Friday, September 3, 2010

Young & Restless Recap Friday September 2, 2010

Victor says Abby has become quite adept at making a nuisance of herself. LOL I think that's an understatement. Victor is upset about Victoria and Billy, Nikki is trying to get Victor not to cut off Victoria, says he's already having problems with Abby and Adam, can he afford to alienate a third child? Victor thinks the only way to win Victoria back is tough love. Nikki thinks Victoria is happier than she has ever been.

Billy still on his knee waiting for an answer. LOL Yah!! She said yes. Haven't said if she is pregnant or not yet. Discussing where to have the wedding like jumping on a plane and going somewhere fabulous, an arcade, or church which would be boring. Victoria, I still can't get over how sweet it is of you to ask me to marry you with out asking if I'm pregnant. Billy, are you? Victoria, I forgot to check. LOL They run upstairs to look. They run back downstairs, with the pregnancy test wrapped in a towel ???Weird! Whether or not your pregnant that's not why I proposed. Billy slowly opens towel and starts singing We're having a baby, We're having a baby. Victoria trying to let it all soak in, starting to get excited. Victoria, I can't believe how scared I was, I must of taken that test hours ago. OH NO goes for test box. Pulls out insert, reads that test results must be read in 15 minutes to avoid false positive results. Taking test again. Billy, I can't wait to see what kind of hellion we created. If not we'll keep trying. Billy, screaming upstairs could you hurry up already, your driving me crazy.(she's retaking test)  Victor and Nikki arrive to see Victoria, who comes running down the stairs, with hair in her eyes. OMG! I'm pregnant! Then she looks up and sees Nikki and Victor.

Yep, Chloe and Ronan had sex. Ronan says he shouldn't have done that. Can't get involved with anyone. What just happened was a huge mistake and can't happen again. Not to mention, it's his brothers ex. Chloe, so your a scratch the itch and move on kinda guy. It wasn't terrible or anything was it? And what your never going to get involved with a girl because it will interfere with your job? Ronan, I'm not going to be in this town long enough to get romantically involved with anyone. Chloe, Where are you going? Ronan, I was brought here to investigate this case and when its over I'm out of here. Chloe, You can't just leave, you have family here, you've got your mom you've got Chance, you don't want to stay here and protect them. Kevin comes in. Ronan leaves. Chloe cries to Kevin, I don't know whats wrong with me. Chloe, Revenge, rebound or maybe I'm going for the pain trifecta and I actually kinda like this guy. Kevin, I think your kinda amazing, kinda funny, kinda really really beautiful, so if being with Ronan makes you feel any less then that, don't waste your time. Kevin thinks she should find somebody worthy of her.

Chance is still mad because Heather told Ronan where he was. Heather, just wants him to be safe. Chance, If you gave a damn about what I wanted you would of backed me up, instead of selling me out to that jerk. He's really going to be mad when he finds out Ronan is FBI and nobody told him.

Paul tells Nina the photographer hopes to have something this evening.

Paul goes to visit Heather. Tells Paul she just got into it with Chance. She's so tempted to expose this stupid investigation and be done with it. Paul, this case is bigger than you and Chance. Heather doesn't think it would hurt to tell Owen, she thinks if she tells him he'll give her job back and put some guys on Chance to protect him. Paul, you've fallen for him, your in love with Nina's son. Paul I seen it coming for a while. He's a great guy. Photographer calls Paul, he says he has to go. Tries to tell Heather it isn't worth the risk to tell Owen.

Ronan tells Nina Chance has to get out of town now for his own protection. You have to convince him. Nina, I don't have to do anything. I know why you want him gone and its not because your trying to protect him, its because you know he is this close to proving what a scum bag you really are. I already tried to talk him into leaving and he's adamant he's not going anywhere so you better get used to him being around and know your own days are numbered. In comes Chance, Malloy what do you think your doing. Don't talk to my mother. Boy is Nina gonna feel bad when she finds out that is her son.

Chance tells Ronan he has proof, you walked right into my trap just like I knew you would. Ronan, proof my ass, I'm a cop I got a call something was going on behind Jimmie's, I was there, I brought backup. Listen to me you gotta stop playing these games, I'm not going to be responsible for what happens to you, you gotta leave town for a while. Chance I'm staying and there's nothing you can do that's gonna make me leave. Ronan, Not even the fact that I just slept with your ex. Chance, what did you just say to me? Ronan, I just left Chloe.  Let me tell you she is over you big time. They start to fight, Nina stops them. Ronan goes outside Sid is there, says its time to take Chance out. Ronan, I think that's a mistake. Sid, I got word from the top. Ronan, I think its time I meet the guy at the top.

Chance goes to Chloe and asks her if she is nuts sleeping with Malloy, wants to know if she is trying to put herself in a casket. Chloe, I thought I was the enemy, now you give a damn? You are one confused puppy. Kevin tries to throw Chance out. Chloe says she should probably talk to him. Kevin, I'll go get Delia. Chloe, I am not stupid or naive, there are things about him you don't know. Chance, what is it you think I don't know about Ronan? Chloe, it has nothing to do with the case, its personal. Chance the more I know the guy the better off I'll be. I'm trying to save us both here. Chloe, I can't I swore I wouldn't tell you. Chance, you know what, I hate funerals, I've buried to many soldiers, if there is something you know, if you have information I need, now is the time to tell me. Lives could depend on it. Chloe, He's your brother.

Paul with Nina, the photo of your son should be in my email box, (opens laptop) Paul shows Nina the email, she clicks picture, can't tell if she recognizes him or not. They didn't show the pic so I don't know if it looks like him. Remember its a baby picture that has been aged, so it may or may not look like him.

Heather calling Owen. Leaves message she's on the way to his office. She should have listened to daddy, now they will try to kill Ronan too.

Ronan and Sid in alley. Sid, your lucky to even be meeting him at all. In walks Owen, your shocked, good that's the idea, means I'm doing my job convincing people I'm one of the good guys. I understand you have something you want to say to me. Ronan, I think killing Chancellor is a big mistake. Owen, I was afraid you'd say that. Ronan, you don't trust me. Owen, no your right I don't and this plea to save his life proves I probably shouldn't.  Ronan just hear me out, killing Chancellor is messy and sloppy, killing someone who has been so vocal about this case, we don't need that. Owen, that's exactly why he needs to die. Its also the perfect opportunity for you to show me which side your on. (Gives him an unmarked gun) tells him he has until tomorrw night to shut Chancellor up for good. And if you don't go through with it...Ronan, don't worry I'll go through with it, the guy doesn't mean anything to me.

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