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Deadliest Catch After The Catch Hawaii 2011

After The Catch has moved from New Orleans to Oahu, Hawaii. I wish I was there!

The boys are at a place called The Shack.

Well I'm excited to see what we'll learn from the Captains after everything that has went on so far this season.

Captains Sig Hansen, Johnathan Hillstrand, Andy Hillstrand and Keith Colburn are at the table with Mike Rowe.

This episode is called "Low Tide". Mike said there have been some moments this year that have given everyone pause. Sig says we weren't fishing we were in survival mode. Sig Hansen said they had storm after storm after storm it just wouldn't let up.

They talked about Captain Phil Harris and the filming of the memorial where all the boats got in a circle. Josh and Jake Harris have joined the group. Josh says the weather was really good that day which was unusual. Jake said Phil would have loved it. Keith says he didn't realize until after the fact that he was standing on the stack of the Wizard 30 or 40 feet above where Johnathan was firing his hand gun. They talked about having Phil's ashes in the motorcycle gas tank and how they couldn't get the cap off. Also how difficult it was to keep the boats in a circle like they were and that the Captains weren't at the helm because they were at the service. That makes me wonder who was driving the boats. Sig said it is hard to ride past the Cornelia Marie and not want to pick up the radio and talk to Phil.

They show some of the clips of Derrick Ray and the Cornelia Marie. Jake Harris says thank God that's over. Mike asks Sig what his thoughts are. Sig said he's glad he wasn't there.  It's a family boat, it's a tough spot for him to step into. It's a no win. Keith says each boat develops a personality.

Josh says this guy did it the wrong way. Josh is getting upset. He said this guy said he was the best fisherman. I promise your gonna make money, and then to degrade me and my brother tell us we are stupid we didn't know anything about our boat when he didn't know anything about out boat. Sig asks who worried about the fuel costs and all that stuff. Josh says we did. Sig says no, before. Josh, my dad. Sig and what did your dad do? Josh, if you came on our boat would you ever talk shit about my dad. Sig of course not. Josh goes around the table asking each Captain would you? Andy, no. Keith, never. Johnathan I don't think answered. Sig asks Josh why all of a sudden then would you concern yourself with these issues. I think maybe you are biting off more than you can chew. Josh, point blank is this, as a captain and him working us he did great. In my opinion and this is my opinion was him knocking my old man and that's where I had to draw the line, and because he said this is this and this is that and there is no grey matter. Unfortunately we were the ones with money in the bank to supply this whole operation and he was guaranteed a paycheck so he didn't have to worry about shit.  He could say just keep going. We didn't have that option we we went $267,000 backward. Keith says welcome to owning a boat. Johnathan asked if Phil would have quit. Josh says Phil never wanted to go blue crabbing. Johnathan that was the first mistake you made. Josh says we had no choice we had to throw the dice. Mike says in the interest of fairness Derrick is here. I think it would be really cool to bring him out, if it is cool with you guys. I'm getting the distinct impression that the captains are siding with Derrick on this issue.

Derrick comes out. Johnathan and Andy have left the table. Mike asks Sig and Keith what kind of reference they would give Derrick. Keith says he would give him a very strong reference. Sig says he hasn't fished with Derrick, but everyone gets a reputation whether you want one or not and his is a good one.

Mike, you went back with Phil as well. Derrick, yeah. If you found Phil, you found Ricky on the Maverick, Me, and Dave on the Ocean Ballad. Keith, It was the four amigos and if you seen one of them coming you just went oh god cause you knew the rest of them would be there, if I'm on hot fishing.

Derrick said initially Cornelia called him. He said the boat didn't have any quota. He had crab quota. He said I'll put my red crab quota on the boat. He said they leased 115,000 blue crab from five other fisherman and his 30,000 pounds of red crab. The Wizard was one of the five other fisherman.  Josh says the deal that was made, everyone went out of their way to help us out. Derrick did he spent a lot of time and one thing I learned recently was Keith and his wife did which I did not know. But also in that deal, was something that is a bond with fisherman that is so f'ng strong that irritated me more than anything that has happened is the fact that we were going to be taught how, taught the right way to live survive and maintain the crew and everyone else. Not to be knocked for it, not to be knocked by our lack of knowledge, not to be knocked.  Derrick, you agreed to do it on my terms, you said that at my house. Josh, you have to understand one thing, for you to knock my father. Derrick, I did not. Well we all know that isn't true. It's kind of hard to understand them they are talking on top of each other. Josh said he did knock his father. Jake says he was rolling in his f'ng grave. Josh, you tell me I don't know anything about fishing so you write out on paper what we are going to spend. We are already over that. Then you tell me how I'm an idiot and how my dad did such a big injustice. Derrick finished the sentence by not teaching you. Josh says for as a Captain I respect you because we did work for you. Derrick, did you ever own a boat before your dad died? Josh, I'm learning you told me no question is a stupid question. I asked you one f'ng question the whole season you shut me down make me feel like shit then you proceed to start fights with every crew member on that boat. Sig is sitting there kind of shaking his head in agreement. It was not your boat to start with, you knew that your boat was a different story. This boat was already created and so was the crew. You did great on Opies. What happened in between is beyond me.  Keith has his chin in his hand looking up at what might be Phil's picture. Josh is pretty loud at this point. Josh says you treated us like shit and then you demanded respect. Derrick says you two bleep bleep he gets up from the table. Josh says he's not being unreasonable. He thinks Derrick is a great captain. Mike Rowe says you are yelling. Josh says yes I'm yelling. Derrick tells Josh he doesn't know bleep about running a bleeping boat he can't even tie a bowing. There is a whole lot of bleeping going back and forth Derrick called Josh a selfish little bleep. Josh says FU back bleep bleep bleep Jake said something Josh says this is between me and you not him. Derrick says I'm going to knock you on your ass. He starts walking away again. Keith, Mike and Sig are all just sitting there. Josh says I don't want to fight with you, I have questions for you and this is exactly what I am talking about.  Derrick says he's a bleep narcistic pathalogical lying piece of shit because you don't know shit about running a boat. Todd comes in and starts telling the guys knock it off. Todd says this is what he had to do all the time. Derrick is now calling Josh an idiot. Todd tells him to stop. Todd tells Josh to quit yelling to stop and listen. Mike says they are going to break and collect themselves and when they come back maybe Derrick will get a chance to talk.

When they come back Jake, Josh and Derrick are gone from the table. Mike says these guys are all personally offended. During the break they went their separate ways. Mike thanks Todd for coming out. Mike asks how often on the boat did you do what you just did. Todd said all the time, even when Phil was there he had to do it. Todd thought Derrick didn't know what to do he was used to running a tight ship. Keith hails in then he was running a lucy goosey ship.  Todd in case you don't remember is the camera man who worked with Phil for all the seasons he was on.

Elliot Neese has joined the table. Elliot says its nice to meet the man who keeps calling him the greenhorn skipper. Mike asked him if he is having fun. Elliot says for the most part. Says he's dealing with some bull shit from some of the other people on the show. I'd say he brought a lot of that on himself. Todd is now the camera man on Elliot's boat. He's asking you questions you don't want to answer. Elliot says Todd keeps asking the same questions over and over again. They show clips of Todd and Elliot fighting. Todd says if he was aboard the Cornelia Marie or any other boat for that matter he would feel a lot safer. Mike says season one all the captains said the same thing. Everyone had to Forest Gump it through their relationship with the cameras.

Elliot evidently had concerns that if the camera men showed the dirty engine room he would get fired. He said it's not like he's Wild Bill who has been around so long nobody really gives a F. Wild Bill's not going to get fired. His point being Sig and Keith own their boat, and Bill's been around so long he's not going to get fired for a dirty engine room. He as a first year captain could be. Todd told Elliot you can't start off as the hot shot. Sig says it takes years. Todd says Elliot had a successful season they showed that. Elliot said we will see what the powers that be say about next year. I say to Elliot if your worried about getting fired because your engine room is dirty either clean, tell one of the guys to clean or don't be on a TV show where it can be seen.

They are showing repeated clips of Sig calling for Edgar. Edgar comes in with a flashlight he says is to lighten the mood. Then he gives the light to Sig and says next time your boat dies on you you can find your way with that one. Johnathan and Andy have returned. Mike says he has heard that Edgar is the heart of the Northwestern.

Sig says he has spoken those words. Edgar says he has never heard it. Johnathan says when they first met Sig and Edgar they saw Johnathan hug Andy and Sig said to him did you just hug your brother? Johnathan made them hug at that meeting. Edgar gets up and hugs Sig. Edgar says thats the first time in thirty four years. They are all laughing at Sig because he's turning red.  I guess they forgot Johnathan just said he made them hug when they met and Sig did hug Edgar this season before they left for Opies. Guess they forgot.

Edgar says when crap hits the fan it's his name that gets called. Keith says every boat needs an Edgar. They showed a clip about when the Northwestern ran out of power and almost hit the dock. Sig says as a control freak when you don't have control you freak. They have different engines and they rotate them on different trips. Sig says we know this engine is quirky. So having the same guy is helpful because they know these things. Keith talks about Monty being his Edgar. Mike asks if Monty was here would you hug him? Keith has to think about that. Johnathan tells Edgar people like to watch this show because of guys like Edgar. Sig gets up and says I'll hug you now. Come on the cameras aren't on and gives him a hug.

Sig and Edgar go surfing by standing on surf boards with oars. Two norweigans that can't swim. Sig has a swimming pool at his house and doesn't know how to use it.

Nick Mavar is there. Sig says Nick is the middle guy the voice of reason. Nick says they argue all the time and come to him saying what'd he say. Nick, oh he says he loves you. Nick is 46 and the oldest on board. Edgar says Nick will keep going like the energizer bunny. Which prompts Mike to ask Edgar about his retirement. Edgar says it's hard to get out of it when you are born into it. Edgar says he needed it mentally and physically. Edgar passes out photos of what he has been doing at home. He says he needs the money so for King Crab he would like to come back but for Opies he would like to run the boat. Sig says there's a left hook. Edgar says he doesn't think he can do King crab and then a month later Opies. Sig says he understands being on deck sucks. Sig says Nick has told him if Edgar runs the boat he isn't coming back. Nick says that's not true his concern is after the Opie season they just had was really bad. Keith says opies are a bad season to break in for your first crab season. Sig can't believe Nick is saying that he'd be okay with Edgar now. Sig said when he ran the boat for cod fish (pointing at Edgar) and you got off of there you said you would never fish with him again.

Wild Bill has arrived. Bill said he was in Hawaii eight years ago but the statue of limitations finally ran out so he could come back. They show clips of Capt Bill auctioning fish. Bill says he's not going to give up his crabbing job for this.

Brooks Takenaka from the Honolulu fish auction house has arrived. He brought two plates of exotic pu-pu. (an assortment of fish, squid, spicy tuna, octopus different things). Johnathan takes a piece of fish and says that's octopus. LOL Brooks is describing how the auction house works, that the first guy back gets his fish on the auction line first. Okay Johnathan has taken a piece of sushi and put it on his fork and he is lighting it with his lighter. Everyone's laughing at him, instead of listening to Brooks. Someone says so much for the sushi.

Well Discovery said they thought Jake, Josh and Derrick were coming. I guess they are glad they invited them now. Oh my. Josh did tell Derrick several times he thought he was a good captain, even with everything they have been through. You gotta respect Josh for that. Yes Derrick may have been in a no win situation, but he didn't catch the crab, and I still think an apology is in order for his comments about Captain Phil.

I wonder why Captain Scott and Captain Lara weren't there.

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  1. Great recap!

  2. Awesome recap. I actually fast forwarded when Elliot came on the show. He just doesn't fit into the Deadliest Catch family. Elliot kinda reminds of me one of the hillbillies from the movie Deliverance. He just doesn't fit with the show. Wild Bill on the other hand, he's great for the show. Great personality and leader.

  3. I have an idea. How about have 1 crew member from Deadliest Catch and 1 crew member from Swords: Life on the Line switch for a fishing season? It'd be great to see how each would interact with other boat crews and different fishing styles. Just a thought. Plus, how about Edgar captain the Cornelia Marie?

  4. Anonymous 06/16/11 3:41pm Elliot doesn't seem to have made a lot of friends with the other Captains and crews or with the fans.

    It was clear at Catchcon 2011 that he had made enemies with other cast members.

    I haven't run into any fans that like him, but surely someone out there likes him. His mother?

    Oh that wasn't nice.

  5. Anonymous 06/16/11 3:44 pm Actually several people have suggested that Edgar Captain the Cornelia Marie.

    His response was that he would run a tight ship just like Derrick did with zero tolerance, and if he were going to Captain any ship it would be his own.

    As for Swords I haven't watched that. Is it good? Should I check it out?

  6. Why should he apologize for what he said anput Phil? What he told them was the truth, it was brutal honesty.

  7. Rob, If you have followed this blog or read more of it you will see I have been on both sides of the fence with Derrick. He was the Captain, I get why he did what he did with the boat. Even telling the boys Phil did them a disservice was his opinion.

    What I think an apology is in order for are the comments like "Phil's not here, move on" or "grow up and move on everyone loses a parent" and repeatedly reminding them Phil is dead.

    Even if those statements are true. I think he should apologize for them. He was supposed to be Phil's friend and to just keep making those comment's to the boys was just mean in my opinion. Heck even if he wasn't Phil's friend that's still mean to say to anyone who has lost a parent.

    Even watching After The Catch this week, I think that is the thing that upsets Josh the most. Josh said repeatedly he respected Derrick as a Captain. It was pretty clear that the way Derrick Captained the ship isn't what was upsetting him.

    I think an apology is in order for the comments about Phil being dead. Whether they are true or not. It was mean like a bully.

    If Derrick was truly Phil's friend and ever intends on having a relationship with those boys, he needs to apologize for those comments.

    An apology will go a long way.

  8. Swords is actually a good show to watch. I was kind of hesitant at first. It's a lot like Deadliest Catch but on a smaller boat. Captain Klem is funny to watch when he goes off on the crew. Captain Chompers always has that "deer in the headlights" look. Captain Linda is very down-to-earth. Captain Ski is a total goof off. I especially like when they land a big blue eye tuna. Amazing how much money those things go for.

  9. Did you notice how Jake Harris' scene where he walked off the boat and left to the airport wasn't shown on After the Catch? I wonder why? Jake is turning out to be a little lieing druggie. Captain Derrick really looks like he wants to punch Jake's lights out. Jake kinda has it coming with his little remarks he makes standing behind his big brother Josh. And Josh needs to settle down and realize that the harsh truth is what it is. Captain Phil did do the boys an injustice by not showing them more while he was still alive. Captain Phil was a great man and it'll be very hard for his boys to fill his Captain's chair. Who knows, maybe Captain Phil didn't want his boys to have that fishing life? It might have been his way of saying "hey boys, there are much better things out there. let me do the hard work so you won't have to". We'll never know but all we know is Captain Phil was great and irreplaceable.

  10. Anonymous 06/17/11 9:00 AM Okay, I'll check Swords out.

  11. Anonymous 06/17/11 9:09 AM Yes, but they really didn't have time. I'm thinking maybe next week or they just didn't show it to keep us wondering or Jake wouldn't agree to come if they brought it up.

    There is definitely no love lost between Jake and Derrick. And yes most druggies do lie.

    I know Jake said something that made Derrick say he wanted to punch him, but I couldn't hear what he said for all the screaming.

    It is a shame. I was watching one of the reruns with Captain Phil after he had gotten sick and he said he had given the boys the tools they needed. They would be okay. So I think in Phil's mind he had taught them what they needed to know to continue fishing. I think he wanted them to continue fishing.

    There was an episode where Phil took them back out to The Rock and was showing Josh how to read the map and telling him how to drop the pots. I think he taught them enough to know how to fish on deck, but time ran out before he could teach them everything they needed to know to be Captains. I just don't think he truly expected to leave us all so soon.

    The other thing we always have to remember is it is a show, so we may not have the whole story on all of it.

    Like when Jake told Captain Phil he was an addict to us it looked like that was the first time he had told Phil that, but when he went on Dr. Drew he admitted that was not the first time he and Phil had had that discussion.

    There is always more to the story. To bad it's not like Big Brother and we can't get a live 24 hour feed. LOL We would all be addicts.

  12. You're right about Jake telling Captain Phil. I read the interview with Dr. Drew on CNN's webpage. Jake had already told his dad 2-3 times before that he was addicted. I'm sure we don't know the whole story but that'd be a heck of DVD set to own "Deadliest Catch: Uncensored Addicts and Crabs". In blu ray, of By the way Oh Rant, thanks for replying. All of the Anonymous comments are from Who woulda thought I'd be a big Deadliest Catch fan from San Antonio, Texas? I came across your blog and it was freakin awesome. And guess what I did for Father's Day? I watched Deadliest Catch reruns all day. I have the coolest wife in the world that doesn't mind me doing Guess she felt bad since my Band of Brothers in blu ray dvd set didn't come in time for father's Just wondering, but what are your insights as to what's going to happen next year on Deadliest Catch?

  13. Anonymous 06/20/11 9:30 AM While Uncensored Addicts and Crabs would give us the whole truth. It probably wouldn't be as exciting. That's a close call as to which one I would want. I definitely like knowing the truth. Hummm

    I am amazed at the Deadliest Catch Fans. They are everywhere! It's so cool to be able to talk to people all over the world about the show.

    Band of Brothers is really good also.

    Your wife sounds like a keeper. :)

    For next year based on what we know now. Let's see. I think and hope the Cornelia Marie will still have Tony aboard, with Jake & Josh driving the boat. I don't really see them getting their licenses and just jumping on the boat and taking off. Especially after seeing the storms this year. I just don't think that would be safe. They could put Troy Huls on deck and Tony Lara in the engine room if he's willing. It seems like they have the experience on board to move people around while Jake and Josh learn.

    I hope Jake stays clean. I don't know all the Captain rules, but I would think a bad drug test could cost him his Captains license or a bad drug test could get his license suspended with a rehab requirement before getting it back. I'm not sure on the fishing industries rules for drug abuse.

    The Wizard, Kodiak, Time Bandit and Seabrooke - I don't see a lot of change happening there.

    The Ramblin' Rose - That's a tough call. It sounded like Discovery has not made a commitment to Elliot Neese for next year yet, and as much as I don't care for him, Discovery may decide to keep him for that very reason.

    The Northwestern - We know Edgar will be back for King Crab. I'd like to see him Captain the boat for Opies with Sig in the chair next to him. Like Johnathan and Andy do.

    As for Matt on the Northwestern, I hope he can stay sober and keep fishing. He is going through a separation right now and even if drugs didn't play a part in the separation, I would imagine it is a tough time for him right now and a struggle every day.

    Then I also think about all the injuries this season, there were eight people medevaced off of St Paul Island, I think they said the first week of Opies with broken bones. Other than Nick breaking his nose, I don't know who else gets injured and if they will be unable to work because of the injury.

    Everyone seemed okay at CatchCon but we don't know about future fishing for the injured.

    We know Justin Tennison on the Time Bandit will get replaced. The guy who had the pin or something floating around in his hip is going to need to get that fixed, hopefully he can still work. I mean he's working now, but if he gets the hip fixed and continues working, will he mess it up again?

    It definitely will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I'm thinking we will probably start seeing the broken bones in the next episode or two.

  14. Did you watch last night's episode? You hit it right on the nose (pun intended) Poor Nick from the Northwestern broke his nose. It coulda been worse though. It hurt me just looking at it. I actually turned away when I saw how bad it was. Wow..very painful to watch. And yes, again I fast forwarded thru By the way, great insight on what's to come on Deadliest Catch.

  15. Anonymous 06/22/11 1:28 pm Yes, I watched. Always. I wish I could say I was psychic but the news about Nick's nose has been out in the news since CatchCon. It was hard to avoid since his nose was bandaged from just having plastic surgery. Sig also talked about buying his new nose when they were on Rachel Ray.

    If you haven't read those two posts, you should they are very funny.

    As soon as I have another cup of coffee, I start the recaps. :)

  16. Jake is a little whiney druggie punk who's had the easy life working for his dad. I really wish they'd let Derrik put him in his place and teach him a reality lesson.

  17. Anonymous 6/22/11 11:50 PM

    Someone with a drug addiction is seriously sick. Last I checked calling them names was not an effective treatment.

    While I agree Jake may need some direction in life. I don't believe Derrick is person to do it. He has repeatedly shown his disrespect for Phil to Jake, which I'm sure did not help but only hurt the situation.

    And as far as the easy life, I would never say a crab fisherman had an easy life. Do you watch the show? Jake has always worked hard aboard the Cornelia Marie.

  18. He's barely pulled his share of the weight for years. He's constantly hung over, sleeping in, a hazzard to his crewmates and even stole his father's drugs to get his own high. As far as getting help...he is the one who ultimately disrespected his Dad by getting out of treatment moments after Phil died. It was all an act. Also, yes he has lived the easy life. Not a worry in the world where his next paycheck is coming from. After Phil passed, he thought he hit the mother load and realizes he has to work now. Derrick did exactly what he should have done. Most would have taken it a step further and knocked the crap out of they whiney punk. Derrick never disrespected Phil, he flat out told the truth. If the Jake can't handle the truth he should go find another career (which will never happen). Instead he hires a family friend to make it easy on himself. As usual, he took the path of least resistance. No surpise.

  19. OH RANT...Anonymous 6/25/11 12;21 PM is making some very legitmate points. I am tending to lean on his side. I am anxious to hear your rebuttle. Get him!

  20. Anonymous 06/25/12:21 pm Ok I'm tackling this debate on one cup of coffee. Let's see.

    I'll give you there was one episode where Captain Phil was gripping because Jake is always the last one on deck. But geez the guys work twenty hour shifts, they are all tired.

    He's the captains youngest son maybe he thinks he's entitled to be a little late rather than set an example and be on time. I think that is just part of human nature to think if you are the Captains kid you should get a little slack.

    My guess is Jake has always been the last one on deck and it was never addressed until that one episode so he continued being the last one out. :)

    Remember the captain's kid on the other boat that fell asleep at the wheel? I don't recall ever seeing Jake do anything like that.

    As far as constantly hung over and a hazard to his crew mates, where is the evidence of that? There is such a thing as a functional addict, meaning they can be an addict and still do their job.

    Yes he stole Captain Phil's drugs. He's an addict, that's what they do. Have you thought about the fact that Captain Phil was also taking those same drugs and driving the boat which his doctor cleared him to do?

    As far as getting out of treatment goes, he never made it to treatment. Read the transcript with Dr. Drew. (Under Hot Topics) He was headed to rehab. It was not an act, then his dad died and he never made it. He did however go to rehab after the funeral and DUI incident and he completed the program. It wasn't the first time Jake had told Phil he was an addict nor his first time in treatment. They had been through his dance before.

    Easy life again? He is a crab fisherman, not an easy life. I agree he didn't need to worry where his paycheck came from, but he worked for that check it wasn't just handed to him. Do you honestly believe the other guys in the crew would have put up with him not pulling his weight. I don't. I think they would have let him have it, or left and went to another boat.

    Why would you think he hit the mother load when Phil died? He lost his father and his paycheck.

    I've said before I agree with most everything Derrick did except for trashing and insulting Phil to the boys. I probably would have done the same things Derrick did as far as calling the police etc. We don't disagree on that.

    Violence isn't going to solve anything. If Jake truly was doing drugs, calling the cops was the best thing for Derrick to do for Jake.

    What I want to know is if Derrick went around and smelled everyone's clothes, that was really his only proof Jake was doing drugs. I mean Steve had an attitude we've never seen from him before. What was he smoking? If you recall Jake's excuse at the airport, they had a problem with someone on the boat last season, the stuff was theirs. The stuff was found in the engine room. Steve's turf, he was there last season. Were his clothes smelled?

    I would be really interested to know if he smelled everyone's clothes or spoke to the police about anyone other than Jake.

    I still say trashing the dead is disrespectful. You are not going to get me to waiver on that one. And he wasn't just upsetting Jake but Josh as well. That's what Josh was upset about on the show, not so much Derricks ability to Captain.

    Jake did not hire Derrick. Cornelia Marie Devlin made the call to Derrick. The DC show didn't show that, they just showed the boys talking to him after everything was set up. It was addressed on ATC that Cornelia Marie Devlin made the initial call. Read above again.

    In summary I still says Derrick owes an apology to the boys for disrespecting their dad. As far as Jake goes, he has been an addict since he was a teenager. He has taken years to perfect his addiction. It is going to take years to undo it. As long as he is passing his drug tests. I will give him the benefit of doubt. Personally I would like to see a drug test on his hair. But that takes to long to do on the show. hehe

    1. @Oh Rant, a very late reply to an old post of yours. Is anybody still reading this? ...

      My wife and I have been watching back episodes of DC and ATC on Netflix for several months now. Really hooked, so to speak.

      On Derrick's need to apologize, I completely agree with you. He's a bully and was unnecessarily harsh with those boys. The only issue on that boat was the fact that he wasn't catching any crab, so he turned his ire on the crew. Derrick is a little man in my opinion. "Your Dad's dead, he did you a disservice" etc. What purpose did those comments serve? He was belittling them to take focus off his own poor performance (like a little man). He was shoving around the engineer, riding everyone all the time and generally stirring up shit. He claims to have smelled pot, but nobody else did. He called the cops, based on what? He found some old paraphernalia. Was there a performance based issue with the crew? I saw no evidence of that. It was a witch hunt. Derrick is a mean and spiteful captain. And he was Phil’s friend?? Really??

      On ATC "Low Tide", I was surprised with the response from Sig, Keith (not sure what the Hillstrand's response was). Cameraman Todd (??) says that that Derrick was used to “running a tight ship” and Keith chimes-in “not loosey-goosey”. WTF?? How insulting to Phil! And how can they back Derrick up for saying what he did about their “good friend” Phil repeatedly? Why were they silent when Josh needed some support? I can only assume there’s a “Captain’s Club” and you don’t talk shit about another captain. Sig is a control freak and Keith has control issues as well, so I can understand why they thing the captain is always right, but honestly – I lost some respect for all of them after watching that show. They are all talk about having the boys’ backs and giving them jobs if they fail at running the CM, but when Josh needed them, they turtled. Although Josh was yelling, I believe he was very emotional about the subject – and understandably so. He had an agreement with Derrick and Derrick went back on his word. It was to be a training exercise for the boys and turned out to be “my way or the highway” from Derrick.

      I expected more from Phil’s old friends. Maybe they are good friends when it makes good TV, but when push comes to shove…

    2. I've been thinking about going back and watching the old episodes too. Just been to darn busy lately.

      Wow, it's been a year already since this episode. A lot has happened since then. I still have to agree with most of what Derrick did as a captain with the exception of the bullying. I would have liked to see them stay out for longer than a week and seen how much crab they would have caught. But it does take a lot of money to keep a boat in the water.

      The Cornelia Marie was out in Bristol Bay salmon fishing this summer so maybe we'll see her back for crab season. I haven't heard anything about it, but I know it would make a lot of people happy to see her again.

  21. To anonymous at 2:54 pm I know you are also anonymous 12:21 pm. Nice try! LMAO I'm a night owl, you have to wait until I rise in the afternoon and have a least one cup of coffee. :)

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  29. Sandy, Me too. It's too easy to discuss stuff even if you disagree without being ugly or a bully. :)

  30. Sandy,The B Means you signed in with a Blogger ID, when you update your profile on Google you can add a photo and then that will appear instead.

  31. I agree with you Oh Rant! Derrick immediately went after Jake! Ok,all us hardcore Deadliest Catch fans have seen Capt Phil ride Jake's a@# about his pokiness of getting going, Josh had done the same, the 2 bro's had many disagreements on deck and Capt Phil would just shake his head, light another smoke and drink his Red Bull....Miss ya Capt Phil!!!! As we see the Hilstrand brother's share the same "brotherly love" in Ep 11! Jake has his demons to fight, he does pull his weight on deck! Charge on Harris brother's! Charge on!

  32. Oh should have had another cup of coffee before responding to me. Weak. Very weak response. I'll give you a fair shot tomorrow. Let's both drink two cups and debate.

  33. Anonymous 06/26/11 9:54 PM LOL I'm not sure what else there is to debate on this subject, but I look forward to hearing from you. :)

  34. Hum, I guess I got stood up. LOL

  35. Sorry to have not responded Oh Rant. Been in and out of the hospital since early am on the 27th. Stepson got in an accident and is on life support. I still do want to debate. Please be patient.

  36. Anonymous 06/30/11 7:21 PM Oh my! I hope your stepson will be okay. Most certainly I can wait. Again I hope everything turns out okay.

  37. hi oh rant. sorry, i've been away for a couple of weeks. went down to port isabel (south padre island) for vacation. i'm the fan from san antonio, texas. i've been catching up on some episodes of deadliest and after the catch. my wife saw the episode of after the catch and got teary eyed when the captains were talking about friends they've lost to the bering strait. she loves your blog. and she if that's you in the pic, she loves your shoes.

  38. Anonymous 07/12/11 11:18 am

    Glad you are back! Hope you had a nice vacation. :)

    That was a very sad episode. I teared up too.

    Thank you. And no that's not me in the picture, but it looks like me. I'd probably kill myself in those heels. LOL They are nice.

  39. it was a nice little vacation. love port isabel. one of these days we'll make it up to alaska. i noticed on last weeks after the catch that elliot wasn't on there. i wonder if discovery is finding out elliot doesn't have too many fans? i finally saw Cars 2 with Sig's little northwestern boat in the movie. Way to go Sig!!!!! did you ever get a chance to watch Swords? Oh, by the way, my name is Tony. Just an FYI who this anonymous

  40. Hi Tony :)

    I would love to visit Alaska. The Discovery camera people have shown such beautiful pictures this year.

    Elliot - I think that and I think the other Captains don't get along well with him.

    I haven't seen Cars 2. Is it just the clip that they showed on After the Catch that Sig is in? That's what I heard.

    I haven't had a chance to watch Swords yet, but I'm going too. It's only on "on demand" right now so I have to catch it when I'm not recording other things. :)

  41. hi oh rant. yes, it's the clip that was shown on after the catch. it's in the opening scene of the movie. it was pretty cool also that sig got to do that. along with the geico commercials with the hillstrand brothers, glad to see the captains expanding out like that. maybe elliot can do a survivor season with all the deadliest catch captains also. hmmmmm, i wonder who'd be voted off buhbye elliot.

  42. Anonymous 7/14/11 12:33 PM

    It's great the Captains are expanding. I can't wait to see Alaskan Monster Hunt aka Hillstranded next week. It should be interesting.

  43. Capt Phil himself was an addict, his son is an addict (thats where jake got his drugs) Phil died because he was on oxycodone and dint feel the pain of his heart condition and his blood clots. His life was a mess on and off his boat and his kids take after him. Theyve learned nothing from their dad and Derek was absolutley right to say it was a disservice. He said it to them as nicely as he could have. They should have listened to him as though it was their first day as green horns, derek would have reciprocated ten fold if they had done that and listened and not been late!! (and on dope) the whole crew was on dope. Honestly I think Josh is too now, the way he was talking on ATC. He was just talking in circles and throwing red herrings, contradicting himself. "i respect you as a capt" their actions spoke louder. I am just surprised that Derek didnt see through their bson his first jaunt to save the season and refuse the second request. that was dereks only mistake. proof is this...Freddy is Gone!!!!!! later see ya, 86, ciao ciao. He knows first hand that those two brother dont know squat. and never will. Sorry Josh, Jake, you aint all grown up yet and what you dont realize is that sometimes ownership doesnt mean diddly. The boys need to find something different and quit this whole we gotta do it for the old man bullshit" its just ignorant machisma

  44. I am little curious whether Jake could get his captains license suspended or what not as well. Well Im guessing only time will tell.


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