Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grey's Anatomy April 21, 2011 A Rerun Again Bad ABC!

Are you kidding me?

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are both reruns again tomorrow according to my TV guide. SERIOUSLY!

That's the third week of reruns. Is ABC going broke? They can't produce the shows? Why did they start a new season and then start showing reruns. What the heck?

I am almost in full support of boycotting ABC for canceling my soaps. I won't be watching any new shows, but I just can't bring myself to stop watching three of my favorite shows. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Castle. These are my night time soaps. Shhhhh, don't tell ABC or they might cancel them too.

If they keep this up I might just change my mind and quit watching all ABC programming. What the heck is going on over there? Seriously, what the heck are they trying to pull? Are they trying to go bankrupt? This has got to be the craziest business plan or programming plan I've ever seen in my life.

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  1. Even if I didn't want it to happen, I'm going to start looking elsewhere for TV shows and pretty soon forget all about Grey's. They need to get it together at abc

  2. they do it every season. once it gets heated up the back off for a couple weeks. otherwise we would only get greys 5 months out of the year instead of 9 months.

  3. Yeah this is ridiculous! My co-workers and I want to start boycotting Grey's due to the constant re-runs. It's very frustrating!

  4. This is ridiculous! I am about over it..and Grey's..they have been showing reruns for so long..Thursday night television sucks!

  5. Kyle, I don't quite understand the math on that. How are you figuring we get 9 months of Grey's Anatomy. Are you counting the month of April? We've had one new show and three reruns. I don't count that as a month. I don't remember them doing this before. I mean we had one new show and two reruns, then another new show and now three reruns.


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