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Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 2

"Turf War"

Captain Sig Hansen on the Northwestern says with the lesser quota the chance of finding crab and staying on them right away are minimal.

Captain Bill Wichrowski on the Kodiak says there is some speculation that there might not be a crab season the next couple of years. So this might be the last King Crab for him.

Captain Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand are headed to the Red Crab grounds.

Captain Scott Campbell, Jr says last year they caught 180,000 pounds. This year they are going for 300,000. Junior was the top performer of the four boats that fished Blue King Crab last year. He pulls his first pot, it has about a quarter of the pot full. He has 44 crabs which by Blue Crab standards is a stuffed pot.

He continues to pull good pots. He sets back. He's out in a spot all by himself. Elliott Neese calls and challenges Junior. The first guy to 100,000 pounds wins $1000. Junior takes the bet saying Elliott can't pack water to the fires he starts. I'm rooting for Junior. Captain Scott says you gotta give Elliott credit for trying. It's all good. I can use the extra money. LOL I like Captain Scott.

On the Ramblin' Rose. Elliott is going on about how much he has accomplished being a Captain at 29, then he pulls up a pot with very few crab in it. Six. The next pot has zero.

Captain Johnathan is on the slime banks again. Captain Johnathan is going to teach Josh Harris everything they know. He's going to learn a little bit of everything from everybody. It will be up to him whether he goes the extra mile.

Mike Fourtner says they are going to take down the Time Bandit Flag and bury it with Justin Tennison's ashes. They show the clip of Justin talking about his 6 and 15 year old girls. Johnathan is waiting to find crab before he releases Justin's ashes. They pull the first pot, it has a flat cod in it. The next pot has an octopus. LOL Captain Johnathan says that one is evil looking to, he's pissed. They scare him, they have three hearts. That's pretty bad when an animal lover says that. Johnathan really wanted to land on the crab and give Justin the right send off. They are still pulling empty pots. Well empty of crab anyway. He has set for 80 miles but says he is not going to let JT down.

Back on the Ramblin' Rose. The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Elliott has still not found the crab. Tim "The Cat" Lovins got set on his butt by a wave, Elliott did not let him know was coming. Tim "The Cat" Lovins says weather doesn't kill deckhands Captains do. Another wave comes up Elliott starts screaming look out, but Tim gets knocked down again while standing near the launcher. He hit his head and got dizzy, and soak and wet. Elliott tells Tim he has to watch for waves because there is no wave wall there. Tim, there's no wave wall there so if we get hit by a wave it's our fault. We should be able to watch our backs while we are tying knots. I'd be pissed too Tim. Elliott continues to pull empty pots.

Elliott says the owners took a 1.2 million dollar gamble on him, because even if you don't catch the crab you still pay for it. So Elliott starts radio fishing. That's not the first time we've seen this.  First to Captain Keith. Captain Keith tells him right now I just need to catch some crab. Elliott asks Captain Keith about Junior. Captain Keith says he hasn't seen him. Elliott spots Captain Scott on the radar and gives him a call. Captain Scott says he should tell Elliott to go play with Keith he's lonely. He ignores the radio. Elliott says he's being Mr. Secretive, I guess he's on something special. I guess we'll find out for ourselves.

On the Northwestern, Captain Sig is frustrated. His choice to stick with Red King Crab has not paid off. Edgar Hansen goes up to the wheelhouse, the rest of the crew is sleeping. Captain Sig asks Edgar if he's back for good this time. Edgar talks about how his time on deck is limited. Captain Sig says they need to find him a boat. Edgar says or some time in the wheelhouse. Edgar talks about how their dad left the boat to all of them. Captain Sig thinks if they have a recipe that works why change it. He is just thinking about now, that's it. Edgar leaves.

Daylight comes the Northwestern guys are awake and on deck. They start pulling pots. The first pot looks good. The pots keep coming up looking good. Then Edgar says we have a problem. One of the hydraulic pipes has a pin hole leak in it. If it continues to leak the pipe could blow and/or the hydraulic fluid could leak into the crab tank and kill the crab. Captain Sig doesn't want Edgar to touch it, he's afraid it will break. It's the pipe/hose that runs the picking boom. He thinks they need to go back to town. But never fear! Edgar has a hard patch epoxy repair kit. Edgar is working on the pipe, Captain Sig is micromanaging but he is glad Edgar is there, he didn't even know they had a patch kit.

They start pulling pots again. The hydraulic line holds. Captain Sig Hansen screams good job Edgar. Well that was nice to hear. They continue to pull full pots. They pull a pot with 100 crab. Jake Harris says that's the first pot of 100 he's ever seen. The biggest he's seen is 80. Captain Sig says when you do the math 600 pounds that's a $5000 dollar pot.

Captain Sig Hansen goes out on deck and tells them he figured it out to be about a $25,000 dollar day. That's pretty good. Edgar says $25,000 dollars? You mean 25,000 pounds. Times that by 7. That's $300,000. Matt Bradley says you know it's late when the abacus itself is broken. Captain Sig, that's a lot of money. Edgar, only way you are going to make that money legally. Jake Harris, we got about a quarter of the season done in one day. Captain Sig, it's a good way to start off the season.

Back on the Seabrooke. Captain Scott notices Elliott has shown up and set his pots pot for pot along his string. Mike Rowe says "potting down" is considered outright theft. Well that Elliott is just a real winner now isn't he. Captain Scott, he obviously has been watching what I've been doing because as soon as he seen me go back to some place I've already been then he runs down there and sets 'em down. He's letting someone else do the dirty work for him. He's coming in and trying to hog down the glory, but it doesn't work that way.

Captain Scott's guys start pulling up pots with low numbers. Captain Scott says I can't believe it. Actually I can. I wouldn't expect anything less from Elliott. One of the deckhands says they aren't having much crab in their pot right now because somebody on the Ramblin' Rose likes to "Ghetto Fish".  Bob Perky says they have the whole ocean to dump pots in and they have to come dump them on our gear.

Captain Scott calls Elliott and says I sure hope you aren't setting there Elliott. Elliott says he is. Capt Scott, I'm sure my buoys are rubbing your paint down your port side so you might want to look at them. Elliott, I'm not seeing them. Captain Scott, I'm running east wester right now and you are setting right down my string pot for pot. Elliott, I only have one more in this string and I'm going to run down hill and set some off. Captain Scott, make sure you don't run them over when you try and pick yours out of my crab. Elliott, I didn't see your bags. If I would have seen your bags I wouldn't set right down 'em. Right you watched him on the radar to see where he was and came and set there. Thief! Captain Scott, you only got seven of them. I don't know you are pretty young. I would have figured your vision would be a little better than that. Elliott, I'm not trying to "beep" ya there. Captain Scott, all good.

Captain Scott, he's not trying to "beep" me but he's got two pots on one of mine. I don't know what you call that. You've got to be kidding me. Elliott, last time I checked you couldn't buy real estate on the Bering Sea.  If you could, Junior let me know. I'd like to buy a piece myself. I don't really give a f'.  What an ass! You may not be able to buy real estate on the Bering Sea but I'm pretty sure you can be fined for setting your pots to close to another guys pots. Since this is all on camera, maybe Elliott would like some more fines. He's seems to like hanging out at the court house. He can't seem to stay out of trouble. I'll bet the judge recognizes him when he walks in.  Elliott looks out the window and says there's one of his bags right there. He picks up the mic and tells the guys to keep setting. He says I don't take to kindly to disrespect. Ya, Junior doesn't take to kindly to your stealing either. Respect is earned. I don't think Elliott will ever earn it. Has anyone ever noticed how often I call Elliott "Captain Elliott" on this blog. Maybe a hand full by accident. I have had no respect for him since day one. 

Captain Scott looks at his screen and sees Elliott is still setting them down pot for pot. He tells the guys on the deck the Ramblin' Rose is still setting down pot for pot even after he called Elliott. I see a brawl coming. One of the deckhands says I should have brought my gun, another one says cut him. I wonder if Elliott would try that with the Time Bandit boys, cause you know their guns are on board. LOL Captain Scott, he's the one who calls me up and says he's a better fisherman but here he is setting me down pot for pot because he can't find any crab. That says the guy doesn't know what the F' he's doing. That's what it says about a guy. It's called a fling of desperation. I don't know how to catch crab, I don't know what to do, I don't know where to go, so I think I'll go pot Junior down.

Elliott, People can think they have territory. He wanted to come out with attitude, that ain't going to fly. He's lucky I haven't kicked his ass in town. hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Yeah right! Only in your dreams Elliott. Elliott, I really wanted to beat him in the 100,000 pounds but I'm never going to hear the end of it. Gee I wonder why? Thief!

Captain Scott, I'm leaving this one here as a bluffer, cause he's going to keep wondering why I keep setting there and he's going to keep to setting back and putting more gear there and wonder what is wrong with his gear. I've already caught the crab that's the problem. I've got enough gear I can abandon a string and just mind f'  him. That's not how you fish. You see gear you go somewhere else. You catch your own crab. He's not going to out fish me. LOL Go Captain Scott. I love it!

I personally think this episode should have been called "Elliott Neese is still an ass."

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  1. oh Rant, I LOVE your recap!!!!!! However, I think they should of named this episode,"Who stole Elliott's meds?"

    1. I'm not sure he ever had any. It's a thought though. Maybe meds would help. LOL

  2. Good Point!!!!

  3. On second thought...Maybe there is psych ward somewhere missing a patient! LOL


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