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Deadliest Catch After the Catch Episode 6 Recap

"Looking Ahead"

Mike and all the captains Bill, Sig, Keith, and Andy  are at the table. Mike says he wants to look at what lies ahead because there are going to be a lot of changes on a lot of boats. Captain Bill says he would fire them all every year. Mike, you are really a glass half full kind of guy aren't you. Mike, I don't think you will fire them all. I think you will keep some of them. You had a lot of close calls this year. They go to the clip of Warren Hicks getting hit.with the pot. Captain Bill said the guy wasn't paying attention. It was kind of his fault. Captain Sig asked about the guy on the hydros. Captain Bill said lousy weather. Captain Sig, then it was his fault. You gotta be watching. Captain Bill,
Crosby Leveen pulled him out of the way. Mike looking at Captain Keith, he worked for you didn't he? Captain Keith, oh yeah we broke Crosby in. Crosby is a phenomenal athlete, he's quick and has a freak amount of strength. Being big, quick and strong is probably why the guy wasn't impaled.

Mike, the close call on the Wizard that I want to talk to you about, look at you your body language says I just don't want to go there. Captain Keith is sitting there with his arms across his chest. Captain Keith, I just don't want to see it. Mike, well we are gonna see it and go there. They show the clip of Monte and the Wizard stranded. I swear it looks like there was an avalanche that landed on the sea. Mike, I'm watching you watch that and I see yourself asking the question your brother just did. Where is everybody? Captain Keith, there was a freak tsunami that came through, no joke. He came in. He points to Captain Sig. He went in no problem. Bill got out barely. Monte came in says Sig got in I'll go in and then all of a sudden he sucked ice into the heat exchanger and lost power. Captain Bill, I was heading out of the harbor just before that happened. Captain Sig, I was on the beach watching it when you left, cause I was going to leave after Bill, then about an hour later he was gonna come in. Your brother was coming in and in that one hour the ice packed in there so tight the tug boat couldn't through it. Captain Bill, I was full power getting out of there and I couldn't hardly move. Captain Sig, his composure, you should be proud of that guy. He was calm on the radio, cause we was watching it and listening to it. Captain Sig pointing to Bill, he was watching it on the outside we were watching it from the inside of the harbor. Captain Bill, we were idling just outside the ice pack in case we had to swing around and come back in and. Captain Sig, the tide was coming in and pushing him towards the beach. Captain Keith, no joke that is the worst spot of the Bering Sea, right there at the turn getting into St. Paul Harbor. Wait I thought the rocks getting into Dutch was the worse place or False Pass. There are a lot of "Worst Places" out there. If there is any ice there is no worse spot. And all of a sudden he's yelling for his crew, he's downstairs off the helm? That's how bad it was. Trying to get his crew let's go, let's go. Mike, so what would have happened. Captain Bill, he could have dropped the hook and that might have slowed him down. Stopped it who knows. Captain Andy, you saw the bow of the Alaskan Monarch right there on the beach. That's what could have happened. Captain Sig, the only thing that saved him was because of the tsunami he had a big swell that was pushing his stern around. The waves were pushing him around. That's the only way to turn around because there is no room in there. Without the waves the Wizard wouldn't be here. I'm telling you. Remember the Monarch the boat that was beached and the guys used the pots and line to get off the boat to the beach so the USCG could pick them up. That's where they were. Mike, that's a heck of a thing. You can put bill boards and warning signs on a highway, but you know you leave the wreck there. (He points his finger as if to point out danger here)

Mike, what do you see for your brother? Captain Keith, I see him running the Wizard full time and me going into an administrator role. Mike, starting when? Captain Keith, pretty soon. Mike, no kidding. Keith, yep. The administrator? I'm just wrestling with the image of you handling paperwork in my mind. They all laugh.

Mike, there is a fair amount of uncertainty in the fleet. Here is a look at what is coming on the Ramblin' Rose. They show a clip of Elliott talking about his friends that work for him, while the guys are trashing him. Elliott joins the table. Captain Keith says is it Elliott or Mickey Mouse? Mike, Is this a crew blowing smoke and bitching or are these guys not coming back? Elliott, there are on the crew for ten months and are all coming back. Mike, you've been friends with these guys for a long time. You went to high school with one guy. When do you stop being friends and be there boss. Elliott, we go out together around water I'm the boss. If they don't like it they can pack their stuff and get off the boat. Captain Andy, You'll probably see as you get older too. I mean we've hired a lot of friends over the years and we go I'll never hire another friend. You're brother will recommend somebody and you'll go I'll never hire that guy. It's a bad thing sometimes but if it works out good it's good. Mike, when I talk to people about the show one of the things that most surprises them is how bad it can get and the stuff that can be actually be said right to your face and then it's okay. Captain Bill, I had a guy that wished me dead. He says, Jake Jolibois said to Zack I hope your ole man has a heart attack. I'm sick of listening to him. Jake Jolibois is not with me any longer but. Captain Andy breaks out laughing. Well now we know what happened there. I'd love to hear Jake's side of that story. I can't even imagine Jake saying that he must of been really tired, pissed or both. Mike, so there is an instance where there is a consequence for talking, but so many times it just seems like you guys know high pressure situation, just guys blowing off steam. Captain Keith, it's just when you throw the lines, the guy sitting upstairs, it's a different deal. I've been working with Gary Soper for twenty plus years, my brother forever, Lenny for a long time. I've known Freddie for 18-19 years but once you leave town the guy up there and what he says goes.

Mike looks at Elliott and says what about you? We just watched the last episode and I'm not sure what your  future is. Elliott, um. Captain Bill, you haven't heard? Everyone laughs. Elliott, me and my buddy Steiner actually talked about getting our own boat. He's got pretty good credit and I've got cash. We've talked about buying our own crab boat. Mike, really? What's a decent crab boat set you back these days? Elliott, you pick one up for $800 or a million. I'd kind of like to get my own operation going like the rest of of these guys. It goes deckhand, engineer, captain, owner. I'd like to step into owner. Elliott has announced twice in the last week or so, once on Twitter and once on Facebook that I've seen that he will no longer be a captain on Deadliest Catch. He will still be a captain just not on the show.  

Sig, Junior and Edgar are at the table. Mike, lets talk about the future of the Northwestern. Captain Sig, it's always changing isn't it. I like it when things stay the same. Mike looks at Edgar, you on the other hand are an agitator. Edgar, am I? Mike, are we getting to that point where you can actually realistically see yourself in the wheel house? Edgar, I would like to think so. Mike, is this something you would like to imagine as well? Looking at Sig. Sig, who knows maybe we will find him a boat someday. I have a hundred percent confidence in Edgar. We talked about blue crab or whatever. It's the handling techniques cause every boat is different. I know that boat better than I know my car. I just don't want to hurt anybody, learning and then all of a sudden you get in bad weather and somebody gets hurt at your expense and we don't want to go through that. So ya baby steps. We have a great safety record, it's untouched, it's super. So it works for us. Well there was the incident with Nick's nose. Just thinking about that. Ouch! Sig better be knocking on wood after that statement out loud. Sig, I'm proud of it. It's because of Sig, Edgar, Norman our family has kept it that way. It's not just one guy, it's to the crew and everybody. Mike, so Junior we wanted you here because you guys have been talking. New strategies? New alliances maybe? New partnerships maybe? Junior, ya if Edgar does go up for blue crab we've kind of been talking about partnering up and tackling blue crab. It's such a tough fishery. You really do need a partner you can trust and quite frankly I wouldn't trust anybody else. Edgar, quite frankly I need all the help I can get. Two boats, twice as many pots is better than one. You can cover more ground, you can feed information to each other about the speed of the crab. If they are here or there. Mike, so you can pot each other. Sig, now what happens when you both find the crab and it's a tiny little spot? Is there going to be room for both you guys? Are you going to share? It's just like you working with another Elliott. That ain't going to happen. Junior, I was that guy that they would give me old information and send me on wild goose chases and that's why I work alone. When you get a guy that's up and coming and trying to learn a fishery you can get that alliance, that can go on for years to come. It doesn't matter how good you are at some point you're not going to be the guy on the crab. So two guys are better than one. Mike, you are talking about trust. How do you know when you have that. Edgar, he knows how to lie to people on the radio (pointing to Sig) I don't. So he's got nothing to worry about me lying to him. (pointing to Junior). But I trust him as a Captain, I have all the respect in the world for him. Mike, and you can trust him because he is a piss poor liar. Edgar, and he's done the blue crab and done well at it. So who better to partner up with. Mike, so you get out there on the crab. You can almost square off on them so they can't get away from you, and no one else can come in. Captain Sig, they are going to make an Elliott fence is what they are going to do. LMAO Junior, I'll trust anybody once. First time they screw me they are on their own. And I don't think he will.

Mike asks Bill, your boy what do you see? Captain Bill, he's actually got a set of eggs which he didn't have before. Edgar, the only way his kid dealt with it was coming over to our boat and venting about it in town. Captain Sig, we are going to start charging for therapy I swear. Jake Anderson, it was funny though, so funny. Edgar, he respects and loves you a lot man. Mike, is he going to get more responsibility on the boat? Are you going to give him more?

Mike asks Jake about his license. Jake pulls out his license and says yesterday he got it. I still can't figure this out because at the end of last season they said he got his license too. Mike, so practically this means you could be the captain of a crab boat. Jake, It does. I think I probably could if need be, if I absolutely had too. I am a hundred percent confident I could get our boat to the dock safely. We wouldn't be fishing in 40 knot winds but I know I could do it. Edgar's taught me, he's taught me. I know I could do it. Captain Bill, he's a rare breed. You don't find many guys in the fleet that came with the desire and want to do this. He is one in a million. Captain Sig, an endangered species. Mike looks at Edgar holding up Jake's license and says do you have one of these. Edgar, I do not. Mike, what's up with that. Edgar, I don't need one for our boat. I really didn't plan on sticking around 24 years Mike. Mike, it was just a hobby that got out of control.

Captain John is at the table, oxygen and all. Mike, Johnathan I'm so glad to see you. How's it going brother? Have you seen what happened to you yet? Johnathan, no I have not. Mike, would you like too? Johnathan, yes. Mike, it's your lucky day.  They show the clip of Johnathan on the bull again. and falling. He says that did not last very long. Mike, it just hurts me to watch it. It doesn't look like a big thing and then all of a sudden. Plus you get up pretty quick. John, I know I couldn't breathe. I know that much. I couldn't breathe for about ten seconds. I got four broken ribs, two are broke in multiple places so it's not very comfortable. Mike, you were smiling. Do you realize that? John, yeah cause Keith was going to be riding next. LMAO That Time Bandit Wizard love is still there. 

They show the clip about Johnathan quitting smoking. Mike, how's it going. John, it's going a lot easier now that I can't breathe. I'm going to get it done. I sneak one once in a while. Mike, I saw you sneaking one today. John, yeah. Mike, you aren't supposed to be sneaking one with an oxygen bottle. Mike, you are going to go up like flash paper. Don't do that. John, how about this? How about next season I won't have a cigarette stick in my mouth. Want to wager on that? Mike, I'll tell you what I'll do. I can't be there to look at the cigarettes. It's not that I don't trust you but if you get fit. You quit smoking, do the exercise thing we were talking about. You run five miles in an hour. Just the thought of you in the little running shorts running around Dutch Harbor. You do that, you host the first and last act of After the Catch next year. You can ask anything you want.

Josh, Andy and Eddie Sr. join the table. Johnathan, I think I just wagered away the farm. Mike, what is he like when he is quitting smoking. Whatever Eddie said was beeped. Andy, he has the best intentions in the world. He beats himself up to much, he always says he is quitting for the grand kids. I've been with this guy my whole life. Either quit for your brother or quit for yourself. Quitting for the grand kids is great but quit for yourself first. You got a brother, I breathe in second hand smoke. I don't smoke. I'm going to take him home with me and get him checked out. I'm going to try and get us both in the best shape ever. He's my closest brother out of five and I don't want to loose him to this kind of crap. John, you are one my best friends too. Andy, brother you are on the drugs. You don't know what you are talking about.

Mike, so Eddie this is like gold watch country for you. This is your last year. John throws his gold watch at Eddie. Mike, that's actually not a bad watch. Keep an eye on that. Twenty five years what are you going to do? Eddie, actually I run the boat for John and Andy in the summer time so I'm still part of the team, just not part of the crab team. Andy, we are loosing two to three good guys that we've counted on our whole lives next year. Big things happening in the engine room. Neal? Mike, so it's going to be a totally different boat next year. Few people left. Mike, so are you accepting resumes from the general public? Looking for greenhorns? Andy, we are looking for experienced guys that we don't have to call green horns. Mike, how would the help wanted add for the Time Bandit read? Josh, high explosives. Andy, hopefully no smoking.

Captain Keith, talks about how great Roger is and that Lynn is Lynn. Captain Andy asks how long Lynn has been on board. Keith, four or five years. Andy, he will never be a deck hand. When I was 17 I wanted it so bad I watched the guy do the hydros, the hook. Within one years time you will be a deckhand if you want it so bad. I think. Mike, how important is team building to a captain and how important is competition on the deck. Keith, you gotta have some competition on deck otherwise everybody will just settle into a spot. You've gotta have guys pushing other guys to do better. Andy, it's cool to see that guy come on an he pushes the old guys to remember what they used to be like. Where did Roger come from? Keith, salmon fishing. Andy, so he knew to get up and go fishing. Sig, it's gotta be well rounded. We've got Nick Mavar and he's up there man. Aw come on Sig! He's still the old wise guy and then you got the young guys. You go burn yourselves out. You leave the old guy in there and he'll tell you what to do.

And there's another homemade type movie. Deadliest Drive. Starring Sig Hansen in his greatest hit since Cars 2. Sig has a pad of paper and a pen. He leans to Edgar and says can I get you an autograph little feller?  Edgar, Really? "The Legendary" Junior Campbell. Junior is petting a horse telling it he wants to be the cattle driver that people talk about forever. Captain Keith - All alone because he wouldn't bring his crew to After the Catch. The Bad Ass Hillstrand Brothers. Captain John is on a horse and Captain Andy throws a lasso and lands it around John's neck. And Wild Bill finally in a place where his name makes sense! Horses, cattle, crabbers. What could possibly go wrong? Deadliest Drive. The guys are horses driving cattle. They cross a river. Brought to you in Opilioscope. Those little movies are great.

Cowboy Shawn Bailey joins the table. He talks about how a ranch works as a team just like on a crab boat. Andy said he had a blast roping and riding. Captain Bill, Did you see how big the horse was they gave me? Mike that was a sturdy animal. Bill said something but I couldn't understand what.

Another clip of Square Dancing with Edgar. In Norwegian I have no idea what he was saying. LMAO. 

Mike we like to end with some of our favorite stuff. Somehow this pranky business, it starts at the beginning of the season and it ends... Captain Sig, it never ends. They show the clip of the Northwestern guys pranking the Time Bandit with flour. That seems like so long ago. Captain Sig is back at home with his wife looking as security camera footage. Johnathan and someone else maybe Scotty totally toilet papered Sig's house. Sig says I'm kicking ass right now. LMAO He goes out the door screaming Hillstrand! Johnathan is still in the yard with several others. Sig takes off running after him. He catches him and tells him life's a bitch. As Johnathan speeds away in his little red car Sig is screaming I know where you sleep!  Mike, you've gotta love the get away car. You've been stewing about this all year and the best you can do is toilet paper? What are you 8? John, it was a rough season. It took a lot from us Mike. There was no time to prank because there was so much bad stuff going on. But I give the life raft in the wheel house about an eight. But get this we got billed for the life raft. Edgar, we went and got a condemned life raft and they said who do you want the bill to? We were like Andy. Andy it was like $850 bucks. That was the joke right there. Mike, that little toilet paper thing that was the same day Jake got married? Sig, yeah I thought we were safe going to have a party and next thing you know ding dong over here's got. He points to John. John, well we figured you had to be at the airport at 6 in the morning, people had a few drinks we figured it would be the perfect time to hit ya. Andy, he's got video surveillance everywhere. Jake Anderson joins the table. How'd you like that bill? They talk about Sig marrying Jake. John, says it was surprisingly done very well except Sig told Jake to get down on his knee to say his vows and when he was done he told Jenna okay it's time to get down on your knees. LMAO Everyone's laughing. He didn't mean it like that but. Sig, I think it's the only wedding in history that had hecklers in the crowd.  John, my hats off to you for talking about God and telling them God will get you through. You're a hell of a man Sig Hansen. Ya the drugs are kicking in. LOL Just teasing Sig Andy, all the other captains used to say, if you need a few days to figure this out. I can hold back the paperwork. They show the clip from the wedding. They end the show with Jake and Jenna who haven't even had a honeymoon yet doing their first dance. The guys and their girls join in. And good news no one hit the floor this time. LOL

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  1. Re Captain Bills comment about Jake:

    Troy Huls said: I'm flat tired of the bs lies on DC! I just heard never could never will bill was talking shit about my buddy Jake j. Apologize bill or I'll tell people the truth about why your crew didn't come back!

    Jake Jolibois said: Capt. Bill's a good captain and not a liar. My problem has never been with him. Editing/third parties change things.

  2. Keith in an administrative role???? Warning to all DC cameramen: Hide the sharp pencils from Keith. They may become his new weapon of choice!

  3. Cornie Marie7/28/12, 2:40 PM

    "Jake pulls out his license and says yesterday he got it. I still can't figure this out because at the end of last season they said he got his license too."

    The earler one was his 1st Mate's License. This one is his Captain's License.

    Quick progress, making everybody proud.

  4. Cornie Marie7/28/12, 3:14 PM

    Edgar says he didn't need a Captain's License to run the NorthWestern. I wonder if it has to do with experience or with ownership?

    I'm kind of hoping that Edgar gets together with Josh on buying a boat to go blue crab fishing. Edgar could probably ace a Captain's Exam, if he even needs one, and has become a really good teacher over they years, something Josh could benefit from.

    I think Sig may be right to worry about Edgar's naivete in trusting Junior if fishing gets meager, but I'd worry more about Edgar going stir crazy staying away from the deck.

    Hope the guys get to do some cool stuff they love!

    Thanks for all the recaps, BTW... I don't always understand what they say.

  5. One problem with Edgar and Josh buying a boat together would be, front or rear wheelhouse?

    Edgar's gotten used to a front wheelhouse on the built-for-crabbing NorthWestern, but both boats that Josh has worked on (both converted freighters?) have their wheelhouses in the rear.

  6. Would be interesting to see Edgar and Josh together...:)

    Wondering if Josh is also getting his habits under control. Haven't seem much about Josh seems to be keeping a low profile.

    1. Yep, it sounded like he is busy getting stuff done to get things back on track. I would love to see him back on the Cornelia Marie.

  7. Awfully quiet on the sites lately...:)

    Just thought to check in and see if anyone can confirm that Jake Harris is in rehab again. I hope so for his sake.

    1. I have not heard that, but I sure hope he is. He wasn't looking well at all at Jake's wedding.

  8. Haven't seem much active on the site lately. Hope all is well. Awfully quiet from DC on Season 9. Just saw a twitter from Heather that she is getting married. So quick to get over Josh. They sure move on fast.


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