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Matt Bradley On Northwestern - What Is He Addicted To?

After Tuesday's episode of Deadliest Catch. I was looking at what people were searching regarding the show.

I was rather surprised to see that people were searching "What drug is Matt Bradley addicted to" and What is Edgar Hansen addicted to". People this is a little twisted I think. Why aren't people searching is Matt Bradley okay, or is he sober? The same thing happened with Jake Harris. Maybe it's me but this just seems odd. I mean the curiosity of what drug he is taking, I don't really get that. I mean to me a drug is a drug. Does it really matter which one he likes? Please someone explain to me the curiosity of why people want to know what drug. What am I missing?

While I don't get it, because so many of you were looking I set out to see what I could find and I still almost didn't post the information, because it is very disturbing. But I finally decided that the information I found was posted on public forums, so they had to know it was going to get circulated and discussed. So here goes.

I found a forum with comments made on October 5, 2010 by someone I don't know. I could not verify whether all this information is true or not, but based on what I did find I'm inclined to believe it. The forum said that Matt Bradley's addiction hell has accelerated. These posts are from Facebook pages.

Matt Bradley " im strung out on herrion i never thout id be thise w"

Matt Bradley "i need treament god help me"

Edgar Hansen "pull your head out, the pitty party is over, and call me...Rita is right, you have more people backin u up on this than most people in recovery, i shouldnt be posting on here but you wont answer your phone and you know we ALL still love you, theres still a chance to make your plane and get some SEA-HAB, make some money and go to treatment when you get back.........going........going......................."

Edgar Hansen "We cant DO anything, unless he wants to change..."

Angela's page  10/3/2010 "DONE DONE DONE! I want as far away from Pain and Negative Energy as I passably can! GOD THANKYOU so much for this Absolute Clarity that I am making the right choice for ME today!! GOD IS GREAT!!"  This comment I was able to confirm.

I do have a facebook account but I usually just use it for family and normally only check it once a day. So because of that I have not followed the Deadliest Catch folks on Facebook, I follow them on Twitter.

I went to Matt Bradleys page which I had checked previously and found nothing. Now having a date to work with I checked the October listings on Matt's page. I again found nothing.

Edgar's Facebook page has his comments protected unless you are a friend. I tried to send a friend request, but got a message he has too many friend requests.

I found a second Facebook page for Matt Bradley, I sent a friend request, he has not accepted yet.

I was able to verify finally the comment above on Angela's page, which based on that and Tuesday's show I'm inclined to think the rest is true as well.

The information above was quite disturbing and sad. For those of you who have followed the Deadliest Catch posts you should already know that Matt Bradley got married to his long time girl friend Angela in April of 2010.

Angela has several forums in which she does the whole social networking thing. Unfortunately what I found on her Facebook page starting about the middle of May leads me to believe Matt has relapsed yet again. While Angela did not come right out and say it, the comments are very similar to the comments last October. If Matt hasn't relapsed then they may have separated. Either situation is very sad.

May 10th Angela reported she was loving life.
May 15th she said she was thinking it's time to move out of Seattle, she needs a change.
May 27th It's official, very sad day for everyone in our family. Thank you to everyone's prayers and private comments.
May 27th Pray for my husband.
May 28th Not to good my husband is MIA
May 28th He will be harmed if he comes home. I'm sure she didn't really mean that.

Along with these comments are a lot of tears, today again she is crying and missing her husband. There seems to be a lot of love and anger there. Certainly understandable.

I keep worrying about their little girls. This must be really rough on them. I worry about Angela because she is a recovering addict. Hopefully she will stay strong and clean for those beautiful little girls. And I worry about Matt I don't think I can take the craziness of another dead celebrity due to drugs. He is really scaring me, especially if his drug of choice is heroin. I don't know which drugs are more dangerous than others but the thought of someone shooting something up their arm always freaks me out a little.

So people I find it hard to wonder what drug Matt is doing or what drug Edgar is doing, when I'm more worried about whether or not Matt will live.

If you are someone that prays, I would say the Bradley family can use all the help and support they can get right now.

Matt if you should happen to stumble across this article. Call your wife and go to rehab. We love you and want you to live and be well.

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  1. So people want to know what drug he's on, big deal, get over yourself.

  2. Anonymous 07/28/11/10:21 am

    I honestly do not understand the curiosity in what drug he, Edgar or any of them are taking is.

    Clearly many people are curious about this.

    Please explain it to me. Why is what drug he is taking important to you?

  3. for Matt its heroin mostly, but he is clean and doing good now from what i know. but he was real bad into it trust me. good man though great man.

  4. Some drugs are worse than others. Harder on the body, and/or harder to quit. Heroin is a bad one, so is meth (crabbers' 30 hours on and 4 hours off lead me to suspect that meth is going to be a drug of choice to allow enduring those hours, and opiates of any kind are going to be tempting due to the "suck it up and fish" attitude to the pain of repeated injury).

    I'm guessing that people want to know, partly for that reason, and partly because people think they know the folks they see on TV, so start to care about them as though they were personal friends.

    Finally, some folks will probably want to know which drugs because they themselves are dealing with similar addictions.

    Jake Harris' use of pot isn't as big a deal as his use of opiates, so Captain Derrick going off on him for pot is seen as being pissy, whereas, Captain Phil's finding out that Jake was taking his opiates was a MUCH bigger deal, again, due to the damage opiate abuse can cause, and the difficulty of getting and staying off of opiates, if that is the drug of choice.

    Wishing all the guys health and happiness in their one-day-at-a-time lives...

    1. Okay that makes sense and was very nicely put. :)

    2. Anonymous... Im glad you wrote that. Makes so much sense. I just started going through the whole series on Netflix and Im hoping these guys continue to stay healthy.

  5. People want to know partly because it helps certain viewers connect more with him as a person/character on the show. Why do you think "behind the scenes" shows are so popular with certain audiences?

    My personal reason was: I wanted to see what kind of drug a man like him would choose to do, to the point that it damaged his ability to keep his job with Sig and his crew on the Northwestern.

    Does he smoke a blunt and watch cartoons and stuff his face with junk food? Or does he inject a needle into his arm and go comatose on a couch, with a line of drool going down the side of his face?

    Regarding your main rant: A drug is NOT just a drug. Each one has MASSIVELY different effects on the person, their thinking and how they view reality during their "high". You can't lump all drugs together and just say, "oh they're just drugs..." You would be generalizing WAY too much with that statement.

    Is he an "upper" guy, or a "downer" guy? Does he go all "pill party" and just take whatever he can when he can? Each of those types of "highs" tell of a very different kind of person.

    A coke addict is COMPLETELY different from a meth addict from an Oxy addict from a crack addict from a pot addict. So questioning his drug tells a great deal about the person that chooses to chase after that "high" from their drug of choice.

    I found it quite fascinating to see what drug he would choose, as a seasoned and veteran deckhand that worked alongside his childhood friend and their family for years.

    The other aspect that made me question it more was his own use of certain slang for how he got high. His Season 7 episode 8 phone call to the Northwestern he used the phrase, "Sig said, if I get loaded... I'm done."

    To me, "getting loaded" was a drinking term or a heavy drug use term (ie: heroine). When he said it to Edgar I knew it meant something more than just a joint or a bump of coke while back in town.


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