Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 10 Recap Frontier Medicine

"Frontier Medicine"

Opie Season continues amidst the Artic hurricane. It's ugly out.

The Northwestern gets hits with a thirty five foot wave that nearly shattered the front window of the wheelhouse. Captain Sig Hansen decides to quit fishing since he can't control what he wants the boat to do.

Aboard the Wizard Captain Keith Colburn is losing boards on the deck. He had already called the men in, he now sends them out to repair the deck boards. Then he decides to pull a couple pots and see how it goes. Kevin Stafford says it's a beautiful day, all we need is a coconut tree or two. Yeah, right. They pull the first pot it looks good. They get hit by a big wave knocking guys on their butts.

Then they pull up a pot and before they can secure the dogs, the pot comes off the block and smacks Lenny Lekanoff in the head. Captain Keith Colburn calls him in to make sure he's okay because he got hit in the head. Keith asks Lenny how many fingers am I holding up? He's holding two. Lenny jokingly says five, no two. He got hit in the ear. Keith tells him to follow his finger. Lenny's still joking around but Captain Keith is seriously worried. He wants Lenny to clear his head and stay in a bit. When Lenny starts taking his gear off he discovers he has an injury to his elbow. He says he just skinned it. Captain Keith makes him scrub it out. OUCH! Keith says he needs a stitch he can see the bone.

On the Cornelia Marie. Captain Tony Lara is getting ready to pull pots. Jake Harris says after last year not catching enough blue crab to have dinner, it would be nice to catch some crab. Captain Tony says this is where we see if I'm a hero or a zero. The pot comes up, nice pot! Hero definitely! Captain Tony has a paper plate smiley face in the wheelhouse window. Jake says all last season we saw the middle finger. It was an angry spot up there. Tony's up there rocking it. The old man is up there smiling down on us. The crew morale has done a 360 turn around. It's so nice to see the boys happy again. I'm impressed Captain Tony is fishing "The Rock" which is supposed to be hard to do. I'm thinking all those years on board a boat with Captain Phil are paying off.

On the Wizard. Captain Keith is getting ready to do plastic surgery and stitch Lenny up. Gary Soper is driving.  Lenny doesn't want any pain killer. He says I fish for you I know what pain is. Lynn Guitard is making faces. Boy Captain Keith has laid out a sterile field and everything. I'm impressed. Poor Lenny. Freddie Maughtai is holding the flashlight so Keith can see. The injury is right where the elbow bends, I don't see those stitches staying in long. I'm thinking less than an hour before Lenny will forget, bend his elbow and pop those stitches right out. Lenny goes back on deck on restricted duty. Keith says they gave him at sea fisherman's frontier medicine slap it back together suture job. That's the medical term for it Keith says.

On the Seabrooke. Captain Scott is trying to find shallow water to dump pots. The pots are starting to ice up and there is no way to make it to where he wants to fish before the ice builds up too bad. If they don't dump the pots the weight of the ice could cause them to tip over, as the seasoned watchers know.  If he can't find anyplace to set the pots, he says they will have to suitcase the pots, which means they just dump them over board with the buoys inside. Mac White is saying the Captains getting spooked, the Captains getting spooked. I really like Mac. Wow, that would be a lot of money gone. They are going to dump sixty pots. So that would be roughly $60,000 if they have to suitcase the pots. As the ice continues to build the skipper goes from strategy to survival, says the narrator Mike Rowe.

Captain Scott finds a narrow ridge with water shallow enough to set the pots so they can come back and fetch them later. If he misses where he sets the pots and they fall off the ridge, the pots will be gone forever, because the buoy line will not be long enough. Now they can head to the originally targeted grounds to set the rest of the pots.

On the Northwestern. Captain Sig Hansen says when you have fished as long as I have you start to get the feeling like times up. He says they have been very fortunate not to have any fatalities. Days like this it is nice to have Edgar Hansen around because he is used to the system. They can't afford to make any mistakes out there. He needs to take his stomach pill. Oh just say it Sig you rely on Edgar and you miss him.

Jake Anderson comes into the wheelhouse. Sig asks him if he's scared? He's says it's nothing we've done it before. Jake says I'm just on my toes you know.  What a good Captain, trying to act like it's all nothing as he takes his stomach pill. LOL

Jake Anderson is running the crane. They are pulling up mediocre pots, and the pot is flying everywhere, hitting the side of the boat, going down the side of the deck and flying through the air. Sig says if you don't read the roll right the pot goes flying out of control, which it is definitely doing. Sig hollers at Jake should we leave Norman on the hydros so no one f'ng dies. I'm pissed! After five pots Jake is replaced at the hydros.

Nick Mavar tries to make Jake feel better. Sig is still hot. Sig says if you've got a 1,000 pound pot filled with 500 pounds of crab that's 1500 pounds of swinging steel, you'd better be serious. It's not a game.

On the Time Bandit. They get a break in the weather, they are going to try and pull pots. They have a delivery date looming. Seems to me if there is a hurricane the processors should back up the delivery dates so these guys don't have to risk their lives just to meet the delivery date. They pull up a full pot.

Eddie Uwekoolani, Jr is learning how to sort crab from his dad. A monster wave hits them. Captain Andy Hillstrand can't see anyone. They are all asking if Mike Fourtner is okay. He's not he's been hurt. Captain Andy screams get out the first aid kit Neal. Mike is coming in he has blood all over his face, he has blood in his eye. The water drove Mikes face into the sorting table. He busted his eyebrow open. Andy is apologizing. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand tells Andy to take care of this your the doctor. Johnathan takes the wheel and says his nose is crushed on the side. We got ourselves a bleeder. Andy tapes him up with suture tape and tells him to take some aspirin. He goes back on deck. Andy says if the tape doesn't hold he'll probably have to shave his eyebrow. I'm thinking Andy would enjoy that. Boy seeing all this blood makes you wonder about HIV testing. I'm not seeing people wearing rubber gloves. Mike says mother nature kicked him in the face. I wonder if when the wave came across the ship if it wiped all the crab on the table back into the ocean.

Eddie Jr is now puking in the corner. Captain Andy calls him to the wheelhouse. They find out he has had an abscessed tooth for a couple of months. The Captains did not know about the abscess. They take his blood pressure it is 113/75. Eddie Jr feels like he is going to pass out. Eddie Sr is trying to call his dentist. I say lance the abscess and warm salt water rinses every two hours or pull the tooth. They tell him take lots of fluids and send him to bed. They didn't take his temperature? Give him some Advil? I'm thinking he has a fever. Yes, I've had abscesses. Not fun. They tell him they don't mind if he misses a string. They don't want to loose him.

On the Seabrooke which is getting pretty iced up. Captain Scott says he probably has a 100,000 pounds of ice on board. I thought it looked pretty bad. The boys are busting ice. It's -25 degrees out, -65 with wind chill. Mike Rowe says at these temperatures exposed skin can freeze in just seven minutes. I would think it would be faster than that. Wonder how they keep their eyeballs from freezing. They aren't wearing goggles. It's going to be a long night. After fifteen hours they put the last pot over the rail. Mac says happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

The sun is shining again but all the crews are banging ice. Woo Hoo it's opie season.

On the Wizard. Freddie says that's all you got bring us some more. I'm thinking he shouldn't have said that. Oh no, a wave snuck up on them and knocked Freddie face down on deck covered in water. I knew he shouldn't have said that.

The Crab Count
Time Bandit
Cornelia Marie
Ramlin' Rose

I wonder if the Ramblin' Rose left the dock yet? We didn't see her or the Kodiak.

Wow next week's previews look intense.

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  1. What is the song at the end of Deadliest Catch S07E10 ? Haunting and beautiful !

  2. Anonymous 06/17/11 7:13 PM Yes it was a beautiful song.

    I actually still had the episode on the DVR. I looked at the credits for you, but there was no song list this week. Just the regular music composed by J Peter Robinson & Paul Hepker, and additional music provided by Amygdala Music Library. I think they are the same ones on there every week.

    Sorry can't help with that unless it is in the Amygdala Music Library. Maybe you can Google it?

  3. Hiya, I noted the music credits too....tried to Itune search for both music credits, but no joy, nada on the actual song used in the, back to square one on this.

  4. Please post a link to the music in this episode.

  5. Anonymous 06/20/11 12:56 am.

    I wish I could. I still haven't even find out the name of the songs for this episode.

    iTunes sells the Deadliest Catch songs, but it appears that this season's songs aren't all up yet.

    I did contact Discovery to try and get more information. A lot of people are looking for that last song. If I hear back from them I will post the information.

  6. I've contacted discovery too but I've heard nothing so far from them.

  7. Musicmanintown I still haven't heard from them either. ??

  8. Hi. I found this thread while I was looking for the airdate of this episode... The piece is one that I wrote (in Latin!) especially for that scene, called "Bering Prayer". It's sung by Marissa Steingold, the same singer I used in "Rendition". I'll post it on my website in the next couple of days. It'll be in the music player under Songs at

    Glad you liked it. If you like, I can post the Latin lyrics here... Think you'll enjoy them.

    BTW:Had a strange sense that Captain Phil was 'around' while I recorded the piece...

    Thanks for supporting the show.



  9. Thanks so much Paul! A great piece I can tell you a lot of people have been searching for it. It was beautiful! Great job!

    We've contacted Discovery, Deadliest Catch, I checked Amygdala Music Library and iTunes. I recognize your name from Amygdala Music and the show credits. No one could find it.

    That's so awesome you found us. Yes, please feel free to post the Latin lyrics. I don't know Latin but I'm sure people will be looking for that information too.

    Awww. I know so many of us think of Captain Phil a lot. He is greatly missed. I believe he was watching over the fleet this season for sure.

    Everyone please be sure to thank Paul Hepker for giving us the name of the last song and for writing such a beautiful song.

    Again the last song of episode 10:

    "Bering Prayer" Sung by Marissa Steingold written by Paul Hepker. It can be found at in the next couple of days.

  10. bering prayer

    (paul hepker)

    care domine in caelo
    benedicte, protege me
    mare latum frigidumque
    navis mea est parvissima
    stella mitte ut me ducere
    undas induce quietem

    care domine in caelo
    adiuva me virtutem
    omnis autem a te rogo

    dear lord above
    bless and protect me
    the sea is wide and cold
    my boat is very small
    send a star to guide me
    bring calmness to the waves

    dear lord above
    grant me courage
    that's all i ask of you

    ©2011 kekila music/Amygdala Music
    Used with permission

  11. You should put it on iTunes for purchase. I would love to purchase that song. I've been searching since that episode :)

  12. Thanks again Paul. It's beautiful.

    Anonymous 6/22/11 7:51 pm Hopefully it will get to iTunes a lot of people want it. :)

  13. You're welcome. Thank you for the kind words and the support. It's you guys that made this show such a huge success.

    I've forwarded your post to the folks at Amygdala. Hopefully we can get a few more of the tracks up on iTunes. Bruce, JP and I have always been really proud of our work on the show.

    Until then, you'll have to listen on my website. I'll post it up there tomorrow. :)


  14. Seriously sounds like God was speaking through you to your audience. The song truly brings out the contrast of everyday life and what these guys go through for a living. Truly a eye opener, Bravo man, Bravo!

  15. I've posted the song on my website. Click on the AUDIO rock - you'll see what I mean! - and then select "Songs" in the player that appears there.

    I put two versions up there. You'll need a Flash Player to stream them. Haven't had time to switch to HTML5 yet. :-(


  16. Thanks again, Paul. That's awesome going to listen now!

  17. Thanks Paul I enjoyed them equally!

  18. An amazing song, absolutely beautiful!

  19. Can anyone tell me what song plays about halfway through the birds bones and blood episode? It is the scene where the Wizard starts pulling some big #'s. It is a really good instrumental piece that got me fired up. It may be by J Peter Robinson but I don't know the name.

  20. I didn't see any song credits this week. I would check iTunes and I don't know if J Peter Robinson has a site or not, I haven't found one yet. Or maybe someone else wiil know and post it here. Good luck.

  21. I'd suggest you direct your Song questions and searches to Amygdala Music. ... They would be able to tell you what track played in which episode... I'm sure there is a contact form up on their site: can't check now, it's Flash. I'm on iPad. :(
    Your feedback and interest is really useful. I've got a go ahead on an iTunes release - so Bering Prayer will be available soon. In a month or so... Am thinking of doing an album of that kind of music.

  22. Yea!!! That's great Bering Prayer is going on iTunes. I'll bet if you decide to do an album it will be beautiful.

    I'll try and keep the song credits posted with the recaps, but if they don't list them you can try Paul's suggestion. I'm thinking that will work.

    The contact for Amygdala Music is which is also on their site.

  23. Thanks for posting all the information! Thank you Paul for composing such great music!

  24. Paul.

    Is it you who have composed the ending song of episode 8 in the seventh season as well?

  25. Petter Did you check Paul's website? and also

    Both sites post music from the show. :)

  26. Yes, I did check both websites but couldent fint the track on any of them.
    The song that I'm talking about is in the ending scen of S7E8, and it was also featured in the latest episod, episod 15 that is. It's kind of un guitarrpicking song. With a kind of mysterious tone to it.

  27. Petter I would try emailing and ask them. They should be able to tell you exactly what it is.

  28. I'll do that. Thank you for showing interest in my search.

  29. Petter, No problem at all. Glad to help. :)

  30. I have the same question as petter and i tried to email amygdala but i cant send it. Is there any other way to find that song?

  31. John, I have emailed Amygdala to see if they can tell me. As soon as I hear back from them. I will let you know. :)

  32. wow thank you rant, sorry that i couldn't email them but every time i sent a email it bounced back.

  33. John,

    Actually mine bounced back too. :( So I sent an email to the webmaster, that one hasn't bounced back so far, so maybe we will get an answer. :)

  34. Can anyone tell me what song plays about halfway through the birds bones and blood episode? It is the scene where the Wizard starts pulling some big #'s. It is a really good instrumental piece that got me fired up. This same piece is heard a couple of times during the season finale also. I tried to email amygdala but my email bounced back to me. I would really like to find out what this song is. Any help would be GREAT!

  35. Anonymous 08/16/11 1:03 pm

    Is that the guitar piece?

    I emailed the webmaster at AmyGdala hoping to get a response, but so far nothing. :(

    Did you check Paul's site?

  36. I have checked Pauls website, J Peter Robinsons website and another persons website whose name I saw listed as a composer for the show. So far, no luck. The music starts with drums and then other music starts in. I emailed Amygdala and searched the whole internet without any luck. During the season finale it can be heard at the beginning...maybe one of the first scenes if I remember right, and again a little later in the episode. I really want this song, but can't figure out what it is.

  37. Anonymous 08/17/11 12:27 PM

    The only other thing I can think of, maybe if you email Paul from his site he can tell you.

    It seems like it takes them a couple of weeks to get the songs up after they air, so I would keep checking back on their sites as well as iTunes. It still might show up.

    I still haven't heard anything from AmyGdala. :(

  38. Any news about Bering Prayer in iTunes? Love that song. Would happily pay for it.


    1. You know I have actually checked iTunes within the last month looking for it too. I don't see it up yet.

      You can always go to Paul's site and listen when you feel the urge for free. LOL click the rock that says audio then select it from the list. :)

  39. upload the song to Itunes


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