somehow connected to the Balkan.

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