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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 4 Recap Breaking Point

Here we go episode 4. "Breaking Point" I hope we see some Hillstrands, Hansens and Wild Bill.

We start off with the Seabrooke. Getting ready to leave the dock. Captain Scott Campbell, Jr. aka Junior has a replacement arriving for Kyle Babb. A new greenhorn named Josh Fullmer. He'll still be down one man because Bob Perky is on an 8 week leave.

The new greenhorn is all cocky and talking a big game. Usually a sign he won't last long. Josh Fullmer seems like a nice enough guy. I think I'd be scared to wear that lip ring on a crab boat though, how many different things could get a hold of that and rip it out, like a crab. OWWW!

Jake Harris on the Cornelia Marie says we're not having as much fun as when dad was here. I see Josh Harris is still signaling the crab count. They still aren't catching the crab and the crew is ready to quit.

Josh Harris goes to see Captain Derrick Ray, concerned about the crab counts. Derrick starts going off on Jake and Josh. Then Josh Harris tells Derrick Ray you can't expect us to be up to your par of knowledge, trying to explain to Derrick Ray that his dad did not teach them the way he is trying to teach them. That he needs to explain what he's talking about sometimes. All of a sudden Captain Derrick Ray goes off about how he doesn't want to share his knowledge with a kid who has a huge drug problem, he doesn't want to hear that he trained Jake Harris and a year later Jake Harris has gotten aboard a boat and killed all of them because he's strung out on dope. Now mind you he is talking to Josh Harris not Jake Harris.

I was trying to wait till the end of this scene to comment but Derrick Ray is making my head spin. First off let me say, I would put money on Derrick Ray having kids of his own, he sounds like a dad laying out the tough love. But why is he yelling at Josh Harris for Jake Harris' drug problem?

Derrick Ray says neither of the boys are prepared to run a boat. Josh Harris says he gave up his party life and everything that was fun. Derrick Ray says sarcastically at 28 you had to give up your party life? You mean grow up and act like an adult? Derrick Ray does have a point there. At 28 it's time to start growing up.

Jake Harris has just walked into the wheel house. Wow, Derrick Ray says you guys are missing a ton of tools that Captain Phil Harris did the boys a huge disservice by not teaching them the last five years while they were on the boat. Derrick Ray says this isn't a big party. It's big boy land. Jake Harris chimes in and says we're all stressed out nobody's making money.  Derrick Ray says do you want the boat to operate the way it's always operated or do you want it to change and move forward? What is wrong with the way the boat operated before? They caught crab and made money, at least it appeared that way. Why does Derrick think he needs to change everything?

Jake Harris says I didn't come up here to listen to I have a poor work ethic. Derrick Ray says grow up and move on, everyone loses a parent. How mean. Jake Harris tells him you don't have to keep reminding me about the old man that died, you've said it to me quite a few times. I know exactly what happened. Are you getting pissed off at me cause we are not catching crab? WOW! I thought Derrick Ray was Captain Phil's long time friend. Does Derrick Ray think he is taking on the role of father as well as Captain to these boys? I get as a parent you have to be tough sometimes but Geez! Derrick Ray was supposed to be Captain Phil's friend and he's slamming the way he ran the boat, the way he taught the boys, and that was just plain mean. I think there was a better way to handle that situation.

Josh Harris says we are all out here fishing just trying to make a buck and Derrick Ray says well we've got five more minutes till the next string, so lets go catch some more crab. The conversation ends.

I get being tough with the boys, especially with Jake still doing drugs.  I'm not sure if that conversation was more about tough love with the boys or if it was just to change the topic from the fact that Derrick is not catching the crab.

Yeah! The Kodiak. Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski has not been catching crab the last two weeks either. They have finally caught some. The crane just broke. Adam McCalden goes up inside the crane. I don't think I've seen them do that before. They can't run the crane and hydraulics at the same time so they have to push the pots. Wild Bill says this is the first boat ever that he has worked on that they didn't push pots on deck. But the boys are happy they are catching crab. I'm seeing them pushing pots but I don't see anyone tying them down. Ut oh Jake Jolibois just slid and fell and hurt his back, he's having lighting bolts from his butt to his shoulder blade. That doesn't sound good.

Now on the Ramblin' Rose. Still not feeling the love for this Captain Elliott Neese. The Captain Elliott Neese has decided to go in to the processor early rather than later and not risk losing the crab. The guys are making bets on the size of the load. We have bets from 34,444 to 37,500 pounds. They are now pulling into port to unload the crab. The crab look good. The final weight was about 13,000 pounds. Someone seriously can't count. Captain Elliott Neese says the tank is smaller than he thought. He's a captain, I would think he should know much crab his tank can hold, and isn't the usual practice to take an average crab weight times the number of crabs in the count to get your estimated weight. Major screw up. Captain Elliott Neese gets a call from the owner they have to get 56,000 pounds this trip or do a fourth trip.

The Northwestern is also getting low crab counts. They pull up a pot about a quarter full, everyone's excited. They set back. Captain Sig Hansen calls Jake Anderson to the wheelhouse to ask him his opinion on where to set the pots.  They are splashing 52 pots on the area Jake Anderson has chosen. Jake Anderson say's this could make or break me, if I do good maybe someday I can be a fisherman. Edgar Hansen grins. Yep, that's all we get of the Northwestern.

Back on the Seabrooke. The new greenhorn Josh Fullmer is having trouble walking on the boat. He's trying to load herring into the bait chipper. Mac tells him they get lighter as the season goes on. I'm really liking Mac White, and this boat and the rest of its crew for that matter. The weather is getting bad, it's snowing. Junior is having trouble seeing and just wants to get the pots off the boat. They are trying to teach the greenhorn to throw the buoys over the rail. He has his feet in the bite. The captain and crew correct him.

Back on the Cornelia Marie. Josh Harris says he refuses to talk to Derrick Ray until he apologizes. I can't say that I blame him. In the wheelhouse Derrick Ray is getting the weather report. It's lightening out. Josh Harris says that's the first time ever he's seen lightening up there. Derrick Ray says the blue crab are fragile and cannot take the beating of the waves, whatever they do is going to turn out badly. Then he starts talking about whether or not he can count on the crew. He calls a team meeting. He tells them the crab are going to die, there ain't no way we are going to keep them alive. Well I guess if you predict they are all going to die, you look good if they don't. He wants to go hide behind St Matthews Island, but he want's to drop last 25 pots first. Jake Harris says all it takes is the crabs little nose in front to get broken and they will die. They reach St Matthews Island late afternoon and anchor up. I don't know whether to love or hate Derrick Ray. I guess it doesn't matter since he ends up gone.

Back to the Kodiak. The crew is still getting good numbers. Jake Jolibois is still hurting. The crew is telling him to go take a break. Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski thinks Jake Jolibois has a muscle spasm and he needs to relax it. Jake Jolibois is inside where they get changed curled up in a ball hugging his legs. Zack, Bill's son, goes and tells Wild Bill about Jake Jolibois. Wild Bill tells Zack he doesn't care if it takes three guys to drag him and throw him in his bunk, Jake Jolibois is coming out of the forepeak and getting out of his rain gear. So now they are down one crane and one crew member. Jake Jolibois says he's never had pain like this before that doesn't go away it's just nonstop. He gets into bed.

The Crab Count

Time Bandit
Cornelia Marie
Ramblin' Rose

Back on the Seabrooke. Junior wants to find just one little strip of crab. Josh Fullmer the greenhorn is having trouble getting a door tied. Then he's throwing buoy's again and standing too far back from the rail. I see him lifting his feet too.

Junior notices the stacked pots are not tied together so he calls Whipper and Derek Haist to meet him on the stack.  He lets them have it for not tying the pots correctly.

Junior goes back into the wheelhouse and the greenhorn Josh Fullmer is there. Josh says now I'm at the point of breaking. Junior says breaking what? Josh Fullmer, mentally breaking.  Junior repeats mentally breaking? Are you kidding me after two hours of fishing? Josh Fullmer says its not the work, its the guys calling him names and making fun of his hat being sideways. Junior your the horn dude deal with it. In one ear and out the other. All that about you wanted to do this and someone calls you a name and you can't deal with it are you kidding me? Junior continues, you are gonna man up and deal with it and go out there and make some money? Junior over the loud speaker: Derek give me a call. Josh Fullmer don't tell 'em I told you that please. Josh is so polite. His mom would be proud. Junior - Dude I'm going to tell them because I want this resolved you are here to work. Derek Haist calls and Junior tells him to quit f'ng with the horn he wants to quit already. Dude we haven't even been out here two hours. Junior tells the greenhorn that's how we deal with it. He tells him you gotta be tougher than that. So are you quitting or what? Josh leaves, they show him in the kitchen running his hands under the water. We didn't really get an answer from Josh, but it was funny. The episode ends.

I must say we are getting an awful lot of Jake's, Josh's and Derrick's or Derek's on the show. This could get confusing.

I think Discovery must still be mad at the Hillstrand's and Hansen's from the lawsuit. From a business stand point I understand bringing on additional boats just in case you lose a couple, but not showing the Hillstrand's or Hansen's hardly at all is punishing us not them. It sounds like the ratings have went from five million viewers last season to ten million this season. Discovery if you want to keep these new viewers, I think we need to see more of the Time Bandit and Northwestern.

On twitter this morning a woman accused Jonathan Hillstrand of abandoning us on the show. This is Jonathan's response:

@Captjonathan do you really think I control how much air-time Discovery gives to Time Bandit and Northwestern? 

That's my Jonathan. I miss seeing him and Andy.

I didn't do a full transcript recap this time because the episodes are now on line. It looks like Discovery Canada is trying to show the full episodes. Last I checked the link is there, but not working, my guess is they will get it working soon. If that fails, all episodes are now on YouTube as well. Be careful of sites you are not familiar with in watching these episodes, a lot of the random sites contain viruses. Try and stick with the sites you know.

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