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Grey's Anatomy May 5, 2011 New Episode Next Week May 12, 2011

Oh my gosh! I don't know if I can stand it three new episodes in a row. Yippee!

Quite an interesting episode this week.

When the show starts Meredith Grey, Derrick Sheppard and Alex Karev are having dinner. Meredith is thinking about germs and gives Alex an interesting look. Does she think Alex is a germ? What was that about? Oh, maybe because he saw her with the envelope.

Callie Torres, Arizona Robbins and Mark Sloan are having their wedding dinner. Yes, I said Mark. I think of them as an awesome threesome. Callie's mom refuses to hold the baby because she's eating. What kind of grandmother does that?

Alex Karev is at the hospital giving a talk on all the African children he has brought over, while the other residents discuss their chances of becoming Chief Resident. Christina Yang says she's benched. She thinks Alex is a genius getting all of them to help him get Chief Resident.  If they don't help they look bad. Meredith thinks her study kicks butt. Alex gets a slow clap. (Don't go there.)

Jackson Avery is working with the Chief and Mouse J on the diabetes study.

Derrick Sheppard meets Zola, who has spinal bifida, his African patient. He gets her to stop crying by repositioning her head. The lady from the orphanage says that is the first time she has stopped crying since she can't remember when. How sad.

Arizona Robbins and Teddy Altman have a little African boy with a heart defect. He asks them if he dies to wait to tell the family back home because its his sisters birthday tomorrow. Ohhh, that makes me want to cry, that a little boy would even have to have that worry. Teddy opens the boys gown to look at his chest, he has what looks like a hole in his chest with his heart beating through it. Must be a very thin layer of skin. He needs to have his sternum rebuilt, now I see why. Lexie says wow, and Christina looked like she got all excited but then realized she probably won't get to operate.

Christina goes to the ER to vent to Owen and tell him she wants to get back in the race for Chief Resident. He tells her she needs to apologize to Teddy. She clearly doesn't like that idea. I don't blame her.

Dr Stark has a child who not only got hit with an explosive device but also has HIV - AIDS. April Kepner is trying to talk to the child in Swahili. The little girl looks scared to death. Stark is being a smart aleck to April.

Christina Yang tries to apologize to Teddy Altman. Teddy asks her if she really means it. Christina says does it matter? Teddy says yes. OMG these two need to find a happy medium. I get Teddy's point of view. But at the same time Christina was right about Callie and rocked her surgery. Teddy should admit she was wrong if Christina has to apologize. It's amazing Christina has even remembered how to do surgery, between losing cardiac surgeons in the hospital and being punished and not being allowed to operate, its a wonder she is learning anything at all.

Arizona's dad "The Colonel"  has laid out a schedule for the wedding. (Ew started to type funeral. Well kinda the same thing. wedding=funeral) That's funny the Colonel did the schedule. You would think it would be one of the moms. Oops he left out a moment of prayer for Arizona's brother. Arizona's mom is all into the baby, that's nice to see.  Callie's mom still being weird. I'm starting to want to slap her.

Mark Sloan comes in he's like a fish out of water. Too funny. I love how Callie's dad has come around to the whole Callie Arizona thing, but yet he tells Mark if he calls him his father in law again he will knock him out. See Mark Sloan thinks he's getting married too. It's not just me that thinks of them as a threesome. Arizona's mom still won't hold the baby. That is just so wrong. How can anyone not hold a baby?

Avery's griping about taking care of the mice they are using for the diabetes study, because they haven't gotten FDA approval for humans yet. I thought the mice always got tortured before the humans.  Lexie is practicing surgery on plums. The heart kid has a thin layer of skin grown over his heart. I thought that's what it looked like. I love the way they use different foods to practice for surgery.

Alex Karev questions Meredith Grey about the trial envelope and she is denying doing anything. If anyone finds out she did swap the envelope that could be bad in so many ways. Her personally, the hospital, the trial... But at least Adele might be okay. What an ethical dilemma.

April Kepner confronts Dark Stark (I just like that name for him) about the way he is treating her. Boy just think how bad it would be if she had slept with him.

Wow April's kid has intestinal TB? Never heard of that one. They certainly made it as nasty looking as it sounds. Like wax in your intestines? Ewww

Teddy Altman is still hanging out with Doc Andrew. I wish she would open her eyes and see Henry is a keeper.

Callie's mom finally says what she's feeling. Nothing like breaking your daughter's heart right before her wedding. She couldn't have said something a couple of weeks earlier? She tells her she's not going to heaven? or basically she's going to hell. Wowzer I could go on all day about that one little scene. Bastard child? OIY!

Dark Stark talks to April Kepner about being exposed to HIV blood. He asked her is she checked herself for cuts. She said she was a doctor she knows proper protocol. That really doesn't answer whether she had any cuts. I hope she doesn't get HIV, poor girl is still a virgin. That porridge April is making kind of looked like the TB in the girls stomach.

Meredith Grey admitted to Alex she made the switch. Ohhhhh. I wonder if he'll tell? After everything with the LVAD and Izzy he might, or maybe he will tell if he thinks it will get him the Chief Resident position. But then who's he going to tell? Chief Webber? Chief Webber will be happy Meredith did it. Alex would have to go to FDA to report it or someone else in the hospital. Then that would put another person in the hospital in a bad position. Then if the hospital gets in trouble, the FDA could shut down the Chief's study too and he won't be happy about that. That might lose him the Chief Resident position. Oh the drama!

The minister isn't going to make it to the wedding.

LOL Jackson Avery did $8000 worth of scans on the mouse. He's figured out the problem with the device, guess that will put him in the running for Chief Resident now.

Derrick tells Meredith he wants to adopt Zola. Derrick's so cute, how can she tell him no? I wondered if that was Ellen Pompeo's (Meredith's) real life baby? It's not, I just saw a picture of her baby, she's 19 months old now. Also a cutie.

Callie says the wedding is off. I knew someone would, but I figured it would be Arizona. Yep, full on melt down. Gotta love Bailey, your church just hasn't caught up to God yet. I got legally married to a man in a church, look how well that turned out. I love Bailey! And where is Eli?

Teddy's letting everyone but Christina participate in the heart surgery. What a Beaotch!

Dr. Stark puts in a word for April Kepner with Owen Hunt. He lets that little heart show through once in a while.

I need a Mark Sloan in my life. What an amazing man!  I swear every time Arizona Robbins talks about her brother it makes me cry.

Wow Derrick Sheppard and Meredith Grey are getting married for real! And Meredith said I told you I don't want to do that. What??

I can't believe Callie's dad didn't stay and walk her down the aisle even if her mom didn't come. That's just so wrong. That was one of the things her dad said he would miss if she dated Arizona. Well here was his chance and he missed it. Bailey is marrying them? Maybe she is a notary? Or maybe they will sign a post it. Oh, that's right they can't be married for real. Another stupid law.

I was surprised when Chief Webber told Christina Yang he thought she would be the front runner.  Remember last time when they picked a Chief Resident Chief Webber picked Callie over Bailey because he said Bailey needed to be in surgeries not doing paper work. I thought he was thinking the same thing about Christina when he gave Owen the task of picking the next Chief Resident.

I loved Christina's second apology to Teddy. Too funny.

Was that a proposal to Teddy from Andrew? Wonder what her husband will think about that? What will Andrew think about the husband? Here we go again, if she leaves no Cardio God for Christina to learn from.

Aww, Mark's gotten all grown up now.  I really gotta get me a Mark.

How cute is happy Zola?

Ohhh daddy showed up in time to dance with Callie! I'm crying again.

Well the previews for next week certainly look interesting. Christina is withholding sex. Formals interviews for Chief Resident begin. Lucy and Alex are tested. I guess Lucy will be leaving since she is one of the new Charlies Angels. And someone is going to betray someone. Wonder if it will be Alex? Or maybe Teddy? Maybe Teddy will run away with Andrew and not tell him she's married. I could see her doing that. What if Derrick finds out Meredith swapped the envelope and he turns her in? Or maybe Lexie will sleep with Mark and betray Jackson Avery.

Shonda Rhimes said there was a fierce debate in the writers room and they had big arguments about who would become the next Chief Resident. Even they can't make up their mind who should be Chief Resident.

I don't care what anyone says. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are soap operas. How can you have all this drama and it not be a soap.

Shhhhhh don't tell ABC they might cancel them.  ABC has been real busy coming up with good ideas you know. With shows named The Chew and The Revolution that they are already planning on failing. And recreating has been shows like Charlies Angels. Rather than write a new show they are just going to redo Charlies Angels? I didn't even like the Charlies Angels movies. You can't replace Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson.  I can't believe they aren't getting new script offers. I say again, bunch of greedy b-tards is all they are. I wish someone would pay me big bucks to come up with bad ideas.

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