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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 9 Recap Sea Change

"Sea Change"

The sea is certainly changing. We've got crew changes and sea changes with the hurricane coming.

Here we go. Opie season begins. We have a new song at the beginning, and clips of the crews at the bar, the crew, saying hello or good bye to their family. More clips of Captain Keith putting hands on someone pushing him down the hallway, looks like he's ready to punch him, maybe Art Peterson or possibly Monty Colburn, hard to say from the short clip. Lenny Lekanoff getting stitches. Someone getting smacked in the face with the crane hook, Sig Hansen is screaming at the crew to get down as a big wave crashes aboard the Northwestern. A clip of Mike Fourtner with blood coming from his the bridge of his nose. He must be the one that got hit with the crane hook. Then a clip of  Freddie Maughtai with blood all over his face and in his mouth. Knowing Freddie he was probably eating something and got the blood all over himself.

On the Northwestern. Captain Sig Hansen says he doesn't think he has ever run the boat without Edgar Hansen. If Edgar was never to come back that would be a difficult pill to swallow. Edgar says people have to find their place real quick in order for him to leave.

On the Cornelia Marie. Josh Harris says when they left the dock he never meant to let anyone down, nobody likes to fail.

The crews - fleets are preparing the boats to leave. Edgar is helping the Northwestern prepare to leave without him. Matt Bradley is on board. I am glad Matt Bradley was able to stay clean and make Opie season or Sea Hab as Edgar Hansen called it. It's good to see him. Sig Hansen says everything has changed, but the job is still the same.

On the Time Bandit. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand is giving Captain Andy Hillstrand a hard time about where he is going to set his crab pots. Johnathan tells Andy he is just a part time crabber and Johnathan is throwing something at him from a bag. I don't know what that was. Love these two boys, they crack me up.

On deck the Time Bandit crew has added a new deckhand for Opie Season, Travis Loftlan from the Wizard. Also new aboard the Time Bandit is Eddie Uwekoolani's son, Eddie Jr. Andy Hillstrand tells Eddie Jr stay out of the bite, watch the pots, the usual warnings. Eddie's dad says don't trust anyone not even me. When we are running hydraulics or something, always know where your feet are and watch your hands so you don't lose fingers. All good advice.

On the Northwestern. Edgar Hansen asks Jake Anderson and Norman Hansen if anyone has started the main yet? Jake Anderson says no. Edgar Hansen says that's one of the first things you do when you get here. The narrator Mike Rowe says for the last fifteen years Edgar Hansen has readied the boat. Edgar continues telling the guys everything they should be doing. Jake Anderson is finally going to get his chance to step up.

Jake is running the crane, loading supplies on the boat and Sig Hansen comes out asking him why is he running the crane? Isn't the cook the one that's supposed to be storing this stuff. Jake Anderson says am I cooking or is he cooking? He points to Matt Bradley. Sig says I thought you were cooking last trip. Edgar just laughs. Sig says you just assume your not cooking? Edgar says these guys are doomed. Poor Jake, he gets teased so much. You know that means they love you Jake.

On the pier, Freddie Maughtai is walking to his new boat, the Wizard. Freddie thanks Captain Keith for letting him become a part of the Wizard. Monty Colburn tells Freddie to get unpacked if he needs too and the guys are outside probably loading bait or something.

Freddie Maughtai says it was a hard decision to leave the Cornelia Marie. He says he stayed with the Cornelia Marie making less money the last four or five years because Captain Phil Harris always treated him with love and respect. At the same time he has a family and cannot afford it so he has to step up and take the better job.

On the Cornelia Marie. Josh Harris is in the wheelhouse. They show a flash of Captain Derrick saying how Captain Phil did them a  huge disservice. Josh says Derrick didn't mesh with the boat. That's an understatement. Derrick had a different way of doing things. Josh Harris says he is tired of playing a victim to this thing in a since, and wondering why this happened, how this happened. It's time to settle the score and do what my dad always knew I could do and always wanted us to do. They show a plaque dedicated to Captain Phil. It says "Captain Phil Harris Memorial Wheelhouse". They show flashbacks of Derrick going off about Jake and the drugs. Josh says if Jake Harris can't step up that he will because this boat needs to stay in the family and we are going to turn a negative into a positive. He says they have a really good crew on the boat right now.  He introduces Chief, Dale and Captain Tony Lara. Captain Tony hired Josh Harris when he was fifteen years old.

Captain Tony comes into the wheelhouse and addresses Jake's drug issue. Jake will have to take a drug test. Captain Tony says if we know what is coming a head of time that would be good. Josh doesn't say anything.

An airplane lands at Tom Madsen Airport in Dutch Harbor. Six guys get off the plane, one of them is Jake Harris. Tony meets Jake at the airport and tells him the drug test guy is coming by, that they need to do this for insurance.

Jake takes his drug test. Yea, he's not pregnant! LOL That would be awkward, fishing while pregnant. Yes, he is drug free and he gets to go fishing. Yea! Good job Jake! I like my boys sober.

On the Time Bandit. Eddie hollers hey you guys! Someone got us! He calls the guys out to take a look. Someone has tagged their crane guard with a big ole red lighting bolt and the initials SB. He goes to the wheelhouse and tells Captain Andy the Seabrooke tagged us. Andy says "Oh did they now?" He looks out the window they turn the crane so Andy can see the tag. Andy says "So the youngsters want to play games do they?" LMAO Too funny you just know paybacks gonna be bad.

The narrator explains while the crew of the Time Bandit was celebrating the night before leaving, the Seabrooke struck. They show clips of  Captain Scott Campbell and the boys tagging the Time Bandit. Captain Scott laughs a very wicked laugh and says he's letting them know the new boys are in town and they can play games too. Ohhh, I just think this is going to be bad. LOL

Andy Hillstrand says to Johnathan Hillstrand what do you think? Johnathan says the only expert we're dealing with is me. We need to buy every egg in town. They all go to town. They are in the store loading up all the eggs. Sounded like Mike Fourtner saying we like scrambled eggs for breakfast, omelets for everybody. They've got 1500 eggs. Johnathan says that's a big omelet. Travis looks like he is having fun aboard his new vessel. hehe Justin Tennison says Seabrooke this is for you baby.

Eddie Uwekoolani, Sr says we called in the Northwestern and a few other buddies from town to help us pay these guys back. Nick Mavar says I've never seen this many eggs. They have opened all the egg cartons and laid them out on the deck.  Eddie, Sr says they think they can outsmart the older guys. I don't think so.

The Seabrook is tied up to the dock. Here comes the Time Bandit, cruising right up beside her. The guys on the Time Bandit are all tucked down, hiding below the side of the boat, so the Seabrook can't see them on deck. Eddie says this is going to be terrible, I am so glad I am on this boat. Captain Sig says I'll say it again, don't mess with the Hillstrands.

They pull up along side the Seabrooke. Captain Scott sees the Time Bandit. He looks up, he looks down, he looks up again. He says ut-oh. I think it's starting to dawn on him that that isn't all the Time Bandit crew he is looking at. He seems to have an oh shoot (edited)! look on his face. They show a shot of the corner of the Time Bandit with what looks like Travis and four other people peeking around the corner, one of them is a woman. Interesting. I don't know who the others are. Captain Scott says they are all giving me the look. Capt Scott stands up and hollers out smiling and very friendly "hey what's going on boys!" Captain Andy just responds "Fire!" The eggs start flying. Someone yells run for cover boys. Captain Scott screams take cover. Andy says cover every window he has.  Poor Derek Haist is covered in egg, even got hit in the eye. Eddie Jr says it's going to be a good year. Mac White says he thought it was snow balls at first then all of a sudden I figured it out. Captain Scott says I think they found our prank. I can't make up my mind which prank is the best. I think the eggs was the most fun. I still really like the truck prank on Phil and Sig and the lanterns last week was pretty funny too.

On the Wizard. Captain Keith has just gotten the weather report. They have a 1300 foot hurricane coming in 36 hours. The crews are all hearing the news. Nick Mavar from the Northwestern says it looks like we are headed for misery. They get ready to head out.

Freddie rides over to the Cornelia Marie and tells the guys he still loves them. Jake Harris tells Freddie the old man loved him like a son.

On the Northwestern Edgar says good bye to everyone. They tell him enjoy it. He says he knows his family will. They tell him happy birthday. Sig looks like he's ready to cry. He tells Edgar keep his cell phone handy. Edgar wishes them full pots and fair seas. Oh I think I'll cry. How sad Edgar is standing on the dock as the Northwestern pulls away and Freddie stands on the corner of the dock as the Cornelia Marie leaves and bows to them as they go by.

The Wizard is 318 miles Northwest of Dutch Harbor. The storm is closing in. They want to get their pots set before the storm shows up. Keith has two new greenhorns Danny Maki and Tim. Keith likes that Freddie works at a brisk pace.

Thirty five miles to the South the Time Bandit is getting ready to drop pots at Mr. Magoo. Andy says it nerve racking for Eddie to have his kid out there, but it's really nerve racking for me, because if anything happens to him he's going to kill me. Four pots in and they have 28 foot seas. A pot slips from the hook and almost crushes Justin Tennison between pots.

On the Cornelia Marie 323 miles Northwest of Dutch Harbor. The crew is in the galley eating. The Harris boys are ready to start learning. Captain Tony Lara has decided to fish "The Rock" Captain Phil's old stomping grounds. Where Captain Phil made his name.

Fifty nine miles to the Southeast. Captain Sig tells the crew he weather is not good. He is trying to hurry the guys up so they can get the stack down before it gets too bad. Jake Anderson says this could be enjoyable with nobody yelling at them. Sig is concerned with all the changes. He says Edgar was Matt's safety line he backed him up. He has also hired a fifty year old former skipper named Kevin Blakely to work on deck. They make Kevin bite the head off the herring. He does and doesn't even puke, which one would expect from a 50 yo skipper.

The Northwestern starts dropping pots, they have tangled shots. Matt is trying to untangle the line before throwing the pot over.

328 Miles NW of Dutch Harbor. Josh Harris says they have fifteen or twenty footers, mother nature has been slapping them in the face all morning. But we are here and I'm pretty excited about it. Captain Tony Lara is fishing for cod right now, so they have bait for the pots. Usually an easy job, but with thirty foot seas, not so easy. Alright Captain Tony caught cod! Haha it's something after the last season. Oh no! They have a pot flying across the deck. It is still attached to the crane, but airborne. It was picked up by a wave and thrown around like a rag doll. It almost took hit Dale Pruitt and Josh Harris. Josh goes inside and says someone is looking out for him. He looks to the sky. Okay Heather breath now, your man is okay.

Captain Tony decides its time to pull the guys in until the tide changes. They say eye eye skipper. The morale already seems a hundred percent better. And Captain Tony still reminds me of Tony Stewart the Nascar driver.

Captain Elliot Neese of the Ramblin' Rose is still sitting at the dock. They are getting their generator rebuilt. It over heated and cracked the head. And he's wearing those earphones on his head again. I don't know why he does that. It has made me crazy every show. The earphones look like fly eyes on his head. It reminds me of the movie The Fly.  He needs to stop that. It sounds like it will take three days to repair.

The crab count is zero across the board. No one has hauled any crab.

Back on the Northwestern. Matt Bradley throws the hook to pull in the first pot and misses. That's a bad omen. The pot looks pretty good. Sig says it's a handful, that ain't going to do it. Is Jake Anderson wearing a mouth piece? What is that in his mouth? They get hit by a big wave.

On the Time Bandit. The deckhands are taunting the greenhorn about the coming storm. Captain Andy looks tired or like maybe he just woke up. He says they have four days to load the boat. They pull the first pot, they have 325 crab with no sand fleas. They are happy. Captain Andy says they have taken more spray this year than all of last year.

On the Wizard Captain Keith is pulling his first pot. Poor Monty Colburn is hanging on to the crane hook and lands on his rear when they are hit by a wave.

Captain Andy, Captain Sig and Captain Keith all call their men in.

Some of us on Twitter noticed the new song at the beginning of Deadliest Catch this week. According to the credits Honest Day's Work was written and performed by Troy Huls. Coincidence or is the new engineer of the Cornelia Marie also a singer/song writer?

In case you are wondering what happened to Steve Ward from the Cornelia Marie, he went to the Fierce Allegiance.

Even though there were a lot of changes this week, it oddly enough feels like things are starting to get back to normal. So let's get some Opies boys! I did type lets get some crabs, but somehow that seemed inappropriate. :(

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