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Homeland Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

"Clean Skin"

Lynne is in bed with Prince Amir. Amir leaves the bed to go talk to someone. She grabs his phone and starts the download. He walks in and almost catches her. He asks what she is doing she tells him getting dressed. He gives her a beautiful diamond necklace.

At Brody's house there is a reporter reorganizing his house for an interview, she says it looks like a Motel 6. She tells him she will do the same thing she did for the McCain interview. It was the highest ratings in the country. Brody, I missed that one I was out of the country.

Virgil calls Carrie in the room. They are about to move Brody's couch which has a camera located on it. Just as they are about to move the couch, Brody tells them to stop.

Mike says I didn't know he had such feelings for home decor. Jessica, it's probably the only thing that feels the same to him. I kept everything the same the whole time he was gone. Mike, not everything.

Dana is out getting stoned with her friends. She says her father is the hero they should leave the rest of them out of it. Her girl friend says you should do the interview but do something crazy. Dana, like what? Girl, where a burka. Boy, every time they ask you a question tell them to shut the f up. Girl, the whole country will be watching you can say whatever you want. Tell the truth. Dana, the truth would be interesting.

Carrie arrives at her briefing. David says they have had no proof Prince Amir was funding terrorists until now. They have a video provided by her. He points to Lynne. Someone says a hooker? Carrie, you mean someone who is out there risking her life while we are sitting around a conference table then yeah we are. Carrie says she just got word she successfully downloaded the information. She will pick it up tomorrow. If someone in that room is on the wrong side, Lynn is dead. Carrie says Amir lives on that phone so it should be a good place to start. Saul questions why she thinks the trip is about money. It's his understanding that the Prince comes here every year to top off his harem, not to fund terrorism.

Out in the hall Carrie asks Saul why he tried to torpedo her briefing. He says it was just a question. He says he just asked her the same question he would ask anyone else.

Dana arrives home her mom is mad because she missed the interview prep. She says that was kind of the point. Dana asks if she can leave her mom says no, Brody says sure. She leaves. Brody apologizes for the confusion. Jessica tells him just so you know it's not you she is always like this.

Brody goes to Dana's room to talk to her. Jessica hears laughing and goes down the hallway, she stands there listening to them. In the morning she asks him what it was about . He had just discovered You Tube. LOL The daughter was showing him a funny video.

Carrie goes to a pool to meet Lynne. They swap compacts. Lynne asks what they are looking for. Carrie fills her in. Lynne doesn't believe he is part of terrorism.

Carrie has taken the download to the office. She sees Saul in the hallway and goes to tell him. She asks him when he is going to forgive her. He tells her after ten years of protecting her she destroyed that with one lie and she treated him like every other schmuck in the building.

Brody is doing his interview outside. He's talking about the rescue. The interviewer asks him about his two pages of scars listed and being beaten and tortured. He asks what did they want from you. Brody, they want you to lose faith in your country and everyone else. The interviewer, how do you resist that. Brody, you can't except by believing the people they are keeping you from have faith in you, and you owe it to them. The interviewer, semper fidelis. Brody, softly yeah.

Jessica is out with Dana, she discovers Dana knows about her and Mike. She begs her not to tell anyone because it will hurt her father.

Carrie goes home. She asks Virgil if he has anything. He tells her yes and shows her Jessica and Mike in the kitchen. Jessica tells Mike Dana knows. Carrie gets all upset because she thought he found something important. Not a reality show. The downloaded information didn't give them anything. Virgil asks if she has eaten.

Lynne is at a club with Stacy. Stacy asks her how do I get one of those. She points to Lynne's new necklace. Lynn just smiles. I wonder if the necklace is bugged. Lynn tells Stacy to pace herself. Stacy says I know we have all night. Lynne corrects her you have two years. The majordomo walks up. Lynne says I'm not so sure about that one. The majordomo, his highness says she reminds him of you when you first started. His highness wants you to go meet with a business man and make him feel welcome. He wants you to make a good impression. Lynne, why didn't he tell me that himself? I guess that explains the necklace. He tells her the driver is waiting. She says she has to freshen up first.

Brody is laying on the floor sleeping his wife wakes him and tells him a lot has happened in eight years. There is a lot they need to talk about. When ever he is ready. She tries to take his shirt off. He says no, take yours off. He starts masturbating himself. She says let me. He says no it's better if you don't. He comes while she is just sitting there. He lays back down in the floor. That was strange. I guess he got used to doing it alone all those years?

Lynne calls Carrie and tells her she is going to meet someone. She says they usually never meet anyone but the Prince. Carrie tells her her protection will be watching you. Keep your phone on so we can track you. Lynne goes outside and asks the driver where they are going. He tells her Hay Adams. He starts asking questions about where she hooked up with these guys. They paid a lot of cash and a tip in advance. Lynne tells him take care of me and I'll put in a good word for you. He tells her you are very kind. She says just leave me your card. He reaches in his jacket pulls out a gun and kills her.

Carrie and Virgil arrive and find her dead in the alley. She runs to help her and Virgil says you can't be seen here. They made her. I was expecting Lynne to get killed just not so soon.

Jessica gets up and Dana and Brody are gone. They are taking a walk they come up on a fence with pad locks attached to it. I mean all over it, like a hundred of them or more. He said each couple put a pad lock up to show they would stay together forever. The new version of carving you initials in a tree I guess. He tells her how her and Chris were little when he left. He remembers the play she was in before he left. He tells her to cut her mom some slack. She asks why he is doing this interview. He says to keep the peace. He says he's not going to lie but he's not going to tell the truth either.

Carrie is in the elevator with David. He tells her she was killed with two rounds point blank. The necklace was missing so the police are calling it a robbery which is good for them. Carrie wants to talk to Prince Farid. David tells her the police already did, she can see the tape. They show her the tape. Farid says she is a beautiful soul. He said the necklace was worth a lot and so was she. David tells her she can't talk to Farid he is probably already headed home. The state department made the call. It wasn't worth antagonizing the Saudi's. Carrie, you mean she wasn't worth enough. David tells her losing an asset hurts but she is gone. We need to find Abu Nazir he is still out there.

The Brody family is being interviewed. The interviewer asks how the homecoming has been. No one was saying anything, so finally Dana says it's been great. I hope it is for him too.

Carrie meets some man at the police department. She tells him she is with the State Department. Lynne's family is with her body. Carrie goes in and stands there. Then she is telling Saul I wanted to tell them she wasn't just an escort she gave her life for this country. But I'm not allowed to say that. Saul, are you done? Carrie, no I'm going to keep talking so you can't say you have a meeting to go to. Saul, everyone's left there are no meetings to go to. Carrie, she called me from the club and asked if I had protection on her and I said yes. Saul, what do you want me to say? It matters? It doesn't matter. Don't worry it will all be fine. Carrie, just say something because when you cut me out I'm all alone out here and I can't stand it.

Saul, this transfer you were looking for? Carrie, never happened. The Prince he was so broken up about her. I can't believe he was even involved. Saul, what made you think he was? Carrie, the video of him with Abu Nazir that Lynn shot. Saul, which was what exactly? The conversation was benign what little we could hear of it. An exchange of pleasantries. Carrie, maybe Abu went on that boat to meet with someone in the prince's entourage. Saul, someone with the means. If the prince wants to fund something he has the resources. Something that is always known, jewelry is the easiest way to move wealth. Tell me about the necklace.

The majordomo is at the pawn shop with the necklace asking for $500,000, they negotiate $400,000. So he had her killed? I wonder if it was for the prince or if he took it on himself to have her offed for the necklace? Was it because they were on to her or just because she was the one given the necklace?

A young couple I don't recognize is buying a new house all cash.

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