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Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand and Sig Hansen On Rachel Ray

OMG too funny the boys went on Rachel Ray. I almost missed it, because I don't usually watch Rachel Ray. My mom does though, she emailed me to let me know they were on. Of course I got the email too late, I thought.

Finally something good out of the Casey Anthony Trial. Since all of the local networks have been airing the trial all day Rachel Ray didn't air until 2am so I was able to watch it. Yea!!!!

Evidently this was on in April and I missed it. This was the rerun, so thank you mom!

Here is how the story goes. Oh but wait, first another Johnathan Hillstrand prank. Rachel is showing clips of the Captains, she gets to Johnathan and says he loves a good prank. Then shows a clip I've never seen before. Mike Fourtner is standing on deck in an aisle of pots. There are pots in front, behind and above him. They must be at the dock still. Mike is tying something on the pots. You see Johnathan standing in the back ground. There are three guys on top of the pots with two totes of water. (You know the big white ones they push crab around in) You hear Johnathan yell "Do it!" and they dumped the water all over Mike. Poor Mike! I don't ever remember seeing that.

Ok so evidently Captain Andy Hillstrand emailed Rachel Ray. It goes like this: 

"Hey Rach I'm writing you to discuss a serious matter. I am hands down the best cooking Captain in the fleet, and to prove it to America I want to call for a crab recipe throw down where the winner gets picked on your show."

Andy says I feel bad right now. Rachel says so you can see where we are going right now. That would be lovely if he stopped there but he does tend to go on.

"Sig can't toast bread to save his life."

Sig punches Andy in the arm. Rachel says she sets bread on fire all the time, its no indication that the rest of the meal won't be very tasty.

"He doesn't even wash his hands before he frigging cooks." 

Sigs mouth drops open. Rachel's not sure she wants to taste that if that is true. She hopes it's not true. Sig's mouth still hanging open.

"Don't even get me started about my brother Johnathan he thinks Cioppino is a Disney puppet. It's gonna be on like Donkey Kong and Genghis Kahn. Sig's fish balls are going down."

Sig says you did write that? Rachel says she loves her job, who would imagine you could get paid for this. Johnathan says he's had Sig's fish balls before they are not good. Johnathan tells Sig I don't think your going to win. Sig says oh I got it.

So they are going to have the Deadliest Catch Rival Ray.

Sig explains his dish is a Norwegian dish it's fish cakes, he says it's brain food, it's good for you.  Andy is making crab melts and Johnathan is making Cioppino.

They all go over to the table to talk about the show.  Rachel asks them about season 7.

Sig says the weather was horrible. The worse the weather the better for the viewer. They like to watch us suffer. He said the first couple days they had eight broken bones in their fleet. He said one of his guys got hit in the face with the picking hook and broke his nose. He said he just got up and keeps on going. Then he gets home and says he needs a new nose, so I gotta buy him a new nose. I'm like I'm not buying you a George Clooney, there's no way. (I'm pretty sure he is talking about Nick Mavar, remember CatchCon? He had just had a nose job.)

Rachel asks them if they have to be born into this job or do people choose this? Johnathan says there are only like 350-360 people in the world that do this, so it's a pretty exclusive club, it's hard to get into. Johnathan says if you are like a salmon fisherman somewhere else then there's a chance you can get into it. It sounds like most of them are born into it.

Rachel asks them about the camera men. She says she knows they have had to save camera people's lives, but have they ever done anything to risk your lives? Sig tells the story of a camera man not paying attention that almost puts his camera in the crane controls. He almost got squished. Andy says they walk around with one eye in the view finder so they are like a one eyed crabber walking around. Johnathan tells her we have open hatches every where and our guys actually try and lead them into that hole, so they can get a case of beer.

Sounds like Johnathan still thinks the truck prank was the best one. But the ones with Sig and the Seabrooke hadn't aired yet if they were on Rachel in April. So he wouldn't have been able to give them away.

For the contest they get bragging rights, a trophie and a 42" TV for the galley. Rachel says ya'll want to talk smack? Who's going to take home the TV? Johnathan says well there's two against one now, cause they share the same galley.

Iron Chef Micheal Symon is the judge. They all leave and go to the kitchen.

The last segment where the winner is picked is on the video online along with the recipes. I'll let you watch and see who wins.

I looked at all three recipes. I think Sig and his fish balls should have been disqualified. No crab in his recipe. LOL It's cod. Since we aren't all fisherman out on the Bering Sea, I think Johnathan's recipe could be a little pricy, just because there are about 4-6 different types of seafood in his, but it did include crab.

I think I would have declared Captain Andy's the winner. I'm going to try that one. I love pepper jack cheese. Andy's recipe was quick, easy and inexpensive. My kind of meal! I hope it tastes as good as it sounds.

Actually all three recipes sound good. I was surprised to see they only take about five minutes to cook. I must confess I had never heard of Cippino, so I was interested to see what was in it. To me it looks like seafood stew. I would have thought that would need to simmer for a while, but it doesn't.

I love these guys! They are just too much fun!

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