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Private Practice Recap October 27, 2011

"Step One"

Addison Montgomery has started her hormones. This should be interesting. LOL

Addison takes the injections to Jake Reilly because she doesn't want Sam to have to give her the shots. She wants her rear end to say sexy when Sam thinks about it. That's actually a good idea especially since Sam doesn't want kids.

Sam Bennett runs into a patient and her son downstairs. They mom is trying to get the boy upstairs but he is freaking out. I say boy but it's more like young man. He seems to be having a psychotic break of some kind. The mom says he needs to see Violet, but the boy runs away. I think this lady was on the show before with her son. I'm trying to remember what for.

Amelia Sheppard is meeting with her friend who has just returned from six months in Italy. Remember the friend with Huntingtons? Her symptoms have worsened and she doesn't want to take meds to treat them and die a slow death. She wants Amelia to help her die now.

Violet Turner is baking. Sam goes to see Violet and tells her Wes is off his meds. All of them the heart meds and the psych meds. He won't see Sheldon or talk to Sam. He asks Violet to talk to him unofficially.

Cooper Freedman meets with Erica who wants to set some ground rules. Rule 1 Charlotte is not allowed near Mason. Rule 2 she doesn't want Cooper to tell Mason he is his father. At least not yet.

Violet finds Wes on the street painting and talking to himself. She reminds him of his apartment and the painting shows he had when he was on his meds. He tells her she is not Dr. Turner the machines have Dr. Turner, they took over her mind, she would never have left him. Then he refuses to talk to her anymore.

Amelia is telling Sheldon and Pete about her friend Michelle and that she wants help being euthanized. Sheldon asks if she is a puppy. Amelia tells them she told her she would help her that was the only way she could stop her from killing herself when she found out she had the Huntington gene. Amelia, you have a good point why are we more humane to our animals. He did it. (She points to Pete) Pete, first off when I tell you something, keep it too yourself. My patient was in his 70's and only had a couple of weeks to live. Amelia, what if he were seizing, drooling and losing control of his muscles and bowels. Would you want to stick around for that? Sheldon, you took an oath. Amelia, you think I should let her die painfully and slowly? Amelia, assisted suicide is legal in Oregon and Washington. Pete, in California we are talking about murder. You got that right? So take her across the state line to Oregon.

Cooper is fishing with Mason. Erica goes to get hot dogs and Mason asks Cooper if he is her boyfriend, because her boyfriends are usually dumb. Cooper asks if her boyfriends can do this? He juggles some water bottles. Mason is not impressed. He wants to go find his mom.

Violet is talking to Addison about Wes. Violet is saying she wants to sue someone or start screaming to someone about the broken system. Addison, starting to cry are you mad at me? Cause you're yelling at me. The hormones are kicking in. Addison is eating doughnut holes she tells Violet to have one they help.

Sam and Violet meet with Wes's mother trying to convince her to commit Wes. She doesn't want to do it because she says it makes him worse and he won't trust her. He needs to trust her. She tells them if they pursue it she will fight them.

Amelia Sheppard goes to Pete and asked him how he did it. Pete, morphine he was already half way there on the cocktail he was on. He said he wanted it but the fear when his body started shutting down. It was terrifying and lonely. Amelia, what did you do? Pete, I stayed with him until it was over. It takes a toll on you. I wondered if I did it for him or for me. Amelia, if you knew then what you know now would that have stopped you? Pete, no. But believe me no matter what Michelle says, she has no idea what it is really like to face death. Believe me it is not gentle or sweet. Pete would know since he just faced it. Amelia, I gave her my word. Pete, take back your word, before you ruin your life and career. Take it back. Or take her across the state line.

Pete Wilder goes and asks Sheldon if he has seen Amelia. Sheldon says he feels sick, but he is not her shrink or her father.

Cooper comes in and tells Sheldon and Pete he went fishing with Mason and it was awkward and weird and he just doesn't get it. I think the mom is dying and wants Cooper to take care of the boy. Charlotte comes in and Cooper thinks it's her fault. She says he can't blame her because an eight year old doesn't want to have a corn dog with him.

All of a sudden you hear Addison yell Son of a Bit**! She is in the conference room with papers all over the table. Jake goes in and asks if she is okay. She says no you try and do one thing like rename the practice and you get a blizzard of paperwork. She's going off on a tyrant, Jake is trying to keep from laughing at her. Jake says heavy is the head. She is throwing papers and wants to hit someone. He asks her if she feels like she has been hit by a PMS truck. LOL He tells her to breathe and when she feels like she wants to rip someones face off walk away.

Sam Bennett comes in Jake leaves. He starts talking about Wes and how he still worries about Maya getting schizophrenia and worries about her being in NY. He says maybe it's a blessing not having to worry about a kid. Addison gets up and walks out. Sam says hey where are you going? Addison, I'm going for a walk. I think she wanted to rip his face off.

Sam gets a call says he'll be right there.

Amelia is with Michelle. Michelle asks what happens when I'm gone? Amelia, I'll call the police and tell them I found you. Michelle, shouldn't I just take the pills. Amelia, you could end up in an irreversible coma. She has her put her fingerprints on the bottle. Michelle, I don't want to get you in trouble. Then you shouldn't of asked her to help. Amelia, I don't want you to suffer. I think she should have her take the pills so they are in her stomach at autopsy. Amelia is going to inject her with a benzo to relax her, then give her a barbiturate to put her under and finally potassium chloride to stop her heart. A lethal injection. If they do an autopsy she is going to be screwed. She must not watch CSI. Michelle says she is ready. She tells Amelia thank you. Amelia draws up the meds with her hands shaking. She tells Michelle she loves her and if she sees her dad to tell him hi. Michelle, maybe I'll fix him up with my mom.

Amelia gives Michelle the benzo and she starts gasping for air saying why can't I breathe. Amelia tells her you could be having an adverse reaction. I'm going to keep going this should relax you okay? I don't know what that means. Should I stop? Michelle says stop. Amelia is stopping and tells Michelle she is going to call 911. Michelle passes out. She then starts giving her CPR. Interesting predicament.

Wes is in the ER. His mother said he was ranting at some kid on a cell phone and just collapsed. They are restraining and sedating him. The mom is crying you are hurting him.

Amelia comes into the ER with Michelle on a stretcher. She tells Pete she must be allergic to benzo. She got a hold of the drug somehow. I don't know how. She changed her mind. Pete won't let Amelia in the ER room with her. He tells her it's time for her to wait outside.

Amelia sits down in the waiting room with Wes's mom. Then she gets up and leaves the hospital. I wonder if she is going for a drink?

Addison is getting another shot. She is telling Jake Sam actually said it was a blessing. Do you think he is with me because he thinks I'll never get pregnant. I'd like to think it's because I'm awesome in the sack.
Jake tells her she can't do this alone. Even single women have friends and book clubs. You can't do this alone. You are trying to keep this from your boyfriend. What are you going to tell Sam if you get pregnant? What are you going to tell Sam when you are six months pregnant? Or when you have the kid are you going to hide him in the liquor cabinet. I've seen the road you're headed down and you are not going to make it unless you have people on your team. I'm confused Addison and Sam have talked about this a lot. Does Jake just not know this?

Cooper goes to Erica and Mason's house. She won't let him in the house. She said Mason just had a melt down and he doesn't want to spend time with him. Cooper asks why and she says who knows. He's eight. I can't force him. Cooper asks if it would change if he knew I was his father. Erica asks him if he is really ready for that. She calls Charlotte a bitch of a wife. Cooper says she is like a momma bear when threatened and you threatened her, so she growled loudly. He tells her his wife loves him and she will love Mason because she loves Cooper. You wanted Mason to have a father now he does.

At the hospital Violet is standing outside Wes's room. She tells Pete she is waiting on Sam or someone to come update her. She has lawyers working on her case but until then she is following the letter of the law. If she is following the law why is she waiting on them to break patient confidentiality. She isn't even a doctor in there practice right now. Pete tells her it's going to be okay. Violet asks how? Pete says he doesn't know but that is his favorite thing about her. Violet, what when I get crazy eyes? Pete, that's pretty cute too, but I love how much you care about your patients. I'm glad you are fighting the board. Violet, I'm glad you are remembering things you like about me.

Sheldon is banging on the door of Amelia's apartment. She is sitting on the couch just starring. Sheldon refuses to leave so she finally gets up and lets him in. He comes in screaming. Did you actually do this? Are you clinically insane? Because even I couldn't believe you would go through with this. Do you get you basically confessed to committing the crime to me before you did it? Do you get I could and should call the police? And if that woman would have died I would call the police because I am not going to be an accessory to murder. What is wrong with you? Why are you this self destructive? Darn Sheldon's gonna have a heart attack if he keeps screaming like that. Ameila, She didn't die, she's alive? Sheldon, yes she's alive. Amelia starts crying and falls to the floor.

Amelia back at the hospital. Takes a wheelchair in to take Michelle home. Michelle apologizes to Amelia. She says she was so sure she was ready to die, now she is not sure. Amelia tells her she will be there for her, she can move in with her. It will help her too. She struggles everyday. Michelle, pills? Amelia, booze I'm branching out. Michelle, I didn't know I'm sorry. Amelia, you don't have to be sorry. We can be some kind of messed up buddy system. Like I won't drink today if you don't kill yourself. They both laugh. It's a deal.

Sam tells Wes's mother he has his heart stabilized for now. Sam asks Wes how he's feeling. Wes's mother says he can't hear you when he is like this. He says it makes him feel like he is ten feet under water. Sam tells her he thinks she should file for conservator ship so she can make all of Wes's medical decisions. Sam says he is not talking about a psych hold. Sam tells her about his sister Corrine who is a lot like Wes. She left one day and never came home. He doesn't know if she is dead or alive, but he does know his mother has never been the same. Neither has he. She says if she keeps him like this, like he is in the bed, then he has already disappeared.

Sam goes home and climbs into bed with Addison. She is looking away from him. She says Carlos, Carlos you have to leave. My boyfriend is going to be home soon. He smacks her rear where she's been getting shots. She cries out in pain. She tells Sam Jake has been giving her the IVF shots. Sam tells her he doesn't want to have another kid because he already got his through. He says he was terrified everyday. That is an experience she should have if she want's it. It doesn't mean he doesn't support her, or love her and it doesn't mean she gets to keep secrets from him.

Amelia comes home and she's screaming Michelle get in here she has rocky road and a movie. Michelle is laying on the bed. She looks dead.

Amelia is telling the police Michelle had a degenerative disease. She was taking oxycontin. Those bottles hold thirty pills. I found some in the bed, she got half of them down, she didn't last long. Amelia is drinking. The officer asks her if she is alright. She says no I miss my friend. I'll be alright. The officer leaves Amelia opens her hand she has three pills in it. She takes them with the glass of wine. I'm guessing the Oxy she found in the bed.

Wes is leaving the hospital. He won't ride in the taxi with his mother. He says the night sky is better than cars. He thanks her for saving him, and tells her she is his hero. She tells him he is hers.

Sam comes up behind Wes's mom. She says you're still here. He says yeah I thought you might need a ride. Wait he was just in bed with Addy. Must a been a quickie. She thanks him for the ride.

Cooper Freedman talks to Mason. He says if you don't like fishing we can do something else. If you want to hang out. Mason, are you my dad? I'm pretty sure you are. I look like you. Mom acts all weird when she talks about you. Cooper, how would you feel about that? Mason, I don't know but if you aren't going to be around like all of the other guys. We can't be friends. Erica, he is your dad Mason. Cooper, I am your dad and I am not going anywhere. Mason, you want to watch some Phineas and Ferb? Cooper sits down on the couch puts one foot on his knee and his hands behind his head. Mason sits back and does the same thing. Cute.

Addison Montgomery asks Jake Reilly to be her doctor.

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