Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Brother 13 Casting News

Well they evidently finally finished the casting calls. Evil Dick tweeted on May 30th that this is the week all the house guests get sequestered. Still no news on who is in the cast yet.  As soon as the information is out, I'll post it. I wish they would hurry up already, I'm ready for the shows to start!

With about everything else being in reruns there's nothing on. Big Brother 13 After Dark would give me three hours a day of something to watch. Yea!

The show is scheduled to start July 7th for anyone who didn't already know this. hehe

I will blog about Big Brother 13 After Dark for those of you who aren't able to see it. I haven't decided whether to blog about the competition winners or not though. What do you think? Do you want to know who wins the head of household and the competitions before it airs or would that spoil it for you? Let me know your thoughts please.

I hope they have picked a cast of really good people for this season. Not people who are there just to try and get famous. If I'm going to watch a reality show I want them to be real, not acting for the cameras.

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  1. BB13 is going to bring some much needed excitement back into TV this summer

  2. Hi Simon! I sure hope so. The suspense is killing me. I hope they get the casting news out soon.


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